How to use chandeliers in the interior

The final accent of apartment renovation is correctly selected chandeliers and lamps. Classical ceiling chandeliers in the interior along with elegant wall sconces, lamps and floor lamps - any lighting fixtures can advantageously emphasize the unique design and creative approach to room decoration.

Living room interior with chandelier on a green ceiling

In a modern interior, a chandelier, in addition to the function of lighting, often acts as the main decorative tool

The value of the chandelier in the interior of the living room

The most important task of repairing an apartment is the repair in the living room. The guest room is the most visited place, both for residents of the apartment, and for guests. It is here that you need to try to achieve maximum harmony in order to present style moments favorably, surprise with an impeccable taste.

A traditional option is a crystal chandelier located in the center of the ceiling of the room. From transparent crystal sparkling in the sun (or in the glow of candles at the festive table), it will ideally fit into any interior style: from classic modest to modernist especially expensive.

Crystal chandelier in the interior of a classic living room

A classic crystal chandelier is associated with luxury, elegance and well-being.

Black chandelier in the interior of a dark living room

Chandelier is relevant for almost any style - from neo-classic to avant-garde

Thanks to the correctly selected shape and size of the crystal chandelier, it is easy to adjust the visual representation of the room.

Chandelier with candles in the living room of classical style

Lamps with imitation of hot candles look great in various styles of classical orientation, shabby chic and contemporary

  • The wide form of crystal under the ceiling will make the room outwardly more spacious.
  • If the design of the lamp is chosen with elongated crystal icicles, it will easily “lower” the ceiling closer to the floor, which is often used when you want to fill your home with an apartment with high ceilings.
  • A round crystal chandelier, on the contrary, will make the ceiling higher, and the room itself more elongated upwards.
  • The strict geometry of the central crystal lamp will add solidity to the interior, that is, it will be the right choice for arranging not only the living room, but also the study.
Modern chandelier in the interior of the living room of a city apartment

A chandelier with a rigid ceiling mount visually raises the height of the room

Minimalist living room interior of a private house with a chandelier in the center of the ceiling

Compact chandelier in a minimalist style living room

The ceiling lampshade in the living room may have additions in the form of gilded chains, candlesticks, decorative elements made of metal, bronze, glass or expensive natural stones. It is worth considering that the chandelier for the interior of the living room is not bought so often, and even if after major repairs you still decide to change the shape of the central electric lamp, you will not want to perform the next such replacement soon. That is why it is worth paying special attention to the choice of a chandelier and it is advisable to buy the most practical option.

A variety of forms and types of chandeliers

Modern industry offers a huge selection of chandeliers of various shapes and types. This range provides chic opportunities to successfully hide unwanted moments of the interior or layout of the apartment.

In appearance, ceiling lights come in two options:

  1. On a rigid wide mount to the ceiling (plane of the chandelier to the plane of the ceiling).
  2. Hanging models.

The lamp on a wide ceiling mount has the specifics of “raising” the ceiling and making the room visually taller. This form will transform the room into a modern style.

Varieties of chandeliers by the method of fixing on the ceiling

Pendant chandeliers are suitable for high ceilings, for smaller rooms it is better to use flat models

Pendant chandeliers are a set of shades (or one shade) on a long suspension. The suspension is attached to the ceiling with a special hook, hidden under a decorative curly element. The length of the suspension can often be adjusted.

The design of the external shape of the lampshade is represented quite widely:

  1. The classic form is the traditional semicircular, cylindrical, curly shades open, closed or upside down. The configuration (location) of the plafonds allows you to play with the direction of the light flux, i.e. to amplify it (open plafonds facing down) or to make the light diffused soft (the closed form of the plafond or the light is directed upward, but is reflected from the ceiling around the room).

    Crystal chandelier in the design of the living room with white walls in a classic style

    Crystal chandeliers look rich and are mainly used for large rooms with high ceilings.

  2. The antipode of the classics will be vintage: vintage antique chandeliers are forged, embossed patterns with elements of colored glass, wood or fabric.

    Forged chandelier on the background of wooden trim living room

    Forged chandelier is ideal for interiors made using wood or natural stone

  3. The eco-style in the design of lampshades is presented in the form of natural materials that are used to make the plafond and general decoration. Tree, cones, fir branches, feathers, horns, shells - from these gifts of nature create unique in beauty and grace forms.

    Modern chandelier for decorating a room in a popular eco style

    Features of chandeliers in eco-style - shades from natural materials

  4. A direct variety of eco-chandelier is considered a Japanese-style chandelier. In fact - the same natural composition of the decoration of the ceiling, but from the materials of the East: bamboo, rice paper and others. Another characteristic of the Japanese style is the clear geometry of the pattern and the absence of any pomposity, chic (everything is as restrained and concise as possible).

    Japanese-style wooden chandelier with rice paper shades

  5. The modern style offers enough model options: from the correct geometry (multi-tiered metal rings with additional surroundings in the form of candlesticks, neon lights, beads) to the absolute avant-garde both in form and in manufacturing materials (starry scattering, waterfall and others).

    Unusual chandelier in a modern living room interior

    Unconventional designer chandelier

Chandelier color

According to the color principle, the whole variety of ceiling lamp shades in a modern interior can be divided into two categories:

  • plain;
  • colored.

The second option (colored lamps) is appropriate in children's rooms or even in the kitchen (in the style of country, pop art). This approach will fill the room with immediacy, lightness, playfulness.

