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Having completed the decoration of the walls, arranging the furniture, the joyful owners understand that it is also necessary to decorate the windows. A small detail will give comfort and completeness to the interior. Of course, you can buy ready-made curtains, but sometimes they may miss some “highlight” - and you can do it yourself.

bright curtains option

You can hang flowers on the curtains

DIY beautiful curtain decor

Curtains can be beautifully tied

do-it-yourself version of the original decoration of curtains

Beads are perfect for decorating curtains

Kitchen window decoration

Despite the fact that most designers recommend abandoning the magnificent decoration of windows, preferring the simplicity and conciseness of minimalism and hi-tech styles, many still prefer light, almost airy options in the style of shabby chic or provence.

Flower decor

The first is characterized by floral prints, airiness and “blur” of color. For curtains, you can make pickups from nylon, organza in the color of the curtains. An interesting solution to the decoration of curtains with your own hands - the design of light tulle with fabric flowers - they can be made from ribbons - kapron or organza, beads and sew on the bottom of the curtains, making a light drapery.

idea of ​​unusual decoration of curtains

Curtains can be tied with a belt

the idea of ​​unusual decoration of curtains with their own hands

It is necessary to select curtains in the room carefully, they should be in harmony with design

Embroidery and ruffles

Provence also welcomes light fabrics, floral or cell-striped prints. Delicate curtains for the kitchen can be made of white cotton, decorating them with cross-stitch or stitch embroidery - small floral motifs, butterflies or birds will become a window decoration. You can decorate the curtains with a bright frill in a cage, checkered pick-ups or make bows out of bright fabric and fix them on top, closer to the curtain.

variant of beautiful decoration of curtains

Such curtains can be hung on the door.

do-it-yourself version of the original decor of curtains

Curtains can be hung in completely different ways.

the idea of ​​bright curtains

Kitchen design is designed in one color scheme


If you are not attracted to traditional curtains, you can choose a more modern option - blinds, Roman curtains. If you choose the one-color option, you can decorate them with colored bows, passing the fabric ribbon on both sides - the back and front of the roll. In the raised state, the blinds are kept by beautiful bows tied at the bottom. Bows with a width of 8-10 centimeters will look beautiful.

option of original decoration of curtains

Artificial flowers are great for curtains.

variant of a beautiful decor of curtains

Multi-colored curtains perfectly complement the interior of the kitchen

Bright windows of the nursery

A riot of colors triumphs in the nursery. The additional decor of the curtains here may be superfluous. However, when ordering a curtain, you can additionally order unusual lambrequins. If you want to make the curtains “outgrow”, preferring simple forms, consider these options:

  • Filament curtains. You can buy them ready-made, but it is more interesting to do them yourself - then you will choose the color and texture that you want.
  • Toy pickups. Cute little animals, sewn or tied with their own hands, gently hug the curtain, preventing her from closing the window. A button is sewn to one foot, a loop is made to the other.
DIY bright curtain design

You can decorate the curtains with additional fabric, hanging it as in the photo

do-it-yourself idea of ​​beautiful design of curtains

Such curtains will decorate the interior of the room.

variant of unusual decor of curtains

The design of the living room is made in one color scheme.

It is even easier to make pickups from an old computer disk:

  • a circle is cut out from the disk with a soldering iron;
  • the circle is wrapped in satin or kapron ribbon;
  • the resulting hoop can be decorated with artificial flowers, ribbons, a small soft toy;
  • cover the sushi stick with spray paint or wrap with satin ribbon. She will help to keep the curtain.
beautiful curtains

You can tie the curtains with improvised means

the idea of ​​brightly decorating the curtains with your own hands

Instead of ordinary curtains, you can hang thread

Butterflies, flowers

You can decorate the curtains in the nursery with the help of decorative brooches - butterflies, flowers with pins attached to the curtains. Decorative elements can be attached to the cord directly to the rings on which the curtains are mounted.

