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How your living room, bedroom or kitchen looks like depends on the selected range that prevails in the interior. Today, a design using black is common, combined with the most unexpected shades. Starting from the classic tandem with white, ending with interesting combinations with yellow and gold. Today we’ll talk about how to use black in the interior.

Black is a symbol of luxury. He invariably brings a share of aristocratic elegance. Designers use dark color in almost all known styles: from classics to the newfangled high-tech style. Many argue that this color oppresses, and leads to a depressive state. We hasten to dispel this myth.

Usually, black color in the interior is used as a background, so that white, yellow, turquoise and other colors play in full force, because black several times enhances the effect of other colors. It is not without reason that jewelry sells jewelry on decorative pillows made of black velvet. Complementing it with gilding or wood, we get the interior in a royal style.

beautiful kitchen interior in black color

Room design in black

refined room style in black

Black color in the interior

Few dare to make the walls of the dwelling black. But in vain! Properly selected combinations of shades can transform the interior, make it elegant, modern or vice versa classic and aristocratic.

If we talk about walls, then, as a rule, designers resort to black wall covering only one wall in a room.

Black is great for delimiting the space in a room. This is one of the most graphic colors. A wallpaper with a gilded pattern or silver accents looks advantageous. Such combinations have become classics, like black and white gamma or a combination with red.

If the dark walls are too radical a measure for you, make a black floor or ceiling. But remember that any small speck is visible on the dark floor.

Dark colors are used in the decor of the room. The frames of the paintings are emphasized by a snow-white sofa, and a dark chandelier will look good against a white ceiling.

unusual hallway decor in black

The combination of black in the living room interior

unusual corridor design in black

Living room design in black

Properties possessed by black color

  • Unlike white, black makes the space visually smaller due to its absorption of daylight. In small rooms it is better to abandon it, or use it exclusively in decor and not large elements.
  • Black is absolutely universal, in perfect harmony with any shade.
  • If necessary, it is beneficial to emphasize a specific place, make the dark color its background. Then it will not go unnoticed.
  • There is such a property in black, which many are unaware of. This shade is able to visually distance objects. If you paste three walls in the room with wallpaper of light tones, and one with black, then this room will seem a little larger. If you install a black glossy suspended ceiling with lights, it will appear higher due to the depth of the black mirror surface and the light reflected in it.
beautiful bedroom decor in black

Living room in black

refined apartment style in black

Black bathroom

The combination of black with other colors

Black and white classic

This combination is relevant now, and will remain so. Black and white are diametrically opposite colors, successfully emphasizing each other. If you want to focus on white furniture, dark walls are perfect for this. But do not get carried away with such a combination if these colors are present in small details. From such a "ripple" eyes will quickly get tired. But the smooth lines of the transition from white to black will not affect the design in the best way, the room will look blurry. It is best to make the main emphasis on a light shade and decorate it with black elements a little. This always has a good effect on the visual perception of the room. It seems a little bigger.

exquisite corridor design in black

Design bedroom in black

beautiful room interior in black color

Black kitchen

Combination with pink

These tones are typical for the interiors of modern and extravagant people. They are best suited for the design of the room to extraordinary personalities who do not like the classics in any of its manifestations. In addition to pink, the golden hue is in perfect harmony with black.

With silver

This combination has also become a classic. But it "carries" us to the East, to the decorations of Egypt and Africa. There, gold and silver prevail in the design of various rooms. Ethnic interior is well suited for people who love to travel and bring souvenirs from their wanderings. In combination with them, the black and silver tint looks very intriguing.

unusual interior of the apartment in black

The combination of black in the bedroom

unusual hallway style in black

Design bedroom in black

Black color in the interior of different rooms

In the interior of the bedroom

  1. Black is the color of the night, so it is the most suitable for the bedroom. But do not oversaturate them with the interior. It is enough to install a dark glossy ceiling with a large number of fixtures. So, it will seem as if floating in zero gravity. In addition to the ceiling, the wall in the interior is made in dark colors, decorated with beautiful decor.
  2. If you choose curtains in the bedroom, it would be better to choose them with some kind of contrasting color pattern. Although if you want to feel separate from the whole world, you can choose a solid option.
  3. Dark colored bedroom is easier to fall asleep. But they are not recommended to get involved in people prone to depressive moods.
  4. The bedroom in black emphasizes the originality of its owner. Not everyone will take such a daring step as decorating a bedroom in this color.
beautiful kitchen decor in black

Living room in black

exquisite bedroom design in black

The interior of the bedroom in black

On the kitchen

Here we spend a lot of time. Do not make this part of the apartment completely black, it harmonizes well with beige, it becomes warm and cozy. The kitchen set with light facades against a dark floor looks interesting. The shade of the facades is emphasized by the black countertop and apron.

