Turquoise color in the interior: tips, photos

The turquoise color, created by nature itself and reflected in the radiance of the sky and sea waves, has attractive charm, brightness and freshness. Turquoise bring discreet luxury and comfort to any room, and with the help of various color combinations you can find unusual solutions and achieve interesting effects.

Many ancient cultures attributed magical properties to turquoise. It was believed that it brings love and inspiration, relieves of illnesses, and gives strength and energy. Despite the fact that hardly anyone will believe in her magic now, the thoughts about the sea that will be inspired by the turquoise interior will definitely not leave room for negativity and will cause only positive emotions.

light decor of the bedroom in turquoise color

Turquoise color in the interior

beautiful corridor style in turquoise color

Room interior in turquoise color

Turquoise for many is associated with the tranquility of the azure seashore, and people use it, trying to create a paradise in their apartment. There are many shades of turquoise with a different ratio of blue and green, but they are all universal and fit almost everywhere. Different variations of turquoise are suitable for classic or vintage living rooms, bedrooms made in modern or ethnic styles.

Turquoise can become the basis or be used only as bright accents. If she occupies a leading position, give preference to gentle and restrained tones, close to pastel colors. You can also place accents with more vivid, almost flashy details.

bright interior of the apartment in turquoise color

Large living room in turquoise color

unusual design of the hallway in turquoise color

Light apartment design in turquoise color

Harmonious combinations

Harmonious combinations of turquoise with other colors are dictated by nature itself. Give preference to natural tones, look for inspiration around, and you will achieve amazing results.

The ideal complement would be:

  • white;
  • Gray;
  • brown;
  • yellow;
  • green.

The combination of turquoise and white can be called modern classics, but if you wish, you can come up with more daring options.

However, do not use them thoughtlessly. The relevance of certain combinations in different settings also varies.

light kitchen decor in turquoise color

Large bright room in turquoise color

unusual design of the kitchen in turquoise color

Bright room in turquoise color

Vivid color combinations must be handled carefully in the bedrooms and nurseries, since a quiet muted design is preferable for these rooms. Vibrant color variations are more appropriate in the kitchen or as details of the living room.

Faded and grayish tones will look great in the hallway or office.

The secret of a stylish turquoise interior is its balance. Bright details must be balanced by more restrained ones, and the muted background should be enlivened by colorful spots of turquoise.

bright hallway interior in turquoise color

Bright living room design in turquoise color

beautiful bedroom decor in turquoise color

Beautiful living room in turquoise color

Color palette

Turquoise is not always bright and flashy, it has many variations. In calmer tones, she does not lose her visual impact and still continues to attract eyes.

Developing the design of his house, and choosing a color scheme, everyone becomes a little artist, creating a completely new picture from scratch.

To make the bedroom or living room look cheerful, choose a neutral background and animate it with richer colors. Turquoise here will come in handy. The light shade of the sea wave or the deep dark turquoise will look quite convincing, if used wisely.

unusual design of the apartment in turquoise color

Bright room in turquoise color

light bedroom style in turquoise color

Turquoise Design

Such colors have inexplicable magic and charm. The turquoise color in the interior looks warm, but at the same time mysterious. This creates a unique and very stylish effect, combining precious shine, freshness of nature and the tranquility of an exotic seashore.

The shades of turquoise in the interior are very diverse and have their own characteristics.

Sky blue

Bluish blue

Bluish green

Faded green


Cheerful, energetic

Easy calm

Deep, noble

Neutral, harmonious

Usage Methods

Fragmented decor, small items

As background

Decoration, furniture

Background for walls, as a balancing shade

Where applicable

Bathroom, living room, kitchen

Bedroom, living room, children

Bathroom, kitchen, hallway, workrooms

Kitchen, hallway

Good color combinations

Yellow, light green

Navy Blue, Gray Green, Muted White

Orange, Yellow, Green, Navy

Dark brown, bright shades of yellow, green, red


Needs a balancing light background

It acts soothingly, relaxes

Helps focus

Balances, adjusts to the working mood

unusual corridor style in turquoise color

Bedroom in turquoise color

beautiful design of the hallway in turquoise color

Turquoise Design

Turquoise in furniture and accessories

Furniture of original turquoise colors will be the perfect solution for poorly lit rooms. The living room, in which there are sofas and armchairs with such cheerful upholstery, will look bright and elegant. Turquoise color can be diluted with boring monochrome walls. The central element of the living room can be turquoise modular furniture, which can be made to order.

