The ceiling design of the hall is crucial

The ceiling is an obligatory part of the living space. When repairing a room, special attention must be paid to its design. Otherwise, the interior will be incomplete. Today there are many ways to arrange it. It can be suspended, suspended, painted, single and multi-tiered.

Harmonious hall interior with two-level ceiling

The ceiling should harmoniously complement the existing interior.

Choosing the design of the ceiling in the hall, take into account many factors. The main ones are the financial opportunities and preferences of the owners. At the same time, do not forget about the general style, the area of ​​the room. As a result, a harmonious interior filled with comfort will be obtained.

Modern design solution

Choosing the design of the upper zone, take into account the dimensions and functionality of the living space. If it is small, then you need to save or visually increase the space. Complex multi-tier buildings in this case are inappropriate.

Illuminated mirror ceiling in the living room

A mirrored ceiling visually expands the space

The design of the ceilings in the hall is required to hide the flaws of the living space. The glossy type of coating will do the job perfectly. It will smooth the surface to perfect condition. If painted in a light tone, the room will visually appear taller. Wall murals depicting the sky have the same effect.

Hall zoning by creating a false ceiling

The ceiling can participate in the zoning of the room

Glossy ceiling with a purple tint in the interior of the hall

The ceiling can be not only light and white, but also dark. The main thing is that it matches the interior of the hall

In the spacious hall you can realize various ideas. Flat monophonic top looks uninteresting. In this case, it’s worthwhile to show imagination, to use a drywall construction, consisting of several levels, with backlight. It is original, it allows you to hide the air ducts of air conditioners and other equipment.

Drywall Ceiling

The overall picture of the interior depends on how the ceiling area in the living room is equipped. It should be harmoniously combined with other elements. This will give the room style, fill with comfort. Getting to its design, it is necessary to determine the type of surface. Plasterboard constructions have been popular recently. This design solution is affordable, it looks modern and beautiful.

Drywall arched beams in the interior of the hall of a country house

Drywall is an ideal material if you want to make a beautiful ceiling with complex architectural forms

Combined ceiling in a large living room

Drywall can be used as an addition to a stretch ceiling or as an independent structure

The choice of drywall is huge. It differs in color, strength, texture and other characteristics. Therefore, it is used in the repair of various homes. Drywall is easy to use and allows you to implement innovative ideas. As a result, the living room becomes unusual and stylish.

The interior of the hall of a country house with stucco molding on the ceiling

The luxurious interior of the hall with plasterboard ceiling decorated with stucco moldings

The suspended ceiling has several advantages. The main ones are related to the possibility of implementing any design decisions. As a finishing finish, you can use decorative plaster, stucco molding other. Mirror elements will help significantly transform the surface.

Design of a spacious hall with moldings on a white ceiling

Ceiling decoration with moldings

False Ceiling Decoration

False ceiling has many advantages, so it is often found in modern apartments.

  • Simple and convenient installation.
  • Security. When arranging, environmentally friendly material is used. The design consists of three layers of special cardboard, which is located in the center, along the edges of the gypsum. It can be used in all rooms, but not in the bathroom. In the latter, a high humidity indicator, which will negatively affect the state of the material installed at the top.
  • Allows you to implement any design idea. This is helped by modern technologies for arranging multi-level structures.
  • Practicality. Hides surface imperfections, communications.
  • Various finishes. Paint, wallpaper, decorative elements will do.
  • It goes well with a tension analog.
  • Divides the room into zones.
  • Visually increases the space.
  • It is supplemented by point sources of light.
White ceiling with purple accents

Suspended structures allow you to realize any design idea

Like any other, this type has its drawbacks. It is not advisable to equip a suspended structure in halls with a small height because it will become even lower. The ceiling structure will take 50 mm.

Gypsum plasterboard ceiling with interior lighting

Spotlights visually increase the space of a room, and multi-tiered structures, on the contrary, reduce

Crystal chandelier on the ceiling of the living room in a classic style

Ceiling height affects the choice of lighting

Plasterboard irregular ceiling in living room design

In a room with a low ceiling, it is better to use wall sconces, recessed lights or thin ceiling chandeliers

The moisture resistance of such a surface is low, so it should not be used in a bathroom where there is direct contact with water. This will lead to the fact that the structure will become unusable.

The arrangement process requires a lot of time. Especially when compared to installing a stretch ceiling. In the course of work, a lot of dust and dirt is formed.

Design Options

Drywall constructions are of several types: smooth and complex. Their main difference is how many tiers. The former have one, and the latter two or more. The latter are called multi-level, well suited for a hall whose height is at least 2.5 meters. In this case, the size of the frame itself is taken into account.

