Black and white interior: features, photos

There are many prejudices regarding the design of an apartment in black and white. Many people think that it does not fit well with the design of the living space, looks boring and has a negative psychological effect. However, all these myths are confidently waved by professional designers who claim that with skillful use such an interior is a real find for a small city apartment.

unusual kitchen design in black and white

Unusual design in black and white.

beautiful interior of the hallway in black and white

Room interior in black and white


The black and white combination will be an excellent solution for any room and will fit into both classic style and modern minimalism or hi-tech. Multi-colored accessories will help add brightness, and since the black and white color scheme is calm enough, you can’t refuse them yourself.

When creating a black and white room, it is important to consider that a dark finish visually reduces space, which means it is suitable only for spacious rooms. In a small apartment, such a coloring will be depressing.

Chic living room decor in black and white

Beautiful room design in black and white

The most common option is a light design. It looks more positive and much simpler to execute. If the basis is black, then the situation is much more difficult and often without an experienced designer it can not be done.

There are some of the most common design rules that will help make your dream of a stylish and cozy black and white house a reality.

  • In order for the room not to resemble a chessboard, one of the colors should prevail in it. Determine which one is better in advance.
  • It is customary to use patterns and ornaments only in combination with a monochrome surface in black or white.
  • Furniture and walls should contrast. Dark furniture looks much better against the background of white walls, and black walls perfectly shade furniture made in light colors.
  • Balance small black and white wallpaper patterns with massive furniture.
bright corridor style in black and white

Room design in black and white

unusual bedroom interior in black and white

Interior example in black and white

Color palette

The black and white interior does not exclude a wide color palette. You can soften the contrast with the help of gray details, and the more there are, the smoother the transition between colors will turn out.

Glossy surfaces, mirrors and glass will “fit” perfectly into the decor of the room, since their use is one of the ways to visually expand the space.

Black and white are universal, so you can complement them with any other colors. It is recommended to use red and yellow, it is believed that such a combination looks especially advantageous. However, there may be other solutions, both bright and neutral.

Psychologists say that cold colors will give a calming effect, while warm colors will add positive. Olive and blue will serve to create a country style, and red will charge the room with energy.

beautiful decor of the corridor in black and white

Chic design in black and white.

chic bedroom design in black and white

Room interior option in black and white


The repair, made in black and white style, is conceived as an unusual and stylish solution, so it is important not to make mistakes in the details. Furniture plays a significant role here, because it can harmoniously complement the design of the room, or, conversely, spoil the overall impression.To avoid this, buy furniture that matches the overall style.

The material of manufacture is selected depending on the style in which the room is made. Classic usually means wooden furniture, while modern and hi-tech prefer metal or plastic.

bright kitchen style in black and white

Bright room in black and white

Furniture can be almost any, but it is better to refrain from a variety of shades, otherwise the design will become less expressive. Usually prefer either models that match the color of the flooring, or contrasting with the walls.

If you accidentally overloaded the room with dark details, or, conversely, went too far with light ones, then elements of the opposite color, which can easily be balanced, can help save the situation.

unusual hallway style in black and white

Beautiful room design in black and white

Chic living room design in black and white

Room design in black and white


The black-and-white interior does not impose almost any restrictions on the decoration materials. It is important only to select them depending on the functional purpose of a room. In a kitchen or bathroom, it would be more logical to use ceramic tiles, both for walls and for floors. If the kitchen is made in the classical style, then the floor from materials imitating natural wood will quite fit in there.

Most often, the floor in black and white apartment design is made black. This is not only practical, but also looks very impressive.

beautiful kitchen decor in black and white

Living room interior in black and white

bright hallway interior in black and white

Room in black and white

The color contrast already looks quite variegated, so it is better to choose a monochrome flooring. A dark carpet, of course, will be more practical, but white sometimes looks much more spectacular. Gray, red or red carpet are also allowed. Designers recommend refraining only from standard brown shades. Such flooring will completely erase the contrast and make the room simple and standard.

The walls of the living room or bedroom are usually decorated with wallpaper, and their color must be selected taking into account the size of the room. A small room is visually expanded by light walls, or wallpaper with a small pattern, and a large area allows the use of dark shades.

unusual design of the living room in black and white

Room design in black and white

There is also the option of finishing with black and white wallpaper with a pattern in which both of these colors are used. They come in several varieties.

