Criteria for choosing a ceiling design

Modern interior design can provide many options for decorating ceilings. Sometimes it’s even difficult to make a choice, since ceiling design depends on many factors. And it’s not always possible to take them all into account. Therefore, an important part of any design work is planning and careful preparation. We will help you understand the nuances of the selection.

ceiling design

The arrangement of the ceiling space has the same significant role in the design of the interior.

As mentioned, the choice ceiling design depends on many factors. You need to choose the color, shape, style and material for decoration. These criteria are influenced, for example, by the functionality of the room, its dimensions, technical features, and the general style of the room. We will consider the main factors that influence the choice: the style and purpose of the room, the material for the decor, and the color of the design.

studio ceiling design

The ceiling is not only the upper space, it is the most important component, which is the logical conclusion of the entire apartment

Room Style Way of registration Colour
Kitchen Provence Loft Natural wood, brick elements Green black
Living room Scandinavian, Mediterranean Wallpaper, wood panels Brown, blue
Bedroom Modern, minimalism Painting, stretch ceiling Pastel brown
Hallway Hi-tech, art deco Wallpaper, painting White and other light colors
Bathroom Marine focus Painting, rack, suspended ceiling White blue
Children Eclecticism, modern Plasterboard constructions Any harmonious and colorful combinations

Of course, we have given a general table. However, it is clear from it that all factors must coexist harmoniously. Now, based on this knowledge, you can use other combinations not listed in the table.

living room ceiling design

Do not forget the basic rule: harmony in all its details!

Style factor

Let's start with the style direction of the whole room. It is important that the ceiling design matches it. Indeed, you must admit that a stretch ceiling will look ridiculous in a kitchen in the Provence style, or in an empire style in a living room. Therefore, choosing the decor of surfaces, do not forget about the general mood of the room and style.

kitchen ceiling design

The ceiling can act as the main emphasis or, on the contrary, dull attention to oneself.

Also, choosing a style, pay attention to the functionality of the room, and the characters of the people living in it. Believe me, this is of great importance. For example, urban-style artwork or the ornate gypsum ceiling decor for antique styles will only annoy pragmatic, meticulous personalities. So let's start the analysis of styles.

unusual ceiling design

It is important that the ceiling space fits perfectly into the color scheme and spatial idea of ​​the project


This direction is suitable for energetic and modern people. To some extent, this urban style cannot be called comfortable.Although it has all the details necessary for life, the color scheme and a tendency to minimalism, as well as a large number of urban elements make it somewhat cold and empty.

loft style ceiling design

The loft-style ceiling is perfect for an apartment where extravagant personalities live: artists, musicians, writers.

It does not fit a small room. Since dark tones prevail in the loft, he will make the small room even smaller. But if you are the owner of a spacious room with high ceilings, feel free to choose this style for decoration.

ceiling in the living room loft

Ceilings decorated in any of the existing design styles are always given special attention.

For a ceiling in this style, interspersing brickwork in compositions with drywall constructions and painting is suitable.


Not forgotten, and never out of fashion classic is a certain constant. It is distinguished by smooth lines and calm transitions of colors. Here you will not find contrasting combinations, or original ideas. Classic is what is modern for any era and trends.

classic style ceiling

Elements of traditional classics are elegantly combined with modern ideas.

So, the classic style, basically, can be conveyed using color combinations. It is characterized by all pastel colors, brown, white. Black and white tandem is the standard of classic. By the way, the rooms in this design look great, modern, and not at all boring.

classic ceiling design

The design of the ceilings in the classical style is striking in the variety of shapes and colors.

For a classic ceiling, it’s best drywall ceiling design and wallpapering.


Warm and homely, it is perfect for the living room and kitchen. A feature of this style is its craving for naturalness. It adopts natural combinations of colors, and accepts environmentally friendly species in finishing materials. In this case, for the decor of the ceiling, boldly use natural wood, painting, plaster, elements of natural stone.

provence ceiling

The ceiling design in the Provence style will be an excellent solution not only for a chic suburban mansion, but even for a standard city apartment.

Accordingly, surface materials in this style adopt the natural color of the material. So, a dark tree will make the room warmer and more comfortable, and the plastered ceiling will give the room space and freedom.

ceiling design provence

Due to its simplicity and low cost of modern coatings used in decoration, you can create a unique and beautiful design.

