Modern style chandeliers for the living room

Lighting in modern design plays a huge role, this is the main emphasis in interior design. Chandeliers for the living room of a modern style are able to emphasize the atmosphere and transform it. It is not surprising that lighting creates an appropriate atmosphere, provides a cozy and comfortable stay. For a living room where the whole family and friends like to gather, a lamp should be chosen responsibly.


Chandelier Selection

The living room is performed in different versions. Photo species are quite diverse. On the one hand, it’s a hall where a family gathers in the evenings to watch TV shows, read favorite books or just chat with each other. The room can serve as a place of work with the workplace located in it. On the third hand - this is a room full of different things, it performs many functions in a studio apartment.


Perform many other living room design options, and all of them have their own individual lighting, which will emphasize the dignity of the room. Only after full design, proceed to the choice of backlight. In this case, get an idea of ​​how this or that device will fit into the interior, whether it can emphasize the style of the living room and complement it. To do this, look at the photos of the proposed models. But an important point in choosing lighting for the living room along with the design of the chandelier is its location, height, color.

A chandelier is able to illuminate and divide the room into zones. She is a subject of decor and is able to focus on the place or thing.

Correctly calculated lighting, its intensity visually expands the room or highlights the desired area.


Classic living room for a cozy stay for the whole family

Often this room occupies a central place in an apartment or private house, because relatives and friends gather there, solemn moments are celebrated, and important general decisions are made. Being in it, the family discusses what happened to whom, how the day went. Therefore, it should radiate coziness and comfort. Chandeliers are selected, taking into account the views of all family members. It is important that everyone likes the model. All household members will have to watch such an interior item. But before going to the store, discuss a future purchase, see a photo and clearly define its parameters.

During the selection it is worth considering:

  • the size of the room in which the lamp is located. In a large room, a small appliance is lost, and vice versa, in a small room, a large one will absorb all the space - this is clearly visible in the photo;
  • Are there additional areas in the room, such as a library, a dining room, an office;
  • is there additional lighting;
  • the design of the room and its color;
  • furniture and in what style the design of the room is designed;
  • the presence or absence of a fireplace.


All these nuances affect the choice of lighting, because it emphasizes the beauty of the room and gives a finished interior design.

Types of chandeliers for halls and halls

Here are a few types that complement the living room:

Outboard. Such items have several shades that are mounted on a cord or chain. There are a lot of photos, they demonstrate all their advantages. The lamp is located at a certain height from the ceiling and is accordingly adjustable. The internal atmosphere of the house depends on the length of the suspension: intimate, solemn, gives peace or, on the contrary, invigorates.Plafonds of such products are made of various shapes and consist of different materials.

Considered popular models whose plafonds are made of glass. Such products look exquisite in large rooms. Their only drawback is that they cannot be placed on a low ceiling. In spacious rooms with high ceilings, this model looks great.

Ceiling. Such devices are made without a special suspension, they are mounted directly to the ceiling, this can be clearly seen in the photo. Such lighting is simply ideal for small rooms and low ceilings. Decor elements for ceiling lights are made of plastic and glass.

Variants with glass shades are considered to be in demand. This view consists of individual elements or an integral structure. The disadvantage is that for most of them it is impossible to change the bulb without removing the lampshade. The hall in which the ceiling version is located increases visually.

Getting started with the choice, it is worth taking a closer look at your room, determining what type of lighting will suit your room.


Lighting Styles

Demanded and popular - these classic chandeliers have smooth bends, which provide an elegant and unsurpassed design. Such devices are perfect for a room in a classic style. It will become a real decoration of modern design. Lamps are made of textiles, metal, glass and plastic. Crystal still emphasize a certain status of owners, their good taste and wealth. A hall with such beauty is transformed beyond recognition.

The bulbs that are used are made in the form of candles, as in an old photo. This provides the best light and emphasizes style. A traditional timeless piece of furniture. The lamp is relevant in any period and with any design design. A classic chandelier will never go out of fashion, the money invested in it will fully justify itself, since it will last a long time. It exudes sophistication and excellence. Classic lighting gives a festive look. A hall with such a model will shine with luxury.


In a large number of classic options, floristic dominates. In such subjects of lighting any vegetative subject is used. Often these are flowers. Decor elements are made in first-class performance. Modern design options are created in the combination of modern and classic elements. So, a classic lamp is placed in a ball consisting of metal rods. It is perfect for a room made in modern. This was what stylists sought.

Another bold decision of the designers was to add color to the classics. Individual elements are made in different colors. They fit perfectly into the interior, in which minimalism prevails, because in the classical style the lighting looks rich and attracts attention.


Many owners of premises prefer the Art Nouveau style. Chandeliers perfectly emphasize this trend. After all, this is novelty, unusualness and originality. Today, any unusual lighting models are called modern. Bold design decisions are modern lamps. Beautiful modern appliances with one base, to which many shades are attached. Such a bunch will perfectly emphasize the modern image. The appearance of the ceiling made incredible shapes and colors.

Art Nouveau chandeliers can revitalize the living room if they are made in bright colors. They will saturate the hall not only with light, but also with lively colors. Increasingly, there are devices in the rooms that breathe minimalism. These are simple sticks with light bulbs at their ends. Decorated in the Art Nouveau style, the options impress with their simplicity, and geometric shapes decorate any living room.


The eco-style of the lamps is relatively young. For some reason, many such interior items are associated with a village house.Modern appliances are perfectly used in apartments, urban houses and even in workrooms. Ecostyle chandeliers are made from natural materials. The basis of such lighting is wood, only in rare cases is metal used.

Decorated with dry flowers, herbs at the discretion of the owner or according to the photo. The luminaire emphasizes the connection between a bustling city and the environment. But such ecolusters look great not in modern city apartments, but in country houses. A country cottage, in which natural materials predominate, emphasizes the connection with nature - this is the interior that is best suited for this type of device.

Dividing a room into zones using light

Previously, the geometric placement of the chandelier in the center of the room was practiced. Today, when the hall has several zones, using one central device is not entirely correct. All areas need their own lighting. These are several devices that illuminate the hall, or one, and the highlighting of the zones is due to additional ones. For this, fixtures and floor lamps are used.


If several devices are used, then they are selected in the same stylistic direction.

They look different, but the style is the same. This gives the living room harmony and unity. Such a bold design decision adds originality and individuality. In many interiors, the fixtures are not centered. They are shifted to emphasize a certain zone or thing, for example, a fireplace.

Getting to the choice, along with the design, it is worth considering the technical capabilities. Properly calculated power can provide the room with excellent lighting, and the design design makes the chandelier the main highlight of the interior.

Modern style chandeliers for the living room: 40 options

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