The design of the ceiling in the bedroom. What to look for?

A place to sleep should be calm, cozy, disposed to a comfortable rest and complete recovery. Therefore, every little thing plays a role in arranging this the rooms. You should pay attention to bedroom ceiling design. In fact, it has a strong influence on a person’s mood and his psychosomatic state.

bedroom ceiling design

The successful design of the ceiling in the bedroom will provide the most complete rest.

ceilings in the bedroom

Lying on the bed, we see a ceiling decorated in accordance with our wishes.

Want to know how to make this part as profitable as possible bedrooms? What will be required for this, and what are the main issues in the process of work that will have to be resolved? You have come to the right place. We proceed to consider this topic.

ceiling design in the bedroom photo

The design must match the character of the owner in order to harmonize with his emotional perception.

bedroom ceiling design

The ceiling is a decisive element of the interior: its high-quality finish will bring coziness and elegance to the house.

So, before you make up design-project the ceiling at bedroom pay attention to some factors.

  • Quadrature the rooms. The most important factor, it determines the possible construction (e.g. for low the rooms multilevel system will not work) color scheme and materials used.
  • Ceiling design should not interfere with normal air circulation in the room.
  • Consider in advance the location of the lighting so that you do not have to break the created construction for communication.
  • The general style of the room. Ceiling design should organically "fit" into the big picture the rooms.
  • Furniture. pay attention to Colour and the style of existing furniture.
  • Textile. This item is for bedrooms is of particular importance should not be ceiling competed with the design focus of textiles in the room.
beautiful ceiling in the bedroom

Beautiful ceilings in the bedroom, their modern fashionable design, materials made using the latest technology, suitable color, geometric design will improve both physical health and psycho-emotional.

Now we can consider the options executionwhat style they are suitable for, and what will be required for their embodiment.

stretch ceilings photo printing

When designing a future ceiling, one must take into account the height of the bedroom.

Design Ideas

We advise you to consider several ideas before making a decision, carefully plan the work process, the necessary budget, and possible difficulties. Let's move on to a variety of ideas. execution.

white ceiling in the bedroom

Proper design of the ceiling in the bedroom with low light by natural light should not be too complicated.

Material Implementation Style
Wallpaper Different compositions from different types, wallpapers Classic mixed
Paint Plain coloring, applying a variety of patterns Minimalism, modern
Drywall Layered drywall constructionscombining with stretch ceiling High tech,


Tree Ceiling beams, sheet coating Provence, Scandinavian
Brick Bricklaying Loft, Cubism
bedroom ceiling design

We will analyze the proposed options in more detail.

Wallpapers: cheap and cheerful

This material is quite common among all segments of the population.On the one hand, it attracts with relative cheapness, on the other hand, it makes it possible use its in many styles thanks to a large number of types and versatility.

wallpaper ceiling decor

The color of the ceiling in your bedroom should be in harmony with the decoration of the walls.

So, the Mediterranean style besides stretch ceiling, will perfectly accept the wallpaper. Of them you can to do an interesting composition on the marine theme or choose a ready-made image.

Mediterranean style bedroom

A bright room looks much more spacious than a dark one - this rule is worth remembering when designing and taking into account the size of the bedroom.

Wall murals have gained popularity in many styles. By choosing an urban image, you can easily apply them for the loft style, choosing a marine theme - for the Mediterranean. A plain surface is the foundation of the classic. This style is especially characteristic using wallpaper, because among them you will find any calm and noble motive corresponding to this current.

wallpaper on the ceiling in the bedroom

To visually raise the ceiling, you need to make it in the same color as the walls.

In general, this universal remedy may be in reserve variant, and if necessary, come to the rescue.

murals in the bedroom on the ceiling

In a dark room, you can make a fairly lit bedroom without a central chandelier.

Paint: wake up the fantasy

Another fairly simple and traditional way - painting the ceiling. People used it in ancient times. And now this method is still relevant. He also pleases with cheapness and accessibility, a variety of colors and shapes. Simplest option, which can be performed using this material - plain coloring.

painted ceiling in the bedroom

To do this, you will need a water-based paint, brushes, a stepladder and a little patience.

