Curtains-threads in the interior: tips, photos, materials

Original ideas for decorating the home find a new embodiment, including curtains-threads in the interior of a modern house. Sliding rope curtains on the front doors of some African and Asian peoples, and this meant that not everyone was allowed to enter. They separated the chambers of the lords from the prying eyes of commoners and servants, created a shadow at the entrance and some kind of barrier. It was easy to exit through the curtained doorway with ammunition in both hands, pushing the hanging bamboo or wood elements. Today, this idea has found many adherents in decorating interiors of different styles.

light kitchen curtains

Black and white thread curtains

unusual curtains of thread in the design of the bedroom

Transparent curtains

An assortment of hanging curtains and their functionality

Lightweight stringy muslin, freely transmitting light and air, has found a modern incarnation in different qualities:

  • window blinds;
  • original decor;
  • room zoning method;
  • isolation of personal space in a common room.

Such a window accessory can be bought or made by yourself. On sale there are sliding models and with fixed placement. Thread curtains, narrow ribbons and pendant beads have something in common - instead of a solid curtain, a curtain is formed of separate falling elements. They are used:

  • as an alternative to curtains;
  • as a window decor;
  • for a doorway instead of curtains and a door;
  • for zoning (instead of a screen).

This is a great solution when you want something original in interior design. Separating curtains can hang from the cornice with a continuous “rain”, as they are sometimes called, and lambrequin decor can be arranged from individual strips. Picking up on hooks or hairpins, like hair, it is easy to make an ornament for ordinary tulle or curtains. Such curtains made of threads look luxurious in a modern interior, moreover in different versions, as in the photo.

bright filament curtains in the interior of the corridor

Pink thread curtains

light curtains threads in the design of the hallway

Thread curtains

Attention! Ready-made muslin or thread curtains are sold per meter on a wide tape that is attached to the cornice. Leaving the desired length, it’s easy to trim the curtain just above the floor and tie each piece with a knot so as not to spoil the weaving. Length correction is carried out after completing the "curtain" (braids, pickups, re-rolls).

A curtain of threads is quite variable:

  • any colour;
  • density of threads;
  • placement on eaves;
  • strung decor;
  • fragment length;
  • flat or chamfered edge;
  • combination with other curtains.
bright filament curtains in the interior of the kitchen

Black thread curtains in the interior

colored thread curtains in the interior of the corridor

Multicolored curtains of thread in the interior

It is possible to choose any mounting option on the eaves, changing the appearance of the thread veil.

  1. To make the rain three times thicker, you can sew up the ribbon with bow folds before placing it on the ledge.
  2. Penetrated with grommets, the strip guides the threads in waves.
  3. On the cornice “string” the base can be passed along the edge, threading through 1-2 cm.
  4. Sewing with a sleeve and threading a thin cornice is easiest if there is no other mount.
  5. A curtain worn on a special curtain tape for hooks is the usual position.

Reference. The thread option is called “kiseya” or “rain”, of metallized threads - “strings”.Kiseya is a light fabric of rare weaving, now it is not produced, but light curtains have become so called.

On sale it is easy to find a lot of different options or build it yourself:

  • colored curtains;
  • plain curtains of any shade;
  • fibers of different quality (natural, synthetic and metallized yarn);
  • patterned offers (beaded go wooden panels);
  • strung decor.

Attention! Thin muslin is produced mainly for window decoration or zoning. Large solid fragments are more suitable for a doorway. Rare items can be used for various interior decorations, for example, curtains-threads in the interior of the kitchen. They are braided, draped, gathered with a hairpin, thrown back, shortened for a rounded or beveled edge.

For cat lovers this is not the best opportunity to wean pets to climb the curtain rods on fabric curtains. With sharp claws, they can damage the structure of the threads, they will have to be shortened in an arbitrary order. In addition, animals show great interest in mobile threads, which drafts a draft. Young children "taste" them and try to tear off a "beautiful thread" with beads. It is possible that over time, children and pets will become accustomed to string muslin, but the first experience will be detrimental to such decor.

light filament curtains in the design of the bedroom

Red thread curtains

colored kitchen curtains

Transparent thread curtains

Advantages and disadvantages of thread curtains

Curtains from individual threads (ribbons, ropes) differ in a lot of advantages:

  • produced from practical materials with dust repellent impregnation;
  • do not require ironing and frequent washing;
  • easily fixed;
  • special form cornices are not needed;
  • easily ventilate rooms without pulling back like curtains;
  • limit the excess of sunlight;
  • minimize drafts;
  • keep insects from entering the room.

