How to choose a mirror and find its place in the interior of the room

Since childhood, we have heard many mystical stories about mirrors: supposedly they can bring misfortunes, take away the soul or mind. We do not undertake to judge how true these stories are, but mirrors in the interior of various rooms are still used today, and so far they have not brought any misfortunes. On the contrary, it is a valuable accessory and a good tool for working with the design of the room.

Multiple reflection of copper lamps in a broken mirror

Obviously, a mirror can be the most magical piece of furniture

What are they needed for

A logical question arises: is it worth using mirrors in the interior of a living room or another room?

Two almost identical mirrors by the living room wall

Playing with space is the main function of the mirror

We are used to perceive this subject only from a practical point of view, which regularly performs its functions in the bathroom and hallway. But not used to seeing it as a design element. However, this element performs important functions in the design of the room:

  1. Visually expands the space. This item is often used to visually increase the space, so this option is perfect for a small room.
  2. Improves lighting. If placed correctly in the room, it will evenly distribute penetrating light, and illuminate even the distant and dark corners of the room.
  3. Corrects the proportions. With its help it is possible to adjust the proportions of the room or furniture, or, conversely, it is beneficial to emphasize the irregular shape.
  4. Emphasizes. If you want to direct attention to an object in the room, install a reflective element so that it reflects it or directs light towards it.
Decoration of mirrors on a wooden wall

The decorating possibilities of mirror surfaces are simply huge

Thus, the mirror is useful not only in the bathroom or hallway. It can serve as a good tool for creating design and correcting imperfections in the space of any room.

Variety of models

The modern market offers a wide selection of different models. Now everyone can find what he likes. However, here it is still necessary to choose a product that will be in harmony with the general mood of the room.

Classic style square mirror

A mirror in a beautiful frame will easily transform the interior of even the most modest room

We suggest that you consider the options for using different models and style areas to which they are well suited:

Model Suitable style
AT frame Provence, Baroque, English, Gzhel
Without rams Minimalism, techno
Songs Vintage, boho
Mosaic Empire, gothic
Instead of gender Art Deco Art Nouveau
Instead of the ceiling Hi-tech, contemporary, neoclassical
Instead the wallss Bionics, classic
Built in furniture Bauhaus, constructivism
Custom shaped mirror above the cabinet with glossy surfaces

Such an unusual mirror will be the highlight of the modern interior.

So, starting from what mood you want to create, choose the appropriate design. Consider their advantages, disadvantages and ways to use more.

In frame

In modern design, there are many options for using mirrors in the interior, but the most popular is still the traditional - in the frame. But can it be called traditional, given all the variety of models available.

Mirror wall decoration over a sofa

Large mirrors look good in the living room

Here, the greatest attention is paid to the choice of the frame: its shape, color, material, texture. It depends on the choice of frame in which style you can use the purchased item.

So, for antique styles, a frame with stucco, a heavy plaster decor, is suitable. English, Renaissance, mannerism accepts heavy carved frames made of wood. Natural material can be replaced with artificial wood, use stain, giving it the appearance of natural.

Round mirrors in black frames

Two round mirrors in the frame, placed side by side, look like portholes

New styles also accept the use of frames, but their appearance is already changing somewhat. Here we have simpler options, as well as other materials. Simplicity and practicality are the main tenets of the current style. They, respectively, were adopted and accessories. A circle and a square are the most common shapes. Simple, plain, unadorned frames are what you need for new directions.

Without frame

Modern trends accept the previous version, but some of them went further, completely obeying the concept of minimalism, and completely removed the frames.

Three mirrors without frames on the wall of the kitchen-dining room

When choosing models without a frame, pay attention to the edges - they must be quality processed

It is worth noting that such models do not seem empty and not comfortable. They bring notes of novelty and futurism to the room. Often such models have an unusual shape, but a round or rectangular mirror without a frame is also found.


Another interesting solution to modern design is to create compositions. Here you can use both models of interesting shapes, and ordinary.

Mirror composition on the living room wall

The original composition of mirrors of various shapes will be an excellent decoration of the wall

Small round mirrors instead of a hanger

Mirrors can be with additional functions, for example, with hooks for clothes

You can create an interesting installation using ordinary glasses of various shapes. You can add family photos to it, which also diversifies the picture. In this case, you have the right to pick up any models, and connect them with a common story. The main thing is that they match each other and the general style of the room.


The next unusual idea is a mosaic. This technique has been around for a long time. It is associated with stained glass, a church and old-style. Using a mirror mosaic, you can create both antique styles in the interior, as well as modern ones.

Mirror mosaic over the sofa in the living room

Mirror mosaic can lay out a small area or use to decorate the entire wall

Mosaic can be completely different. With its help, it will be possible to create various “broken figures”, patterns and compositions from small details. A good solution is to design a regular mirror with a mosaic.

DIY mosaic frame for a table mirror

Such a frame for the mirror can be done with your own hands.

Combine this technique with others, and add various materials to it (stained glass, metal, wood). Please note that the elements of the mosaic are not only broken and sharp, as we used to see. In modern style, they can be round or other interesting shapes. Depending on the chosen design theme, this technique is suitable for any style.

Instead of gender

This unusual solution is suitable only for daredevils, since there are many nuances:

  • the model is suitable only for individual parts of the room;
  • the decor should be thought out to the smallest detail;
  • to make a one-piece panel for covering the floor will have only to order;
  • special care and gentle operation are needed here;
  • The cost of such an idea is quite high.

