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Entering the apartment, linger for a minute at the door of your living room, take a fresh look at it, as if you had seen it for the first time. If you liked the view that opened before you, and nothing irritates your gaze - wonderful; Stay alive in this interior further.


But it may happen that you want to update something in it. Not dramatically, just for the sake of changing impressions. The simplest and most effective solution is to purchase new curtains for your living room photo. It is on them that people who come into your home primarily pay attention.

Consulting with a style specialist, going shopping for fabrics, browsing through numerous catalogs, browsing photos on the Internet, choosing the right design for future curtains, then sewing them is what many women like to do. But if you are not one of the home craftswomen, and think that it is better to buy ready-made curtains, carefully study the recommendations of specialists who will help you not to make a mistake with the choice.


In order for the curtains to look harmonious, stylish and appropriate in your apartment, you need to take into account several nuances.

Dimensions of your living room

If you are a happy owner of a large, spacious room with high ceilings, then you will see all the wealth of both style and design solutions. A high wide window can and should be designed in such a way that it becomes the main object of attention in your living room.

Multilayer, fantasy, richly draped, multi-row and other complex design options for curtains will not look like a foreign body in a large room. Lambrequins, so popular in many houses (and often absolutely inappropriate), in your case will fit perfectly into the height of the window. Moreover, it is not necessary to limit imagination: soft lambrequins, hard ones, and their combination will suit you.


Originality of the window will give the design of curtains in three stripes. These are individually suspended plain or colored curtains - along the edges and in the center of the window opening - with moderate drapery and transparent fabric under them. This form is suitable only for windows of solid dimensions.

Pay attention to another variation: the so-called stained glass curtains. They are sewn from transparent fabrics (organza, tulle), and are pulled by the assembly in the middle in the form of an hourglass. Such curtains are hung in three, four or five vertical stripes, depending on the width of the window opening. In the living room, it becomes light, cozy and festive.

Note: Do not recommend too simple narrow curtains in two stripes, especially with modest drapery. In a room of a large area, they will look incomplete and require some kind of addition.


In apartments with a living area of ​​less than 18 sq.m., on the contrary, you should not get too carried away with lush draperies. On windows measuring 180x140 cm, such curtains look "like from another play." Decorators recommend choosing clothes for windows without frills. At the same time, the recommended length of the cornice is from one corner of the wall to another; and you need to fix it either on the top edge of the wall above the window, or on the ceiling. Thus, the window rises, as it were, and after you hang the curtains, it will appear taller and wider. Designers offer many interesting designs for these occasions.

Attention: At a ceiling height of 250-260 cm, you need to be careful: too much conglomeration of decorative elements can give the impression of a gypsy skirt.

In small living rooms should be preferred curtains of a classic look, simple cut with a minimum of finish or without it. Textiles are better to choose light shades. If you want to sharply highlight the window area, hang curtains of bright saturated color, however, in the gamut that prevails in the decoration of the room. The emphasis will be shifted to the window area, but will not break the integrity of the whole image of your room.


Often, the right fabric, interesting in texture and coloring, is elegant in itself, and even curtains that are simple in shape look quite worthy.

The general style of the living room

Pay attention to the style in which the overall design of your living room is made: what kind of furniture, doors, window (or windows, if there are several), what materials the walls, floor and ceiling are decorated with. From the general view of the room, you should proceed when choosing curtains. Here a brief description of the styles will be given, more details can be seen in the photographs in special resources.


It is characterized by a small amount of functional furniture of simple design made from traditional materials. The absence of multilayer ceilings, wallpaper with vignettes, no complicated decorating techniques.

In this case, the style of the room itself dictates its own rules in the design of the window opening. We recommend fabrics of smooth or textured weaving, the style of curtains that resembles Japanese: tightly stretched fabric like a screen, with a strict graphic pattern.


Laconicism of style is in harmony with the Roman curtains, and with roller blinds. Brightness to the interior will add curtains with photo print.

Attention: Heavy velvet or brocade curtains are not recommended, prefabricated French curtains will not work, the lambrequin will also be doubtful (maybe hard will not spoil the picture, but its shape should be clear, “without curls”).


