Aquarium in the interior of an apartment and a house

Closer to nature - the main goal of modern design. The aquarium in the interior of the apartment is not just the habitat of fish, small animals and aquatic plants. This is a real work of art, creating a special atmosphere and competently decorating the room. Its place plays an important role in interior design.

Small aquarium on the desktop

There are many ways to use the aquarium in the interior of a house or apartment

The underwater world in the kitchen

The integration of the aquarium into the kitchen can completely affect the perception of the atmosphere of the room, where the whole family often gathers. This is a fresh touch in the design of the room. The simplest solution is to place the fish tank on the cabinet or on the floor. This method is distinguished by mobility, ease of maintenance. Fish food, necessary accessories will be stored in the nightstand.

Built-in aquarium in the interior of a modern kitchen

Perhaps this is the best apron from an aesthetic point of view

Kitchen island with an aquarium in the interior of the kitchen-living room

If you really want to put a large aquarium in the kitchen, it is logical to place it in a bar or in the island

Kitchen cabinet with integrated aquarium

Or build in a cupboard if the kitchen is small

Interior design can be as close to nature as possible, bringing a tiny particle of the ocean into the room. The aquarium in the interior of the kitchen can be placed in the dining table, become a picturesque background of the bar or its base, it can be built into the wall. Such a kitchen delights with its liveliness, natural appearance, is a stimulating and inspiring internal solution, the interior with an aquarium only wins.

Original: drink coffee and consider fish

The modern interior is dynamic and interesting. A coffee table with a built-in aquarium is something new and original. It can be of any size - for small and spacious rooms. The table will become a highlight of the interior, which will certainly attract attention, especially since, thanks to the imagination of the designers, it can take various forms: square, rectangular, oval.

Coffee table with integrated aquarium

The top of the aquarium table should be made of glass

Aquarium-shaped glass coffee table

Beautiful table in the form of a round aquarium

The material for the countertop is usually chosen tempered glass, it is durable, easy to remove for maintenance. A technological hole is provided for feeding the fish. Additional equipment is located in the table frame, bottom topography. It is pleasant to sit at a friendly conversation, put a cup of coffee on the glass and watch the colorful living inhabitants of the aquarium, the play of light and shadow in the water. Decorative elements: boats, pebbles, grottoes make the underwater landscape especially attractive, the design of a room with an aquarium is always advantageous. For the coffee table, unpretentious guppies, neon, cockerels and goldfish are chosen. They will not fulfill their wish, and they will become an adornment of a small water kingdom.

The meeting of two elements: fire and water

The fantasy of designers knows no bounds. It would seem that there is enough space in the house to install an aquarium. But they proposed a fireplace. Why? It turns out that the combination of imitation of fire on logs and a beautiful water world becomes unusually spectacular. Those who decide to combine an aquarium with a fireplace will have a lot of work to do.

Fireplace and aquarium in the spacious living room interior

Chic aquarium around the fireplace in the living room

Fireplace with an aquarium in the interior of the living room of a country house

Combining an aquarium with a fireplace will be easier if the latter is an imitation, and not a real hearth

The process will turn out to be rather laborious, you need to correlate the electrics of the fireplace and the aquarium so that it does not intersect, try to prevent a short circuit in case of leakage. But when all issues are resolved and two elements - fire and water - are on the same plane, the impression will be amazing. Now you can not only enjoy the dance of flame, but also watch the movement of beautiful fish, a vibrant flora.

Living room and aquarium: made for each other

The aquarium in the living room interior looks great, successfully fits into any style decision. It is not only a decorative element, but also creates a unique interior, makes the atmosphere cozy, helps to relax after a hard day, get distracted, switch from negative emotions to positive thoughts.

Aquarium on a stand in the living room of a city apartment

Even a few minutes of watching the fish greatly improve your mood.

Small aquarium in the form of a coffee table

A small aquarium does not take up much space and is easy to carry

The outdoor version of the aquarium in the interior of the apartment takes up a lot of space and is suitable for spacious rooms. If you have to save every centimeter of the useful area of ​​the house, it is better to integrate the aquarium with the underwater landscape into the wall. Built-in containers give a special mood and become a kind of lively picture that will never get bored. Aquariums integrate into a chest of drawers, a curbstone, they can connect two rooms with a picturesque translucent “window”. The angular design allows you to successfully use the space, looks original, creates a panoramic view.

Aquarium cabinet as a space divider

A massive aquarium is perfect for zoning a room.

Popular "live pictures" - flat rectangular aquariums on the wall. They are framed with a baguette, which gives a feeling of a real work of art. Designers offer to enter the underwater world in a pool table, in the space above the sofa or at its head. The aquarium under the TV in the interior looks very interesting.

