How to choose the right curtains for the living room interior

The calling card of any apartment or house is a beautiful living room. All family holidays are held here. Significant events captured in photographs will for a long time remind you of a pleasant, warm relationship of the past. The room must comply with the festive mood. At the same time, the design of curtains for the living room is far from the last place in the interior decoration of the room. Expensive textiles or modern roller blinds will add a special charm to the room. The choice is great. From ordinary curtains to luxurious Italian curtains.

Bright curtains in the interior of the living room

Curtains should be a real decoration of the living room

Features of choice

They should be combined with the entire living room. Consider binding to a specific style. Warm, soft shades of color should be complemented by appropriate color schemes. For interior styles such as Provence, Country, Bionics, accents are inappropriate. The gamma here is chosen in calmer tones. On the contrary, “Minimalism”, “Hi-tech”, “Scandinavian” imply the use of bright, cold colors.

Living room window with different gray curtains

Curtains of various types, but sewn from the same material

What you should pay attention to when choosing, as well as additional areas of decorative decoration of openings:

  1. Style cut products. In simple terms, these are varieties. For different countries, with their unique history of development, individual styles are characteristic.
  2. Suspension method. A different method of fastening is suitable for different interior styles. It can be either hidden or open, using chrome or gold-plated rings.
  3. Texture. They produce a smooth, satin texture and embossed cut. Again, the choice depends on the style.
  4. Different tissue density. Affects the lighting of the space. In dark rooms it is better to use a transparent fabric, and, conversely, for lighter rooms, dense is suitable.
  5. Use of decorative finishes. All kinds of ruffles, fringe, cords are selected in tune with the style.

It is also worth noting that the color of the products is selected to match the interior. The design of curtains for the living room can be selected in various combinations. For example, a harmonious combination of lambrequin, curtains and curtains will bring frantic chic, as well as a systematic swagger to the interior. The symmetrical use of folded swag, combined with a luxurious chill mold, will create a complete look.

Bright Roman curtains combined with textile pillows

A harmonious combination of juicy summer shades on curtains, pillows and decorative elements

Attic living room design with roman blinds

Bright contrasting curtains in a dazzling white room

Particular attention is paid to decorative finishes. Weighty glass beads with lush grips embroidered with fringe will make a luxurious cell of the eastern sultan from an ordinary living room.

The suspension method is of great importance. More strict, classical styles do not accept open rings or loops with ties. A braid that forms small, unique folds is suitable here. They are attached to the ceiling using a ceiling cornice, a small plastic partition is used to mask it.

Curtains on the braid in the interior of the living room

Lightweight pleated curtains on a wooden ledge

For modern styles, backstage, eyelets, clothespins, as well as clips, are suitable. This decision will emphasize the modern interior. High-tech, Minimalism, Scandinavian room decoration styles are ideally combined with such fastening methods.

Separately, for Provence all kinds of ties, bows, loops are well suited. Such a soft bed combination will reveal the exquisite nature of Provence. Garters will fit harmoniously for a rustic chic called “Shebby chic”.

Colorful curtains with floral patterns on the windows of the living room

Openwork "grandmother" curtains in the Provence style living room

Experts recommend not to rush with the purchase. Before it is necessary to carefully analyze all the features of the room. Ideally it will be a design project. It is not difficult if you familiarize yourself with the basics of drawing up a drawing using the perspective method. One or two vanishing points are selected. For beginners, it is better to use one. All lines of the drawing, like rays, will converge. This will be your vanishing point. Parts of the hall are alternately applied: the outlines of the walls, floor and ceiling. Then interior furniture, scenery. The last step is to draw a pelmet, drapes, and also curtains. The color palette is painted at the end of the drawing. Complete the sketch with ruffles, patterns, bows.

Design project of curtains in a room with one window

With the help of the drawing it will be easier to determine the design of the curtains.

Correctly compose several projects. This will allow you to compare, choose the most suitable. Thanks to the visual representation, you will be able to make a choice right the first time.

Take some time to master the design skill. You will get a great advantage for the future, if suddenly there is a question about home repair.

Types of curtains for the living room

Various design options allow you to choose the layout for any stylistic decision. For a complete understanding of the issue, we will get acquainted with the most remarkable varieties of jewelry designed to transform the visual effect:

  1. Austrian.
  2. Roman.
  3. Roll.
  4. Roller.
  5. Japanese
  6. English
  7. Rope
  8. Italian
Turquoise curtains in the colorful interior of the living room

The design of the living room windows should match the style of the interior

For any room there is the opportunity to choose organic in design. Guided by the tips of the article, you will be able to surprise with your taste the most capricious connoisseurs of modern design decoration of the interior space of the room. Do not rush when stopping for some final result. Haste will not lead to a positive result.


