Choosing a design for suspended ceilings

Important part of interior is the ceiling space. Stretch Ceilings Design can choose by studying a photo existing projects. They will inspire apartment owners to implement bold ideas. Such the ceilings interesting and unusual look in indoors. Their cost depends on the type and difficulties constructions.

stretch ceilings in the living room

In the process of repairing an apartment or house, often the main difficulty is the choice of finishes: for example, whether to install stretch ceilings for the hall or stop at the good old painting.

Positive qualities and disadvantages of ceilings

The main advantage of such products will be that after installation a smooth surface. This result is achieved much easier than with using stucco or suspended options.

Other positive qualities:

  • Beautiful;
  • Practical;
  • Huge range.
stretch ceiling black

Stylish and original, concise and conspicuous, expressive and strict - stretch canvases can be any.

Pvc film gives almost unlimited possibilities. It can imitate leather, wood, metal. Particularly popular are models with a mother of pearl shimmer. Installation is carried out within a few hours. Stretch Ceilings Design convenient to look at a photo. This will facilitate the task of choice.


  • If the neighbors accidentally flooded, then this will lead to the need to replace the system;
  • It is difficult to select lighting devices;
  • There is the possibility of damage with a sharp object.
stretch ceiling in the living room

Stretch ceilings change the mood of the room and make it a model of design art.

Ceiling help to hide the roughness of the base. It allows you to create multi-level systems. Stretch ceilings in the interior look perfect. They are mounted in wet the premises, which helps to avoid condensation.

Types of ceilings

Model from PVC retains its original appearance for a long time. This option is exploited up to 10 years or more. Elastic material cover with a teflon layer to protect it from pollution. This unique ceiling hide the roughness of the base, hide pipes, wires. There are various modifications, among which there is a suitable type for your apartment. View a photo, and make sure they are the perfect complement to your decor.

pvc stretch ceiling

Modern interiors are characterized by the use of new materials and creative methods for solving the usual issues of decoration.

The most widespread gloss in the arrangement of residential interiors, restaurants, offices, etc. Waterproof and environmentally friendly canvases safe for the health of residents. They are easily mounted backlight. Matte areas resemble ordinary whitewashed the ceilings, they have no glare. They are characterized by increased strength, are cheaper than glossy samples.

glossy stretch ceiling

Film ceilings are especially relevant for those who are often flooded with neighbors from above: the canvas is able to protect the room from water.

Satin Fabric Stretch Ceilings have a perfectly flat surface, delicate shine. The structure of the model is similar to satin. There are light goods on sale, you can order photo printing.

The fabrics are impregnated with polymer, supplied in wide rolls, so there are no bumps or seams on them. They are much more resistant to damage than PVC type of. But they cannot be used for multi-level solutions.

stretch ceiling

The overall effect of the room depends on how well the type of stretch fabric for a particular interior is selected.

Ceiling design in different rooms

Tension constructions appropriate in every the roomThey are suitable even for non-residential premises. Designers have developed many projects of various levels of complexity. Before starting repairs, carefully study the issue. View a photo with good examples. Images stretch ceiling designs help you navigate a wide variety of products on offer.

stretch ceiling sky with clouds

Experts advise the most restrained approach to the issue of using the material so as not to overload the room and not create bulky surfaces.

The problem of lack of space is visually solved using glossy planes. On large areas, dark elements are used, as well as systems from several levels. Making the right choice without the help of professionals is not easy.

Living room

Universal canvases They look attractive, create a feeling of lightness. Properly selected variation will change the atmosphere in living room. To find the desired modification, first check out a photo design decisions.

stretch ceiling design in the living room

The use of suspended ceilings in the living room allows you to quickly and easily fix the defects of the existing ceiling during repair.

Fabric variations suitable for interiorsmade in strict style. In low the premises mount canvas with reflective effect. Using such samples in living room visually expands the space. Find such shades surfacewhich will be in harmony with the interior. Selection colors depends on size living roomlighting.

two-level stretch ceiling

It is possible to emphasize functional areas, as well as add volume to the room and “raise the ceilings”.

