Do-it-yourself Christmas home decor

New Year's holidays are approaching, which means it's time to start decorating your houses. The design of the living space will help create a great mood and tune in the right way. Coming yearyear yellow dog, and this animal will not tolerate banal and boring interior solutions.

new year home decor

The brighter and more diverse the design of your room will be, the more accurately you will be able to convey all the beauty of the holiday on New Year's Eve.

The choice of accessories and Christmas toys must be approached as responsibly as possible. Attractive color schemes the original interior items will make this year unlike the previous ones and give a feeling of fairy tale and magic.

new year home decor

Christmas decoration at home should not be spontaneous and thoughtless.

2018 New Year Decor Trends

The traditional colors of the New Year holidays are shades of blue, yellow, red and green. But what if you move a little away from this rule? One of the interior trends of this year can be considered terracotta and deep green colors. They coincide with the "color" of the year according to the Chinese horoscope. Covers, tablecloths, pillow covers choose in this color scheme. This will give the room a stylish, modern and festive look.

New Year table setting

Prepare all the materials in advance, design the layout, make sure that for each accessory there is a place in the interior.

Who said you can’t do without a tablecloth on a New Year’s table? Designers advise replacing the textile tablecloth with gift wrapping. The main thing is that the paper "fit" into the general interior and didn’t have too artsy, bright print. The hostess will not have to worry about the stains left by the guests on such a tablecloth, because after the end New Year pm paper can be thrown away.

christmas table

Creating a harmonious and pleasant design on New Year's theme is not difficult, but this process requires preparation.

Location Design idea
Doorways Snowmen and paper snowflakes fixed on a fishing line.
Walls The application on the wall, repeating the outlines of the Christmas tree, is suitable for use: LED garlands, Christmas balls or any improvised materials.
Ceiling Dry sponge "piaflor" in the shape of a ball, decorated with coniferous branches, garlands of paper.

Christmas tree decoration ideas

Living spruces are considered a relic of the past. Modern people take care of nature and prefer to choose spruce made from artificial materials. Is coming year yellow dog, so pay attention to the golden color.

golden christmas balls

The brightest and most stylish jewelry can not only be purchased at the store, but also made with your own hands using improvised materials.

Gold-plated Christmas toys "fit into any interior, It will be beneficial to look at the background of iridescent LED Garlands. It is recommended to complete the composition with help silver cones and organza in natural shades.

tree for new year 2018

New Year's decor of the apartment begins with the selection of materials suitable for creating a festive atmosphere.

A nontrivial solution would be to place the toys and garlands in a spiral. You need to start decorating the spruce with garlands. According to a given direction, balls and a small amount of tinsel are placed.

spiral christmas tree decoration

If we are talking about decorating a Christmas tree, then standard ornaments come to mind, which can be purchased in almost every store before the holiday.

Alas, beautiful Christmas decoration now cost a lot of money. But this does not mean that your New Year tree should be left without registration. A great option will be the New Year snowflakescut out of paper, cardboard, felt or chintz. Decorate snowflakes may with help gilding, beads or pearls.

snowflakes decor

Any material can be used for decorative purposes.

Lounged houses burnt out light bulbs? Fine! Arm yourself with sparkles, glue, scissors and wide stripes of organza. Sequins with help glue should be applied to the light bulb, use a strip of organza as a rope. This is a wonderful, and most importantly creative alternative to classic balls.

light bulb toys

Show your imagination and don't be afraid to realize the most daring ideas.

Living Room Decor Ideas

The living room is the centerpiece of any houses, especially during the holidays. It is in this room that family members, friends and other invited guests gather at the festive table. Therefore, the decoration of the room must be given special attention.

living room for the new year

When deciding how to decorate a house for the New Year 2018 with your own hands, do not forget about the harmonious arrangement of accessories.

Traditional New Year's tinsel is a relic of the past, it does not always fit in favorably with the general interior. Particularly inappropriate decoration will look if the room is made in the style of a loft, Provence or hi-tech. It is better to give preference to more modern options for the design of residential premises.

New Year's interior in the Scandinavian living room

The hue and shape of the jewelry also plays an important role.

