Technology and features of wall painting in the interior

The modern market of decorative materials for interior decoration today is replete with its diversity. It is not surprising, as consumer demands are regularly growing. And, despite the wide selection of finishing materials, wallpapers, stained-glass windows and stretch paintings, hand-painted walls in the interior remains unique and one of the most expensive room decor.

Each wall drawing is unique in its own way, even if it is a replica of the famous painting. After all, artists leave in each of their creations a piece of their own soul, creating masterpieces and a unique atmosphere of the whole room.

a variant of a bright interior of an apartment with wall painting

Drawing on the wall will definitely attract the eyes of guests

the idea of ​​a bright style of the house with wall paintings

Each picture is unique in its own way.

the idea of ​​a beautiful design of a wall-painted apartment

Wall painting is one of the most expensive decor options.

Further in the article we will talk about wall painting techniques in the interior, how to choose the right pattern, color palette and independently create a wall masterpiece.

Art painting of walls in the interior is a central element of decor. She catches the eye, depending on the viewing angle, lighting, can change, playing with new colors.

Therefore, you should pay special attention to the choice of plot, color palette, as well as to the quality of the work performed. Despite the artistic and aesthetic value, this decor can also perform the following functions.

  • Qualitative drawing is voluminous and multifaceted. With it, you can visually expand the boundaries of the room.
  • Depending on the selected image, you can visually change the geometry of the room: visually "raise" the ceiling or align the obstructed arch.
  • There are no size restrictions; it all depends on the wishes and fantasies of the customer. You can create a huge landscape of sizes across the wall, or decorate the room with miniature pictures.
  • Given the wide popularity of antique objects, some images are specially coated with craquelure, creating the effect of aging. In this way, it is possible to mask room defects (cracks or irregularities).

An important rule of painting walls in the interior is compliance with the measure. A saturation of the room with this kind of decor will turn a cozy corner into a museum of fine art. Another important nuance is the correct choice of pattern for decorating the apartment. So, for example, the image of cartoon characters will not look harmoniously in the living room, decorated in a classic style.

variant of unusual home decor with wall painting

Using the picture, you can visually expand the borders of the room

variant of the light design of the apartment with wall painting

Drawing can be any size

Preparation of the wall for interior painting

Preparation of the base before applying the paint is an important stage of work. The subsequent service life of the wall masterpiece, as well as color reproduction and the principle of applying paints, depend on its quality. Like any preparatory work, it consists of several stages.

  1. To clear a wall of an old covering, plaster, to remove all unnecessary elements (nails, reliefs).

  2. Close gaps and irregularities, if necessary use a reinforcing mesh.

  3. Degrease the surface with a special alkaline solution.

  4. Apply leveling plaster, remove roughness after complete drying and prime.

  5. Apply a small layer of finishing putty. After drying, clean from defects to a smooth state and prime.

After that, you can apply a masterpiece.

the idea of ​​a beautiful home decor with wall painting

Before applying the picture, you should prepare the wall

variant of the bright interior of the house with wall painting

If everything is done according to the rules, the drawing will be pleasing to the eye for a very long time.

the idea of ​​an unusual style of apartment with wall paintings

Drawing is worth sketching

Paints for wall painting in the interior

When choosing paints for a wall image, it is important to give preference to high-quality and certified brands, because the final result largely depends on them. There are several varieties of paints.

    • Acrylic - have a number of advantages: they are easy to mix, have a wide color spectrum, dry quickly, do not have a pronounced smell and are durable.

    • Oil - less popular than acrylic, as they are less durable, worse to mix and more difficult to work with.

    • Tempera - based on wax and oil. Due to this, by superimposing several layers, the result can be a three-dimensional image.

the idea of ​​a bright interior of the house with wall paintings

For specific purposes, you can choose the right paint

version of the unusual design of the apartment with wall paintings

Paint should be chosen from trusted manufacturers

Mural brushes

A brush is one of the key tools in this work. An exception is abstraction, which is created using a special tool - sponding. An experienced artist has a stock of several brushes of different thicknesses. So, for example, thin brushes are used to study thin and small lines, and thicker to create volumetric areas of the picture.

The quality of the brush’s coat also plays a significant role. More expressive lines are obtained with squirrel or pony hair brushes.

Stencils, pencils, spray cans and markers can also be used for some paintings.

variant of the beautiful decor of the apartment with wall paintings

If all the rules have been followed, the end result will pleasantly surprise you

the idea of ​​a bright style of the house with wall paintings

All materials must be of high quality.

idea of ​​bright home decor with wall painting

The quality of the picture also depends on the brushes with which they draw

Wall painting in the interior: varieties of performance techniques

Like any kind of art, wall painting is developing, new drawing techniques are emerging. The most popular painting techniques in the interior are displayed in the table below.


The essence of the method


The work is carried out with special paints on dry plaster with lime in its composition. After the drawing has dried, it is coated with a special calcium film.


The essence of the method is to apply several layers of multi-colored plaster to the wall. After that, the necessary pattern is scratched on it. The technique requires highly skilled performer.

The result is a three-dimensional image with several contrasting colors.

