What you need to know about the design of the balcony?

Almost all modern apartments have a balcony and a loggia. A few square meters complement it perfectly. They are not used for living, but if you finish and come up with an original design, you can turn it into a cozy and functional place. It is nice to spend evenings with a cup of tea, read books, enjoy the sun in winter and fresh cool in summer.

The balcony area is small and the shape is non-standard. This complicates the process of arranging and decorating the interior. Some key points will help in solving this problem. They will allow rational use of space, and make the design of the balcony modern and original.

version of the original style of a small balcony

If the windows of the balcony overlook the city, the right decision would be to put large windows

idea of ​​unusual decor of a small balcony

You can hang a picture on the balcony, it will perfectly complement the interior

idea of ​​a modern interior of a small balcony

Extra light will make the room more beautiful

The size of the balcony matters in its design

Most balconies and loggias are presented in the form of a room with a rather small area. This moment plays an important role when choosing a design. Should look harmonious in a small space. Depending on the wishes of the owners, visually expand or vice versa reduce. For the first option, light shades in the interior design are perfect. It is about the color of the walls, ceiling and floors.

When choosing the design of the balcony and the interior of the loggia, it is necessary to take into account the purpose and orientation to the cardinal points of the room. This will allow you to choose the right concept of arrangement, which can be carried out externally and internally. The room will be beautiful, cozy and comfortable.

version of the beautiful design of a small balcony

On the balcony you can put a computer and make it a workplace

version of the modern style of a small balcony

The walls of the balcony can be made of wood, so you keep warm

The basics of loggia interior design

When thinking about the interior of a loggia, it is necessary to be guided by the following rules.

  • For the arrangement of floors, it is necessary to use practical and high-quality material. It should look harmonious and fit.
  • Do not clutter up the room with various objects.
  • In small rooms, a simple version of the interior looks good.
  • When choosing furniture it is better to give preference to compact, light and convenient, both in use and care.
  • The interior of the loggia should be alive. For this purpose, it is necessary to put plants in the room. If you do not plan to equip a winter garden, several flowers will bring freshness and lightness to the design.
  • Decor elements are selected according to the style of the room. We are talking about lamps, textiles, paintings and more.
the idea of ​​a beautiful design of a small balcony

On the balcony you can make a small place to relax

the idea of ​​the original interior of a small balcony

A fireplace and large windows overlooking the nature create a pleasant atmosphere.

version of the unusual decor of a small balcony

On the balcony you can put a small sofa and make it a place to relax

Loggia design: what material to choose for the walls?

The first thing you need to start work on is to repair the room. To do this, glaze and trim the balcony. We dwell in detail on the choice of material for working with walls. Not only the type of premises, but also the service life depends on this.

Good fit:

  • drywall;

  • MDF panels and plastic;

  • lining;

  • decorative stone and more.

version of the modern design of a small balcony

Flowers will pleasantly decorate the interior design of the balcony

the idea of ​​a beautiful interior of a small balcony

Flowers harmoniously complement the design of the balcony

These materials have their pros and cons. They differ in installation method, quality, cost and other characteristics. When choosing, it is especially important to consider this information. This will avoid many problems during the operation of the material. Do not forget about the preferences and financial capabilities of the owners.

The main requirement for the material is good quality and practicality. These indicators are responsible for its reliable and long service life. The interior of the loggia will delight the owners for many years with its beautiful view. Experts do not recommend using bright colors for decoration if the balcony is located on the side where the sun constantly and actively shines. Materials will quickly lose their appearance, become pale and not attractive.

idea of ​​unusual decor of a small balcony

On the balcony you can make a workplace

version of the original style of a small balcony

A great idea would be to create a workplace on the balcony

idea of ​​a modern decor of a small balcony

The Provence style balcony design looks very beautiful

Which style to choose?

What style to use for registration of a loggia and a balcony? This issue is one of the most important that they face when arranging a room. It should be not only beautiful, but also to the liking of the owners. The second point is the main one when choosing it. You can show a flight of fantasy and bring to life the most interesting ideas. Get a cozy, comfortable and functional room.

version of the beautiful design of a small balcony

The design of the balcony can be done in a modern style

version of the unusual interior of a small balcony

On the balcony you can put a whatnot and make a green corner there

Mainly for the design of the balcony and loggia use the following style areas.

• Country.

The main feature of the direction is the use of natural stone, combined with wood and natural flowers. To bring originality, you can use flooring in bright colors. Furniture should be as simple as possible: benches, ordinary tables.

• Loft.

Well suited for 8 sqm balcony design m. You can make two zones that are separated by screens or partitions. This style requires maximum lighting. It is often found in balconies with panoramic glazing, as shown in the photo below. Furniture and decor without excess. They are simple and have one color. For example, gray or blue.