Curtains held on the curtain with the help of fabric loops (fashion trend!) Decorated with ... huge decorative buttons will look original.

the idea of ​​original decoration of curtains with your own hands

You can decorate the curtains with a beautiful fabric by hanging it on top

bright curtains option

It is better to hang colorful curtains in the nursery

We decorate the windows of the bedroom and living room

Depending on the style of room decoration, you can choose a variety of curtain options:



Decor for curtains

Classic, baroque, rococo

Heavy expensive fabrics - silk, velvet, embroidered with gold, silver threads


Cords, brushes


Natural fabrics close to natural colors

· Simplicity of cut;

· Lace trim;

· Embroidery;

Ruffles, ruffles


Cotton fabrics, cream or milk background, floral decor or check

· Embroidery;

· Pickups;



Plain fabric or geometric pattern, strip

· Simple paintings;

· Lack of decorative details;

· Fastening on loops, eyelets or classical - on rings

Window decoration will depend on the style of the room. In the bedroom and living room, strict curtains made of heavy fabrics and double curtains are permissible, in which swag and jabot become decor elements (de jabot is a variant of one-sided folds along the edge of a soft lambrequin).

DIY bright curtains

You can decorate curtains with artificial flowers.

idea of ​​an unusual decor of curtains

Paper wallpapers are great for the kitchen

do-it-yourself version of beautiful decoration of curtains

Bows on the curtains look very beautiful

Grips for curtains

A variety of pickups will decorate the window:

  • tissue;
  • from a cord with tassels;
  • magnetic - in the form of brooches, hairpins;
  • in the form of several strands of beads of various diameters.

Hinge mount

The desire for simplicity allows the complete absence of decorative elements on the curtains, but sometimes you want to add some kind of variety to the interior, "dilute" strict lines. In this case, you can fix the curtains on loops made of the same fabric as the curtains, or companion fabrics. Hinges at the same distance are mounted on the curtains and worn on a round cornice.

You can fix the hinges on the curtain in various ways:

  • Velcro
  • on buttons (including decorative ones);
  • sewing loops directly to the curtain.
idea of ​​original decoration of curtains

It is not necessary to hang curtains of the same color, they can be combined

the idea of ​​a beautiful decor of curtains

For curtains, you can make these garters


The room will be revived in minimalism styles, vintage combined curtains. The curtains of two companion fabrics will harmoniously fit into the interior: checkered and one-colored. Their ratio should be approximately 1: 4.

If you design a room in a Mediterranean style, an interesting combination will be created by white and blue striped fabric and white one-colored. You can complement them with marine-themed decor.

Curtains on grommets

The cut off upper part (it is possible from companion fabric) needs to be previously condensed - non-woven, eyelet tape or other materials. Then, holes are made at equal distance — along the diameter of the cornice — and eyelets are installed. They can be purchased at construction stores or companies engaged in outdoor advertising - these are installed on street banners.

DIY bright decoration of curtains

Green curtains with flowers in the interior look very beautiful

variant of unusual design of curtains

Garters for curtains play an important role in the interior.

the idea of ​​original decoration of curtains with your own hands

A garter for curtains can be made from an ordinary rope

Fashion trends window design

The desire for simplicity and convenience dictates its own rules for decorating windows. Plain-dyed fabrics, dense, natural materials - linen, cotton, silk, organza are in fashion. The preference of the year is linen and bamboo.

In general, the interior design and window decoration is dominated by the natural style. Hence the color preferences: close to natural or cold tones:

  • blue;
  • Gray;
  • walnut;
  • green;
  • blue green;
  • brown;
  • tan.

Plain materials are preferred, while portieres are monolayer. If double curtains are used, the tulle or organza in color should be as close as possible to the color of the wallpaper or slightly brighter. Options are acceptable when only thin, transparent organza curtains are used. The length of the curtains is made to the floor, it is even better - with a small approach to the floor.

The right choice of curtains, the original design of the windows will make the interior complete, and the decor of the curtains with your own hands will bring cosiness to the room, create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

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