This style is suitable for couch potatoes, people who love quiet and cozy evenings. Individuals who are happy to receive guests love to enjoy their culinary delights, and do not really want to spend time outside a comfortable home.


A completely new style that has absorbed elements of previous directions. It is rooted in the classics, adjacent to the loft and minimalism. However, this is a separate course, different from all previous ones. Often confused with the high-tech direction, but they have some significant differences.

modern ceiling design

For design, you can use: gypsum, marble, crystal, natural stone, natural wood, glass.

Firstly, Art Nouveau is characterized by smoother lines, but contrasting combinations. While hi-tech loves sharper outlines of objects and images, but does not experiment with colors - it works in one color scheme, with harmonious combinations.

Art Nouveau ceiling

Art Nouveau stretch ceilings - aesthetics and functionality.

So the ceiling in the Art Nouveau style can vary significantly in color from the rest of the room. Here we meet black, green and dark blue designs, which is a rather bold decision.

Finishing Methods

For different styles, rooms, and indeed people suit their materials and methods of decoration. Why for people? An allergic reaction may occur to some types of materials.And from a psychological point of view, this or that way of decoration is not suitable for everyone.

living room ceiling design

Today there are a huge number of design options for the ceiling space.

So, someone will be annoyed by the landscape on the ceiling, and someone can not stand the tension systems. Here, everything is selected individually. Listen to yourself, look at various photos, and understand what the heart is lying for.

ceiling design ideas

The maximum presence of a hidden LED backlight is welcome.

Regarding the style and functionality of the room: everything is simpler here. To each his own. A certain style has in its arsenal its own set of colors and ceiling decoration methods. What are the options at all?


The easiest and most common option. Most of all, it is suitable for a classic style. However, with current technologies, more and more original models appear on the market. So you can find wallpapers for any style. The assortment includes textile, and 3-D, and any orientation. So, you have a chance to find a model that, after gluing, cannot be distinguished from real art painting.

wallpaper for ceiling

The possibilities of this type are unlimited at the present stage.

Still, initially, this is the easiest and cheapest way to design a ceiling. This option is suitable for small rooms with low walls, where a florid design will be inappropriate.

Smear, paint, plaster

Whitening and staining are also fairly cheap methods. If the latter is often found in modern design, the former is extremely rare. It is used for the Provence style, country sometimes for the Mediterranean. Its main feature is naturalness, so it can be used by people prone to allergies. The disadvantages include fragility. Also whitewash does not withstand high humidity

ceiling painting design

Paint - the material is somewhat more durable. And its capabilities also have a broader range.

So, with the help of paint you can create an artistic painting on, make graffiti, or create a painting of any other kind. If there is no desire to create original ideas, monophonic overlapping is the easiest option.

At first glance, these methods seem simple. However, they are very laborious.

Important! The ceiling for painting or whitewashing should be perfectly flat.

ceiling in the interior of the living room

It is necessary to level the foundation, otherwise all the bumps and joints will be visible, which will ruin the picture.

If a drywall ceiling design If it hides all the imperfections and irregularities, then for paint and whitewashing you will have to work hard to prepare the basis for the work.

Drywall Ceiling

This method is a bit more complicated and expensive. However, it is quite popular and widespread. In addition, it allows you to create the most unusual design options. It is characterized by durability and strength. If you select the appropriate material, the design will be moisture resistant and fireproof, which allows you to use it in any room.

plasterboard ceiling

The installation of drywall ceiling is quite simple.

Of course, more complicated than the previous methods, but you can do this design with your own hands.For installation, you will need drywall sheets, guides and supporting profiles, anchors, screws, a drill, and a little skill. So, you can create any decor yourself. However, in the initial stages, we advise you to contact the master for help.

Stretch ceiling

One of the most expensive, but at the same time common methods. Typically, this type of combination with suspended structures made of drywall. By adding hidden spotlights to this combination, you get a luxurious, modern ceiling design.

stretch ceiling in the living room

Such a tandem is suitable for the kitchen, bedroom, living room and even the bathroom.

