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The traditional English style in the interior (another name is Victorian) is strict and, to some extent, according to the prevailing stereotype, this type of decoration is inherent to conservatives. In strict outlines, restrained colors and a huge number of decorative elements, elegance, a sense of style and good taste are combined.

unusual style of the bedroom in the English style

English style design

bright English-style kitchen design

English style home library


A characteristic feature of the interior is the textile variety: velvet, satin (subspecies "pompadour"), jacquard upholstery and curtains. One-color canvases are combined with polysyllabic woven patterns of the XVIII-XIX centuries. The classic bedroom in the spirit of England is traditionally decorated in cold shades of aquamarine, emerald and eggplant.

Textured wallpapers and textiles should harmoniously complement each other: pillows and chairs should be covered with a cloth of this kind with curtains, but with a more relaxed motif - a strip or circles. The decoration of the rooms uses ceramic tiles and wooden panels.

beautiful interior of the hallway in the English style

English style in the interior

light decor in an English style apartment

Bright room design in English style

The characteristic elements of the cabinet in the English style are carved panels of solid oak, wenge or rosewood for wall cladding. A library with an impressive collection of books, a glass door fenced from the hallway, leather sofas, large-scale paintings with portraits of the XVIII century noblemen are mandatory attributes of a study.

Owners and guests of the house in the spirit of old Britain can see the disadvantages and advantages of their appearance in an aged mirror with a massive frame. Wooden panels made of kempas, hornbeam or beech, leather upholstery, senpolia and potted balsamins will decorate the entrance and dining room.

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Beautiful English style room

unusual interior of the living room in the English style

English style in the interior

The design of old England houses impoverishes several details:

  1. Comfort above all. Almost all living rooms have two small sofas, not one wide one. This trick is used to create conversation zones and more comfortable corners for residents and guests of the house.
  2. Bright color accents. In everyday foggy dullness, British houses take on a slightly dull look, the attention of which the wall can distract, is painted in saturated blue, red or orange, and a bright rug.
  3. Everything is stored inside the furniture. For this purpose, the British use coffee tables, open shelves in the kitchen, thin cabinets and bookshelves in the living room and corridors.

To correctly create an English interior in the house, you need to calculate everything to the smallest detail.

light decor of the corridor in the English style

English style design

beautiful design of the kitchen in the English style

Beautiful design of the room in the English style

Materials for creating an English atmosphere

Talking about the arrangement of objects in the English interior is necessary only after the room is repaired, the ceiling, walls and floor are finished. The interior of the British house corresponds to such materials:

  • wood in the form of decorative panels, typeset parquet or floorboards;
  • textured wallpaper on a vinyl or non-woven basis;
  • ceramic tiles for rooms with high humidity (kitchen, bathroom, pantry).

The best decoration of a traditional fireplace will be marble or limestone. When decorating, expensive fabrics and genuine leather are used.

beautiful decor of the bedroom in the English style

English style in the interior of the room

bright hallway design in english style

Chic English style design

The color scheme of housing in the spirit of England

What is in the classic design of British housing, what in modern times are designers looking for inspiration from nature. From the beauty and tenderness of roses, you can draw pink and yellow shades, from the meadows and hills of the countryside - pale green and light green. A particularly relevant detail of the English interior is the floral ornament, which is created using pastel shades of orange, yellow and red.

To design a comfortable living room, it is enough to use three or four colors. But, there are exceptions that are found in traditional English cuisines - pure-white table tops of cabinets and accessories in the form of vases or coasters.

unusual interior of the apartment in the English style

Light design in English style

light style living room in english style

English style in the interior

Wall and floor decoration in a British home environment

What arises in the imagination of most people after they hear the phrase "English style in the interior"? Perhaps rural details, flowers around the door and an ornament on every corner. But, for professional designers, this phrase provides much more.

Before proceeding with the design of the room, you need to find out the colors that are relevant for this style, more precisely, their location on the walls, ceiling and floors. British housing design involves:

  • dark floors - brown, red;
  • the walls are necessarily with a pattern - floral, geometric;
  • ceilings - matte and plain with wooden beams, caissons or stucco moldings.

When working with elegant British-style décor, it is important to use contrasts. For example, wooden walls are the color of hornbeam, wenge, rosewood, terracotta flooring and milky white ceilings.

bright decor of the corridor in the English style

English style design

light style bedroom in english style

Bright interior of the room in the English style

Furniture for rooms

The main material for the manufacture of cabinets, tables and beds, like the English interior, is natural wood. The wood may be light or dark. The option of using painted, stencil, artificially blackened material is not ruled out. Tables, chests of drawers and bookshelves are usually made of oak, mahogany or pine.

Furniture fittings can be made of brass, Tibetan steel. Sofas and chairs are usually deeply laid and covered with patterned fabrics. Carefully laid pillows soften the look of wooden chairs and seats.