Beautiful chandelier with glass pendants closeup

Designers recommend choosing the color of the chandelier so that its shade is the second most important in the overall palette of the interior

Chandelier green in the modern style living room

But the chandelier can also act as the main color accent

But monophonic chandeliers are a universal choice for any room that will give the interior phlegmatic, thoroughness and emotional equanimity. Actually, chandeliers in one color are almost invisible (they do not strike the eye, like bright multi-color ones). Unless absolute contrast is chosen for the color of the lampshade and the general background of the room. But, at the same time, thanks to such a chandelier, the repair in the room will be harmonious and complete.

The color balance of the chandelier can be confidently enhanced by the selected light source. For example, the yellow light of ordinary incandescent lamps will fill the room with warmth and comfort, and in the chandelier it will remove decorum and epic tranquility. Light from ordinary incandescent lamps most beneficially affects the eyes of a person, does not cause harshness and excessive stress.

Black chandelier in the form of a spider in the interior of the living room of a country house

The black chandelier looks extravagant and goes well with the bright interior and high white ceiling.

White glass chandelier on the ceiling with stucco moldings

White chandelier combined with all shades and fits any interior.

A cost-effective alternative to incandescent lamps will be energy-saving lamps. According to the luminous flux, there are cold white and warm yellowish ones, therefore, the general background of the perception of light can be the same as from an incandescent lamp.

Halogen, fluorescent, reflector and LED lamps are the result of technical innovation. This version of lighting fixtures will fill the room with pure invigorating white (or color) light. They are quite different in appearance and color content (a full palette of colors and shades is presented). Similar modern motives and manufacturability of these light sources are perfect for an office, hallway, bathroom.

How to correctly choose a chandelier in a room

Given the variety of shapes, types, colors of ceiling lampshades and their intended purpose, as an indispensable element of the interior, it is easy to get confused in the choice. We offer brief tips on the rules for choosing an electric lamp in a room.

  1. Correspondence of the external dimensions of the chandelier and the overall dimensions of the room. Under the high ceiling of a wide living room, a small single lampshade will look illogical. As well as in a small room with a small window and a low ceiling, it would be inappropriate to hang a chic royal chandelier in several levels. In other words - look for the “golden mean” to achieve the harmony of space.

    Loft style living room interior with giant chandelier

    Huge industrial style chandelier

  2. Color combination. The color of the shades is required to integrate the overall background of the room decor. Contrasts are undesirable here, since this irritates the human psyche, which will certainly affect communication with loved ones. As a result, you will want to change the provocateur chandelier at all costs. The most tolerant and harmless color of shades is white or transparent. For this reason, too often choose options for lamps made of crystal, white glass, plastic.

    Chandelier with colored glass shades on a forged pendant

    Luxurious chandelier with stained glass shades

  3. It is very important to guess the proper diameter of the luminaire for the overall size of the ceiling plane. Here you can use the math: divide the length and width of the ceiling of the room (in cm) by 30, add the resulting numbers and multiply the sum by 2.5 - this is the approximate diameter of the chandelier for this ceiling.

    Flat chandelier with pendants above the dining table

    A well-chosen diameter of the chandelier that acts as a zoning of the dining part of the kitchen

  4. The height of the lampshade suspension is another nuance of the right choice. Nobody wants to bang your head on the edge of a crystal or any other chandelier. Therefore: from the floor to the edge of the lampshade there must be at least 2 meters of height. As indicated above, most models of modern pendant chandeliers have a height adjustment, and therefore there are no problems with this issue.

    Chandelier with a black ceiling in the interior of the living room with a bleached ceiling

    Laconic model on a long suspension

  5. It is worth taking the purpose of the room where you plan to buy a lamp seriously. For an office, a nursery or a kitchen, bright light is very important and necessary, i.e. we choose open types of shades or modern style models with halogen or fluorescent lamps. But for the bedroom or living room, a soft luminous flux is desirable, which does not irritate the eyes, sets up relaxation and relaxation. For these purposes, it is better to choose closed plafonds and classic “Ilyich bulbs”.

    Eclectic living room design with textile chandelier

    Chandelier with textile lampshade in a colorful interior of eclectic stylistics

  6. And the last rule for choosing a chandelier is your own taste. You live in an apartment and see this product of light illumination every day. So, the shape, size and color of the electric lamp must be liked by you, and only then meet all the selection criteria described above.

    Original cloud-shaped chandelier in a room with a gray interior

    Chandelier cloud on the background of gray walls of the living room

Of course, the harmonious combination of the chandelier with the style of the interior plays a significant role.So, for a vintage interior style or for a Provence style, a rustic country style lamp will not work at all. Choose classic crystal, airy forms or multi-level suspensions for these styles.

Similarly, if the interior is modern, hi-tech, military, futurism and other neo-modern styles will be “decorated” with an old-fashioned lampshade and made of simple material. If the design is modern, then the lamp should correspond to the fashion of the 21st century.

Two original chandeliers over a glass table

For a spacious living room, a pair of identical pendant lights is a rather often used technique that allows you to illuminate a large area and create an original interior

Living room interior of a country house with three chandeliers over a wooden table

There may be three chandeliers, if it harmoniously fits into the design of the room

DIY pendant lamp with LED lights

In modern interiors, the chandelier is sometimes replaced with a lot of bulbs suspended on cords without any shades

If you carefully consider all the above tips - it is easy to choose the perfect in appearance, shape and color of the chandelier, which will please the eye for more than one year!

Video on how to choose a chandelier to the style of the interior

Photo: chandeliers for every taste and color

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