Brown curtains in the interior: the rules for applying color

Chocolate brown palette remains a favorite among many interior designers. In combination with a milky or light beige tone, it is used as an alternative for black and white contrasts. Many people like chocolate, which is associated with pleasure, a pleasant aftertaste and food euphoria. This perception is easy to explain why dark textiles are popular, including brown curtains in the interior. But this gamut belongs to the elements of the earth, therefore it is important to know some rules so that curtains, curtains and tulle do not create the illusion of heaviness and absorption of space.

Straight brown curtains on the living room window

Brown curtains give a feeling of comfort, warmth and coziness.

How to use the properties of brown gamma in the interior

Experts have noticed that brown is perceived differently on the floor, walls and ceiling. It is often used as the main tone of the floor covering, which gives a feeling of stability and reliability. And the curtains of chocolate color in the bedroom’s interior perfectly filter the light, which is important for a good day's rest.

Modern bedroom with brown curtains

Dark brown curtains visually reduce room space

Tan curtains in the interior of a narrow living room

Light colors visually add space

Brown walls absorb a lot of light, aggravate the feeling of confined space, this is the so-called “casket effect”. The dark ceiling, as it were, hangs, crushes, makes the ceilings lower. The exception is glossy stretch canvas shades of hot chocolate and luxurious inserts in the color of a wenge tree on multi-level designs.

Brown shades are often used in modern luxury interiors as accessories and decor. For example, narrow canvases of curtains and sofa cushions look the same, complemented by transparent sand-colored tulle, or beige with a discreet pattern.

Bedroom interior with brown curtains

Bright brown curtains serve as an accent in the interior of the room

Translucent brown curtains in the living room of a modern apartment

Curtains calm colors are the background for other items

Chocolate curtains create a cozy atmosphere, they are responsible for the feeling of comfort and stability. Followers of esoteric teachings and Feng Shui recommend them to create an atmosphere of peace in stressful times. Psychologists say that the narrow cloths of chocolate-colored textiles inspire common sense and contribute to the speedy recovery from depression and nervous exhaustion.

Modern style bedroom with brown curtains

A rich chocolate shade is perfect for simple, stylish interiors.

Brown Tubular Curtains

Brown color symbolizes the prosperity and well-being of the family.

Interior textiles of “delicious” shades of chocolate, coffee and cinnamon go well with leather upholstered furniture. But these colors look especially expensive in combination with gold, as in the example of brown curtains in the interior of the living room in the photo.

How to combine shades of curtains and tulle

Brown shades are considered neutral, background, friendly in relation to cold and warm colors. Chocolate curtains are most often complemented by light curtains in such colors:

  • white;
  • lactic;
  • cream;
  • beige;
  • sand;
  • cappuccino (coffee with milk);
  • pale blue;
  • mint (cold green);
  • pale pink;
  • pinkish beige;
  • citric;
  • golden;
  • peach;
  • ocher.
Brown ceiling in the living room interior

Brown curtains and beige tulle - a classic combination for a room of any purpose

The “edible trio” look great in the dining room, reminiscent of chocolate desserts with raspberries, cream and cream. Caramel shades of curtains are much lighter than chocolate, they are more suitable for children.

It is undesirable to combine chocolate with dark blue, saturated gray, purple and black. Brown, as a dark favorite in contrasts, should be the only choice.

Bedroom with combined curtains on the window

A gentle combination of light shades of turquoise and brown will decorate the sleeping room

In design projects, you can see light tulle shades of milk chocolate and dark curtains in the interior of different rooms.

Brown pelmet curtains in the classic living room

The combination of dark brown and white looks contrasting and respectable.

the decoration of the living room window with brown curtains

Tan curtains paired with a white tulle look relaxed and cozy.