• High tech.

This is a bold decision in which gray tones predominate. A minimal amount of decor and furniture emphasizes its sophistication and originality. Necessarily the room is filled with light. Lamps installed on the ceiling will help.

• Mediterranean.

This interior involves the use of turquoise, mint and olive shades. Wicker furniture, a hammock, or a deck chair are good. As for plants, you can put a small palm tree or other exotic flower that lives in warm places. Staying in such a room is associated with the sea and the ocean.

• Japanese.

Eastern exotic always finds its fans. It allows you to turn the room into a country of the rising sun with a special atmosphere. For this, panels on the wall are perfect, on which hieroglyphs, red-black furniture, bamboo decor elements, screens and more are depicted. In addition, it is good to use a panel that depicts a Japanese woman, a fan and flowering sakura.

• Modern.

This style of interior decoration of the loggia of 6 meters has an attractive and original look. Based on the use of furniture that does not have a frame, wicker chairs, wall paneling. The latter may have an original drawing. Perfectly suitable blinds, lamps and paintings by contemporary artists. The color scheme is diverse: brown, black and white, blue. The interior of the balcony photo gallery is a modern decoration, which is also very popular.

• Provence.

This style is distinguished by its naturalness. Intends to use only natural materials. For example, wood, stone and so on. The color scheme of the design should be light.Pink, beige and blue shades are perfect for decorating walls and ceilings. If you combine them, you can get the original flavor with notes of French Provence.

the idea of ​​the original style of a small balcony

By placing a pedestal on the balcony, you will save a lot of space

version of the original interior of a small balcony

If the balcony is large, you can organize a workplace on it

the idea of ​​the unusual design of a small balcony

You can decorate the balcony with flowers in pots.

How to equip a balcony?

For owners of small dwellings, it is important to use any square meters rationally. A balcony and a loggia were no exception. A competent approach will turn them into a comfortable and useful territory. It will be used not only for recreation, but also for other purposes. For example, cooking, doing business, sports, growing plants.

Today, they increasingly practice joining a balcony to a kitchen or other room. Especially in cases where it is glazed and finished. This allows you to significantly expand your living space. The design of the loggia 3 meters is made out according to the one selected for the combined room.

In addition, the loggia can be equipped in the form of a study, a children's room, a workshop, a greenhouse or a winter garden. This is a great place to implement any ideas. It is easy to turn it into a beautiful and comfortable room, which will not be like the others, will become the main advantage in the house. The original design will emphasize the delicate taste of the owners.

version of the modern style of a small balcony

On the balcony you can put chairs and enjoy a beautiful view of the city.

the idea of ​​a beautiful decor of a small balcony

If there is a lot of space on the balcony, you can put a table

A small and cozy balcony will easily become an office where you can deal with documents and other issues. To do this, just select the working area and install a table, chair, computer in it, as shown in the photo below. Since the walls are empty, then shelves, paintings and so on are attached to them. To make the office more comfortable, a sofa is suitable. You can do the transformation yourself. The design will cost inexpensively, and it will look beautiful and original.

As a rule, it is difficult for a workshop to find a place in an apartment. Especially if its area is small. Why not use the balcony as a workshop? It is enough to place a table and a cabinet for storing creative supplies on it, as shown in the photo below. Here you can be alone with yourself, do what you love, fantasize and think.

the idea of ​​the original decor of a small balcony

Provence style balcony looks very nice

version of the modern interior of a small balcony

Wood in the interior of the balcony perfectly complements the design

version of the beautiful style of a small balcony

Creating a workplace on the balcony would be a good idea

The balcony and loggia are often arranged under the nursery, as shown in the photo below. In such a room, it turns out to be especially cozy and comfortable. This is explained by the small area and interesting shape of the room. When arranging it, it is better to use light shades and furniture, which has the property of transforming. Thus, there will be free space for games and other things that are so necessary for children.

the idea of ​​a beautiful style of a small balcony

The lantern on the wall perfectly complements the interior of the balcony

version of the unusual decor of a small balcony

Additional lighting on the balcony will look very nice

The winter garden is the dream of many residents of apartments. It is quite difficult to equip it. Since it is necessary to have direct rays. An ordinary room is hardly suitable for this, but the balcony is excellent. Especially if it has panoramic glazing. It is enough to warm the room and it will be a great place for growing plants. For example, onions, parsley, cucumbers, peppers and more. Such a small greenhouse will delight its owners with healthy vegetables all year round.

For a balcony of 2 square meters. m design is a little more difficult to choose, but everything is real. The right approach will make any room beautiful and cozy. It is perfect for both leisure and other purposes.

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