Photo of plasterboard stretch ceilings for the living room

Living room - a room in the house where family members like to while away their free time. There are also festive meetings with guests and friends. The appearance of this room indicates the general well-being of the family. Therefore, each owner is trying as best as possible to arrange this room in the home. Look, the drywall ceilings: the photos for the living room are two-level, this will help you choose the most suitable option for your interior.


Not the last place in creating comfort in the room belongs to the ceiling design. To emphasize the design, add exclusivity and chic to it, make two-level drywall ceilings for the living room. Photo examples of such ceilings are provided by the Internet and related magazines. Properly designed ceiling will cause delight and white envy in the visitors of the living room.

The most common mistakes

Sometimes when examining a two-level or multi-level ceiling, there is a feeling that for the main task of the owners is to spend a lot of money. But they forget about beauty, they want not only to throw money away, but also spoil the interior. This is evidenced by photos of such "masterpieces of art."

Not everyone understands that the installation company is more profitable if ordering a multi-level ceiling will be more difficult. Therefore, representatives convince the customer that it is more beautiful to make bends and complex shapes. The result of this is obvious: the installer receives a significant amount of money for the work, and the customer receives a room with a ceiling that is scary to look at.


But people understand to the end what is wrong with the design of the living room ceiling. The answer is elementary: such a ceiling is the central object of the interior of the room, and this is not typical for the room (including the living room). It is a utilitarian thing, an integral part of the design, and not an independent object in the design of the room.

After all, people do not live with their heads bulged up. And in such an interior, more attention is paid to inspecting and evaluating the top, because the presence of a huge and colored structure above the head makes a person feel danger at a subconscious level.

Why do we need a two-level ceiling

Usually, two-level ceilings in the living room are used for zoning the room. If there is a large room and the desire to divide it into functional zones, two-level ceilings that repeat their boundaries will help solve this problem.

If you want to place a dining and sofa zone in the living room, the higher part of the ceiling is placed above the first one. And the sofa zone is emphasized by the low part. They also practice building a high ceiling and dividing it using a low level.


But zoning with a two-level ceiling can only be done in a large room. If your living room has the usual sizes, use furniture and walls for zoning.

Based on this, we conclude: the first function of a two-level ceiling in the living room is considered to be the zoning of the room (subject to the availability of appropriate sizes).

Two-level ceiling in the kitchen-living room

If the size of the living room allows you to equip a kitchen and a relaxation area there, then two-level ceilings are used here as separators of functional areas and places where communication is hidden. In such a plasterboard ceiling, additional lighting and ventilation equipment are hidden.

But the room must have large dimensions, and the ceiling configuration - functional logic. Because, like other ill-conceived objects, the ceiling in this case does not look appropriate or depressing.
When conducting the design of a two-level ceiling, the upper part is made in the same shade as the dominant color in the interior of the living room. But you need to use this technique to enhance zoning, as in this photo. He should not look on his own.

In addition, a colored two-level ceiling looks appropriate only in brightened living rooms in the presence of a significant amount of white.


Curved two-level ceilings

Pay special attention to the two-level drywall ceilings, which have a curved shape. The photo shows that the flowing lines are relevant and no less beautiful. They are often found in modern interiors, so they are no longer considered an innovation.

But if these lines are placed on the ceiling of gypsum board in the living room, and even complemented by lighting - the impression of fluidity and dynamism of the space is created. Only those for whom such an effect is desired can decide on them. And the “floating” ceiling additionally needs space as such.

Therefore, a good appearance and the general impression of the smooth outlines of two-level ceilings are created only when the dynamism of the living room interior is supported by color dynamics or layout. If you do not want to have a constant feeling of swimming in the interior of the living room, as in this photo - discard these wave-like bends. Not always fashionable - it means beautiful. Sometimes a simple solution is better for the interior than new items.


Two-level suspended ceiling in the living room

When two-level stretch ceilings appeared, the time ended when similar designs were created exclusively from drywall. In addition, earlier for the construction of the ceiling, it took a lot of time for puttying, priming and painting. And this was not suitable for every person.

Another main advantage of the two-level stretch ceiling is a more stylish and modern, fashionable and spectacular appearance. Such a ceiling in your living room will not just be the decoration of the room - with its help the geometry of the room changes, the mood is created in it.


What is the difference between stretch and drywall

The two-level stretch ceilings in the living room are two individually mounted canvases, which are placed at different levels and are a complete composition. But, in comparison with the drywall design, stretch ceilings have a number of differences.

A significantly greater variety of tones and textures of film and fabric material.

The original appearance and aesthetics of the ceiling.

Protecting the room from flooding. When inattentive neighbors from above create flooding, the stretch ceiling will save the living room and you from big problems. The material used to create such ceilings holds fluid and does not let it through.


The ability to perform partial dismantling of paintings. This can come in handy when it becomes necessary to replace the wiring located beyond the surface of the ceiling.

Quick installation. It does not take much time to complete it - in just one day you can complete all the work. Even install lights and chandeliers.

The benefits of this type of ceiling

  1. Quick mount. After installing a two-level stretch ceiling in your living room there will be no need for putty, grout and paint. Therefore, installation takes much less time than installing a plasterboard ceiling.It is only necessary to find an experienced specialist who can perform these works efficiently and in short lines. But not every master can do it, since the correct installation requires a certain amount of knowledge of geometry, and not just the ability to correctly mount the profile and stretch the ceiling. In addition, the more complex the configuration, the more laborious the installation work.
  2. Clean installation. As mentioned above, when installing such a ceiling, paint work will not be performed. This means that you do not have to deal with dust and pollution after installation. But before carrying out installation work, the entire furniture set and the floor surface will still be covered with a film.
  3. A variety of rainbow combinations. When choosing stretch ceilings to create a two-level design, you can safely come up with a combination of dark and clear shades. The photo shows an example of such a solution. You do not have to worry about the perfection of the junction line.

When painting two-level gypsum plasterboard ceilings, a big problem is the transition between contrasting shades - it can hardly be made perfectly smooth and clear. In this regard, such constructions most often have an ordinary one (in most cases - white) tone. After the appearance of two-level stretch ceilings, it became possible to perform various levels in all kinds of colors, while making the outline of their junction will not be a problem, as it will be perfectly smooth.


The ability to perform partial dismantling of paintings. This is useful when it becomes necessary to replace the wiring located beyond the surface of the ceiling.

New zoning space

You can divide functional zones in your living room not only with the help of levels, but also with textures and tones of the ceiling. Thanks to this, there are many opportunities, especially in our time, when open planings, studio rooms, sliding partitions and dynamic modifications of space are preferred, depending on what time of day it is on the street or a person’s mood.

Film backlight

When installing a two-level stretch ceiling in your living room, you can make ceiling lighting. And it will not be just a hidden LED strip placed around the perimeter of the box. It represents the level of the ceiling, which shines with daylight. The photo shows that to create such an effect, LED strips are placed behind a translucent film.


Number of configurations and 3D designs

Approach the choice of the type of two-level ceiling in the living room seriously. If you have doubts, instruct a specially trained person to do this difficult task. He will pick it up according to wishes and financial possibilities. Moreover, it is much more reliable than doing an unfamiliar job yourself. And let the cozy living room with a two-level ceiling become your pride and favorite place in the house!

Plasterboard ceilings: 40 photos for the living room

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