3D image

The work is carried out in several stages:

  1. Creating a volumetric picture of plaster or gypsum.

  2. Painting of the dried layer with colored paints.


The essence of the method is similar to the work in the fresco style. The difference is that the plaster must dry completely, however, before applying the image, it must be moistened with water.

The use of acrylic paints

There are no restrictions on the choice of basis for applying the picture. The result depends on the skill of the author and can embody any design ideas.


Work is carried out with special spray cans.


The finished masterpiece resembles a picture in retro style. Here they use one color and all its gradations.

variant of the unusual interior of the apartment with wall paintings

For specific purposes, its own drawing method is used.

the idea of ​​light design of the house with the painting of the walls

There are many drawing methods

Hand-painted walls in the interior of different rooms

For each room, you should choose an image, as well as a color palette, depending on the general interior concept, the style of the room, as well as its direct purpose.


The bedroom is a resting place.It is important to adhere to restrained and calm shades and images, avoiding aggressive themes. You should not draw up the walls, depicting on them whirlpools and waterfalls, raging elements. Withering plants and predators in the bedroom are also not appropriate. Choosing a picture for painting the interior in the bedroom, you can use the rules of Feng Shui. Below is a table of the most suitable pictures for the bedroom.

variant of the beautiful style of the apartment with wall paintings

You can also create an original drawing.

the idea of ​​light design of the apartment with the painting of the walls

Most of the bedroom plants and landscapes are appropriate

variant of bright home decor with wall painting

For the bedroom, it is better to use calm shades.


What symbolizes

Flowering trees and peonies

Powerful love amulet


Preserved happiness and love. The caveat here is the mandatory presence of a pair of butterflies.

Couple of birds

Marital fidelity and mutual feelings

Pomegranate fruit

Symbol of the imminent appearance of the child in the family

Calm sunny landscapes

Symbolize a calm and measured family life.

Living room

This room is the main one in the apartment. Here the family spends most of their time; holidays and receptions are also arranged. This area should be decorated with picturesque paintings that embody joy and comfort. The optimal choice may be:

  • reproductions of famous paintings;
  • natural and sea landscapes;
  • city ​​images;
  • abstraction.

Also, when choosing a picture should be based on the style of the room:

  • for classical or Victorian style, ancient columns with sea views, images of a blooming garden will harmoniously fit into the interior;
  • hi-tech or minimalism goes well with black and white abstraction or the look of a modern city;
  • for ethnic style, you should choose paintings depending on the country and its culture that you wanted to realize (blooming sakura for Japanese style, pyramids for Egypt, Champs Elysees and a triumphal arch for French interior).
version of the unusual style of the apartment with wall paintings

City landscapes with nature are perfect for the living room

the idea of ​​a beautiful home interior with wall paintings

The living room should be decorated with picturesque paintings.

Kitchen and dining room

The nuance of painting walls in the kitchen interior is the choice of its location. Do not paint the wall near the sink or stove. Constant contact with water and temperature changes can adversely affect wall painting. If this arrangement is important for the owner of the kitchen, you should choose moisture-resistant paints for work, as well as varnish the creation in several layers.

For visual expansion of the room, landscape, imitation of a window or a picnic in nature are perfect. These are the most popular design techniques.

If the purpose of painting the walls of the interior is to create a specific atmosphere, the optimal solution may be:

  • Still life;
  • Image of the dining area in a cafe or restaurant;
  • Coffee fantasies and paintings with berries and fruits.
the idea of ​​a beautiful style of the house with wall paintings

After drawing, the drawing should be treated with protective agents.

variant of the bright interior of the apartment with wall painting

Landscapes are great for the kitchen

variant of the unusual decor of the apartment with wall paintings

Drawing should be applied on a wall where there is no furniture


The main factor that stops customers from painting the walls in the interior of the bathroom is the increased humidity of the room and regular contact of the walls with steam. These aspects can significantly spoil the wall creation, however, modern techniques and materials can avoid such negative aspects. In such situations, the following rules must be followed.

  • Use moisture resistant plaster.
  • Work is carried out by special moisture resistant paints.
  • Cover the picture with several layers of protective varnish.

Observing all these rules, the drawing will serve its master for many years, without losing its aesthetic properties.

An original solution for the bathroom will be the image of the seabed on the walls together with its inhabitants.

the idea of ​​a beautiful design of a house with a wall painting

For the bathroom, drawings of a marine theme are suitable

variant of the bright style of the apartment with wall paintings

The figure in the bathroom should be treated with protective agents

Children's room

The flight of fancy for painting the walls in the children's interior is not organic.When choosing the style of the picture, you should consult with the young owner of the apartment. Wall painting can turn a room into a fairy tale, creating an atmosphere of magic.

From a psychological point of view, aggressive images and flashy colors should not be used for wall painting in a children's room. Here you can use:

  • underwater landscapes;
  • fairy forest with fairies and animals;
  • magic castles;
  • Cartoon characters and landscapes.

It is worth giving preference to calm and neutral colors for the wall background, but the characters themselves can be painted in a bright and expressive style.

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