Decorations on windows made of paper for the New Year 2018. Stencils, original and traditional decor

On the eve of the winter holidays, I always want to somehow decorate in a special way house. Decorations for the windows made of paper for the New Year and stencils 2018 reflect the latest trends in interior decoration - rejection of New Year trees in favor of interior decorations.

new year window decor

Decorate the window for the New Year.

Today, more and more people support the idea of ​​abandoning the felling of living forest beauties. In the fashion - paper decor for windows and home-made decorations in each room.

window decoration for the new year

It was the original window decorations that were created with their own hands using ordinary paper and scissors that attract the admiring glances of both passers-by and guests of the house.

What is needed for a paper window decor?

Skillfully made glass stickers give a special winter flavor, even if there is slush outside the windows. Patterned windows create a special Christmas and New Year atmosphere. If there is no skill in making the simplest snowflakes and traditional protrusions, use ready-made stencils or patterns.

new year decorations

This is a real flight of your imagination, there are no strict rules, the main thing is that the result will please you and bring joy.

Vytynanka relate to the traditional crafts of the Slavs living in Poland, Ukraine and Romania. They have been widely used since paper became available - in the 19th century. Initially, openwork paper images were symmetrical, mainly floral ornaments.

new year's windows

There are many ideas for decorating windows.

Further, folk art developed, genre scenes from folk life and fantasy patterns were added. Later they came up with polyhedra and three-dimensional shapes used as Christmas and new Year decoration. In Europe, the most common are 6-sided and 8-sided snowflakeswhich are easiest to fold and cut.

window decoration by 2018

Snowflake stencils for New Year window decoration.

For the manufacture of plain jewelry, which even a child can handle, you will need:

  • Small scissors with sharp ends;
  • A4 white office paper;
  • Templates.

It is not necessary to be limited only to snowflakes. You can write with patterned numbers on the window “2018” or build a whole landscape with Christmas trees, houses and lanterns, adding lighting from garlands. Such a decor based raised nice to see not only in the apartment, but also from the street.

window stencil for cutting

The decor will give you the most pleasant sensations and increase the degree of mood during the holidays.

New Year decor ideas

To decorate glass and window sills, there are many simple, but amazing ideas that can give a magical mood.

For templated window decorations made of paper You can use not only A4 sheets, but everything that can be folded and cut with scissors. Suitable for work:

  • Thin cardboard or Whatman paper;
  • Chocolate foil;
  • The remains of light wallpaper;
  • Thick toilet paper
  • Colored covers from notebooks;
  • Beautiful paper from packaging flowers and gifts;
  • Thin tissue paper and crumpled paper.
New Year's window decor ideas

Beautifully decorated windows will not go unnoticed by guests and relatives who will come to you for the holiday.

If you don’t have enough imagination, use ready-made examples. raised and stencils 2018, designed by designers and decorators.

What theme to choose for paper decorations on windows?

Window decor out of paper for the New Year not limited to the simplest snowflakes.

  1. One of the latest trends is whole Christmas and New Year's and plots. For example, the tops of winter forest trees with flying deer and sledges of Santa Claus.
  2. Winter is a string of holidays, including Christmas, New Year and old NG, St. Nicholas Day and Epiphany. One common theme or winter picture, for example, reindeers or the Moon with stars, will do.

    stencils for windows for the new year

    This year's novelty is a plot stencil on the windows.

  3. Among the fashion trends is a paper template on the window with the symbol of the year, before it was the Rooster, now the Dog. Funny faces can be cut according to the finished patterns.
  4. The inscription "2018" can be made in digital form or lay out figures with openwork snowflakes. Another option is to spray under the stencil with diluted toothpaste (the explanation will follow).

    stencil deer on window 2018

    Examples of a beautiful vysytanka on New Year's theme 2018.

  5. From small snowflakes today lay out any pattern. If there are no traditional curtains on the window in the kitchen or on the balcony, they can be replaced by paper decor in the form of extended curtains with pickups. General glass design any winter picture, the same symbol of the year or a house with a haze can complement.
  6. A popular winter symbol is deer, which can be made in any form, even laid out with snowflakes. No less interesting is the “family plot”, where there is a mother with a deer and a father with picturesque branching horns.

    decor deer on the window

    A little patience - and you will have fairytale animals, snowmen and Santas on your glasses!

  7. The traditional New Year and Christmas symbol - Christmas tree. Vytynanka can be done in the traditional way, with a symmetrical pattern. Fashionable Stencils 2018 - winter fluffy beauty in the form of a cone of snowflakes, stars, balls, gifts, bows and other attributes with which it is customary to decorate a Christmas tree in at home. For window plots also suitable poppies in the form of Christmas tree branches with balls and tinsel.

    tree of snowflakes on the window

    Each window will become a real picture that can be looked at for hours.

  8. For Christmas, the theme of Angels is also widely applicable - with pipes in long clothes with wings. Neutral plot - cones, candles, stars (4,5,6,8,12-faced) and bells.
  9. The New Year's list of symbols will not be complete without Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden and the Snowman with a scarf. But you can take Bunny, Squirrel, Chanterelle and other characters of "Mittens".

    decor on the window umka

    There is a fantasy - cut out the heroes of the Ice Age and your favorite children's cartoons on a winter theme, the main thing is that they be recognizable and bring joy.

How to stick paper decor on windows?

Anyone who has tried to glue snowflakes on glass knows that this is not so simple - heavy stencils slide down to dry.

window decoration for new year design

Paper snowflakes glued to the window.