  • Christmas wreath. The product will give a New Year's mood and will look incredibly impressive in almost any interior. As a basis, you can take straw, cardboard, wire or vines. Form a circle from any material selected. Next, an artificial spruce spruce branch or other material is fixed to the base. After that, you can proceed to decorate the wreath.
conifer christmas wreath

Dried citrus slices, Christmas decorations of small sizes, dried branches of mountain ash or viburnum, cones are suitable.

  • Candles And the more they will be more arranged in the living room - the better. They can be purchased at the store or made independently. But to candles did not look casual - decorate them. Open with gilding, fix on candles with help glue beads or pearls make stands for them from fir branches. But observe safety measures.
christmas candles decor

Do not leave burning candles in a room unattended.

  • Textile bows. Making them yourself is enough simply. It is necessary to take a piece of fabric, preferably dense, and form a bow. The color of the bows is selected in accordance with the general color scheme of the room. They can be golden, blue, red, green and silver. This decoration will look spectacular on the backs of chairs.
bows on the tree

Bows can be attached with pins to cushions or curtains.

Place small saucers with New Year's treats on free surfaces. Hand-made cookies, gingerbread cookies in glaze, marmalade, ginger sticks will be an excellent filling of such containers.

Christmas gingerbread cookies

It is recommended to decorate the resulting composition with fir branches, cones and winter berries.

New Year's decoration for children

New year - the most magical holiday for children. Give a little festive mood to your child, create an appropriate atmosphere of family comfort and limitless joy in anticipation new year holiday.

Christmas decor for children

Everything should be in moderation, so disperse the accessories around the room.

  • Patterns on the window. To implement this the ideas special paints that can be purchased at the store will be required.
christmas window decor

Invite your child to help, you will not only decorate the glass, but also have a great time together.

  • Garlands. You can make them with help colored paper, multi-colored ribbons, rain, plastic Christmas toys. R
snowflake garland

Weigh the decoration on the walls, along the room, and on the doorways.

  • Wigwam. Great idea for the design of a children's room. For the manufacture of the structure, 6-8 wooden bars, linen or cotton fabrics will be required. You can decorate the structure using an electric garland or in any other way.
wigwam in a children's room

Such a lodge will not only decorate the room, but also give the child a lot of joy.

  • Homemade Christmas tree. Great option the ideas for those who do not plan to buy live spruce. A homemade Christmas tree is made from any improvised materials. Cardboard, wire or Christmas tree tinsel is suitable. The material is folded so that a cone is formed. As for the sizes, there are no restrictions. But it is better to do several such crafts, with a height of not more than 20 cm, and evenly distribute them throughout the nursery.
homemade christmas trees

Decorate the resulting cone with beads and sparkles.

Observe safety precautions and, if possible, refuse to use glass toys in the child’s room. Such toys rather fragile and if not handled with care, the child may be injured.

Ideas for table setting

First you need to decide in what color scheme the table will be decorated, and choose a suitable tablecloth. It can be white, plaid or contain some kind of New Year print.

table decor 2018

So that you do not have to redo the work several times, plan in advance in which place and how the New Year's atmosphere will be created.

You need to decorate the table quite accurately, avoiding a pile of objects and maintaining balance. As decoration can use flavored candlesplaced in coasters decorated with sprigs of spruce. Or take a few transparent vases, fill them with balls, branches of mountain ash or any other dried berries, cones, needles and distribute them on the table.

vases with decor and candles

Make sure that not only furniture, but also different surfaces in the house are decorated festively.

Take the choice of dishes very seriously, because this is one of the most important design elements New Year the table. If you didn’t have plates with traditional New Year's drawings at hand, you can create them yourself hands. To do this, take any stencil you like and a permanent marker.

christmas tableware

It is desirable that the decoration of the house for the New Year 2018 be made in the same style.

After drawing, do not forget to hold the dishes in the oven for at least half an hour to fix the result. If there is no desire or time to engage in fine art, decorate the sides of the dishes with help branches of rosemary or fold the plates in the form of a snowman.

dishes for the new year

The most successful in this design are white, red, golden and green colors.

For cutlery, use special covers. They can be purchased at the gift shop or made by yourself. Simply select a suitable fabric and form squares from it, sew on the edges. Place forks, spoons, and knives inside.

covers for dishes for the new year

Considering that you can make many accessories yourself, you do not have to spend money on stylish serving.

VIDEO: Preparing an apartment for the New Year.

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