These curtains in the kitchen interior get dirty quickly, but they are easy to wash in a mesh bag or in braids. The decorative elements are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner from top to bottom, collecting strands below the elastic band, adding a weighting agent. If in doubt, you can give it to specialists for dry cleaning.

Thread kitten is much more practical than a solid window veil. They do not need to be moved along the ledge, wanting to open a window or balcony door. Passing through the door curtain of bamboo, wooden or glass beads, it is not necessary to take with your hands to tilt these fragments, especially when you need to make something.

bright thread curtains in the design of the corridor

White curtains of thread in the interior

bright bedroom-style filament curtains

Beautiful thread curtains in the interior

Attention! Psychologists recommend curtains made of threads in the interior for those who have a fear of an enclosed space, but also need to isolate their personal space. A permeable curtain creates the illusion of demarcation, while it is easy to observe what is happening from your bed or sofa, fenced with thread decor.

Stylistically, they are also very varied - they easily fit into most interior stylistics, especially in combination with other window decorations. Designers suggest combining them with transparent tulle - as a decor or as an alternative to light translucent fabrics. They are suitable for blinds and multilayer curtains with a lambrequin. Depending on the distribution method and varieties of strung elements, rope or yarn curtains will modernize the interior of a living room or another room.

In fairness, it is worth mentioning their shortcomings:

  • confused in a draft (can be weighted with glass beads below);
  • inappropriate in historical styles;
  • attract pets and small children.

These curtains are not made from every yarn, but only from a strong elastic thread that does not stretch under the weight of beads. This decor is easy to do with your own hands, and this is another advantage. They are fixed directly to the cornice in the form of a loop with two free ends.

unusual thread curtains in the interior of the corridor

Multi-colored curtains threads

colored thread curtains in a kitchen design

Curtains threads in the interior

Common types of filament curtains, their characteristics

During excavations, threads were found in the form of metal rings of the same diameter.Structurally, this is the simplest curtain that civilizations lost thousands of years ago have mastered. Today, in their likeness, curtain rings are made from straws and flexible wood bark. They are used in country houses on doorways.

Rope curtains were once fashionable, they were intertwined with macramé knots. The original knotted panels on the sides and the hanging rain with bead drops were the original hand-made decor. Due to the laboriousness of the high consumption of a thin bundle or rope, they were very rare. Today macrame as a folk craft is practically lost.

Curtains made of non-flowing fabrics are the easiest to do with your own hands, this is the simplest decor from this category. Large wooden, plastic and glass beads are strung on them. Original decor is obtained by stringing with knots in a certain pattern. Rope and ribbon decor is used not only in residential premises, but also in mini-hotels, bars and creative studios.

light curtains threads in the style of the hallway

Light thread curtains

unusual thread curtains in the design of the corridor

Thread curtain design

When they say "thread" curtains - this is pretty arbitrary. When considering, you can see that they are flat and rounded, as if crocheted, braided or twisted in spirals. Yarn of different quality (natural, mixed and synthetic), different degrees of elasticity. There are threads with woven beads, small spangles, shiny threads.

Typesetting elements on small rings, but they connect different elements of different sizes. Curtains threads look delightful in the interior of the bedroom. These are large spangles, metal or plastic circles, crescent stars and other figures. Often they have a large decor - flowers, butterflies, birds, snowflakes, leaves, etc. Something reminiscent of Christmas decorations in small format.

A panel of beads with various images resembles cross-stitch, where the element has its own color in the general pattern. The drawing is chosen, depending on the style of the interior and the purpose of the curtains. For example, juicy fruits are suitable for a kitchen or a summer house.

Filament curtains glowing with diode bulbs are rare, but this is the most beautiful decor. There is something mystical about this. They remotely resemble Christmas tree garland, but small bulbs are protected by a capsule, for example, in the form of a crystal bead. There are plain and color options. Such a curtain can be made from a garland on its own if there is an electrician education, but it is difficult to find large beads with a wide passage for protected wires.

light filament curtains in the bedroom interior

Purple curtains in the interior

bright filament curtains in the design of the kitchen

Beautiful white curtains in the interior

Mixed models are also popular - from different elements or materials.

