We create a room decor with our own hands from improvised materials

Any atmosphere of living rooms over time bothers, the owners quickly get used to it, nothing delights guests. Often, the design of the walls requires novelty, since the decoration is morally outdated. Original wall decor with your own hands from improvised materials is the best way to give newness without major repairs and serious investments. It is enough to create a decorative panel on the wall, to update old furniture, to breathe new life into unnecessary objects, making them practical.

do-it-yourself bright decoration of the apartment

DIY interior design decor

do-it-yourself unusual bedroom decoration

DIY room decoration

original design of the room with your own hands

DIY room decor idea

Screen paintings on the walls

No matter how much time was spent searching for something original in construction stores, nothing can replace the decor with your own hands from improvised means for transforming the apartment. And it will cost much less than the work of specialists who will try to impose some kind of technique or mastered technique. It happens that a designer or decorator will show sketches, tell in all epithets how great a room will look, but the final result does not live up to expectations. The best way is to do what you want on your own.

Do-it-yourself room decor from improvised means is a minimum of costs with the possibility of creative self-realization. Interior designers have developed many simple and affordable ways to transform the interior, which are easy to do on their own.

do-it-yourself original bedroom decoration

DIY room decor

beautiful design of the living room with your own hands

Do-it-yourself interesting room decoration

The most common DIY decoration methods



Decorative plastering of walls

starting and finishing dry mixes, fillers, pigment


Screen Drawings

similar or similar elements are applied with an aerosol, roller or brush, depending on the design task


Mosaic panels from broken tiles

tiles, ceramics, stained glass, mirror pieces, gaps are filled with grout


Patchwork in the interior

fabric, colored paper, pieces of wallpaper


Volumetric compositions

cardboard, paper, fabric, vinyl stickers


Objects within

photo, collages, silhouettes, drawings

unusual decoration of the room with your own hands

DIY interior design decor

DIY apartment decoration

DIY room decoration

beautiful decoration of the living room with your own hands

DIY room decor idea

Unusually designed wall will be complemented by curtains and sofa pillows, covers and capes, sewn by yourself. Designer decor from improvised materials can be changed at will, for example, for a particular holiday or for a season change. In the spring, it is reasonable to decorate the wall with a flowering branch or home-made flowers in vases made of bottles.

Winter decor involves snow and New Year's variations. He will replace the autumn leaves flying swirl along the wall, and in the summer it can be butterflies or birds.

The easiest way to cut out of paper or draw these objects on the wall by stencil. This technique is available even to those who cannot draw. The main thing is to mark up to get an attractive composition. Individual objects can be of the same size and shape, but it is better when they are reduced or depicted from a different angle.

Decorating the walls with your own hands from improvised materials is performed in any available technique, but this is also an occasion to learn something new. The stencil drawing is the easiest to complete, especially with aerosol spraying. But you need to work carefully so that smudges and sags do not form from excess paint.

do-it-yourself beautiful bedroom decoration

Do-it-yourself interesting room decoration

do-it-yourself unusual decoration of the room

DIY room decor

Screen panels often combine flat tree contours and volumetric elements:

  • flowers
  • leaves;
  • birds;
  • animals;
  • insects
  • clouds, etc.

Thin plastic, cardboard and colored paper are suitable for the manufacture of overhead elements. If your imagination is not enough, use the examples from our photo gallery.

Plaster decorative plaster

Do-it-yourself wall decor at home also means replacing expensive types of plaster with conventional building mixtures, but using original equipment or tools.

Everyone knows that if you attach any object to a damp liquid plaster or paint on the wall and sharply tear it off, you will get a beautiful imprint. A flat sheet gives flows, a grid - with its characteristic pattern, crushed foil gives an unexpected wall decor with your own hands.

By working with a trowel, trowel, trowel or various nozzles of the roller on wet putty with dyes, you can get an effect similar to “Venetian” or textured plaster. The plastic mass is washed off on the surface of the wall until the necessary pattern is obtained in circular motions or pats.

All excesses are removed with a spatula. For additional volume use paint or varnish. After polishing, you get the original decoration of the walls in the hallway, living room or bedroom.

We offer you to master a master class on decorating walls with stucco.

original decoration of the living room with your own hands

DIY interior design decor

beautiful room decoration with your own hands

DIY room decoration

unusual design of the apartment with your own hands

DIY room decor idea

We make decorative stone from facade plaster

There are many ways to add volume to your wall decor. In the hallway on a solid wall, it is easy to independently make some kind of masonry from facade plaster or to make an original panel.

First, on the fortified surface, you need to outline the contours of the future drawing, outline future stones. These are objects of arbitrary shape, which need to be given volume during the work, therefore, special artistic skills will not be required.

It is advisable to cover adjacent surfaces with masking tape so as not to stain. To create a "stone" texture you need a thick mortar of plaster. You will have to work quickly to achieve the desired effect when forming the shape of the stones. The roughness is treated with a trowel and a brush for metal.