If a window decorations sculpt on glue, it is then difficult to remove its remains from the window, the remains create a very untidy look. Thin paper adheres well when it is wet. But stencils that are too thin break when trying to bias. Office paper is not so thin, it almost does not tear and is well molded.

snowflakes on the windows for the new year

You can stick the cut-out figure or the whole composition onto the glass using laundry soap or paste made from flour and water.

If you rub the cut snowflake on one side with a bar of wet soap and immediately apply it to the glass, slightly pressing it with a dry soft towel - it will come out gently.

window decoration by 2018

This decor will last until spring, after which the delicate patterns are easy to remove and wash the glass.

If you want to supplement window decorations fragments from other materials, it is carefully applied with glue over paper fixed with soap. But it is better to do this in a day, when the paper with soapy solution is completely dry.A more reliable option is to cook a liquid paste from flour or to spread glue for wallpaper.

What decor with paper can be used on windows?

The white paper patterns on the window pane are beautiful in themselves, especially against the backdrop of the city at night. But in some cases, winter plots can be supplemented with decorations from additional materials.

New Year Decor 2018

For a novice designer it is better to take simple ideas for decor.


1. Fine cut foil Depicts a sparkling snow, "lights", Christmas decorations on the decor
2. Colored paper chips from old magazines Suitable for creating colored blocks or delimiting individual blocks
3. The remains of Christmas tinsel and "rain" For mini-plots on the theme of Christmas tree decorations, "lights" and
4. Polystyrene foam Applicable in all "snowy" plots
5. Torn toilet paper Well depicts falling snow in plot pictures, fills in the blanks
6. Fragments of cellophane and thin plastic To give volume to flat subject pictures on window decorations
7. Small pieces of cotton wool "Snowy" option, looks good on paper drawings with branches and balls
8. Shredded yarn For the "clothes" of the characters
9. Colored paper For Christmas toys, the eyes of the characters.

All elements listed in the table may be applicable for volumetric, color and iridescent pictures on glasses. We remind you that they are previously applied to the paper base, it is desirable that it is well dried.

window decoration with snowflakes

Fine cuts can be typed and applied with a dry brush on a base smeared with glue or sprayed, blowing off from the palm of your hand.

Window garlands of volumetric snowflakes and stencils

If an idea with paper on glasses houses don't like it, use pendant Garlands and winter decor in the form of thread curtains.

garland of snowflakes on the window

If the idea of ​​sticking vytynanka on windows for some reason does not fit, you can decorate window openings with all kinds of garlands.

The basis is suitable:

  • Thick thread No. 10 or No. 20 (not sewing No. 40, it breaks);
  • Thick fishing line;
  • Kapron thread;
  • Durable synthetic yarn in white or blue.

On the chosen basis, you can string small paper stencils and small pieces of cotton wool to fix them so that they do not slip. Threads with pictures hung instead of curtains (or in the center) will be rotated by warm air from heating radiators.

snowflake garlands

Such window decorations create a special "fabulous" atmosphere.

This option is not suitable for those who have cats - they really like light "stirring" Garlands near the window. Such decor will soon leave only shreds. If animals and children do not show a desire to break the "magic strings", you can use this winter window decor. Elements simply penetrate in 2-3 places with a needle with a strong thread, after each image they pick up a little cotton or knot a knot (you can get confused).

New Year's decor from cotton

First you need to roll a large number of cotton balls, and then string them on a fishing line, leaving a small gap between each and a bundle.

Suitable winter decor stencils 2018:

  • Dogs;
  • Deer
  • Snowmen
  • Asterisks
  • Snowflakes
  • Bows;
  • Cones;
  • Christmas trees;
  • Bells;
  • Openwork 6-sided.
christmas stencils

You can make paper decorations on windows with your own hands and involve the whole family in this fascinating process.

Alternatively, the same elements can be used to decorate the Christmas tree and hanging garland. The same pattern is suitable for different rooms - glued to glass window decorations or décor decor. Today, many use a Christmas wreath or ikebana with Christmas tree branches - economically and environmentally.

window decoration with christmas branches

The lights in the spruce branches look very romantic and festive.

For those who have mastered volumetric snowflakes or spherical polyhedrons, interior designers recommend placing from a hanging window decor. These snowflakes are heavy, so they are placed one at a time on a thread or fishing line, lining up or a chaotic pattern by the window.

Toothpaste Patterns

Paper decorations on the windows for the New Year can be replaced stencils, which are temporarily applied to spray a white base. Everyone can houses find leftover toothpaste or a box of old toothpowder. Their advantage over gouache and watercolor is that they do not roll on glass.

drawing on the windows with toothpaste

You can even draw “frosty patterns” and falling snow with thick paste on this basis.

To make screen printing decoration on glasses, dense paper is used only at the beginning, it is removed after spraying. It will take several multifaceted paper snowflakes with coarse-mesh patterns. They are alternately slightly moistened and applied to the glass.To apply white “pollen”, white toothpaste is bred (you can add a little blue or blue gouache).

window decoration 2018

Dip into this paste with an old or unnecessary toothbrush and sprinkle with a pile along the edges of the snowflake and in the slot in the middle of the pattern.

Then we remove the paper stencil, phantom ones remain window decorations in the form of a light white coating. At the end of the winter festive extravaganza, they are easy to wash off from the windows.

In manufacture snowflakes and raised all family members can participate in any winter story, especially schoolchildren like it. Connect everyone to an exciting app - one or two evenings, and decorations for windows made of paper for the New Year will be ready. Use your own imagination and our stencilsdeveloped by professionals.

stencils for windows for the new year

They will be fashionable not only in 2018, but also in the future.

VIDEO: Options for New Year's window decor.

50 ideas for New Year's decor of windows for the New Year 2018:

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