Arches in the interior: types, materials, photos

One of the most common solutions for decorating a wall opening is an arch. She was present in interior design for a very long time, and initially had a semicircular shape. However, with the development of modern technology and the advent of new materials, the appearance of arches has changed.

bright arch in the design of the apartment

Interior room with arch

light arch in the interior of the living room

Large wide arch in the interior

beautiful arch in the style of the kitchen

Room Design with Arch

The possibilities of decorative arches

The construction of the arch can carry many functions, purposes and capabilities.

  • In a small room, the arch is able to visually increase the space (if you replace the door with it, the room will seem larger).
  • A large space can be divided into zones, which will give comfort and eliminate the feeling of emptiness (it is popular to divide into a zone for eating and cooking food, the transition between the corridor and the living room).
  • It can carry a stylistic component that will give the apartment a certain orientation (often there is an imitation of an arch that performs only an aesthetic function).
beautiful arch in bedroom design

Interior corridor with arch

light arch in the interior of the corridor

Beautiful arch winterere

Types of decorative arches

All arches are divided into the following types:

  1. Active arches - basically made in such a way that they provide a wide view of adjacent rooms, are able to significantly transform the interior and are made in a complex form.
  2. Passive - have a simple shape and act as the boundary between the rooms.

Active arches include:

  • Oriental
  • horseshoe-shaped;
  • lancet;
  • trapezoidal;
  • keeled;
  • semicircular.
bright archway-style arch

Stone arch in the interior

bright arch in the style of the kitchen

Arch in the interior

beautiful arch in the bedroom interior

Interior Design with Arch

Passive arches are simpler and are divided into the following types:

  • classic style - characterized by the correct radius of the arc;
  • ellipsoidal - the arc is made in the form of an oval;
  • modern - differs in an arc with a characteristic rise;
  • Romance - on top of the arc is cut off and rounded on the sides;
  • portal - the shape of the arch in the form of a rectangle.

What determines the shape of the arch

Before proceeding with the choice of an arch, it is worthwhile to understand what its shape depends on and what type will be relevant in a certain interior.

  1. Door dimensions and ceiling height - active arches can only be installed in a large room.
  2. The purpose of the room - plays an important role, since the tasks assigned to the arch will depend on this.
  3. Stylistic decoration of the room - the arched opening should be harmoniously combined with the general interior.
light arch in the design of the apartment

Wide beautiful arch in the interior of the kitchen

bright arch in the style of the corridor

Bright room with an arch

Finishing materials

Arches in the apartment are made of various materials, depending on the conditions and stylistic design.

  1. Stone is the most common material used in the construction of the opening. An arc of a certain shape is laid out, which is hard to do with your own hands. Requires subsequent decoration.
  2. Wood is a practical and convenient solution. Different types of wood can be used, which will significantly affect the overall cost.
  3. Drywall is very convenient, since you can give the arch any shape, it is easy to assemble, a fairly inexpensive option.
  4. Polyurethane - similar in properties to plastic, resistant to moisture.Easy to install and beautifully designed.
  5. Particleboard, fiberboard - the cheapest method of construction, at the same time quite simple and looks great.
light arch in the design of the living room

Large arch in the interior

beautiful archway in the interior of the hallway

Wide arch in the interior

beautiful arch in the style of the bedroom

Room Design with Arch

Artificial stone decoration

Popular arch decoration with artificial stone. Many will say that natural is better, but there are a number of advantages of a synthetic material.

  • It consists of natural components and does not contain any chemical elements or impurities.
  • It is strong enough, looks beautiful and will last no less than natural.
  • It weighs three times less and is easily used in arched structures of any strength.
  • It has a small price, easy to transport and can be bought at any hardware store or market.
  • It can repeat the shape and texture of natural stones.
  • Caring for it does not require much effort.
  • It is simply mounted on any arched openings.
  • Resistant to moisture, temperature extremes, corrosion and fungus.
  • Decorating the arch with artificial stones is suitable for almost any style in the apartment.
bright archway in the design of the hallway

Arch in the interior

light arch in the design of the corridor

Interior room with arch

Tile and stone

A vivid and memorable solution in the decor of the arch will be the use of sandstone and acrylic tiles in a combination. For example, the external sides facing the premises are lined with sandstone, and the opening itself is tiled. There is a technique of lined mosaics from tiles, which gives originality and uniqueness to the style. Using a combination of sandstone and tile looks great and is suitable for creating decorative designs.

beautiful arch in the style of the apartment

Arch in the interior

beautiful arch in the style of the apartment

Living Room Design with Arch

bright arch in the interior of the kitchen

Beautiful arch in the interior

Decorative panels and stucco

Common materials for facing the arch are panels and stucco.

  • MDF panels and linings are perfect for the classic style.
  • The use of such elements creates a visual imitation of wood, which is very important in modern design.
  • Such panels are mounted with glue and nails without caps.
  • Initially, it is necessary to frame the inner space of the arch, and only then install the panels.
  • This process is similar to installing a door frame.
  • Stucco decoration is a common decoration technique, as it is quite simple.
  • It is mounted on liquid nails or glue.
  • Great for designs in hotels or in rooms with an antique style.
beautiful archway design

Large arch in the interior

bright arch in the bedroom interior

Wall arch in the interior

Affordable and inexpensive way to decorate the arch - wallpapering

An affordable option for decorating the arch is wallpapering. Currently, there are a huge number of different textural and coloring wallpapers. One has only to choose the necessary sample, which will look harmoniously and combine with the style of the room. Simple and fast method of decorating the opening.

During gluing, certain rules should be followed:

  • First, the outer side of the arch is glued with a small margin;
  • the remaining pieces must be wrapped in;
  • the third stage is wallpapering in the inner part of the arch.

Despite the cheapness and simplicity, this decor has its drawbacks. So the wallpaper can quickly fade or tear, so it is better to have a roll in stock.

light arch in the style of the living room

Arch in the interior

beautiful archway-style arch

Light room design with arch

light arch in kitchen design

Room Design with Arch

Framing the arched opening with wooden lining

The time-consuming and expensive decoration of the arched opening will be framing with wooden overlays. Firstly, the tree is not cheap, and secondly, the required elements will have to be ordered, which is also an expensive pleasure. Despite this, this method is quite popular, as the wooden lining give a classic style and look very impressive.

We make the arch in the apartment with our own hands: decor ideas

Making an arch in an apartment with your own hands is quite simple, if you have all the required materials, desire and necessary knowledge. The most common decorating methods are:

  • decoration with sandstone and tiles - it will take a little skill and imagination;
  • wallpapering and clothing is the easiest and cheapest way;
  • decor with curtains is possible;
  • just install the finished stucco moldings and linings;
  • the fastest will be regular painting or the use of textured putty.
bright arch in the interior of the living room

Arch in the interior of the corridor

bright arch in the interior of the corridor

Interior room with arch

The use of arched openings in the interior is quite common. The use of inexpensive and practical materials in the design of the arch in the apartment, allows you to create your own design with your own hands, which will become a hallmark of your interior. You can create your own, original and unique design that will last more than one year.

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