Very nice view of the window trim. The presence of voluminous puffs of curtains, gently hanging down closer to the bottom edge, can embody a fabulous interior. They are attached to the ceiling with a braid. Additional folds formed in this way of fastening add sophistication and high cost to the finish. Height is adjustable thanks to a convenient lift design adopted from Roman products. This creates the possibility of decorating the lifting mechanism with massive knitted ropes, at the ends of which there is a volumetric fringe puff.

Folds of fabric on the Austrian curtains

When lifting, the Austrian curtains form beautiful folds

Austrian curtains are successfully combined with a lambrequin. This arrangement allows you to create a combined type. The palette can be varied. For example, for Art Deco, a golden one is selected. In this case, the accessories will fit dark brown or even black.

Austrian suited for the design of the premises, crowned with a bay window. At the same time, additional folds formed at the joints of the windows will add wealth. At the edge of the bay window wall, it will also be interesting to hang curtains on the ledge. In the bay window, put upholstered furniture with beautiful pillows. Create a secluded, cozy nest, being in which, the restored strength will allow you to go on new, daring achievements.

The rich curtains of the Austrian type on the windows of the bay window

Bay window in a classic living room with Austrian curtains

Beige Austrian curtains on the narrow windows of a bay window in a private house

Austrian curtains can be fixed in the window opening

The ceiling part of the bay window is finished with wooden panels, in the openings of which point sources of illumination are installed. Frames are selected plain with a range of ceilings.Glazing can be done with stained glass, or ordinary transparent, with dark lattice inserts. The outer curtain is encircled with rope hooks tied in a knot along the edges of which there are tassels. The more additional decorations you get, the more difficult and interesting the composition will look.

Classic dining group

Austrian curtains are a kind of symbiosis of Roman and French curtains

Austrian textiles are beneficially combined with almost all room decoration options. Different styles, palette, texture can harmoniously complement the interior decoration.


Another interesting option, designed to perfectly decorate the interior of the living room. The main feature of the products is their lifting mechanism, which collects the product with almost one fabric strip. They are located on the window strictly along the contour of the window frame, approximately the same as horizontal blinds. Ideal for use with a minimalist or high-tech layout. The smooth surface, as well as the texture, is beneficially combined with the listed room designs.

White living room interior with black roman curtains

Black roman curtains in a simple living room interior

Translucent roman curtain on the living room window

Soft Roman curtains without weighting

Gamma is best used in the dark. So the curtain will be an accent of space. Smooth texture - the basis that reveals the design intent of "Minimalism" or "Hi-tech." But it is worth remembering that a plain fabric can be decorated with an embroidered pattern.

Roman curtains can be combined with satin curtains. Such an arrangement will create an individual interior.


Refers to one of the varieties of "Minimalism." Restrained, refined superiority, reflected in bright measured shades, is an expression of this type of room decoration. This layout option is a very good solution. The design of the curtains for the living room with a Japanese motif is the use of sliding (retractable) curtains. Such a product is a rigid structure made of an aluminum profile on which the fabric is stretched.

Lightweight Japanese curtains in the spacious living room

Japanese curtains will be ideal for fans of minimalism, even if you use fabrics with a pattern

When designing the window space, the palette is selected multi-colored. The composite structure is made in the form of several separate parts, covered with a heterogeneous fabric. The openings for which the Japanese curtains are well suited are wide, spacious windows. The number of components is selected based on the width of the opening. The main condition is the complete overlap of the window. Usually two or three on each side is enough.

Shades used should be mirrored. Thus, the symmetry, harmony inherent in ancient Japan is achieved. Embroidered plants here will be very appropriate. The Japanese curtain can be an accent of the interior decoration of the room. For this, contrasts are selected, such as black, red, dark brown and others.

Living room windows with panel curtains

Japanese curtains successfully combine European and Asian cultures in the interior

An excellent option is also the installation of hanging curtains. By design, they resemble wide vertical blinds. With this arrangement, the palette is best taken faded, not attracting attention.

A great idea would be a combination of two textures, one of which is made monophonic, and the other with a certain pattern.