How to implement this solution? There are several options for such an unusual design.

You can install mirrors completely around the entire perimeter of the floor, covering with protective material. So you will be able to maximize the space, create the illusion of a transparent floor.This idea is interesting only for some non-residential rooms, as being in such a room every day may not be comfortable.

Mirror tiles on the hall floor of a private house

Mirror floor - a very extraordinary and expensive solution

The second option is focusing attention. With the help of a mirror floor, you can easily select any zone or object in the room. Simply trim a certain section of the floor in this way and place the desired item on top.

Instead of the ceiling

We pass to the opposite - the ceiling. This option is more common. This idea is perfect for rooms with low ceilings, and will support minimalist styles of futuristic orientation.

Mirror ceiling in the interior of a small hallway

Mirrored ceiling tiles will make the hall visually higher

On a note! To apply this idea, the floors in the room must be bright.

A panel on the entire ceiling will create a feeling of fullness in the room, visually increase the space, and with the skillful use of ceiling lights it will play an important role in shaping the lighting. When the lighting fixtures are correctly positioned, the mirrors will scatter light and also display lights, creating even more light.

Instead of a wall

This is an even more common idea than the two previous ones. Mirror walls are used in dance classes and in aerobics rooms. This helps the student to self-correct all the elements and monitor the correctness of their implementation. The mirror in the interior of the living room on the entire wall does not have such practical significance, but it will be useful and good design.

Narrow hallway interior with mirror wall

Full-wall mirror - perfect for narrow corridors

Mirrored walls will help expand the space and bring more light into the room. In addition, they will be useful for self-correction of posture.

This idea allows you to use not only a one-piece panel, but to combine mirrors with other elements, apply sandblasting drawings, or use partitions of various kinds, breaking up the whole structure.

Models embedded in furniture

This option is suitable for those who love large models, but can not afford a mirror wall, floor or ceiling. Most often used sliding wardrobes with such a door. They can be installed in the bedroom, living room or hallway. An interesting effect will be created by similar floor tables or tables.

Hanger with a mirror in the hallway of a private house

The most common option is a mirror in the headset

Covering the bed with mirror tape

Want your bed to “float” in the air? Coat its perimeter with a mirror stripe

Using such furniture, take care of the elements that it will display. Place an interesting vase or other element against a table or table that looks unusual in reflection.

A few words about styles

It is worth briefly outlining the basic tenets of the styles most used in a modern interior. This will help you to choose the right model, choose the right colors and create a harmonious image. In the most general sense, we can divide the existing styles into modern and ancient.

Round pendant mirror in the hallway interior

Mirrors in a neutral thin frame fit almost any style

Modern directions

We include futuristic styles in this category. These include minimalism, chalets, art deco, loft, techno, contemporary, bionics, hi-tech. We are talking about those areas that profess the postulate of minimalism, use modern technology in design.

Modern Art Nouveau interior

Marble wall covering with mirror inserts - a true modern

Mirror-glasses on the wall of the room in the loft style

For fans of custom solutions, there are unusual mirrors

Preferred materials for modern styles: metal, glass, plastic and wood. The color range covers all shades, both light and dark. The color of the surfaces is mostly solid. The frame for the mirror in such styles must be selected as simple as possible, cumbersome. There is no place for ornate decor. Simplicity and practicality are the basic rules of all elements of modern trends.

Ancient destinations

We refer to the old directions those styles that do not use innovations in design. This includes classics, antique styles, Provence, English, all national trends. They are not old and irrelevant. They simply attribute us to the past and give ancient luxury.

Round mirror in a gold frame over the fireplace

Gold-plated mirror for a classic look

Here you will not find an abundance of glossy surfaces, cold light, strict lines and the tenets of minimalism. Simple and tasteful - this is not from this opera. The destinations of this group are luxurious and magnificent. Perhaps for modern life, some of them are overloaded. However, there are lovers of luxury and ancient chic today.

Mirror in a wide black frame on the floor of a white corridor

In Scandinavian interiors, mirrors often stand on the floor.

The mirrors in this case must be consistent with the style and be truly luxurious. Most of them are in beautiful massive frames. They can be carved or with stucco elements. Large floor models are well suited.

Important installation considerations

Before you finally come to the decision to use mirrors as a room decor, you need to familiarize yourself with the principles of installation and operation of this element:

  1. When installing, take care of the correct location of the light sources. It should become an assistant in the formation of proper lighting, and not hinder it.
  2. When installing several products with a mirror surface, it is better to arrange them so that they do not appear in each other.
  3. If the apartment has children, install the product out of the reach of children.
  4. It is better to use the proposed ideas in bright rooms.
Mirror framed on the living room floor

The larger the mirror, the stronger the effect of increasing space

It is also worth taking care of proper care. This is especially necessary when the product is in constant use (furniture, walls, floor). Get a special tool for cleaning such surfaces, and regularly monitor their cleanliness. Select the correct operating mode. The most acceptable mode will be gentle, where such surfaces are away from frequently used places.

Mirror in a frame with curls on the wall of the hallway

Large mirrors should be hung by professionals

As you can see, the use of mirrors in the interior is not limited to the traditional way. This element can be a real salvation for a small room, as well as serve as an excellent decor.

Large round mirror on the living room floor

When looking for a place for a mirror, always consider what will be reflected in it

Video on how to choose a mirror for the interior of the room

Photo: Mirrors in the interior

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