In addition to the continuous overlap of space with one color, you can combine and even mix paints, achieving an original and modern effect. There are also several other great forms of implementation. ceiling design using paint.

painting the ceiling in the bedroom

Normal whitewashing and painting is a rather laborious job. It is preceded by leveling, sealing joints, puttying, stripping, primer.


The style known as “street wall painting” is also great for decorating a room. It also looks great not only on the walls, but also on the ceiling. Of course, graffiti is best for the rooms teenager or student. It can be use as self-expression in difficult adolescence.

drawings on the ceiling

Thus, the child will be satisfied, and there will be no need to invent a special room decor.

This technique uses spray paint, so it’s quite simple to work with. For create ceiling graffiti needed to do sketch of a drawing on paper, transfer its contours to a real surface and paint over with appropriate flowers.

drawings on the ceiling in the bedroom

The most comfortable place, designed for relaxation and good rest, is obliged to combine comfort and fashionable style.

Art painting

The two main types of this technique are based on using watercolor and oil paint. External view the picture is fundamentally different. In this technique, as a rule, various flowers and some landscapes are performed. A large, but neat and delicate image of an orchid with watercolor paint in combination with stucco will create light and fresh atmosphere in the bedroom.

painting on the ceiling in the bedroom

Using watercolor, you get a delicate pattern with blurry lines.

Working with oil paint is a little more difficult. Usually this work is entrusted to a specialist. But if you have great artistic abilities, you can safely apply art painting yourself.

painting on the ceiling in the bedroom photo

With the help of oil paint, various landscapes and ornaments are usually painted.

Stencil to help

The easiest way after plain coloring is to use a stencil. With it, you can easily create unusual and fresh ceiling design. This method is limited to patterns and a silhouette image of details. Stencils have a large number of different types, and if you did not find a suitable one, you can to do do it yourself using old linoleum.

drawings on the ceiling in the bedroom through a stencil

All types of paint are used for this technique, and both an adult and a child can do it.

Stretch ceiling

Let's move on to more complex views. ceiling design. Recently this view gaining great popularity.

suspended ceilings in the bedroom

Stretch vinyl ceilings in the bedroom made of heavy-duty polymers are now the most popular because of their perfectly flat surface.

The cost of its installation is quite high, but the completed composition looks great. It will complement the styles of Art Nouveau, Mediterranean, Cubism, minimalism. Directions that do not accept gloss, such as classic, loft and provence, he bypasses. Often stretch ceiling combined with construction of drywall.

suspended ceiling in the bedroom

The texture for the ceiling is different: suede, marble, glossy, matte, semi-gloss, metallic and has hundreds of shades.

Drywall Ceiling

Interesting and original option. He allows create the most unusual designs. In this technique, we can meet one-, two-, and even three-level plasterboard ceilings. Basically do two levels to design was not too heavy.

drywall ceiling in the bedroom

Drywall perfectly masks both defects and communications, you can create a real masterpiece on the ceiling: all kinds of shapes, textures and many steps.

So, the first level becomes the basis, and the second consists of unusually cut and combined parts. Or is it located drywall a box around the perimeter of the room, and in the center do stretch ceiling. Of options You can meet a huge variety, it all depends on your imagination.

plasterboard bedroom ceiling

Wet drywall takes the form we need and holds it firmly after drying.

Wood: eco-friendly and stylish

For styles that support only natural materials, as the basis for finishing the ceiling a tree is perfect. This eco-friendly material will create a pleasant relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom

eco style ceiling

Such a ceiling will emphasize the basic tenets of the chosen style.

So you can to do ceiling beams with pine beams, fully decorate ceiling wooden layers, or create any other composition, combining various kinds tree. This material is suitable for eco-style, provence, classic.

minimalism bedroom

The combined ceiling of wood, drywall, fabric, bamboo looks original and fashionable.

We hope you find it easier to decide ceiling designby reviewing the most popular and affordable options.

VIDEO: Ideas and design of the ceilings in the bedroom.

50 stylish design options for the ceiling in the bedroom:

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