Red Japanese perforated curtains on a large living room window

Such curtains are an ideal solution for decorating large panoramic windows

For ordinary windows, this type of layout is also possible. At the same time, the number of retractable segments is selected much more than is necessary to close the window. Well, if you manage to establish such an amount that would allow you to block the entire wall. Install a sliding mechanism along the entire length of the wall. This solution will additionally decorate the wall space.

The material primarily used for these products is silk or satin. Cheaper fabrics such as cotton and linen are also suitable.


In its structure, the type is similar to the Roman ones. The main distinguishing feature is the product lifting mechanism. When assembled, the curtains resemble a human smile. This is achieved by braid sewn along the entire length of the material. There are two of them. The braid is indented from the edge of 10-15 centimeters. Due to this cut, the edges of the fabric are collected in a small puff, while forming arc folds in the middle.

London curtains on the windows of the living room

English style living room decoration in a modern twist

Living room interior with english curtains

Exquisite English-style dining room interior

When equipping a living room with a classic design, this type of product is indispensable. The English cut perfectly complements the space of the room with its sophistication, as well as the spirit of a true aristocracy.

The colors are widely different. Mostly they are chosen in bright colors. A variant using dark colors is possible, but then the room should be well lit from the street. The places where the braid is located, on the front side is composed of slots with excellent color inserts.

The combination of London and ordinary curtains on the windows of the living room

Harmony of English and simple curtains from the same material

It is best to take silk here, since it practically does not crease when assembled. Checkered patterns are a feature of English classics. Their widespread use in the design of the hall can transform the room beyond recognition, while giving English restraint.


If you want to give the living room distinctive features of sophistication, luxury, Italian curtains are your choice. The dense, heavy workmanship, coupled with harmoniously hung garters, creates truly royal twists. The Italian curtains will dub your room with wealth, luxury.

Italian curtains in the design of the living room

Sophistication combined with practicality - qualities that have made Italian curtains popular.

Most often they are issued as composite. Massive pelmet, chic curtains, curtains, decorated with expensive decorative components - a great combination that bring Italian gloss to the room. The combination of two curtains, excellent in material, looks very beautiful. For example, one of them is made of dense fabric, such as satin, silk or wool, and the second is made of light tulle. A mandatory requirement is the presence of a large number of characteristic folds located by the arc. This effect is achieved by frequent rope garters that start from the ceiling.

Chic living room interior with Italian curtains

Italian curtains are great for spacious rooms with large windows.

There is also the option of using two curtains and a transparent curtain. The texture of the curtains should be smooth. The presence of patterns in the form of flowers is welcome. A combination of two different colors is possible. For example, the edges of the curtains are dark brown, and the center is embroidered with gold. Curtain in this composition should be used white, made of transparent tulle. Here, colorful patterns are also appropriate, located mainly at the bottom of the curtains.

Asymmetric Italian curtain on the living room window in a classic style

Classic Italian curtains look very elegant and aristocratic

That famous chic Italian textile is achieved by increased length. The curtains collected on the floor add softness to the interior of the hall.

The metal decor is used chrome, or with gold plating. Copper, copper yellow shades are also appropriate. Supplement is a bugle, harmoniously embroidered along the edge of the canvas curtains, or succinctly descending from the cornice to the floor. An interesting option is the alternation of different lengths of glass beads.

Dark italian curtains in a bright living room

The main feature of Italian curtains is that they can not be completely parted, you can only collect the canvases with folds and fasten with grabs

Wide, shaped hooks, girdle curtains, embroidered with fringe. You can also use bugles.

The choice of fabric is given special attention. You can’t save on this. Only expensive materials such as silk, wool and satin are suitable here.

Living room design

Very often the question arises as to what is the best combination of window curtains. There are many options. The main feature in this case is the selection of one specific element. For example, you can pick up similar colors with the upholstered furniture of the hall. The invoice must also be in tune. It is unacceptable to use a smooth cut together with embossed fabrics.

Yellow curtains on the window of the living room of a private house

Contrasting yellow curtains with pastel colors in the living room

Wardrobes, chairs are ideal partners when choosing a color scheme. It is not necessary to look for the same colors. Here, the condition is to use a similar shade.

Before combining curtains with this or that design, set accent zones for yourself. If the choice falls on the curtains, then it is not at all necessary to make them similar. Emphasis implies a clear allocation from the general mass. In this situation, bright gamma is the most successful solution.

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Photo: curtains in the interior of the living room

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