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The Art Deco style in the interior is an art raised to the absolute. The design of the rooms uses the elegance of lines and shapes; luxury prevails over minimalism and functionality. Such an interior is always recognizable, if only executed according to all the canons. Translated from French, the term means "decorative art", where this direction comes from. This style of interior design has been in demand for almost a century, without losing its relevance. Today, Art Deco (as it is pronounced in the French manner) is at the turn of popularity, having gone through a certain rethinking and embodiment through new finishing materials, furniture and textiles.

beautiful home design in deco art style

Beautiful bedroom in art deco style

bright room interior in art deco style

Art deco room interior

History of art stylistics

The term "Art Deco", as the style of interior design, arose immediately after the emergence of a concept inspired at the beginning of the twentieth century - after the Paris exhibition. Exhibits of modern (at that time) decorative art and successful models of industrial production in 1925, as well as how they were presented, made a splash.

The international event called Internationale des Arts Decoratifs Industriels et Modernes was attended by many countries where innovative designs were proposed. Immediately after the exhibition, the concept "stepped" into interior design. This is justified - after the dominance of the bored modernism and boring classics, everyone was looking for some more interesting idea.

chic art deco style apartment

Art deco room design

light design home in art deco style

Art deco room interior

After World War I, the idea of ​​economy and practicality began to recede into oblivion, and the concept of interiors in the Art style quickly took root in apartment buildings and expensive restaurants in France. Just ten years later in Europe and America, they designed everything that they wanted to put on public display. Aristocratic circles, creative bohemians and wealthy intelligentsia contributed to this. The wealthy citizens, who until this time had to hide expensive antiques and works of art, finally put them in fashionable apartments.

After the war, luxury was considered irrelevant, functionalism and constructivism dominated, then pop art came. The grace of interior design in the spirit of art deco was remembered only at the end of the twentieth century. On a new wave of popularity, modern Art Deco has come today, absorbing old traditions and new finishing materials. Today, in the spirit of the French style, status interiors are designed for "media" personalities.

bright style apartment in art deco style

Bright living room in art deco style

light room interior in art deco style

Art deco bedroom design

Along with genuine works of art, in a new way of thinking, sketches of contemporary artists are acceptable. In the interiors of the budget plan, even imprints of famous paintings and imitations of expensive natural materials are used as imitation - ecoskin, laminate under wenge, granite marble and amber. In catalogs you can always find not only real furniture in the art deco style of French and Italian masters, but also more affordable styling.

beautiful home interior in art deco style

Art Deco style interior

chic deco art room design

Art Deco Bedroom

Fashionable Art Deco interior: recognizable features, laws and features

Seeing the living quarters, decorated with a special sophistication and grace, many are interested in what is art deco in interior design? Modern Art Deco is diverse, it has largely departed from the original concept, having lost even the main “mark” - it is Sunburst or the sun's rays, as if penetrating through the texture of materials.

It is not enough to hang a mirror or a wall clock in a frame in the form of beams, although this is quite possible. The interior should be quite spacious and “drunk” with light, thanks to various design techniques:

  • chrome or gilded fittings;
  • crystals in lighting fixtures and window decor;
  • mirror tiles and mirrors in elegant design;
  • glossy surfaces;
  • glare and stripes in the form of sunlight on wallpaper, upholstery, paintings, window textiles;
  • glass souvenirs and accessories in a special way refracting light.
chic art deco style apartment design

Interior of a large room in art deco style

light art deco style home

Large room in art deco style

Furniture for the design of an apartment in the art deco style has long been developed, but you can choose another model, most importantly - elegance of forms and luxurious upholstery. It may be a lot in the interior, but it should not clutter up the room. The set or set is set along the walls, an island or symmetrically, but in everything the general concept of furniture should be guessed. Different furnishings should be functional and complement each other in design, even if executed in a different way.

This style is thought out to the smallest detail and obeys certain principles that designers who work with this direction follow:

Art Deco is a decorative style dominated by art and luxury finishes. In preference:

  • polished marble and granite;
  • varnished and glossy surfaces;
  • mother of pearl and varnishing;
  • mirrors and glass;
  • crystal and crystals;
  • smooth metal surfaces;
  • valuable wood species;
  • ivory, fur and skin (reptiles and pythons, spotted calf skin, zebra and leopard).

A play of colors, but emotional and contrasting colors are subordinated to a single background of a natural shade. Preference is the color of natural wood, milk and dark chocolate, black and white contrast and golden accents.

beautiful room interior in art deco style

Chic Art Deco Bedroom

bright room style in art deco style

Large bright room in art deco style

Geometry in the interior:

  • rectangular shapes of furniture are organically combined with smooth grace;
  • winding and zigzag lines in the decor;
  • stripes and ornaments of unusual shapes;
  • squares, circles, rhombuses and triangles in an intricate composition.

