Choose curtains in the bedroom: 75 design ideas

Curtains create coziness in any room, especially if they are carefully selected in style, texture, color. The bedroom is a place for relaxation, sleep, therefore, comfort in this room should be taken care of in the first place. Here you need not just to put some kind of bed, stick any wallpaper anyway, drape the windows. Here the harmony of every detail, all the available decor elements is important. A suitable bedroom curtain design is no exception.

The use of textiles as a quality accent in the bedroom interior

Curtains should be the key element that completes the image of the bedroom

Varieties of curtains for the bedroom

There are a lot of design options for bedroom curtains, as in the photo. They can be:

  • long, short;
  • straight, with a bunch of folds;
  • very dense, from separate threads;
  • plain, in flower;
  • for a large, small window;
  • “Merging” with the color of the walls, contrasting;
  • expensive branded, home-made.
Bright bedroom with tulle curtains

White translucent curtains in the interior of a classic bedroom

Dark bedroom floor with roman blinds

A combination of Roman curtains with classic curtains

There are several varieties:

  1. English - have a rectangular shape, at least two folds, gather up, the side edges hang freely. Canvases are made with buttons, ruffles, fringe. They will decorate the premises of the Art Nouveau, Art Nouveau styles.
  2. Japanese - a flat cloth a little wider than the window, fixed on top with tape, braid, for lifting are twisted by a roll by hand. They complement the minimalist room, oriental, loft design.
  3. Roman - elegant, concise, gather in folds at the top of the window, gently scatter the light. Suitable for oriental style, hi-tech.
  4. French - from dense heavy canvases, thin tulle, silk, organza, satin. Usually lush, with many shuttlecocks. Decorate a romantic interior style, modern.
  5. Austrian - an abundance of lush, air festivals, vertical folds, laces, rings. Shiny fabrics are preferred - silk, taffeta, polyester, cambric, veil. Perfectly complement the classic bedroom.
  6. Rolled - they are pulled as close to the window as possible, they are lifted using a special mechanism. They look like a plain canvas with a pattern, monophonic. Suitable for minimalism, futurism, industrial style.
  7. Draperies - two canvases with a horizontal lambrequin. Materials - jacquard, velvet, chenille, silk, from the decor there are brushes, embroideries, beads. Suitable for classic style, baroque, many others.
Bedroom interior for a young man with black curtains

Strict Roman black curtains in the bedroom of a young man

Tip. Whatever the curtains are, they are sure to be selected of such a size that, if necessary, completely curtain the whole window - going to bed is most useful in complete darkness.

Dark blue curtains in the design of the bedroom

Density curtains are suitable for those who like to sleep in complete darkness.

Basic rules for choosing curtains in the bedroom

For the curtains of this room you can use any fabrics (linen, cotton, silk, satin, blackout, organza, taffeta, etc.), it is only important that they match the color and texture of the chosen style of the interior.

Design a bedroom in a modern style

Modern bedroom with gray curtains on the eyelets

Most popular styles:

  • classical;
  • baroque;
  • Provence
  • high tech;
  • minimalism;
  • Art Deco
  • Art Nouveau;
  • country;
  • loft;
  • Japanese.
Tall bedroom windows with beige curtains

Straight beige curtains work well for classic style bedrooms or for French Provence

For a minimalist interior, plain, simple and concise curtains are suitable, without any lace, ruffle, assemblies. The classic style will appeal to dense draperies, baroque - luxurious, solemn, with many flounces. Smooth lines, muted colors are suitable for Art Nouveau, the loft style will be decorated with silver-ash fabrics without a pattern. Provence implies floral prints on textiles, country - lambrequins, rustic themes.

Light blue painted brick walls

Fusion bedroom with roman blinds

Tip. If possible, you should have several sets of curtains or accessories for them - holiday, spring, romantic, etc.

Dark straight curtains in a minimalist style bedroom

Straight canvases without any decorations are fully consistent with the idea of ​​minimalism

How to choose curtains by shade

The correct color scheme for the curtains is selected based on the design of the walls, the rest of the room textiles. They can coincide in color with the surrounding interior, if so conceived, but more often contrast with it, made a couple of tones lighter or darker. For the interior in rich colors, light, easily draped fabrics are suitable, especially if the room furniture is dark, bulky.