Since this material is less finicky, and especially moisture resistant. But he will also need care. Do not forget to wash the stretch ceiling at least once every two weeks.The color scheme of this species is surprisingly large: here you will find blue, burgundy, green, white, gray, black and another background. Perfectly fits in the direction of high-tech, modern and minimalism.

The functionality of the room is of great importance.

We turn to the third important factor that affects the choice of style, color and method of decoration - the room. Having correctly selected the type of decoration for the type of premises, you will get a quality design that will last you many years. Color and style also play a big role.

suspended ceiling in a studio apartment

The functionality of the room determines the future design of the ceiling in it.

Ceiling for bedroom

A place to sleep and rest should have an appropriate design. Here you can apply both glossy and matte surfaces. In fact, any type of decoration is suitable, the main thing is that it does not burden the room. Therefore, some extravagant species will have to be excluded. Better give preference to a calm design, conducive to a complete rest and restoration of strength.

bedroom ceiling design

The best colors for the bedroom will be gray, pastel colors, brown, and light shades of warm and cold colors.

Therefore, in the style direction, give preference to Art Nouveau, classics, Provence. Loft, minimalism, cubism and other cool styles can also be used depending on individual preferences. But it is better to push them into the background, leaving a place with warmer and more comfortable currents.

What is better to do in the kitchen

Since this room is more susceptible to pollution, give preference to appropriate materials. A good option is painting and stretch ceiling, washable wallpaper is also suitable. These materials lend themselves well to cleaning, and after a reusable procedure they will have the same new look.

variant of the design of the ceiling in the kitchen

Drywall decoration makes it possible to realize even the most daring design of the ceiling in the kitchen.

Stretch ceilings are often combined with suspended elements. So you will be able to make additional hidden lighting, and visually highlight areas in the kitchen.

Perfect living room

A place where guests are welcomed, where the whole family gathers for evening gatherings. Everything should be perfect here, from flooring to flowers in a vase. Of course, we must not forget about the ceiling. It has an important role in creating a general mood.

living room ceiling design option

In the living room a lot depends on the chosen style and dimensions of the room.

So, for Scandinavian and Provence, use natural wood to close the ceiling. It can be pine beams, ceiling panels, wooden wallpaper. Much depends on your preferences and repair budget.

Children's: everything should be in moderation

Children's room is a huge field for adult creativity. Of course, I want to create a fairy tale for the child. But don't overdo it. Too much detail accumulation will only be a hindrance to display a real idea. Focus on one or two ideas, and translate them. What is meant?

ceiling in the nursery

The design of the ceiling in the children's room is a very important issue, since the general appearance of the room depends on its design.

If the children's room has already been painted walls, then such a decor on the ceiling will be inappropriate - make it simple and calm. Or vice versa. Remember, everything should be harmonious, even in eclecticism.

ceiling design in a nursery

The best option would be the design of the ceilings for the plasterboard nursery.

This material allows you to build unusual designs, make spotlights that replace the nightlight, and add a "starry sky" in the form of a stretch canvas.

Ceiling in the bathroom: a few important details

In this room, we observe increased humidity, the type of design should imply the use of moisture-resistant materials. It will be appropriate to paint, rack and pinion, stretch ceiling. The latter is used without drywall elements, and the PVC film is stretched over all surfaces, or alternated with tiles.

bathroom ceiling design

Ceiling design can have different finishes and lighting.

For the ceiling in the bathroom, tiles are also suitable. But for this surface it is rarely used. Mainly in combination with other materials to create individual parts.

suspended ceilings in the bathroom

Every detail is important in the decoration of the ceiling in the bathroom.

Harmonious Hallway

The room that the guest sees first should glow with goodwill and comfort. This room is devoid of natural light, since there are no windows, so there can be no talk of dark tones and complex designs.

corridor ceiling design

In an apartment with low ceilings, the entrance hall, with the right choice of ceiling design, can be visually increased.

Wallpaper - the easiest and most successful option for the hallway. Pick a light color and success is guaranteed. If you want frills, make a stretch ceiling, or paint it. In the second case, the drawing should give a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. Incorrectly selected drawing, you risk making the room gloomy and cramped.

suspended ceiling in the hallway

Now there are many original ways of decorating ceilings.

As you can see, the art of choice is also a considerable task and a complex process. But having made the right choice, you are already halfway to success.

VIDEO: 51 ceiling decoration options.

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