Real art deco in the interior is a feeling of luxury, prosperity and prosperity. But this should not be expressed in expensive things and antiques, although its presence is not excluded. More important is the general concept of aesthetics, as in the photo example.

light art deco style apartment design

Art deco room interior

beautiful home interior in deco art style

Bright bedroom in art deco style

Modern art deco is eclectic, therefore, in different design options, the predominance of the characteristic features of one of the styles is noticeable:

  • retro classic;
  • Art Nouveau;
  • ethnic motives;
  • colonial style;
  • modern technologies.

African masks and Japanese ikebans, Chinese fans and ethnic drums as coasters can “coexist peacefully” here. For such an interior, it is not worth collecting collections from all over the world, but Chinese vases and Japanese screens, black lacquered miniatures of Palekh and Persian rugs are appropriate as decor.

beautiful design room in art deco style

White room in art deco style

bright home interior in art deco style

Cozy room in art deco style

The general surroundings can be complemented by modern handicrafts and explicit rarities of the Egyptian and ancient times (or imitation). Often, the interior uses frames and a dark background for bright things, like at expositions of exhibitions. An important role is given to musical instruments and the “principle of the piano” - the alternation of contrasts, like white and black keys.

Note! “Art” decor and design are on the list of the most significant finds of the twentieth century.In this style, hotels and exhibitions, luxury apartments and restaurants are decorated. A vivid example is the scenery of the cult film Federico Fellini “Sweet Life”, and this is the Regina Baglioni Hotel.

chic style home deco art

Beautiful bedroom in art deco style

chic art deco home design

Chic art deco room design

The furniture is light, luxurious and functional, it is convenient to use, despite the chic upholstery made of silk, velvet, natural fur or leather of exotic animals. In a spacious apartment, the dining area, regardless of layout, looks more like an elite restaurant than a common place to eat. It should be complemented by an elegant dining set with a large table and chairs with oval backs. The original decor will complement the luxury of general and local lighting, as in the photo.

There are more and more adherents of this style, even among people with average incomes. Of those who choose art deco style in the interior, there are many creative intelligentsia and connoisseurs of aesthetics. He is preferred by accomplished personalities whose tastes have long been formed under the influence of hobbies related to art. As a tribute to fashion, this is the choice of wealthy women for a selfie boudoir, antique collectors and wealthy travelers picking up art deco interior items. A similar situation is ordered by the designer for the homes of wealthy people who want to organically attach antiques and works of art in their personal space.

bright room interior in art deco style

Interesting art deco room design

bright style art deco apartment

Bright room in art deco style

Tip. For an independent solution, it is not necessary to transfer inconsistent objects into one room or corner. It is better to start with the selection of wallpaper and suspended ceilings in the living room or bedroom. Then drag elegant upholstered furniture in the living room with a luxurious cloth. Supplement the dining area with a still life, replace lighting fixtures and curtains, adding several characteristic accessories in the art deco style.

Design advantages in this style:

  • visible luxury in harmony with the design concept;
  • the use of natural materials of interesting texture;
  • the possibility of the organic use of works of art and modern household appliances;
  • a lot of light and free space when filling the room with many objects;
  • the decor is functional and practical, despite luxury and sophistication;
  • thoughtful gamma and combination of patterns;
  • competent combination of glossy surfaces and lighting.

Even the budget interior design under art deco looks stylish, extravagant and luxurious, but not elaborate, thanks to the general aesthetics.

chic deco art home design

Art deco style living room interior

chic room interior in art deco style

Chic living room in art deco style

light art deco home design

Beautiful bedroom in art deco style

Functional design specifics

  1. The interior of the Art Deco hallway should not be dark. Even if it is a narrow room. The visual effect of wall expansion is due to the mirror wall, a light floor to the texture of natural materials and thoughtful lighting.
  2. In the design of bedrooms, art should be felt in everything, starting with the grace of a large bed and ending with paintings in the style of "nude" (nudes). Furniture without sharp corners, only streamlined. A real animal skin is welcomed on the floor by the bed.
  3. The interior of the Art Deco kitchen is characterized by the use of cabinet furniture with a beautiful facade, preferably varnished, glossy or polished veneer made of valuable wood. Lighting - large chandeliers with lenses instead of practical shades. Household appliances are appropriate, but they should have a decent design.
  4. Art Deco in the bathroom is designed to delight. Large tanks of an original form and non-standard approaches to lighting are appropriate, utilitarian objects are hidden behind doors in niches and cabinets.
  5. The interior of the living room in the art style is the apotheosis of luxury and prosperity, where everything is appropriate, emphasizing the status and wealth of the owners. The important thing is how the expensive furniture is arranged, what accessories are in harmony with, how the window is designed and how the walls are decorated.
beautiful room style in art deco style

Bright room in art deco style

bright interior of the apartment in art deco style

Art deco room interior

To create your own version of art deco in the interior of the apartment you do not need a lot of money, it is more important to invest your whole soul and love for the beautiful. It is enough to follow the concept and advice of the pros, without fear of bold experiments. The art interior in the author’s interpretation is a combination of favorite antiques, paintings, furniture and original souvenirs in a modern setting. Each item should be useful in application or decorate a certain functional area. Harmony is important in everything, as in the examples in our photo gallery.

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