Tulle in the interior: types, tips, photos

At the final stage of the repair, the room is saturated with decorative elements. At this moment, the room adds a special cosiness and warmth. Tulle in the interior is key. It is important to consider many different factors in order to make the right choice.

light cotton tulle in the living room interior

Beautiful tulle in the interior

Choosing a tulle in the hall: trends and news

In the living room, many spend a significant part of their time. This is a place to receive guests or spend cozy evenings in the company of family members. Tulle creates a suitable atmosphere, fill the space with warmth.

Design is gaining more and more bold notes. This allows you to expand your selection and pick up matching with any interior. Looks great combination of airiness with the density of the curtains.

Not only design decisions are becoming more, but also the color scale is expanding. When choosing a bright tulle, you need to emphasize the tone. Suitable pillows, photo frames. This will help to achieve a holistic picture in the interior.

beautiful silk tulle in the interior of the kitchen

Tulle in the interior of the room

bright lurex tulle in the interior of the corridor

Kitchen design with tulle

Minimalism is trending

It lies in the absence of all kinds of piling up, numerous items and the use of unnecessary accessories. Minimalism is functionality, not decoration. Tulle in a similar interior needs to be bought dense, protecting from light. But it’s light and barely noticeable. Tones are chosen so that the window does not rush into the eyes and does not become a bright spot. A distinctive feature of minimalism is the use of clear straight lines. Different lengths are allowed.

bright polyester tulle in the interior of the room

White tulle in the interior

Batik and photo printing

Tulle-batik or with photo printing can be made to order or purchased in a finished version. To avoid disturbance of the figure, it is necessary to exclude the appearance of folds. But for the printing of sky or sea, their formation is permissible, which allows to increase the volume.

Mostly with a pattern purchased for windows facing the sunny side. This creates a twilight in the room, slightly darkening it. Suitable for adherents of new products and innovative solutions in the interior. Pillows in a set for originality are selected for the selected image.

light polyester tulle in the interior of the nursery

White tulle in the interior

beautiful cotton tulle in the bedroom interior

Golden tulle in the interior

Types of tulle on the window: how to choose your option

The market offers a wide range of textures, designs, colors. When choosing a specific material, it is recommended to be based on quality, the required shade and take into account the possibility of different textures transmitting light in their own way.




Material used



from viscose;

from lurex;


polyester and polypropylene threads.

Density and texture

Smooth and smooth

Grid view

Patterned (creates the image of weightless lace)

Shades and pattern

One color


With drawings of different sizes and patterns

A multicomponent product is able to keep its shape perfectly, rarely gets dirty, tolerates washing, and for a long time retains external attractiveness.

light silk tulle in the interior of the hallway

Wavy tulle in the interior

It is important to consider the type of threads that make up the material. One-component only consist of a single type of fabric. Multicomponent differ in combination in the composition of several materials.

Curtains made of natural fabrics have a higher cost and are not suitable for frequent washing. But differ in environmental friendliness.

Texture is an important parameter. Some shimmer and flow in the sunlight, others create a pleasant twilight.

A product with a pattern will become the main focus. When making a choice, remember to combine it with the overall interior, blending in harmoniously with it. This helps to add personality and originality to the curtains and the room itself.

beautiful lurex tulle in the living room interior

Beautiful white tulle in the interior

bright cotton tulle in the interior of the room

Beautiful tulle in the interior of the room

Tulle to the windowsill: a practical solution

There are various lengths and shapes. Arches, allowing to frame the window, flowing, similar to beads or blinds. The classic option is the length of the curtain to the windowsill. This allows it to get less dirty due to the lack of contact with the floor. If space is limited, this length will fit perfectly into the created conditions. A long model visually reduces the size of the room. And airy, with a length of up to the windowsill, creates the effect of spaciousness. With a variety of ways of attaching and adding ribbons and hairpins, you can change the composition.

light lurex tulle in the interior of the kitchen

Room Design with Tulle

Play with light

Tulle looks good with curtains made of thick fabric. This allows you to change the level of illumination, add various visual effects, when combining fabrics and textures. It is permissible to combine blinds and tulle.

  1. Shades of tenderness and joy.
    Windows facing the dark side need to add light by using a pastel warm palette. For a bright room, it is better to buy a peach tulle, which can slightly soften the rays of the sun.
  2. Mix from the color palette.
    The light-colored product is perfect for combining with dark curtains. The solution is considered universal, and for many years will remain relevant and fashionable. The combination of various shades will achieve a unique effect. It is necessary to take into account the overall design and harmony of colors among themselves.
  3. Dark tulle in a romantic style.
    If the windows are located on the south side, it is permissible to dim the light somewhat using curtains with high density in cold colors. This allows you to achieve a romantic twilight.
bright silk tulle in the interior of the corridor

Chic tulle room design

beautiful polyester tulle in the interior of the nursery

White beautiful tulle in the interior of the room

Window decoration with tulle: we select tulle for the style of the interior

It is important to achieve a combination of it with the rest of the interior. Recommendations will help to realize this.

