The decor of the ceiling. What to look for?

Already in the past, the time when the ceiling was left unattended during the repair. This is a huge field for creativity, and at the moment not only walls are decorated, but also the ceiling. And such a solution looks very profitable in any room. You have the opportunity to use any foundation, and to show your imagination 100%. And we will help to understand all the nuances, and offer ideas for decoration.

light decoration of the ceiling with additional light

Room ceiling decor

bright design of a ceiling print

Ceiling decoration

beautiful ceiling decoration pattern

The idea of ​​decorating the ceiling in the apartment

We make the ceiling with our own hands

Making this part of the space, you have two options: trust the professionals or decorate the ceiling with your own hands. To do this work yourself will be the best way out. It will be cheaper, and will reduce the possibility of various incidents to a minimum. Controlling the work of professionals or doing everything with your own hands, you will get exactly what you intended.

Of course, having no experience in decoration, you have less decoration options. The most common is painting the ceiling. In this case, you can paint it, creating your favorite image.

Another option available is wallpaper design. You can combine their various types, cut out any shape of the surface (for example, create artificial waves). You can pick up a neutral background and use ceiling stickers. Or purchase a wallpaper.

Next, we will consider more complex ideas that are best left to experienced craftsmen, however, you can do it yourself.

classic ceiling decoration with accessories

Ceiling design option

beautiful print ceiling design

Ceiling decor

Choose a color scheme

The choice of colors in the room should be approached with all responsibility. The same applies to the arrangement of the ceiling. Correctly selected gamma will favorably emphasize the selected design and decoration of the space as a whole.

Light colors visually expand the room, “make” it higher, create a fresh atmosphere. Warm light colors are well suited for a small kitchen, making it more spacious and maintaining a warm appetite-friendly background. Cold light shades are best left for the living room. This option is for both a spacious room and a small one.

The use of dark tones is also acceptable. They can be used in the living room (both cold and warm) creating the desired mood. Dark warm shades are a good alternative to the bedroom. They will help create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere.

When choosing a color for decorating the ceiling, rely on the gamut of other details.

bright design of the ceiling with a pattern

Room ceiling decor

bright decoration of the ceiling with accessories

Ceiling decoration

classic print ceiling decoration

The idea of ​​decorating the ceiling in the apartment

Choose material

When thinking about how to decorate the ceiling, you have the opportunity to choose any basis. Here, wood, drywall, paper, polystyrene, paint and many others are acceptable. The choice depends on your preferences and imagination. Build on the design of the room as a whole. The selected material should be in harmony with the rest of the details.

Consider several variations using different materials in the design of the ceiling with your own hands.

beautiful design of the ceiling with a pattern

Ceiling design option

light ceiling decoration with extra light

Ceiling decor

the cloth

Recently, this type of decor is gaining popularity. It is inexpensive (compared to some others) and at the same time unusual and uncomplicated.

This base is environmentally friendly and easy to operate.However, it’s more difficult to take care of it: here, as well as dust, settles on the curtains, so you should consider ways to clean it in advance.

As for the types of fabric - any one will do, from velvet to silk. Heavy darks add a sense of solemnity and royal luxury. Whereas light and light will make it airy and light. But it is better to use lighter fabrics.

Important! The decor of the ceiling with a cloth visually makes the room much smaller, therefore it is suitable mainly for spacious rooms.

bright ceiling decoration print

Room ceiling decor

beautiful decoration of the ceiling with accessories

Ceiling decoration

classic patterned ceiling decoration

The idea of ​​decorating the ceiling in the apartment


It is used mainly in stretch ceilings. It has its pros and cons.

  • ease of use and care;

  • resistant to mold;

  • good sound insulation;

  • keeps heat;

  • It goes well with other materials.

However, polystyrene does not offer many opportunities for creative expression.

  • not moisture resistant;

  • turns yellow with time;

  • not environmentally friendly.

This base is well suited for the kitchen and office.


Unlike the previous one, drywall opens up great scope for creativity and manifestation of fantasy. Use it to create any shape. It is not as environmentally friendly as a tree, however, it is moisture and fire resistant, it does not darken with time. One of the pluses: it does not require special care and is easy to operate. Recently gaining more and more popularity.

Let's move on to the design. Drywall is flexible in processing: you can create any shape, many protrusions and steps. It even allows you to create various shapes and silhouettes.

With it, you can adjust the lighting. Turning on the spotlights in the ceiling and creating protrusions in the right places, you get the desired result in the separation of the light zones of the room.

light ceiling decoration accessories

Ceiling design option

classic ceiling decoration with extra light

Ceiling decor

Stucco molding

The stucco ceiling decor will bring aristocratic notes of the 18-19th century to the room and make it more official. Suitable for a spacious living room with high arches, as it visually makes it heavier and makes the room smaller.

Its elements are made of polyurethane, as a result of which they are lightweight, moisture resistant and do not turn yellow over time.

Stucco molding is mainly placed around the perimeter, around the chandelier. Often there is a painting framed by stucco. This material is easy to use, they can decorate the ceiling with their own hands. By combining various parts of stucco molding, you have the opportunity to create different shapes and shapes.

bright ceiling decoration with extra light

Room ceiling decor

classic ceiling decoration with accessories

Ceiling decoration

light print ceiling design

The idea of ​​decorating the ceiling in the apartment


It can be used in various variations. There is also a large field for creativity: any pattern, color and texture.

One common option is painting. It can be made on any basis in a variety of colors. This type will have to be entrusted to professionals if your artistic abilities leave much to be desired. However, you can independently paint the surface, which emphasizes individuality and your talents.

Art decor is the second type of paint application. It is used for stretch ceilings. Its essence is to apply a bright pattern to the surface of PVC. Such images are obtained with a three-dimensional effect. For this design, computer processing of the drawing is used, and then applied to the prepared area.

The next choice is the use of stencils. A simple alternative to do-it-yourself decor. You can choose any stencil you like or make it yourself. Next, using a roller or brush to create an original look.

beautiful ceiling decoration with extra light

Ceiling design option

bright ceiling decoration accessories

Ceiling decor


This base is the most environmentally friendly and safe to use. Natural wood looks much better than various imitations, not vulgarizing the interior, but giving it nobleness and warmth.

The downside is its high cost, and the need to monitor the temperature and humidity of the room.

You can make wooden beams or patterns. A ceiling made entirely of wood also looks good and does not require any additions.

light patterned ceiling decoration

Room ceiling decor

light ceiling decoration print

Ceiling decoration

classic ceiling decoration accessories

The idea of ​​decorating the ceiling in the apartment

To summarize

As you can see, there are a lot of materials to use, each of which has its pros and cons.




the cloth

environmental friendliness, ease of use, unusual decor

difficulty in care


low cost, ease of use and maintenance, thermal insulation

non-environmental, turns yellow over time, poorly resistant to moisture


easy to use and care, waterproof, provides ample opportunities for creativity

expensive, environmentally friendly

stucco molding (polyurethane)

easy to use, does not require special care

may change color over time (but lasts longer than polystyrene


low cost, a large field for use, goes well with other raw materials

may cause an allergic reaction, the picture fades over time, requires updating


natural base, creates an ecological background in the room

high cost, requires special care

beautiful ceiling decoration with extra light

Ceiling design option

light patterned ceiling decoration

Ceiling decor

Making the ceiling is a whole art. A wide variety of materials and ideas makes it possible to use your imagination to the maximum and make a ceiling decor with your own hands or to get a dream room, having resorted to the help of specialists.

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