The finished surface will become more believable after tinting. It is necessary to work out the seams between the "stones" and give volume to the entire decorative finish. First, a light tone is applied with arbitrary spots, then dark colors will add depth, the middle tone will fill the gaps in the wall decor with your own hands.

do-it-yourself original decoration of the living room

Do-it-yourself interesting room decoration

do-it-yourself bright bedroom decoration

DIY room decor

Original DIY wall decor from improvised materials

To realize interesting compositions, you do not need large expenses, a creatively thinking person sees in everything a way to realize creative inclinations. Just as stone-cutters find a special angle of ornamental minerals to polish a “landscape” cut for a picture, so a beautiful piece of fabric or sawed wood becomes a picture in a frame in the hands of a creative person.

The most interesting thing is not one decorative canvas, but several similar objects that make up the whole “gallery”. Handmade beaded necklaces and beads and gems are not required to be hidden in boxes. They will be a great decoration for a bedroom or dressing room, if you place them in frames on black velvet against one wall.As an option - hang them on hooks, using a beautiful fabric as a background in the wall decor.

unusual design of the bedroom do-it-yourself

DIY interior design decor

do-it-yourself bright room decoration

DIY room decoration

original design of the living room with your own hands

DIY room decor idea

After sewing curtains and hauling upholstered furniture, pieces of upholstery with a beautiful pattern remain, for example, tapestry, chenille or jacquard. Inserts of interior materials on the walls will not only duplicate a sofa, armchair or corner, they will create a kind of “roll call” in the overall composition.

Wall decoration in the form of paintings made of fabric fits well into the interior of the bedroom and children's room. Depending on the plot, you can beat the texture of the fabric. Striped knitwear is suitable for a zebra, geometric shapes are a giraffe, a leopard will be spotted, and black velvet is a panther. Sparkling eyes complement the pebbles or sparkles.

As a home decor with your own hands from improvised materials, use a composition of several objects united by a common color, plot or pattern. For example, bulk fruits can be sewn from bright fabrics, and leaves for them can be made from common material. Frames of the same shape can be common, as well as the background on which all these berries, fruits and slices of citrus will be located. It is not necessary to hang such paintings closely; a common theme will compositionally unite the entire interior.

A similar effect can be obtained by selecting trimmed laminate or veneered particleboard with the texture of expensive wood. Such decorative panels, made by hand, will complement any interior design that uses the beauty of natural wood.

Fabric paintings that resonate with materials in sofa cushions, upholstery of ottomans and banquets look good. Hand-painted shawls, handmade batik or Japanese silk with a typically Asian pattern can also become art objects, and not just DIY crafts for the interior from improvised materials.

DIY beautiful apartment decoration

Do-it-yourself interesting room decoration

unusual decoration of the bedroom with your own hands

DIY room decor

Tip: Not all fabric paintings require full frames. It is enough to pull them on rectangular or round patterns of plywood or polystyrene and hang them on the wall in a certain order.

Beautiful embroidery in the form of icons, portraits or paintings is a great way to decorate the walls. The embroidery is placed singly and as an exposition done by oneself, even if some of them were made by someone else.

Talented children's drawings within the framework can also become a worthy decoration of the interior, especially if the child is studying at an art school. Having selected several successful works and giving them a certain compositional plot, it is easy to make a dynamic interior in the nursery or hallway.

DIY bright living room decoration

DIY interior design decor

original decoration of the apartment with your own hands

DIY room decoration

unusual decoration of the apartment with your own hands

DIY room decor idea

Mirror elements in room decor

In interior design, a mirror is a completely independent element, which occupies a worthy place in any room. However, it is not necessary to hang ordinary mirrors in each room, they look much more interesting in different ways:

  • mirror wall for visual expansion of the room;
  • unusual shaped rotating mirrors on stands;
  • mirror tiles for wall decoration;
  • handmade carved frames for mirrors of different burs and sizes;
  • stickers from foil and mirror paper, forming the whole composition.

On a free wall, the installation will look good, which includes watches, mirrors and decor, combined by a common idea or intricate geometry. Other DIY crafts and decor from improvised materials can organically fit into such an unusual solution.

do-it-yourself bright bedroom decoration

Do-it-yourself interesting room decoration

do-it-yourself bright room decoration

DIY room decor

Photo frames as an element of decor

Photography is a traditional way of decorating walls with your own hands for a home from improvised means. At the same time, photos from a family album are not always used.A separate topic is travel or personal achievements, which are framed on the wall as “evidence”.

No matter how unique the photograph itself, its presentation in the overall composition is important. You can choose white frames or wooden frames, they can vary in size and shape, but they should have something in common, including the background, if the photo is small.

In the center of such a composition, place the largest photo and image reflecting the most significant event. Other photos will be formed around the central object. It is interesting to study family photos that reflect changes in time - how the child grew or how the family was created in terms of addition. If this is a family “honor board”, the main stages of the ascent to success should be reflected in it. Victories associated with creativity can be confirmed in hand-made things along the wall.

The choice of the method of decorating the apartment should be somehow tied to the lifestyle of the owners, their tastes and preferences. Sometimes interesting decor seems completely inappropriate in one room, but it will find a worthy place in another room. If some idea of ​​decorating an apartment with your own hands from improvised materials inspired, feel free to take on its implementation. Try to do everything with inspiration, leisurely and carefully. Even if something did not work out the first time, work on improving the technique, and everything will work out.

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