In the design of window openings, depending on the stylistic choice, different cut curtains of chocolate shades are used:

  • Roman, Austrian and French drapery curtains;
  • Japanese shielded cloths;
  • English multilayer curtains (with lambrequins and pickups), etc.
Brown Roman curtains in the kitchen interior

It is more practical to use short curtains with a convenient lifting mechanism in the kitchen

Japanese curtains light brown in the bedroom of the spouses

Simple Japanese curtains with a turquoise pattern in the interior of the bedroom

Tip. Do not rush to buy the first interior fabric that comes across. Modern textile enterprises offer an extensive assortment of curtains and curtains, which are demonstrated at specialized exhibitions and in catalogs.

Brown coffee shade

The color of coffee with cream is one of the coziest and warmest

Wide brown curtains are recommended for spacious rooms with ample lighting. Narrow pleated curtains can be recommended for a small bedroom, if the cornice occupies the entire wall with a window, and they are pushed away in the corners, and in the center there is a light curtain.

The combination of striped curtains with furniture

Striped or combined curtains go well with furniture of the same color

It is not worth using brown shades in the interior, they will make the room dark, absorbing light and space. But if you rely on chocolate-colored interior textiles, you will not lose.

The choice of brown curtains, taking into account the functionality of the premises

Psychologists joke that chocolate curtains in the interior of the dining room will make you eat tight, in the office - work hard, in the bedroom - climb under the covers and sleep, in the living room - gossip, and in the kitchen show culinary skills. Most likely, it is, but much depends on the classic combinations of shades in each style, and not only on the functionality of the rooms themselves.

Saturated dark brown curtains on the living room window in a private house

When choosing curtains, it is important to consider the density of the fabric, texture and of course the shade

Brown curtains in the interior of the rooms:

1. Cabinet Brown curtains are relevant in the interior with a business setting, they set up for work. This color is typical of English classics. They combine perfectly with wooden wall cladding and Chesterfield leather sofas (high armrests and a low back with a carriage swivel).
2. Teenage girl room Spectacular chocolate curtains with pink floral curtains are a non-alternative option for a Shabby chic or romantic style room. You can vary the design of the window opening, but the combination itself reminds of desserts.
3. Kitchen In the room where the fat suspension settles, the practicality of the environment is important, even with a powerful hood. More important is not the shade, but the choice of synthetic fabric (easy to wash and do not iron). It is better to choose a figured cut of curtains, day-night curtains or blinds with thread curtains in yellow and brown shades.
4. Bedroom Need an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Dense curtain fabric without a pattern with a noble sheen will block the light from the window, adjusting to sleep. A fashionable trend is electric-powered ceiling cornices with a remote control to control the curtains while lying in bed. Excellent know-how for modern styling.
5. Children Dark curtains are not recommended, better caramel and beige curtains with a "children's" pattern, in harmony with furniture and accessories. The bedroom of the little princess is better than the classic, palace and Barbie style.
6. Living room A win-win chocolate-beige gamut or chocolate-golden curtains are suitable for most styles. An alternative in the Japanese style is screen curtains with hieroglyphs on special eaves.
Brown Austrian-style curtains in the living room design

Austrian curtains add lightness to the interior of the living room

Study room interior with brown curtains

Dark saturated curtains create a work environment in your home office

Brown cocoa color curtains in bedroom interior

A warm shade of cocoa is ideal for sleeping

Children's room interior with brown curtains for two children

Short brown checked curtains in boys room

Amazing chocolate-colored curtains will decorate any interior, especially in combination with white, beige and golden color. See the best examples in our photo gallery.

Brown curtains with garters on the window of a stylish living room

In the living room, ties, embroidery or lambrequins will not be superfluous

Brown color in the interior of the bedroom

Brown tones have a calming effect on the psyche and suppress stress.

A combination of brown curtains with white tulle

Small dirt is not so noticeable on dark brown fabric

Brown stripes on beige curtains

All shades of brown blend perfectly with wooden furniture.

The design of the recreation area in brown

The smaller the room, the brighter the curtains should be

Video: brown in the design of the bedroom

Photo ideas for a beautiful window decoration

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