Choosing a curtain design for a modern kitchen

The kitchen occupies a significant part of each person’s life. The time spent here cannot be returned. Therefore, it is necessary to make the interior of the kitchen space as bright as possible. A favorable atmosphere, which will set the mood, depends on this. The design of curtains for the kitchen has an important role in the interior design of the room. From which curtains are selected, the intensity of the lighting of the space depends. The manufacturing material also has special requirements associated with the constant presence of unpleasant odors of burning oil here. With all these features, our article will help you figure it out.

Two-tone curtains in the interior of a classic kitchen

Curtains can hide the imperfections of the room and visually adjust the space of the kitchen

How to choose curtains?

In the kitchen you have to cook food very often. High humidity, unpleasant odors are abundantly planted nearby tissues. Modern manufacturers have taken this factor into account. In order to avoid excessive contamination of the curtains, they treat them with special compounds that extend the service life and also increase the interval between cleaning. When buying, check with the seller which products have undergone special processing. If you have children or pets, do not be afraid for their health and well-being. The substances used are harmless, do not emit toxins. In their manufacture, the composition includes natural substances.

Dining table setting in the kitchen-dining room

When choosing curtains take into account the shape of the window, the interior of the kitchen and the overall color palette

In addition, when choosing curtains for window openings, pay attention to:

  • style;
  • material of manufacture;
  • type of product.

Window textiles are available in different versions, coming from different countries. The choice is huge. There are Italian, English, Roman, Austrian, Japanese, rolled, rope and others.

Kitchen interior with bay window in a private house

Light curtains with a delicate pattern in the bay window kitchen

They also differ in sewing material. On the shelves of the store you can find:

  • cotton;
  • linen;
  • silk;
  • atlas;
  • tulle;
  • bamboo;
  • paper;
  • synthetic materials.

The last item includes roller blinds and blinds.

Light green blinds in the interior of the kitchen

Blinds look stylish and concise, do not occupy the window opening when assembled

Also, choosing window textiles for the interior of the kitchen, the size and shape of the window opening are taken into account. In the presence of a balcony door or bay window, they must meet the requirements of convenience, ergonomics, and also completely close the room from street light and prying eyes.

An important role is played by the way of interior decoration. It will depend on which curtains are best to choose.

White curtains with black ornament

The combination of black and white is always in fashion

The color scheme is selected in combination with one of the elements of the interior decoration of the room. Experienced specialists in the field of design are advised to take furniture, kitchen sets, interior doors or wall decoration as the basis for the combination shade. With this arrangement, the decor of any room will be in perfect harmony, creating a complete picture of compliance. For a visual presentation, you can draw up a design project. Read our article on how to do this.

Types of Curtains

A large number of beautiful textiles are presented on the modern market.You can choose the right option for any room decoration. In addition to differences in the material of manufacture, products with different methods of suspension and fastening on the cornice are widely represented.

Options for fixing curtains:

  1. Braid. Thanks to small threads that completely penetrate the upper edge of the product, it is possible to organize unique folds. This method is widely used for classic curtains.

    Dark beige curtains with ring mounts

    Curtains on the braid

  2. The ties. Bows, clothespins, loops and clips are also found. This method of attachment is used for Provence, Hi-tech, Minimalism, Loft, as well as the style of the Scandinavian countries.

    Simple kitchen blinds

    Drawstring Curtains

  3. Eyelets, backstage. Such devices are widely used in almost any room design. With the help of eyelets, it is very easy to hang and remove the product, which is especially appreciated when using them in the kitchen.

    Securing curtains with rings on the cornice pipe

    Eyelet Curtain

  4. Roll. They are made only of smooth fabric. The lifting mechanism completely hides the product in a niche, so that the fabric stays clean for a long time.

    White decorative vases on a background of green wall

    Rolled curtains of the day-night format

The method of fastening to the cornice is usually determined by the way the room is decorated. But it is worthwhile to understand that some curtains, such as Italian, are made only with a certain method of fastening.

Style selection

First of all, when planning and arranging the kitchen space, the style of the decoration of the room is chosen, and after that it is worth thinking about buying curtains. The following are considered layout options for the joint design of the kitchen space and window textiles.

Classic Provence

The difference between the design and the ordinary "Provence" is that there are more strict lines, outlines.