Dry ceiling chandelier with plasterboard ceiling

Single level ceiling - the best option for a small room

If the height of the upper inner coating is less than the specified value, then experts recommend the use of single-level simple structures. A configuration that visually increases the area will do. In this case, the second level is located around the perimeter of the hall. It sets point light sources.

Highlighted multi-level ceiling in the living room

Designs from several levels look luxurious, especially in combination with lighting

Multilevel structures open up a number of possibilities in creating the design of the upper housing area. They allow you to select zones in the room, use any lighting devices, decoration and color. One-level construction is easy to install. To make it original, you need to think carefully about the design and apply quality materials. Decorative elements will help to diversify. As a result, the upper inner cover of the dwelling will not only be neat, but will also fill the hall with special charm.

Decoration Materials

For the decoration of drywall structures using different materials. The most common:

  • decorative plaster;
  • gypsum stucco molding;
  • paint;
  • mirror elements;
  • wallpaper.
Do-it-yourself painting of the ceiling beam with water-based paint

Ceiling painting requires thorough surface preparation

Pasting the living room ceiling with vinyl wallpaper

Wallpaper allows you to hide small defects in the ceiling

For single-level parts that are made of foam are excellent. In this way, wooden beams are transformed, transforming the ceiling surface into a two-level one. As a finish, decorative plaster is used.

DIY sticker on the ceiling in the living room

To create a relief surface using foam tiles

The color of the top inner coating can be any.It is not necessary to design in white or very light colors. Original look red and other shades. The main condition is to harmonize with the overall color scheme of the interior.

Stretch ceiling: design features

There are several types of stretch ceilings:

  1. Fabric type. Presented as polyester canvas. The material is impregnated with polyurethane, which increases the indicator of resistance to moisture.
  2. Polyvinyl chloride type. It has a high elasticity, moisture resistance, and is able to withstand severe leakage.
Black stretch ceiling in the design of the hall of a city apartment

The stretch ceiling is often used in combination with drywall constructions, for example, here a black canvas is stretched inside the box with built-in lights

In addition, they vary in color: plain and with a pattern. The quality of the latter is quite high. Modern technology allows you to display on the canvas any pattern. This emphasizes the originality of the living room, all its elements are harmoniously combined.

The canvas is of three types:

  • satin;
  • matte;
  • glossy.

The latter type of canvas is great for small living rooms. Due to the ability to reflect light and create the effect of a mirror, visually increases the height of the room, makes it deeper, more voluminous. The glossy ceiling area is presented in a rich color palette.

Interior of a small hall of a private house with a glossy stretch ceiling

Glossy ceiling fills the room with air and light

Expanding the hall with a mirrored ceiling

Mirror coating does not need specific care, does not darken and retains its original appearance for a long time

Layered device

A multi-level structure is able to divide the territory into zones. Therefore, it is often used for these purposes. Universal, used in arranging the ceiling surface in many rooms. The interior becomes original, it looks unusual. In it, you can observe the game of the height of the modules, colors and backlight.

Beautiful ceiling design with bright lighting in the hall of a private house

Multilevel structures can be made of all materials used for the ceiling.

There are a lot of design options for such designs. This is a great opportunity to be creative. If the interior of the dwelling is classic, then a tension design with right angles of ideal shape is appropriate. This creates a frame around the perimeter of the room. Moreover, the center is one step higher, which allows you to visually make the living room more spacious.

Zoning of the hall space using a multi-level ceiling

Individual elements of the multi-level ceiling can be designed in accordance with the functional area

The upper part, shaped like a starry sky, clouds underlines the atmosphere of freedom. Make it simple enough and within the power of everyone. The sky displays a pattern, stars are created using point sources of light. Such a ceiling area will significantly transform the living room, emphasize the originality of the interior.

The final stage of registration

The room must have a device responsible for its lighting. May be one or more. Plasterboard structures suggest the use of the second option. Thus, functional zones are easily distinguished. The room is filled with light, it becomes more comfortable. It is appropriate to use point elements that are located around the perimeter or in another way.

Decorating the ceiling with ball-shaped lamps

Elements of the ceiling decor include built-in and pendant lights - metal, with textile details, with colored glass inserts, simple shapes and complex configurations

A beautiful combination of stretch and plasterboard ceilings in a modern living room

The choice of decor is made depending on the general concept of the interior

Do not forget about the decor. This is an important aspect of the interior design of the living room. It makes the interior complete and emphasizes individuality. To decorate the ceiling surface, fabric, paper, polystyrene foam, art painting are used.

Rustic wood beams

Wooden beams are suitable for decorating a country or eco-style ceiling

The ceiling design in the hall requires special attention and should not only please the owners, be beautiful, but also in harmony with the interior of the living room.If you choose the right material, type of construction, then the top coating will become the main emphasis in the room. It will delight the eye, attract attention and decorate the home.

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