Most often, this style is used in country houses, but there are people who want to bring urban life closer to village life. In their living rooms, the furniture is made of wood, often deliberately rough, there is a carving in the details, on the shelves there is an imitation of rustic utensils, on the floor there are homespun carpets.

What do designers recommend as curtains? In short: plain uncolored linen, cotton, cage, small floral pattern, ruffles, lace. Sometimes wooden interior shutters are installed. Colors are usually natural, natural, with the inclusion of bright details.

In one of the photos in the magazine of modern interiors, curtains were shown, exactly resembling striped "grandmother's rugs." It looked very stylish.


Note: For the country style, heavy fabrics and massive curtains with complex decor are not suitable.


Close to the style of "country", but still "a little French." It is characterized by light furniture (pale blue, light olive, white) and natural materials in the decoration of the floor and walls. Many sofa cushions with embroidery or lace trim. Textiles for such a living room are selected mainly in pastel shades with a floral pattern, striped or dull cell. Curtains are often attached to the cornice on ribbons, sometimes decorated with lace around the edges.


The most common color combinations: white-blue, red-white, white-green.

An unmistakable and always winning option for a Provence-style living room is a pure white fabric on the windows: fresh, elegant, undemanding.

Attention: Cafe curtains, popular for this style, are only suitable for a living room combined with a dining room.


Classic means harmony and moderation in everything. The living room decoration is unusual with the use of quality materials. Furniture with a clear outline, as a rule, complete. Window curtains are most reasonable to choose two-layer or lined. The color and pattern of the textile necessarily harmonizes either with the upholstery of the furniture or with the wallpaper on the walls. In some cases, the interior is completely monochrome or in shades of the same color.It looks very stylish, on the one hand, and comfortable for living, on the other. You can periodically change the curtains (outweigh them on the other side, add a transparent layer or decorate the window with textiles in a contrasting color), and each time your room will look different.

For the style of "English classic" suitable fabric with a print in the form of roses. This is a traditional drawing for conservative English interiors, and if you want to recreate it in your living room, consider this feature.

Living Room Design Ideas with White Curtain

Two layers of fabrics with the same pattern but with different densities look interesting. A good and medium-sized geometric pattern.

If the walls of your living room are painted in a calm neutral color, nothing limits the “game” with textiles. Tone to tone, companion color, sharp contrast - any solution will not spoil the impression of the "classic". Be guided only by your own feelings - you live here.

Attention: An interior of this kind will not tolerate window decor in a rustic, rustic style or, conversely, in the style of "Napoleon's cake".


In the interiors of this style there are elements of eclecticism. Furniture is often selected from different collections. In the arrangement of objects there is asymmetry, some randomness (not to be confused with disorder!).


The curtains for the living room of this style are appropriate: asymmetric, dim muted shades. Favorite colors of interiors: gray, mustard, lilac. Gloss, mother of pearl, flickering threads are allowed. The pattern can be varied. Actual ornaments, floral prints, the drawing "under the skin of an animal", "Turkish cucumbers." Often they are combined with smoothly dyed fabrics and plain organza.

Here there is where to roam exquisite models with numerous lambrequins, pendants, multi-layer “skirts”, with fancy accessories and pickups. In everything there is originality, a claim to exclusivity and creative mess.

Attention: If your motto is “nothing pleases the eye like symmetry”, this style is not for you.

The dimensions of your living room and its style decision are not exhaustive conditions that affect the choice of curtains. Of no small importance is where the windows go. If to the north, it is reasonable to purchase textiles of warm colors, if to the south - on the contrary, cold. The sunny side dictates its demand: to make the window a dense curtain made of blackout fabric. In addition to not letting in sunlight, it also retains heat in the room and absorbs sounds. Therefore, such curtains are also decorated with windows overlooking a noisy street.


It is impossible to describe the variety of styles, styles, textures and colors available on the curtain market. Before you make a final decision in favor of one or another option, we recommend that you look at the photo albums in the atelier for sewing curtains, consult with professional designers and be sure to find out the opinions of your family members.

Correctly selected original curtains will add harmony and comfort to your living room, and a photo of your elegant window will certainly appear on the networks and collect a lot of likes.

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