Two-level design will transform the hall, it is complemented by backlight. Unusual stretch ceiling design looks luxurious. Using Such a solution will make it easy to correct the deficiencies of the ceiling coating without lengthy and expensive work.


Satin is selected for these apartments. canvases, customers also purchase matte types. The atmosphere for relaxation depends on stretch ceiling design. Everything is interconnected in the bedroom, her registration must match the tastes of the owners.

suspended ceiling in the bedroom

Stretch ceilings in the bedroom will not only reduce the time of repair, but will also help visually adjust the height of the room, add light to it, create a cozy atmosphere.

The most popular apartments are fabric finishes. It makes the space soft and comfortable. Choosing the right option from a huge variety of products is not difficult. Satin the ceilings have silky surface. They have a higher reflection coefficient, but they do not create glare.

Children's room

To make the personal space of a small person comfortable, parents consider many types execution rooms for your child. They are learning suspended ceilings in the photo of interiors. This method will help to quickly and accurately transform the baby’s bedroom.

suspended ceiling in the nursery

It is necessary to choose the right design of the stretch ceiling and the material from which it is made.

A successful variety will be glossy canvas with two or three lamps. When choosing, take into account the age of the fidget. For preschoolers, they order products with the heroes of their favorite fairy tales, interesting stories. Children 8-12 years old prefer a photo nature, space theme. AT the room teen pick up discreet stretch ceiling design.

stretch ceiling to the nursery

You can turn a standard room into an unusual space using photo printing.

PVC material or the fabric is pulled over a metal frame to get a perfectly even surface. For installation, special preparation of the base is not required. Work is carried out in 4 hours. Material It does not absorb moisture, does not attract dust, it is ideal for arranging a nursery.


Modern and unusual solutions will decorate interior. Such canvas perfect for the kitchen. It is practical, resistant to moisture, hot air, does not absorb dirt, and is easy to clean. Real estate owners prefer light colors.

suspended ceiling in the kitchen

The design of the stretch ceiling in the kitchen can be made in almost any style, and the ceiling itself can be multi-level.

Stretch Ceiling Design It is carried out by the customer chosen form and color. Application of the installation from several levels will ensure the separation of the kitchen into functional components. Under beautiful design hide the shortcomings of the main plane, wires, pipes, without spending a lot of effort and financial resources. The installation of such a coating is best entrusted to experienced craftsmen.


The standard entrance hall in most homes suffers from a lack of natural light. It has a small area. Designers choose this finish the ceilingto visually increase the space. AT premise square shapes add details that can lengthen the ceiling.

suspended ceiling in the hallway

Two-level designs allow you to experiment with color, shape, ceiling lighting.

Elongated the room expand multi-level constructions. For execution use bright contrasting and dark accents. It is important to correctly plan the artificial lighting of the hallway. For the corridor take a single-level system. She will fit perfectly into the hallway of modest size.

Classification by the number of levels

Use of paintings various sizes and colors allows you to create unique constructions. A single-level view is suitable for low rooms. It blends wonderfully with any decor.

three-level stretch ceiling

Three-level structures open up great opportunities for homeowners.

Customer can choose the one stretch ceiling design alone or consult with experts. In complex structures combine different materials. Choosing the right spotlight allows you to set visual accents. Using decorative components will decorate the space.

Technique and proper selection of modern materials will make it special stretch ceiling in the interior. It will help to divide the territory into certain sections or to unite it. It all depends on the tasks.

living room with stretch ceiling

An amazing effect is achieved when using different materials to create a combined version.

Each level the ceiling may have its color, texture and shape. The combinations of drywall and film. On different tiers create extraordinary constructions. Plasterboard place decor, lighting equipment. Film allows you to achieve lightness and transparency of the overlap.

Styles of Stretch Ceilings

Make out premises in various directions. The choice depends on the taste preferences of the customer. Among the interesting a photo It’s easy to look for a suitable type for the bedroom, dining room, kitchen or bathroom.