  1. Light ornament on a black background. Since a dark shade prevails here, such a design is suitable for large rooms, and against the background of these walls it is better to place light furniture in order to balance the color composition.
  2. Black ornament on a white background. A more versatile option, suitable for both small and large rooms. It will look spectacular in the kitchen, bedroom or living room.
  3. Proportional distribution of colors. It will look especially good if you use such wallpapers not around the entire perimeter of the room, but only on one of the walls.

Extravagant and original look black and white photo wallpaper. In this case, the picture can be absolutely any: a geometric pattern, landscape or urban view. Fantasy and creativity are welcome.

It is better to make the ceilings in light color, otherwise the room will seem gloomy and uncomfortable. Dark ceilings in residential areas are practically not used.

chic bedroom interior in black and white

Unusual room design in black and white

bright living room style in black and white

Black-white color in the interior of the room


The combination of black and white is very advantageous to use for zoning the room. Selecting individual functional areas with their help becomes quite simple. For example, the predominant color of the kitchen can be made black, and in the hall as a basis to take white. The advantage of this separation is that zoning will be clearly visible, but such a black and white interior will not fall apart, but will nevertheless form a single picture.

A white brick wall can be a great tool for zoning space.Decorate one of the walls in this way, and paint the rest with paint or wallpaper. This design looks very stylish and modern.

Of course, there are standard tricks here: placing furniture, partitions, a bar or fireplace, a number of chandeliers on the ceiling at the junction of zones, as well as decorating walls or floors with different materials.

bright hallway design in black and white

Custom design in black and white

beautiful bedroom style in black and white

Living room in black and white


Perhaps it’s difficult to find a design in which lighting plays the same important role as when decorating a black and white interior. In poor lighting conditions, black color will exert a pressure on the psyche, darken rooms and visually reduce its size. Therefore, it should be used only in well-lit rooms, the room should have both sufficient natural light and artificial.

chic kitchen interior in black and white

Beautiful bedroom in black and white

It is recommended to use multi-level lighting so that the light spreads throughout the room, and there are as few dark areas as possible. Place the lamps not only on the ceiling, but also on the walls, bedside tables and tables.

In the black and white interior of the living room, the color illumination looks interesting, thanks to which in the evenings the room is transformed and plays with completely different colors.


Curtains and textiles are not separate elements of decor, and should harmoniously fit into the general appearance of the room. Curtains usually do not make contrasting or too colorful. More often calm monochrome models are chosen. Light white curtains look great in combination with dark drapes, and the use of vertical stripes can visually increase the height of ceilings.

Textiles are a logical continuation of the interior and are selected in accordance with the chosen style. To dilute the interior in the style of minimalism, fabrics with various patterns and black and white ornaments will help. Classic requires a monochrome complement, baroque implies luxurious details and accentuated texture.

unusual decor of the corridor in black and white

Living room in black and white

bright living room interior in black and white

Beautiful room interior in black and white color

Two-color textiles must be used carefully to avoid bad taste. Better to do with contrasts with furniture and decoration.


The choice of black and white colors for the design of the room opens up wide scope for creating a unique decor with accessories. Since the colors used are just an example of restraint and tranquility, you can come off on accessories here. The abundance of details is not forbidden at all, but even welcomed. The only thing to avoid is excessive variegation, but otherwise - almost complete freedom.

chic style hallway in black and white

Unusual design in black and white.

unusual bedroom design in black and white

Chic room design in black and white.

Accessories play a decisive role in creating a unified style of the room and can do real miracles: make the room bright or concise, feminine or brutal, modern or retro.

Experiment and play in contrasts: throw white pillows on a black sofa, lay a white carpet on a dark floor, and decorate a light wall with a black and white picture.

Accessories with chrome details or elements of various muted shades fit perfectly into such an interior.

chic corridor decor in black and white

Room interior in black and white

Practical tips

The decor of the apartment in black and white colors requires a very thoughtful and proper execution. Besides the fact that it should be beautiful, it is necessary to ensure its practicality and functionality. To achieve the desired result will help compliance with certain principles.

  1. The interior in white tones requires constant and thorough cleaning, so give preference to waterproof and well-tolerated materials.
  2. Removable covers will be a real salvation for upholstered furniture, because at any time they can be removed and washed or dry cleaned.Their use will save you a lot of nerves, time and money.
  3. When painting walls in white tones, give preference to a more stable paint intended for external work.
unusual interior of the corridor in black and white

Bedroom in black and white

bright kitchen design in black and white

Beautiful bedroom design in black and white

The black-and-white interior is a real challenge to the boring monophonic design of the room. Sophisticated in design and not always practical, it makes high demands on its owner. However, with a competent approach and observing all the nuances, the combination of black and white can make a real masterpiece of design art from a regular apartment.

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