Curtains in the bedroom: photos and which ones are better to choose in 2016

Red-curtains-for-bedroomThe bedroom is the most intimate room in any home, designed to be visited by the closest people. This room is as saturated as possible with warmth and comfort, because experts have long proved that a person spends about a third of his life in a state of sleep. Asleep, a person rests and regains his strength. Therefore, you should very seriously approach the issue of creating comfort in the bedroom and take into account very small details, developing its design.

The importance of designing a window opening in the interior

The bedroom should bring joy to your eyes, and provide the opportunity for a good rest from the hustle and bustle of other problems. You should not design the bedroom too bright, it is better to give preference to more calm tones. Before deciding what your bedroom will look like, we advise you to look at the photo of the interiors, and pay attention to the new items for window decoration in 2016.

Red-Bedroom-Curtains-1024x768The window is a source of light and immediately catches your eye when a person enters the room. Therefore, the design of this significant detail is especially important. Curtains - the best assistant to give the room a neat and sophisticated look. In addition, with the help of curtains, it becomes possible to control the illumination. For this, a combination of dense materials and tulle is often used. Dense fabric will protect against outside noise, and tulle will help get rid of annoying insects. With the right choice of curtains, you will have the opportunity to relax with an open window even in the daytime.

Varieties of curtains

In the modern world, the choice of curtains is a simple task. There is a wide variety of curtains that will help to decorate the design of any bedroom. It is very difficult to list all types of this interior detail, but the most common are:

  • curtains on the rings;
  • long curtains with lambrequin;
  • curtains on grommets;
  • short curtains;
  • long curtains without a lambrequin.

Each type of curtain gives a certain style to the room. Lambrequin adds bedroom aristocracy and luxury. It well conceals imperfections, and adjusts the window in height. Before giving preference to such curtains, you should familiarize yourself with their appearance in the photo.

ravishing-captivating-blue-bedroom-ideas-pics-with-white-bedsideFor small bedrooms, it is better to opt for the design of the window opening with curtains without a lambrequin, because they will make the room lighter and give it looseness and spontaneity. Now there are a variety of new items on sale that will decorate your bedroom in 2016.

When choosing long straight products, you should choose a tulle so that it harmoniously adorns your window. You can find news and photos of various types of tulle on the pages of the global Internet.

Vintage style or minimalism in design will decorate products on rings that have a relative simplicity of appearance, but are very practical. They are easy to remove and wash if necessary.

Queen-Bed-Comforter-Sets-with-patterned-black-and-white-and-additional-table-too-white-curtainsA fairly common solution for bedrooms are curtains on the grommets. They look perfect and stylish, as well as little prone to deformation.

Oddly enough, but tulle is often used to design windows in combination with dense fabrics. Separately, tulle is rarely used for the design of window openings.

pretty-cool-pink-girls-bedroom-ideas-for-pink-girl-bedroomShort curtains are suitable for a small room, especially if the bed is near the window. Such a decision will give an atmosphere of ease and airiness.

Choice of curtains for various interior styles

When designing a bedroom in 2016, one should take into account many details, such as furniture, the choice of wallpaper, materials for floor and ceiling. Particular attention should be paid to the design of the window opening, which should harmoniously fit into the overall interior.pallet-bed-brown-cupboard-glass-window-black-wooden-door-curtain-wall-light-bookcase-cushion-bedcover-woodne-drawer-storage

There are many different styles in interior design and the main ones are:

  • high tech;
  • Provence
  • minimalism;
  • Art Deco
  • classic.

Each of the above types of style is suitable for a certain type of curtain. For a complete understanding of each type of design, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with examples from the photo, as well as analyze the latest curtains of a particular stylistic direction. High-tech is very popular today and is characterized by the fact that the excesses of beauty in it are minimized. The main concept of this style is the use of space with maximum utility and convenience. High-tech trends are characterized by plain walls that harmonize in color with the ceiling, as well as glass or metal furniture.

ordinary-in-a-white-room-with-black-curtains-1-black-and-purple-bedroom-decor-1200-x-900Windows of rooms decorated in a similar style are left without curtains or used to darken blinds. In rooms for sleeping, this solution is practically not applied, because a person wants to add at least a little comfort and warmth to the interior. To do this, light curtains or tulle often appear in the hi-tech design, which do not quite fit into the general concept. To avoid such problems, we suggest using Roman shades of calm shades to guide high-tech. They have a more pleasant appearance than blinds, and perform a dimming function wonderfully.

