Gray curtains in the interior: the secrets of giving unobtrusive wealth and respectability

Curtains in gray tones are distinguished by sophistication, elegance and respectability. The key advantage is the versatility of the product. You can perfectly add neutrality to the room, but not make it boring.

Light gray curtains of direct cut on the living room window

Wrong are those who see in gray curtains only boredom and a bad mood. Most likely they just do not know how to take advantage of the gray palette

Combination rules

Curtains of a similar shade are suitable for any style. Successfully fit into the classics, modern, minimalism and more. To make everything look unobtrusive, you need to correctly combine the tones. There are several methods for the correct combination of shades reflected in the table:

Combination option Description
Solid color palette One color is chosen and its various tones are combined. The contrast required for the room is entered using small details. You can create an expressive look, although at first a similar option may seem boring.
Complementary Tones It is necessary to change different shades that do not contrast brightly with each other. This method allows you to fully express your own imagination. Observe moderation and do not overdo it. Use a maximum of 5 shades.
Contrast compounds The game of contrasts is not suitable for any room. Ideal rooms for this option is a nursery, playroom or relaxation area. Gray will act as a universal option, not shifting the emphasis from the key idea and terrier. It will become a calm addition, allowing you to associate the colors used
Light gray curtains on the window of the living room of a private house

Paired with a gray tint, all pastel colors look perfect

Bedroom in a rustic country house

Gray and Brown Curtains in a Country Style Bedroom

Red-gray curtains in the living room of a private house

The contrasting combination of red and gray fits well into the interior of a modern house

The combination of yellow and gray curtains in the interior of the living room

The room will become sunny if it hangs gray curtains paired with yellow

Features of use in the interior

Consider some features if you plan to use fabric in a similar palette. When designing a window, the following characteristics should be considered:

  • shade of fabric;
  • material texture;
  • the interior of the room;
  • illumination.
Kitchen-living room design in gray shades

Gray curtains are versatile and can be used in rooms of various sizes.

There are general recommendations that should be followed when using such curtains:

  1. Suitable for spacious rooms with panoramic windows. Must be on the sunny side.
  2. Dark tones should be used carefully. Be sure to add light colors to them. Not suitable for small rooms.
  3. Dark, deep gray can be changed where there is good lighting, and accessories are chosen correctly.
  4. Do not use cheap fabric.
White bath in a room with gray curtains

Short gray curtains in the interior of the bathroom

Gray curtains in various rooms

The gray palette is vast. There are many tones, which leads to the need to carefully think out which room is suitable for a particular shade. Light colors are versatile. Thanks to this, they are suitable for any room. The most harmonious look in the office or bedroom. They fill the room with a calm and safe atmosphere.

Design of a home cabinet with gray curtains

Gray matted curtains in the interior of the office, decorated in eco-style

Baby room design with gray curtains.

Gray checkered curtains in the interior of a children's bedroom

Dark tones are harder to combine, but they create more space for creativity. They can be combined with saturated colors. Perfect for the kitchen or living room.

Universal color textile for living room

Gray curtains in the interior of the living room are a win-win. They are in harmony with the wallpaper of a neutral palette. They allow you to use bright details that will look juicy against a calm background.

Small table on forged legs in the living room

The choice of material and style of curtains depends on the style of the room

Design of a modern living room with gray curtains

Curtains can emphasize a single color scheme or vice versa shade bright decorative elements

In order not to ultimately embody a too calm and conservative look or a style that does not combine inside, it is recommended to adhere to such tips:

  1. Pastel shades of the walls complement the curtains in gray-brown tones.
  2. If the interior of the room is made in dark colors, choose a fabric of silver tone. This will create an exquisite contrast and will not attract too much attention.
  3. Silver fabric can sell adjacent items to a glossy glossy gleam. Therefore, if you place furniture there, it will look prettier.
  4. A dark gray palette is appropriate in a room where bright lighting is organized. It is important that there are transparent parts or furniture with chrome parts.
  5. Light gray curtains in the living room blend perfectly with the wallpaper of a purple or blue palette.
Corner living room interior with gray curtains.

Straight gray curtains visually extend the living room

Interior of a large living room with gray striped curtains

Gray striped curtains look elegant in a room of any stylistic direction.

Following these tips, you can create a harmonious and beautiful interior in the living room.

Elegant kitchen in gray tones

Many designers advise in the kitchen to design a window in gray tones or use a fabric with elements of these colors. Curtains look stylish, but remain practical. The kitchen is a place where food is constantly prepared. Therefore, light colors quickly get dirty and lose their former attractiveness. But gray items can be beautiful for a long time.

Corner kitchen with gray curtains.

In a large kitchen, you can use long translucent curtains

Gray hanging cabinets in the kitchen with roman blinds

Practical Roman curtains are better for a small kitchen

Design of a kitchen-living room with gray curtains

Double curtains of gray shade will create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen-living room

Modern style kitchen interior with gray curtains.

Graphic curtains are great for modern interiors.

A key recommendation for fabric selection is its combination with the overall style of the kitchen. Walls act as a backdrop and most importantly, so that the selected fabric tone harmoniously blends with them.

Soothing and comfortable bedroom

Psychologists say that the gray palette has a calming effect on a person and helps him to relax. When using such a scale in the bedroom, you must try to fully reveal it. Curtains in such paints are not suitable for connecting with too juicy and bright decorative elements or trying to contrast with the color of the wallpaper.

Interior of a modern bedroom in gray tones

Thick curtains protect the bedroom from the rays of the sun on a weekend morning

Bedroom interior with light gray curtains

If the sun is not a hindrance, you can choose a light gray veil

Light colors are great for the bedroom. They are suitable for white flowers, pink, beige. They need to be warm and not bright. Better choose plain curtains. They will complement the overall style and will not attract attention.

Curtains can be classic or made in a minimalistic manner, rolled, Roman curtains. The latest model should be chosen for rooms where windows are large. Then the curtains will be only functional and will not close the beautiful view of the opening.

Translucent gray curtains in the bedroom with yellow walls

Gray curtains in soft light shades contribute to physical relaxation.

It is important that the selected product is not overloaded with drawings, patterns and other decor. It should be airy, light. Suitable materials are polyester or organza. You can choose satin models.

Wall decoration with paintings in the bedroom with gray curtains

Those who do not like monotonous design can dilute the interior with colorful curtains

Elegant sophistication of gray

To understand what exactly is suitable for the gray scale, you need to understand what advantages and features this palette has. Many believe that design in such shades will turn out dull and boring. With the right combination, a classic, beautiful interior will come out.

Classic-style bedroom with gray curtains

Massive curtains with pelmet are ideal for a classic interior

Kitchen design with french curtains

Cascading French curtains will be appropriate in the interior of the Provence or Shabby Chic style.

Important advantages of this coloring:

  1. It goes well with many other tones.
  2. Suitable for various textures.
  3. A rich palette, many shades.
  4. It will become a suitable background if you want to get a calm interior and comfortable space.
The combination of blue and gray curtains in the interior of the bedroom

Manly room interior with combined curtains in blue and gray

The main feature of this gamut is its excellent ability to competently connect with other shades. Each of the suitable ones can affect the palette so that it begins to look different.

Room design with gray and pink curtains

The curtains in a gray-pink combination will make the interior a little playful

The living room, where there will be gray curtains, will become sophisticated and elegant. If you want to create a gentle, cozy atmosphere, add romantic details to the room, just a little. Observe moderation when creating an interior in the living room.

Video: gray curtains in the interior of the house

Photo: 50 examples of successful combinations

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