Provence-style long curtains in the kitchen

Provence style involves the use of natural materials, so the curtains are sewn only from natural materials

The kitchen of classic Provence should be presented in bleached wood. Smooth surfaces, together with straight lines will add sophistication to the atmosphere. Panel door panels are framed by a gilding strip. Soft tones of color will add a touch of French Provence to the atmosphere of the room. Classics means expensive finishing materials. Saving is inappropriate here. Therefore, the countertop, as well as the apron, is made of natural stone. Light granite with brown spots is well suited for this.

The flooring is selected white, made of ceramic tiles of large format. The dining area can also be made of bleached wood, perfectly polished.

Fine-patterned curtains on the kitchen-dinning window

The colors can be different, the priority is small ornaments - stripes, flowers or “light” geometry

The walls are papered with wallpaper, for example, light brown in color. Curtains will be combined with this element of interior decoration. For classic Provence, Italian is perfect. The curtain is bought from transparent tulle. Its shade must match the wall decoration. The curtain, on the contrary, is chosen from dense, rough. The shade will fit a tone darker than the curtain. Suspension method - braid. This is necessary in order to create the necessary folds.

Short curtains on the sink with a vintage faucet

The main rule of the Provence curtains is tenderness and unobtrusiveness

The curtain is surrounded by a grab with a volumetric puff at the end. Crumpled, crumpled fabric - this is what fully reflects the Italian design.

High tech

Favorite style of interior decoration for young families. He is often confused with "Minimalism." Hi-tech is close to metal and plastic in finishing elements, when any materials are suitable as Minimalism.

High-tech kitchen design with long curtains

Hi-tech curtains have straight, clear lines and rectangular shapes

Transparent faux fabric curtains in a high-tech kitchen

Here the curtains should look very restrained and not catch the eye


Roller blinds are an excellent solution for both stylistic trends. They can be combined with any features of the interior.There are two varieties of such curtains:

  • the cloth;
  • paper.

Of course, the paper used here is not ordinary. Its density is ten times greater. Alternatively, bamboo may be used. At first glance, it might seem strange to use paper to decorate your kitchen space. But this is not so. The undoubted advantage of this material is the possibility of placing any pattern on it. Pick up beautiful landscapes, photographs of night cities, intricate lines and figures, intricate patterns, paintings with rare animals.

Rolled curtains with photo printing on the window of the kitchen of a panel house

Photo curtains are great for creating bright accents in a monotonous interior

An interesting solution would be to install rolls with a picture of the underwater world. It is possible to supplement this composition using the stand for the island part from a real aquarium. Create a truly original design.

Do not worry about the possibility of tearing or wetting such curtains. Modern technology involves the use of a bamboo base, as well as impregnation with special protective compounds. Such a product will last as long.


An alternative to roller blinds are Roman. Their difference is the mounting method, as well as the lifting mechanism. Two thin threads are skipped over the entire length from the edge of the product. Also, thin plastic knitting needles are sewn at the same distance throughout the fabric. This allows you to fold the curtain like a house of cards. It looks much more expensive than a rolled version. But for Hi-tech, such curtains will not work. The minimal style accepts the use of this product.

Blue roman curtain over the kitchen sink

Roman curtain with a lush ornament above the kitchen sink

Clock with roman numerals in the interior of the kitchen

For a window on the sunny side, it is better to choose a curtain made of thick fabric


Take a look at the option using Italian textiles. Luxurious, expensive, coupled with the original, sophisticated and unique design of curtains and drapes, will add some chic to the kitchen space. Gold, dark burgundy colors will look beautiful on the white-gray background of the modern High-Tech. Here you can also hang a lambrequin, extensively trimmed with swagas, chill molds and ties. Unique bends fill the atmosphere with notes of old, luxurious Italy.

Colorful italian curtains on the kitchen window

Italian curtains will easily mask the unevenness of the window opening and will contribute to the visual expansion of the kitchen space


A great option for kitchens that are decorated with dark shades. Thin, graceful threads calmly descending from the ceiling down will let in the required amount of sunlight. This will contribute to bright lighting, but at the same time, it will not greatly blind people.

Multi-colored filament curtains in the interior of a modern kitchen

Rope curtains are an excellent way to diversify the interior and give it originality.

Like all other types of curtains, rope have a wide range of shades. From pure white to blood red. You can create a certain composition using several color schemes. Of particular interest is the option with a three-dimensional pattern or pattern, which becomes visible at a certain angle, or at a set distance. Modern sewing technologies abound with such non-standard solutions.