High-tech is suitable for people who prefer a modern direction. Manufacturers offer many color schemes.

stretch ceiling high-tech

Carefully selected room lighting will help to create the right atmosphere.

Classical style stays out of time, he is always in fashion. Matte ceiling Fits perfectly into space, it has a gentle flicker. Customers prefer lighter shades for the ceiling dwellings.

matte stretch ceiling

They complement the atmosphere with mirror inserts and an abundance of golden hues.

AT style Art Nouveau has clear lines, customers stop at plain canvases without decorations.Fusion has changed strict directions. For him, they choose original colors, different types of products. Allowed use smooth lines photo printing and etc.

stretch ceilings in the interior

The backlighting is done in warm colors.

Patterns for Ethnic style pick up brown and sand shades. For style minimalism order a glossy monophonic option.

Stylistics premises

Style Texture Colour The form
Classic MatteSatin options. Apply glossy models from PVC. Ceiling performed slightly lighter than other planes. Select pastel shades. There is an opportunity use tiered products.
Modern Glossy type. Consider more often gentle shades. Do not overload the ceiling space with additional elements.
High tech Glossy products with a characteristic shine. Mostly gray shades are used. A win-win solution would be to use a white plane. The complexity of the model selects customer, can be applied a photo on surface.
Fusion The texture can imitate marble, leather, stone A variety of tones, it is important to maintain harmony. Use multi-level options with smooth lines.
Ethnic style Any texture is applied. Colour must match design. Single and multi-level solutions are suitable, apply pictures, apply painting.
Minimalism Choose satin canvases. Pastel colors are suitable. Single level the ceilings no frills and decor.

Choosing the right direction, you should correctly combine the elements in the room. If the task was difficult, you should contact the professionals. They will help to assemble the components and correctly complete the installation of the system.

Photo printing

A great solution would be the addition canvases picture. Photo printing today is in demand, it allows you to add a picture to ceiling. On web surface a picture is applied up to 5 meters in size by the printer. Take a look designer stretch ceilings on a photo. They contain extraordinary solutions.

stretch ceilings with photo printing

The image is selected in accordance with the purpose of the room.

For the bedroom, a starry sky, clouds, flowers will be a great choice. Pictures are applied by the following types of printing.

  1. Eco-solvent is used to obtain 3D images.
  2. Latex printing is suitable for large products.
  3. The ultraviolet type looks great even on a dark background.
ultraviolet stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings in the interior are striking in variety and depth. They will fill it with new colors and mood.


Special role in the room the light is playing. It will provide zoning of the territory, visually change it if necessary. Use spot lighting is possible around the perimeter, zigzag. There are other ways to place them.

stretch ceilings lighting

The smaller the room, the simpler should be the design of a two-level ceiling. This also applies to the color of the canvas, as well as the presence of a pattern on it.

Before installation film order electrical appliances: chandeliers, lamps. Deservedly popular in the market today are LED lamps. To exclude accidental damage filmDo not order sharp-edged appliances.

led ceiling light

Harmony, balance of details, the right color scheme, conciseness - these are the components of spectacular stretch ceilings.

Required use thermal pads for protection material from heat exposure. Pre-create a plan where the lighting equipment is indicated. Before performing work, prepare a place for each device.


The details of the environment should be harmoniously combined to get an excellent result. Ideas derive from thematic publications, catalogs. To mount film You can in an existing environment, or think through the concept from scratch.

stretch ceiling design

It is necessary to use the model based on the purpose of the room.

A correctly selected system will help to correct the geometry of space, to divide it into parts.Modern technologies are being developed to change the design of an apartment with minimal effort.

suspended ceiling in the kitchen design

Before choosing the color and texture of the tensile structure, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the palette, the manufacturer and try on the design for the interior in a special computer program.

VIDEO: Stretch ceilings in the interior - new design.

50 original design ideas for suspended ceilings:

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