Modern curtains in the kitchen: news of 2016, description and photo

In the coming 2016 in the style of interiors, the main trends of the outgoing 2015 will be continued. This means that practicality and a convincing laconic design of kitchen interiors will prevail in any fashionable direction and style.Modern-Kitchen-Curtains-Design-ideas

And, accordingly, this trend will affect all decorative accessories, including curtains, as the most striking design element. We offer you to get acquainted with the information about:

  • what are the main criteria for choosing curtains for the kitchen;
  • what the new season looks like and what are their features;
  • how to sew fashion curtains with your own hands, based on the interior catalogs of 2015 - 2016.

Kitchen curtains: fashion trends 2016

First, we will determine the main criteria for choosing curtains for the kitchen. And this is not only style and design, in the coming year, the following trends will be a priority:

  • a mixture of styles and materials (for example, silk can be combined with teak, although these are fabrics with different textures);
  • Saturated, natural colors and deep, luxurious shades will be in demand;
  • handicrafts, the so-called “handmade style”, are strengthening their positions, the time has come to create an original design with your own hands, photos from old or, conversely, modern magazines will be of great help to needlework;
  • decoration in the form of an ornament is another fashion trend in 2016, whimsical patterns, as if made by hand, will look unusually exclusive and fresh in the coming year.

modern-kitchen-curtainsDesigners are advised to boldly try new styles, for example, modern filament curtains or never-aging accessories in ethnic style. Roman curtains are an excellent choice for those who appreciate laconic elegance and practicality.

And lovers of home comfort and simple rustic furnishings can decorate the interior with Provence style curtains. Moreover, sewing such a curtain using photos from the catalog is not very difficult.minimalist-green-curtains-kitchen-window

Varieties of curtains in the kitchen: new items of the season 2016

In the upcoming season, the priority of practicality is gaining momentum, which means that any modern, beautiful, original curtains will definitely be very practical. New photo catalogs of fashionable interiors give an idea of ​​which models of kitchen curtains will remain in demand in 2016 and which new items will appear.

  • Blinds curtains were on the top list this year and continue to claim leadership in the interior fashion of the upcoming season. And in a small and spacious kitchen, horizontal multi-color blinds with transitions or milky color will still be relevant.Leaf-Applique-Kitchen-Curtain-Tier
  • The curtain from an unusual fabric with convex volumetric elements that attract the eye looks exclusive. Such an accessory will play a distracting role and decorate a modest kitchen interior devoid of luxury and intricacy.Lemon-kitchen-set
  • Provence-style curtains will remain popular, but with a slightly modified design. Floral print is a favorite of the upcoming season. Such decor gives the curtains a juicy and delicate look of a self-contained accessory. You can make such a curtain with your own hands, focusing on photos in fashion catalogs.Kitchen-Window-Curtains-In-Home-Accessories
  • The roll curtain made of fabric with a specific impregnation that protects the accessory and objects in the room from direct sunlight is gaining more and more popularity.Today, its design includes beautiful rich shades of delicate chestnut, pomegranate, eggplant and
  • Roman curtains do not lose popularity, although their models are not new, but versions of the classic design. But in the photo of the new catalogs, their design looks updated through the use of new materials and decor
  • In the interior photo catalog there are also new items of the season, these are curtains on the grommets. They will become the fashionable highlight of the coming year. Printing large images on fabric is simple and concise, but made in bright, saturated colors. The design of these curtains is not intricate, they are not difficult to make with your own hands. This style is very popular today.Kitchen-Shade-Design-Ideas-Windows
  • Looking at the photo of new kitchen interiors, one cannot fail to note one of the most fashionable models of this and next year - the curtain of thread. The design of this model, thanks to the unusual combination of threads flowing and shimmering in different colors and other decoration elements (beads and sequins), turns an ordinary curtain into a voluminous and, at the same time, weightless interior decoration. The color palette of this model is very diverse, it is monophonic paints, melange and combined shades.

Short curtains and other design details of a small kitchen

Kitchen curtains in a small apartment should meet, according to the advice of designers, some requirements. Their implementation will visually increase the space of a small kitchen:

  • it is better to choose fabric airy, translucent, light, with a small pattern in bright colors from natural materials - linen, jute, cotton, silk;
  • to decorate the window opening in the work or dining area, use short curtains or blinds in light shades;
  • visually increase the small window opening curtain, far exceeding the width of the window.

Kitchen-Curtain-Valances-IdeasThe main purpose, which have kitchen curtains in a cramped space, is to let a lot of air and light into the room. Therefore, it is better to abandon complex bizarre shapes and curtains with rich drapery.

Next, we consider in more detail:

  • the most popular models to date;
  • Sewing the latest season curtains on grommets with your own hands.

Provence curtains: refined and cozy interior

The house, decorated in the Provence style, embodies the surroundings of a rustic setting without much intricacy of forms and textures. His other name is French country, as it originated in one of the southern provinces of France.

kitchen-curtains-regarding-kitchen-curtains-ideas-kitchen-curtains-ideas-as-great-solutionResidents of the city love the Provence setting for a cozy and, at the same time, lovely sophisticated simplicity that allows you to relax and unwind. Textiles are the accent of the Provence interior; the curtain is the main accessory of design.