  1. Minimalism. It does not lose its relevance for a long time. The direct product seems banal and boring only at first glance. Add a good combination of colors, images and this will transform the overall look.
  2. Curtains by the type of threads and beads. A winning solution suitable for any room. Tulle looks similar to blinds. The difference is lightness, visual texture and the ability to play in the light.
  3. Combination with blinds. It may seem that both products are not interconnected. In fact, you can achieve successful combinations by placing blinds on the window and framing it with an arch of light fabric.
  4. For baroque or rococo, the construction of a multi-layer curtain using various textures is suitable. It looks magnificent and expensive.
  5. Hi-tech and Art Nouveau rooms have a transparent model and geometric images. Add accessories in the form of metallized threads. This will give the design a shine.
  6. The curtains are coated with a large image. Bright pattern helps visually increase the space. It is better to choose this option for rooms with small windows.
  7. For children, purchase curtains with plot pictures. A color tulle is also suitable, with beautiful patterns located on it.It is definitely worth showing your imagination when selecting this element.
beautiful lurex tulle in the interior of the hallway

Thread tulle in the interior

Tulle for living room

When choosing a living room, consider the shades of the curtains. Plain and light products fit bright or with pictures. You can achieve rigor by choosing a matte texture.

Curtains can act as an independent element of the interior. If the windows face north, the room is lacking in light. Curtains will be superfluous and only reduce the light. It is enough to hang only a tulle. Elegant, creating a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere.

When combining a window with access to the balcony, it is recommended to purchase asymmetric fabrics decorated with beautiful lace. Tulle will be an excellent assistant in disguising a radiator located under the windowsill. If it is covered with special panels, then it is not necessary to buy an option with a floor length. A short model will decorate the room, performing a decorative role.

bright cotton tulle in the bedroom interior

Room Design with Tulle

light silk tulle in the interior of the nursery

White tulle in the interior

beautiful polyester tulle in the interior of the room

White tulle in the interior

With closely spaced windows, buy a single set of curtains. To hide the wall, a long fabric is placed, and short curtains can be placed on the opening. The windowsill will not be closed, which will allow flowers to be placed on it.

If the window opening is large, occupying a significant area of ​​the wall, you should not completely curtain it. An almost transparent tulle will do, curtains are placed on the sides, beautifully tied up.

light polyester tulle in the bedroom interior

White tulle in the design of the room

Tulle for the bedroom

More often used for the bedroom are a veil and organza. The latter is a transparent fiber with the effect of airiness. Suitable for combination with curtains. The veil is a translucent fabric characterized by softness. It can be used as an independent decoration.

The choice for the bedroom depends on your ideas about how this room should look. A product with a beautiful image or guipure inserts will help to formalize. But be sure to choose the curtains in the classical style, otherwise it will turn out too colorful. Currently, it is fashionable to decorate the curtains that cover the cornice.

Lighting must be considered. The darker, the more light and light fabrics are recommended to buy. Dense curtains are suitable for bright, spacious rooms.

beautiful polyester tulle in the interior of the living room

Tulle in the interior of the room

light cotton tulle in the interior of the room

Beautiful design of a room with tulle

Emphasize the embodied composition of the treated edges. It creates the appearance of waves. If the width of the product does not allow creating such an effect, it is possible to process the edges with lace from lace, combining in style and tone with curtains.

Web size is an equally important parameter. The optimal width is a size that exceeds the length of the cornice at least twice. This creates beautiful folds that add volume to the composition. The distance between the fabric and the floor should be at least two centimeters. Short items are not used in the bedroom. They are more suitable for a kitchen or a nursery. All because they visually reduce the height of the ceiling. In a spacious room, the opening will look disproportionate. If the bedroom has a balcony, then the curtains should completely curtain everything.

Already noted about the design of the window in the nursery. Choose models with funny pictures. Heroes of cartoons or fairy tales can be depicted. Do not overdo it with the color scheme. Too bright provoke fast fatigue in a child.

Plain models or with geometric elements made on them are suitable for the boy’s room. Girls are better off buying pink tulle or in pastel colors, on which there are ruffles and ruffles.

beautiful silk tulle in the interior of the hallway

Chic tulle in the interior

Curtains and tulle for the kitchen - easy to clean, beautiful in the interior

Most kitchens are not spacious. Consider that all space will be used to the maximum, and the main lighting is natural light.

The length to choose is up to the windowsill. The floor model will interfere with the functional use of the kitchen.

The curtain for the kitchen window should:

  1. to be simple and easy to care for;
  2. let in enough sunlight;
  3. fully match the overall color and style.

The selected model carries not only a decorative function, but also a practical one. Therefore, in addition to lightness and airiness, it should hide the presence of any defects in the finish.

bright polyester tulle in the interior of the kitchen

Room design with gray tulle

beautiful cotton tulle in the interior of the nursery

Beautiful design of a room with tulle

The most common types of tulle for the kitchen:

  1. for a classic style, products with floral ornaments are suitable;
  2. Oriental style will complement the tulle, made with metal threads;
  3. for minimalism, choose options with geometric patterns;
  4. Baroque or Rococo perfectly complements the model, combined with lace and guipure.

Plainness or pattern

Solid light tulle is a universal solution for housing in any style. The color palette is diverse. You can choose a model for any interior. Products with pictures and photo printing are also popular. Each of them has features.

  1. The plain fabric is suitable for small-sized rooms or is an addition to bright curtains.
  2. With lace fill the atmosphere with an atmosphere of luxury and wealth;
  3. With a pattern, they can add liveliness, becoming the main emphasis.
light silk tulle in the interior of the living room

Pink tulle room design

bright silk tulle in the interior of the bedroom

Beige tulle in the interior

light cotton tulle in the interior of the kitchen

White tulle room design

Curtains and drapes

To create a fashionable style, you should refer to the table.

Way to create



Draperies should be placed on each side, the tulle is hung closer to the window opening


The window is decorated with only transparent fabric, decorated with folds and drapery. Additionally used hair clips and lambrequins


Tulle is hung over dense curtains.

Approach your choice responsibly. It is important to consider everything, from the dimensions of the space to the overall style.

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