Living room interior with aquarium-picture on the wall

Only the most unpretentious fish can be kept in a flat aquarium picture

You can not only buy a suitable container, but also order the design for the aquarium in the interior of the apartment according to your drawings. The size should correspond to the area of ​​the living room, not overload the room, the presence of other decorative elements - floor vases, figurines and so on.

Design a living room with an aquarium against the wall

Tall aquarium in the interior of a modern living room

Important. The shape of the aquarium should be in harmony with the style of the living room. If it is classic or romantic, a nice rounded interior aquarium is suitable, if straight laconic lines prevail, you should stop at the rectangular version.

A long aquarium in the interior of the kitchen-living room

“Water ribbon” as a decoration of the kitchen-living room

The location of the beautiful underwater kingdom is important. The aquarium should be well visible from anywhere in the room. Choose a place comfortable for fish at some distance from radiators or speakers.

Interior partition

Sometimes an aquarium is installed with the aim of zoning the space. Instead of a boring ordinary partition, an amazing, constantly changing underwater landscape with mysterious lighting appears. This idea is especially successful for open-plan rooms. Transparent glass does not obscure the room, adds light, air to it, but at the same time allows it to be fenced off, to obtain the necessary privacy.

Built-in partition aquarium between the dining room and the living room

You can enjoy the beauty of this aquarium from both rooms, which it shares.

The aquarium can originally divide a room, becoming an interesting design decision, while you need to remember a few rules:

  1. Too much bright sun can cause stress in the inhabitants of the aquatic world and lead to their death.
  2. The container stand must be sturdy and easily support the weight of the aquarium.
  3. The capacity is set so that it can be viewed from all sides.
  4. For convenient cleaning, the space around the aquarium is left free.
Wooden partition with aquarium and fitted wardrobes

A large aquarium can be built into a wooden cabinet

Arch with an aquarium in the interior of a residential building

Or place it in an open arch

It is successful to distinguish between the living room and the dining room, the dining area of ​​the kitchen and the working area with a glass container. Filling the aquarium should be in harmony with the decoration of the room. To use the space most ergonomically, storage is organized under the aquarium.

The comfort of the water world in the bedroom

Lovers of peace, comfort and a magical underwater landscape set up an aquarium in the bedroom. It is usually not overloaded with decor and furniture, so a transparent container with exotic colorful plants, stones will be a bright detail.

Decorating a bedroom wall with an aquarium

In the bedroom, the aquarium is great for decorating the wall above the head of the bed. It can be small and elegant.

Large aquarium in the interior of the bedroom

Or huge, occupying most of the wall

Pros of placing an aquarium in the bedroom:

  1. Blue and greenish tones have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, help to relax, relieve tension.
  2. The open surface of the water will have a moisturizing effect, which is especially true in houses with central heating.
  3. Modern silent equipment will not disturb a quiet sleep.
  4. LED backlight will serve as an original night light.
  5. For the aquarium, a stand or a console table is enough.

If the flickering of fish is annoying, you can choose the option in the style of a wabi-kus, in which plants grow under water and above it. Since there are no fish, frequent cleaning is not required, there will be no characteristic smell.

Basic styles of aqua design

Aquarium science is a young dynamically developing area, new ideas appear every day. The main styles of aquascaping can be distinguished:

  1. Dutch. Plants occupy a large part of the area, have different sizes, colors and designs.

    Dutch style aquarium decoration

    The Dutch style of aquarium design in everyday life is called a “herbalist”

  2. Iwagumi Large stones, rock fragments have their own name and purpose in accordance with Japanese philosophy.

    Iwagumi style aquarium decor

    Iwagumi is somewhat reminiscent of a Japanese rock garden

  3. Deutsch. Harmonious combination of plants, snags surface and underwater type.

    Interior of a home aquarium with snags

    When designing an aquarium in the German style, you can use everything, but in moderation

  4. Taiwanese. High-quality imitation of the underwater landscape. Used figures, small stones.

    Taiwan style home aquarium decoration

    The Taiwanese style is characterized by the recreation of a true seascape.

The design of the aquarium distinguishes natural and artificial themes. The first with stones, sponges, shells, plants imitates the underwater landscape. For the artificial version, they take bright gravel, castles, statues, sunken ships, pirate treasures. During the design, fish are isolated and placed in a decorated aquarium after completion of work, the design of the aquarium in the apartment requires professional skills.

But the creation of a unique water world is only the beginning of constant work. It is necessary to trim algae and plants, clean glass and vacuum the soil. Experienced aquarists do not use chemicals, but a weak solution of vinegar.

A small aquarium on a wooden nightstand near the sofa

The right model for lovers of minimalist forms

Bathroom interior with aquarium

Unusual idea - aquarium in the bathroom

Specialized stores acquire an interior for the aquarium. If everything is done correctly, the beautiful water kingdom will delight for a long time with the brightness of colors and wonderful colorful inhabitants.

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