Pink curtains in the bedroom interior

Bright curtains with a pattern suitable for a girl’s bedroom

Most experts agree that dense dark curtains are most suitable for any bedroom, because their function is to protect those who go to bed early, wake up late, sleep in the middle of the day. But such curtains are suitable only for a spacious bright room, cramped, with small windows, they will be excessively cluttered.

Each “pure” color has its own influence:

  1. Green - tunes in relaxation, calming nerves, relaxing tense eyes, beneficially affecting the quality of sleep. He does not press, does not excite. As a single accent, bright enough is chosen.
  2. Brown - creates a feeling of reliability, stability. A huge variety of its shades - warm and cold, pale and saturated will help you choose the right color for any room.
  3. Violet - helps creative people, is relatively rare in the design of rooms. Its overabundance is capable of causing alarm, especially saturated shades.
  4. Blue is calm, cool. He relaxes well enough, it is pleasant to fall asleep in the blue room, even on the hottest evening.
  5. White is the color of purity, freshness. This color will help you to wake up easily, cheerfully in the early morning, without feeling discomfort.
  6. Black - with the right selection of combinations, it looks luxurious, elegant, relaxes, pacifies.
  7. Gray - allows you to fall asleep calmly, but the simultaneous use of a large number of its shades makes you sad.
  8. Red, orange, yellow - to one degree or another they have an exciting effect, therefore they should be present in the bedroom only as small accents, or very muted shades.
Two-tone curtains in the bedroom with a lamp on the bedside table

Soft colors are best suited for the bedroom, from violet to lavender.

The most popular combinations found in bedroom photos on the Internet:

  • violet with pale pink;
  • light yellow with swamp green;
  • snow-white with graphite;
  • beige red with buffy;
  • apricot with pale blue;
  • burgundy with purple-black;
  • olive with cream;
  • purple with mustard;
  • yellow gray with pearl;
  • brown with dark coffee;
  • golden with spring green;
  • light lime with azure blue;
  • linen with honey.
Combination of curtains with other bedroom design details

Three-color curtains, successfully matched to the tone of the room's color palette

Tip. When choosing a suitable color, you should first of all be guided by your own preferences, that is, “like - don't like”.

Decorating the bedroom window with double-sided curtains

An interesting solution - curtains made of double-sided dense fabric in the colors of the overall design of the bedroom

Design curtains for the bedroom: unity, harmony of the interior

Harmonious interior - comfortable, safe, while beautiful. Important factors when choosing are:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • wear resistance;
  • fire safety;
  • ease of washing;
  • noise protection;
  • thermal insulation;
  • beautiful appearance.
The combination of Roman striped curtains with two-color curtains

Different curtains can be combined on one window, the main thing is that all the elements are in harmony with each other

It is good when the curtains form a single ensemble with bedspreads, upholstered chairs, bedside rugs or pillows. Surveillance on the bed, dressing table, can be made from the same fabrics as window draperies. If the curtains have a lot of bright, textured patterns, then the wallpaper is selected discreet, monochrome. When it was decided to make the window draperies the main contrasting accent, then in the opposite corners of the room several accessories are made made in a similar color scheme - paintings on the walls, floor vases, wraps for chairs, armchairs.

Tip. For children, natural, hypoallergenic fabrics, soft colors are chosen.

Pink curtains in the room for the girl

Sustainability and safety - the basic requirements for curtains in the children's room

Curtain design, window shape

The shape of the canvas, width, length distinguish:

  • shortened;
  • direct;
  • asymmetric;
  • oblique;
  • with fringe, tassels;
  • with lambrequin.
Three spotlights above a cornice with lambrequins

Above the curtains with beautiful lambrequins, you can make decorative lighting

When buying, independently sewing curtains, the shape of the window should be taken into account:

  • rectangular - most modern models will go;
  • mansard, located at an angle - rolled, volumetric sets with two cornices;
  • a window with a balcony - classic, rolled, curtains made of threads, beads look good;
  • in the form of a month, a triangle, a trapezoid - roller blinds are optimal;
  • bay window - is made out by a figured cornice, draperies consist of two or three sets, or are sewn to order.

If the windowsill is a continuation of the desktop, then the curtains are made very short so as not to interfere with the work.