You need to understand that the black color in the design of a kitchen set can be different - from glossy acrylic to wenge, decorated like a tree, which more goes into chocolate.

On glossy facades all hand stains will be visible. This must be remembered when choosing a mirror surface. It’s hard to take care of. You need to wipe it, keeping the headset clean, although the gloss in black looks great.

If you decide to order a headset in dark color, you should think about the upper cabinets with display cases. It will visually appear airy and light. The set makes sense to supplement with a white countertop with a wall panel.

beautiful corridor style in black

Room design in black

unusual decor of the apartment in black

Beautiful bathroom in black

The floor in the kitchen with black facades can be laid in bright colors. A tile or laminate is good for a natural oak or coffee with milk. This combination will make the room more comfortable.

It is worth considering and what equipment you will purchase in the black kitchen. Ideal - in chrome finish, in the color of facades or countertops with an apron.

The set in dark execution can be decorated with beautiful snow-white porcelain and chrome-plated appliances like a teapot. Place a bouquet of flowers, and the space will play differently.

Often there is a kitchen set in red and black. With this combination you need to be very careful if you do not have design skills, then you risk acquiring a Gothic cuisine that is irritating to the eyes. It is better to simply decorate the room with small red details to break the dark color. Hang a large picture in a red frame on the wall. It'll be enough.

refined decor of kitchen in black color

Bedroom in black

unusual interior of the hallway in black

Living room design with black color

An important aspect in the interior of a dark kitchen is lighting. The ideal option would be daylight. Do not hang tight curtains in such a kitchen. Give preference to roller blinds.

In addition to daylight, the kitchen should have enough artificial light. Hang a large lamp over the dining table, install spotlights throughout the ceiling. Light is not an interchangeable companion of black in the interior.

unusual design of the room in black

Black color in the interior of the living room

refined style of a bedroom in black color

Black kitchen

Black color in the interior of the living room

In this part of the house, black can appear anywhere. He will look advantageous. You can make black walls and decorate them with beautiful paintings in gilded frames. Want to black the floor? In this case, you must understand that all the garbage will be visible on it. Furniture will also look fashionable and ultramodern.

When planning a living room, you need to consider some points regarding black. In a large room, you can use the decoration in dark color, and to buy light furniture, in a limited space the best option would be light finish and black furniture. If the room is very small, but you want to add a bit of originality, use black only as a decoration. For example, photographs in dark stretchers or a small dark lamp.

Black is practical provided that the surface is matte. If it is glossy, then all spots and fingerprints will be visible on it. Therefore, think again before decorating your interior with glossy surfaces.

beautiful decor of the corridor in black

The combination of black and white in the interior

refined apartment interior in black

Living room in black

In the hall

You rarely see a hallway without a wardrobe. And so, let's start with it. The black sliding wardrobe ideally "fits" into any hallway, even if there is nothing more of a similar shade in it.

In addition to furniture, the entrance door can be considered as a dark element. This is a completely independent piece of furniture. But it is worth noting that the dark door, in perfect harmony with the light finish of the walls of the hallway, and if you complement it with a couple of small decorative elements, then its design will be completely finished.

unusual style of the kitchen in black

Design bedroom in black

beautiful design of the hallway in black

Living room in black


Choosing black as the main tone of the ceiling, it is necessary to consider that if the material is glossy, it looks favorably in the presence of ceiling lights. The matte ceiling is better to install on a high ceiling, as it visually makes it lower than it actually is.


Often there is a floor in dark colors in the hallway. Many people believe that this color is not easily soiled and is suitable for the room where the street shoes are located and, accordingly, it is the dirtiest of all. But this is a big mistake. Since it is on a dark floor that any, even the smallest, dirt is visible, as if on a snow-white carpet. Therefore, monochrome on the floor is best avoided. Let it be a shade with a clearly visible texture. Then the pollution will not be so noticeable.


Darkening walls is not recommended due to lack of natural light. Space will seem depressing.

unusual room decor in black

Room design in black

beautiful interior of the hallway in black

Room design in black

refined decor of the apartment in black color

Black color in the interior of the living room


Contrary to popular belief that black negatively affects the mood of a person, and the interior as a whole, we can safely say that this is fundamentally wrong. With proper handling, it will become a real highlight of the room, emphasize the dignity of other colors present in the interior, bring a bit of mystery, aristocratic chic. Depending on what effect you want to achieve. Do not be afraid to experiment!

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