Very similar to hi-tech is minimalism. These styles are similar by expanding the space by minimizing indoor furniture and calm shades. There is no glass and metal in this style, so the room takes on a more familiar atmosphere. The furniture is minimalist made of wood and has a matte finish. Curtains for the bedroom, when using minimalism, you should choose calm colors that are used in the overall interior so that they do not catch the eye, but fit as much as possible into the overall picture.

nice-looking-bedroom-curtain-ideas-black-on-ideas-abuyblue-within-nice-bedroom-interior-ideas-with-curtainProvence stands out among other design solutions for its tenderness and loveliness. It is characterized by embroidered bedspreads and various napkins, as well as curtains with floral prints. All elements of decor in Provence style create an atmosphere of fabulousness. Provence always offers double curtains, consisting of an air veil and blackout curtains. Often, instead of a veil, tulle is used.

The most luxurious design style is Art Deco. Curtains for such an interior should be selected so that they emphasize the sophistication of all the details of the room. Here you can not do without dense and expensive fabrics. Well fit into the interior of the product with a lambrequin. They can be decorated with drapery or golden tassels. The use of intricate patterns is encouraged, which should be present not only during the design of the window opening, but also on furniture and wallpaper. The color palette of this style involves dark shades in combination with pastel colors, but always with the addition of expensive patterns or decor elements.

modern-bedroom-curtains-layout1Classic design is always in fashion, although recently it has been supplanted by newer directions. It can be used for a large bedroom with a huge window.

Children's window decoration

Any child wants his favorite characters of games or cartoons to live with him in his corner. Usually, children hang photos of their favorite characters on the walls. Therefore, choosing curtains for a child’s boy, you can focus on those that contain drawings of ninja turtles, wheelbarrows or transformers.

If the child has not yet reached the age of three, then it is better not to load his room with colorful drawings.

In the bedroom of a little princess, it is better to use pastel colors with flowers or butterflies. For an older girl, curtains with the image of her favorite fairy-tale characters will look great. They will bring joy to your child and admirably decorate the nursery.

Modern-Bedroom-Curtains-Design-Ideas-With-Digital-Printing-Technology-19Curtains for rooms in which children are located should be as practical as possible. They often need to be removed, washed and this should be considered when choosing this interior detail. No need to decorate the children's window with bulky curtains with the presence of a lambrequin, because they make the appearance of the room heavier and not practical.

Your child’s room will look much easier and more comfortable using a multi-layer veil. One of the right solutions for a nursery in 2016 will be curtains on rings or with grommets.

Fashionable curtains in 2016

Draperies this season should choose multi-layered, textured and simply luxurious. The classics will never go out of fashion, because it is precisely this direction that can create traditional comfort and coziness combined with sophistication. To understand the fashion trends of this season, just read the photos of fashion curtains on the Internet.

Modern-Bedroom-Curtains-Design-Ideas-With-Digital-Printing-Technology-3Lambrequins and a variety of draperies go to the first place in the design of the windows of our bedrooms. They look great on large windows, but even with ordinary window openings they look very harmonious.

Fashionable Roman roller blinds do not lose their position, especially since they are very practical. Without taking up much space, they perfectly complement the interior and perform all the necessary functions of curtains. This option is most often chosen by people who seek order in everything, and do not welcome excesses.

Minimalism also occupies a leading position in the ranking of styles. Curtains threads will perfectly complement any design.

In 2016, a flight of creativity, the so-called fusion, is welcomed - a combination of styles and forms. If you have the proper imagination, then easily design a window in your bedroom, following the latest fashion trends.

headlineHowever, fashion does not always mean cosiness, therefore, when deciding to equip a corner for relaxation, listen to emotions, and it will become the most comfortable place in the universe.

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