Living room, made in neutral colors should be decorated with turquoise accessories, thereby refreshing and diversifying it. With the help of such a simple technique, you can transform it with minimal cost. Well, if you get tired of turquoise, then these details can simply be removed.

White is adjacent to turquoise and in furniture. This combination is very fashionable and is used in many living rooms.

The advantage of turquoise is that it is very diverse. With its various variations, it is possible to focus on large surfaces or small details.

bright interior of the corridor in turquoise color

Children's room in turquoise color

bright kitchen interior in turquoise color

Turquoise color in the interior of the living room

Bright cuisine in turquoise colors

The kitchen is that part of the house where bright screaming tones are not only acceptable, but even welcome. Any shades of turquoise will be appropriate here. They are rarely predominant, but often enliven the decor, manifesting in detail. For the kitchen, it is preferable to choose a light turquoise design and adhere to some rules.

For floors and ceilings, a white or light gray finish is usually chosen. It is better to refuse dark colors, otherwise the situation will oppress and have a negative psychological effect.

Individual objects can be very bright. A kitchen apron or aqua curtains will look amazing even in the most modest kitchen.

You can dilute the turquoise color in the interior of the kitchen in a variety of ways. The most popular and easiest of them is to put calm brown furniture, windows and doors. For accessories, on the contrary, try flashy combinations of red, yellow, and green.

beautiful apartment style in turquoise color

Bright bedroom in turquoise color

bright interior of the bedroom in turquoise color

Turquoise color in the interior

Turquoise bedroom

The turquoise color is capable of performing real miracles, absolutely changing its appearance depending on the colors adjacent to it.Its use is able to create decor in various styles, not at all similar to each other.

Elite marine style. Assumes associations with clear water, fresh air and green coastal slopes. Use a pale blue color as a wall decoration, dilute it with dark blue, place accents in green tones.

Paradise interior. The brighter and more airy your bedroom turns out, the closer you will be to the desired result. Crystal white walls, green plants and azure waves of curtains will create the necessary look of the room.

Refined and luxurious style. To create it, we need muted shades of wallpaper, as well as harmonious combinations of colors close to turquoise. Pay special attention to curtains. If you want to create a chic turquoise interior in the bedroom, then you should not save on them. Sophisticated designs and rich materials will be your best helpers.

light kitchen design in turquoise color

Turquoise bathroom

unusual decor of the hallway in turquoise color

Turquoise Design

Turquoise living room decor

The turquoise color in the interior of the living room should look regal and noble. An aristocratic bluish-blue or dark turquoise hue will perfectly fit into the central room of the house, however, there are several recommendations here.

To paint all the walls in turquoise is an unnecessarily bold decision. Limit yourself to just one wall of the living room or choose a wallpaper with a large blue-green pattern that can be supported by accessories in the same colors.

bright corridor style in turquoise color

Bright kitchen in turquoise color

beautiful decor of the hallway in turquoise color

Turquoise color in the interior

If the living room uses a contrasting combination of colors (for example, turquoise with bright yellow), then you can balance them with a dark background. The most common options are brown, gray, and sometimes black.

Curtains or sofa cushions look aquamarine. Also be sure to appreciate the vibrant combination of this color with purple.

unusual interior of the apartment in turquoise color

Living room in turquoise color

light corridor design in turquoise color

Turquoise color in the interior of the room

A piece of the sea in the bathroom

The bathroom is perfect for decoration in a marine style. The proximity of water by default evokes thoughts of a vacation, and you can create an additional effect with the help of tiles in turquoise shades. Make the ceiling white or blue, and on the floor lay a tile of deep blue.

In order to visually expand the space of the bathroom, choose light turquoise shades of the walls.

The bathroom is usually not light enough, so use a calm white background or light patterns on the walls.

There may be bright accents in the form of towels, rugs or curtains.

When choosing a turquoise color as the main one, beware of its overabundance, otherwise the room runs the risk of looking tasteless. The combination of turquoise with other shades makes a special luxury.

bright style of the kitchen in turquoise color

Design of the apartment in turquoise color

unusual bedroom interior in turquoise color

Living room design in turquoise color

light design of the hallway in turquoise color

Beautiful bedroom in turquoise color

To summarize

Despite its luxuriousness and catchiness, the turquoise color in the interior can rightly be considered universal, as it not only perfectly combines with other colors, but also fits into the design of any room. In addition, turquoise can be used both as a base and additional.

The interior in turquoise colors looks charming and magical, gives the room coziness, relaxes and envelops in a unique atmosphere of relaxation.

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