Today you can buy ready-made curtains from oblong fragments or do it yourself, fit:

  • small wood blocks;
  • shells;
  • bamboo;
  • large crystals and spangles;
  • wine corks;
  • crocheted elements;
  • thin metal plates;
  • old CDs;
  • artificial flowers;
  • plastic butterflies;
  • home-made ceramics (beads);
  • the remains of a crystal chandelier;
  • small Christmas toys, etc.

Stacked patterns of wooden, ceramic, bone or bamboo elements - an excellent door decor in the interior. Once they were very fashionable, although they did not differ in special beauty. Modern offers are much more interesting, a real home decoration in ethnic, retro or eco-style.

unusual thread curtains in the interior of the hallway

Black curtains in the interior

colored kitchen curtains

Golden curtains in the interior

A curtain made of shells on a thick fishing line is one of the most picturesque elements of the decor, thanks to the unique natural material. They are used for design in a marine style in the country and in the apartment. Hanging "low-necked" can be completely from small shells (with large elements at certain intervals) or with gaps in the base. Single elements are fixed with knots with a bead for fixation. This is a great way to “attach” a collection brought from the sea.They are suitable for decorating a bathroom or a teenager's room.

Tip. If you want to build such a decor with your own hands for any room, reconsider what is at home and what material is worth buying.

Many will find large beads, flat wooden bars (or what to make of them), bugles, beads, colored feathers. Pompons, artificial flowers and plastic butterflies are easy to make on your own. The base must be strong and tensile resistant. Heavy fragments are placed closer to the cornice, light - below. A weighting agent can be sewn along the very edge so that the curtain swings less in the wind. Beads, yarn-wrapped nuts, beautiful buttons or brushes sewn from pieces of fringe rolled up in a roll are suitable.

bright thread curtains in the design of the corridor

Shiny thread curtains in the interior

light curtains of thread in the style of the bedroom

Multi-colored curtains threads

Selection of a variety of color curtains "rain" for different styles

When choosing a shade of rope or tape curtains, you need to focus on the general concept of design or individual elements. But it is better to use the color properties.

  • The warm gamut will give “more sun” on the north side of the house, the cold spectrum is used for the south room.
  • Bright curtains will beat the decor of a faceless interior, especially in addition to the new upholstery of upholstered furniture.
  • The harmony of a balanced interior should not be violated, it is better to add something neutral. If the general background of the room is white, milky, light gray, pale blue or beige, then refined additions should be the same.
  • Contrasting colors are also not always appropriate, but they can shade the usual palette and modernize the environment a bit.
light curtains of thread in the interior of the hallway

Light colored thread curtains

bright filament curtains in the interior of the corridor

Curtains threads of different colors

Thread kisei perfectly complements the modern interior

  1. Retro - it is better to take something simple, without glitter and chic, rope or ribbon variations, combined with draperies and frills of curtains. In a fashion there were curtains from paper clips with tubes from cards, they are easy to repeat.
  2. Oriental styles - different materials, the Arab world - the shine of silk threads with crystal beads and tassels, Japan and China use bamboo.
  3. For marine style, curtains with shells and rope decor with nautical knots are suitable.
  4. An eclectic interior is a combination of old and new in a common concept.
  5. Ecostyle is characterized by curtains made of natural materials.
  6. Postmodernism and Art Deco are elegant styles, where many original design decisions are appropriate, but taste and a sense of proportion are important.
  7. Techno, loft and hi-tech are “cold” rain from metallized threads, preferably with diode or neon lights on the ceiling cornice.
  8. Laconic minimalism does not suffer excesses - these are monophonic solutions under the general background.
  9. Ladies' glamorous bedroom - the more luxury and sparkle, the better.

Tip. Ways of attaching muslin curtains also matter. It is better to hide a curtain tape behind a decorating level or a lambrequin. Tied directly to the cornice, macramé tapes and ropes will look appropriate for retro and country style. Illuminated indoor ceiling cornice is the best solution for modern design.

unusual thread curtains in the design of the kitchen

Bright white thread curtains

colored bedroom curtains

White thread curtains

colored curtains threads in the style of the hallway

Filament curtains

Do not forget about the practical side. In the kitchen, such a decor looks fresh and original, but it will often have to be washed or large items washed with a sponge. In the bedroom, Kisei will replace the canopy. For the student’s room, a homemade option is suitable. It is worth doing something new in the interior without significant costs, like these filament curtains presented in the photo gallery.

Video: How to hang thread curtains. How to wash filament curtains

50 photos of examples of filament curtains in the interior:

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