Choose a lambrequin

The use of lambrequin instantly gives the room a luxurious, expensive atmosphere. Due to the abundant use of arc folds called swag, it turns out to create the atmosphere of the royal halls. In the presence of a bay window, the lambrequin perfectly complements the exterior of this element.

Curtains with classic light fabric lambrequin

Direct hard pelmet hiding a curtain rod

There is one caveat. Lambrequin cannot be used if the window opening has a balcony door. With frequent visits to the balcony, an opportunity arises to damage it by the door.

Curtains with triple lambrequin above the doorway

Complex curtains with three swagi lambrequins

The color of the lambrequin is most often selected based on the color of the curtains. If they are made of two excellent shades, then the lambrequin must completely repeat these colors.It is not necessary to purchase a top made using the entire standard set. Find a piece of jewelry without a tie, which is usually sewn in the middle. This option involves the use of two different colors.

Decorative finish

Decorative finishes can transform window textiles beyond recognition. Elements of jewelry are:

  • metal mounts;
  • decorative cords;
  • Garter
  • bugles;
  • ruffles.

The last item also includes small floral arrangements that are sewn to the curtain, small animal figures, butterflies attached to clothespins.

Translucent french curtains in a modern kitchen

French curtain with glass beads in a classic kitchen

The bugle looks very beautiful. To give shine, it is used in conjunction with strong lighting. This type of decoration on portieres of a bay window equipped with ceiling lights will look amazing at night.

Elements of garters are designed more to Italian curtains. Additional bends, gracefully descending to the floor, harmoniously look at the kitchen space of a classic design. The garter itself can be made from a similar fabric curtains, also from decorative twisted ropes, the ends of which are decorated with tassels.

Decorative curtains from tulle and beads

Beads are great for decorating curtains.

In relation to Italian textiles, cords are let from the ceiling itself, while creating irregular shapes of two curtains.

Cold styles of room decoration, such as High-Tech, Scandinavian, Loft, perfectly complement the open-type chrome cornices. At the same time, the curtain should have eyelets.

But for Provence, colorful ties, clothespins, or the same wings are suitable. Curtains are embroidered with ruffles made with patterns of flowers and plants.

Combined Options

The interior of the kitchen will look more original if you use a combination of several different fabrics. For example, roll-ups are additionally hung with Italian-style curtains. The same can be done with the Roman.

Interior of a bright kitchen with a Roman curtain on the window

A successful combination of light snow-white tulle with a dense Roman curtain in bright colors

If there is a balcony, then make the decor of the window opening composite. Hang the tulle on the part where the balcony door is located, and English decorations can be installed directly on the window.

In general, a window with a balcony door can be trimmed with a large number of different curtains. Here, Roman, roll, English, and even blinds are suitable.

The bay window is also an ideal place to experiment. Hang Austrian curtains on three window openings. This type of curtain is characterized by a luxurious appearance, created thanks to the folded puffs at the bottom edge. The outer part of the bay window is composed of a curtain or a one-sided curtain. At the same time, the fabric is best selected with a light cut. It should be translucent, transmit light well, create visibility.

East interior

On the Internet there are very few photographs of truly beautiful kitchen rooms decorated with oriental styles. But they are in no way inferior to modern European ones. The ancient sultans especially valued overseas silk brought from distant lands. And the people of antiquity were no less versed in luxury, and maybe even more.

Dark gray Japanese curtains in the design of the kitchen

With long canvases of Japanese curtains, you can completely close the doorway leading to a balcony or terrace

Pay particular attention to the Japanese style. The harmony of nature and man is his main task, with which the wise Japanese cope perfectly. In addition to a harmonious interior, the textile design here also has a special charm. Retractable (sliding) designs replace the hanging ones that are familiar to us. Surrender to the flow of eastern energy. Add the unique touch of Japan to your kitchen design. Due to the smooth texture, it becomes possible to apply any pattern on the surface of the curtains. The choice of colors is extensive.

A distinctive feature of the sliding curtains is the presence of a rigid structure around the perimeter.Thanks to this, it is possible to organize the window space with clear, strict lines, which is impossible when using hanging textiles. Sliding curtains installed in the entire height of the room. They perfectly complement the room.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Create unique design solutions. Create with us.

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Photo: curtains in the interior of the kitchen

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