Screen racks, built-in bookshelves and porcelain cabinets throughout the house present treasured objects and family heirlooms to guests of the house. Next to them, on secluded shelves of the open type, straw baskets and tea sets will be placed. Both classic and modern English style in the interior emphasizes the functionality of furniture and objects, which, as a rule, wear a worn, but strong look.

beautiful design of the living room in the English style

English style living room design

bright decor of the hall in the English style

English style in the interior

Lighting, decor and accessories

Nature has made a huge contribution to the lighting of rooms: lamps, candles and traditional chandeliers are used instead of rarely appearing from the clouds of sunlight. Decorations for housing, following the example of foggy England, include many accessories and parts in the form of beamed ceilings, cladding and wooden floors.

Most houses have a fireplace, and a large family portrait usually hangs in the most prominent place in the living room. Accessories emphasize little things, things dear to the heart - photos, handmade crafts and pillows. Floral arrangements - recently cut or dried - are arranged in long corridors, in bedrooms and in the hallway.

unusual interior of the hall in the English style

Bright room in the English style

light style english style apartment

English style design

Fabrics for upholstery, textiles and decor are selected to match the color scheme. Curtains, curtains in the kitchen, bedspreads and pillowcases on pillows are simply obliged to be painted with floral patterns. This type of home decoration involves the use of natural fabrics - linen, cotton, cambric, jacquard. People who want to turn their home into a small authentic corner of the UK should remember: every little thing should not look planned or designed.

Decorating Tips

You can create beauty, style and fashion indoors with the help of relevant details. But, only special elements can fill a house with cosiness: photographs, hand-made, original crafts. Such tricks will help to make an interior special, sincerely warm:

  • used furniture can be painted and then lightly sanded to give it an aged look;
  • covers for chairs and sofas, made to order or with your own hands, if the owner of the apartment is a needlewoman;
  • enlarged family photographs inserted into frames will decorate the walls of the hallway.

Decorative pillows embroidered with beads or ribbons on sofas, pastel-colored vases and tapestry panels on the walls will bring even more uniqueness and originality to the interior.

unusual decor of the living room in the English style

English style living room

light style kitchen in English style

Beautiful design of the room in the English style

Basics and design rules

The grace of wood and the ornamental nature of textiles, massive doors and high windows, cozy carpets in soft muted tones and dense curtains, wide wooden stairs and fireplaces with marble decoration - all precisely characterize the interior design style of houses in old England. Lined with natural stone or carved wood panels, the fireplace is the central component that surrounds the interior of the room.

Durable wood panels, textured wallpapers with traditional stripes or small flowers are usually used to decorate walls in British living rooms. The floor is covered with typeset parquet, the ceiling is decorated with cast elements, sagging wooden beams and stucco molding. The color scheme ranges from warm shades of brown, scarlet and gold to cold aquamarine, emerald and ashen.

Textiles play an important role in the British interior: kitchen and hallway curtains, eye-catching pillows and blankets are integral elements. Furniture for rooms should be made of natural wood: oak, walnut, mahogany, ash, yew. In addition, cabinets, beds and chairs look especially elegant: elegant carved legs, painted in warm pastel shades of brown, inlaid with stones. For the upholstery of sofas, armchairs and chairs, only natural fabric is used.

The essential elements of the decor are the rugs, tapestries, porcelain and silverware, crystal chandeliers, candlesticks. A large number of pillows and feather beds are typical features of bedrooms in the English style. Another subtle feature is the four-poster bed.

bright interior of the corridor in the English style

English style design

beautiful design of the bedroom in the English style

English style in the interior

Creating an English decor in different rooms

There has never been a debate between designers about which rooms can be decorated in an English manner, because this type of decor is suitable for an apartment, a house, and even a restaurant. An example of room decor, taken from the portfolio of American designers Sean Ward and Stephen Fillmore, will help you find inspiration for creating an English interior in your home.

Living room

A harmonious combination of modern art and antique objects will give the hallway functionality. Key details: several small tables with chairs, a colorful carpet, a Chinese wardrobe for family heirlooms and antiques.


The walls are painted in pastel peach hue, which harmoniously look cabinets and bedside tables made of red-brown wood and beaded pillows on a small sofa.

bright interior of the hallway in the English style

English style living room

unusual decor of the corridor in the English style

English style room interior


The main elements are a roomy table, opposite which there is a wall-mounted TV, a wide sofa with jacquard upholstery, an Italian chandelier with transparent hanging on the ceiling.


High windows, a beige door and a built-in wardrobe with carvings make the interior of the sleeping room calm. Along one of the walls there should be a four-poster bed made of dark wood and covered with a patterned bedspread.

bright style bedroom in english style

Beautiful English-style bedroom


A classic washbasin with a nightstand on the legs, the same bathroom basin and golden beige tiles on the walls are the bright accents of the room.

Many details for decorating housing can be found on the flea market. It can be antique mirrors, paintings, vases. Even a massive rug with an original ornament, chair covers and a tapestry with monarchs will perfectly complement the decor.

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