Fashion Trend - Extra Long Curtains

Short curtains with independent sewing will come out relatively cheap, due to the economy of fabric, will create unhindered access to the window opening. But in spacious rooms with high multi-level ceilings, they look poor, as if they were specially cut in half. It is better to use elongated curtains.

Dark bedroom design

Thick black curtains on the floor complete the stylish discreet bedroom interior

Standard window draperies end a few centimeters from the floor without touching it. “Rich”, luxurious interiors are often decorated with excessively long windows flowing along the sides, folds falling to the floor, shorter in the middle.

Tip. Elongated curtains are not suitable for children's rooms - it is easy to catch on them, slip, get injured. Pets also run the risk of breaking them, entangled in folds.

Blue and white Roman curtains on the window of a children's room

A practical solution for a children's bedroom is the choice of Roman curtains

Features of curtains for a bedroom with a balcony

When the room provides access to a balcony, a loggia, one should take into account the size of the room, the stylistic design. The curtain should completely hide the balcony door. If it is often supposed to be kept open, curtain textiles are selected resistant to pollution, especially if the window does not go into the garden, but onto a busy highway. Atlas, cotton, many synthetic fabrics almost do not accumulate dust, they are easily washed in the machine.

Bedroom interior in a modern panel house

Satin curtains with lambrequins in a modern bedroom

For the design of balcony doors, the following options are suitable:

  • Roman
  • bamboo;
  • jalousie;
  • curtains;
  • rolled;
  • tulle.
Shortened curtains above the heating battery in the bedroom

The bedroom will be warmer if the curtains do not close the battery

Tip. In the bedroom, combined with a glazed balcony, a loggia, only the external window is curtained - looking directly onto the street.

Curtains for a small bedroom

The closer the bedroom is, the more light colors are used to design it. If its windows are relatively large, facing the south or southeast side of the world, it is allowed to apply cold, medium-saturated tones. For small bedrooms with low ceilings, narrow windows, especially facing the north, north-west, exclusively light, warm colors are used.

The abundance of folds, flounces, lambrequins, will make the room even closer. Here you should give preference to Roman or roller blinds made of thin fabrics, without unnecessary decor or small floral patterns. During the day, the maximum amount of light should penetrate into the room, therefore multilayer tulle should also be discarded.

White bed in a bedroom with a brick wall

Design of curtains for a small bedroom with elements of a loft

Dense, light-tight curtains are also suitable. A more authentic cornice should be placed above a narrow window opening - this will visually expand it if two windows are also combined under one cornice.

Tip. Thread blinds look original, which, if necessary, are collected on the sides using tape, lace.

Beige color in the interior design of the girl’s bedroom

Simplicity and elegance at the same time fit in this small bedroom in the style of French Provence

Tulle to the bedroom: curtain patterns, a variety of fabrics, interior design, decoration, features

In addition to "night" curtains that do not let light in, window openings are often decorated with tulle - a thin "flying", transparent drapery that hides the room from prying eyes in the daytime. Tulle is often decorated with floral motifs, fantasy patterns, painted mainly in pastel colors or left completely white.

Transparent tulle on the window of a modern bedroom

Small bedroom with curtains in white and beige tulle

Popular materials:

  • organza;
  • chiffon;
  • veil;
  • tulle;
  • viscose;
  • Kisei.
Sheer tulle curtains on the bedroom window

For poorly lit windows you need to choose a completely transparent tulle

Bedroom window without transparent tulle

Or allow for easy removal of tulle from the window

A long, multi-layered tulle is used as an independent window drapery, mainly in rooms with a high ceiling, several windows, and a balcony door. Short - exactly to the plane of the window sill, combined with long blackout curtains at the edges, suitable for decorating a children's bedroom. “Slanting” models, lovely lambrequins, frills will decorate a unique interior. Mounts on grommets, magnets will give it modernity, textile flowers, butterflies - comfort.


The original design of the curtains will create a unique interior. A room without them looks uncomfortable, uninhabited. A person spends almost a third of his life in the bedroom, go to bed, he should wake up in favorable conditions. Properly furnished, decorated with curtains, the bedrooms look like in the photo. If with independent tailoring, choice, placement there are difficulties, turn to professional designers.

Video on how to choose the right curtains for the bedroom

Curtains in the bedroom: 50 photos of ideas

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