Provence curtains are made of natural fabrics: linen, chintz, cotton, lace, frills, embroidery are used as decorations. The color scheme of the style is sustained in muted, as if faded in the bright sun tones. This is a palette of marine and natural subjects: shades of orange, olives, greens, turquoise, lavender, sunny and sand tones.

kitchen-curtains-intended-for-tag-for-contemporary-kitchen-curtains-ideas-singaporeconcoclassifiedWindow openings are decorated with forged or wooden cornices in light walnut tones, complemented by delicate lugs. They go well with wicker accessories: baskets, rugs, flowerpots, vases.

Provence, recreated in the city kitchen, provokes associations with the aroma of flowering meadows, with the taste of fresh milk and the smell of the sea. It is not necessary to precisely follow the Provencal design, it is enough to bring only some decor elements to the interior and add a bit of soul.

Thread Curtains or Kisei

The name of this accessory speaks for itself. These are loosely hanging threads in the muslin, connected at the top by a special weave and creating an association with a weightless, translucent veil.

Filament curtains came to the European interior from the East, where in the sultry climate free circulation of air in living rooms is necessary. Thread curtains are ideal for this, they perfectly shade the room, without blocking the free penetration of fresh air into the house.

Kitchen-Curtains-Ideas-Window-TreatmentsIn addition to this task, thread curtains do not impede access to daylight, while at the same time covering the interior of the room from prying eyes and creating a feeling of unique comfort and coziness.

A curtain of thread is very suitable for decorating kitchen windows. You can not worry about its neatness and cleanliness. Due to the specific dust repellent coating, the curtains for a long time keep a fresh and neat appearance.

Kitchen-Curtains-Ideas-and-ValancesIn addition, filament curtains are not difficult to wash. But so that the threads do not get messed up, you must exactly follow the instructions for machine washing the product:

  • first you need to twist the curtains in the form of a dense roll;
  • then it is required to make dressings from the tissue in 5-6 convolution sites;
  • further wash in a “delicate” mode;
  • for drying, hang the threads in a straightened form.

The yarn curtain has another advantage: ease of length adjustment. For this, you do not need to have the skill of a seamstress. Threads of standard size are simply cut with scissors to the desired length. Fibers made of polyester or other synthetic material will not crumble and crumble.

Roman curtains: the secret of popularity

This original curtain, despite the simplicity and conciseness of the design, has a very elegant look and attracts the attention of buyers. It is made in the form of sections of several rectangular paintings and planks fixed on the lower edge. Roman curtains are controlled by the type of blinds.

kitchen-curtains-ideas-6The secret of popularity consists of several points. We list the main, Roman curtains have:

  • concise design, suitable for any room, including the kitchen;
  • cost-effective design that preserves usable space;
  • simple management and assembly;
  • the convenience of cleaning and removing the product from the eaves;
  • a variety of applications from ordinary apartments to restaurants and offices;
  • Roman curtains naturally complement any design style.

The attractiveness of these curtains depends on what material the product is made from. In the photo catalogs of modern interiors, Roman curtains are presented from materials with very diverse colors and textures. They are made more often from fabrics: jacquard, organza, tulle.home-traditional-curtain-for-window-treatment-ideas

Roman blinds are unpretentious in leaving: it is simple cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or brush, exposing the curtain to low temperatures and wet cleaning is not recommended.

Curtains on grommets: a description of the new product and sewing with your own hands

The methods for attaching the curtain to the cornice depend on what type of fabric it is sewn from. Curtains on grommets are considered the most fashionable solution to date. This is a type of fastening with plastic or metal rings inserted into holes punched along the edge of the curtain. Through them passes the crossbeam of the cornice, forming even beautiful folds.

The main advantages of this mount:

  • fabric protection against abrasion;
  • easy movement of the curtain along the ledge;
  • the ability to use hooks for curtains on grommets with a small diameter.

It is necessary to purchase fabric for sewing curtains on grommets with a margin: for small folds, the width of the curtain should be multiplied by 1.5, and for deep folds by 2 or 2.5.Gingham-kitchen-curtains-yellow

Consider the sequence of sewing curtains on the grommets.

  1. Prepare the canvas in size: the allowance for the length of the curtain is 3 cm above, 5 cm below and 15 cm on each side on the sides of the canvas.
  2. Hem the curtains on each side.
  3. Glue the upper side of the curtains with a grommet or non-woven tape 10 cm wide, departing from the edge of 1.5 cm, and iron it.
  4. Count the number of desired eyelets (it must be even).
  5. The segment between the grommets is optionally chosen between 15-25 cm, the last rings are located at a distance of no more than 5 cm from the edge.
  6. Mark the uniform position of the rings on the fabric, tracing the eyelets from the inside.
  7. Cut them with scissors with a margin of 2 mm or make a punch, laying it on a cloth and hitting it with a hammer.
  8. Place one decorative half of the ring under the hole on the front side, put the other half on the inside and snap them into place by pressing with your fingers (to press the metal rings you will need a press).

Gingham-kitchen-curtains-greenCurtains on the grommets are ready, it remains to perform one simple operation: place them on the ledge and enjoy the beauty of the finished product.

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