Color of doors in the interior: pick up under the floor or walls?

The separation of space due to the installation of interior partitions is a mandatory requirement while ensuring the proper level of comfort. Quite often, during repairs, little attention is paid to this element. As a rule, doors are chosen intuitively, and as a result, they fall out of the general ensemble, dissonant with other objects. In order to prevent such manifestations, it is important to choose shades, texture and design in advance. Use our recommendations to make the right decision without outside help.

bright hallway-style doors

Dark doors in the room

dark doors in the design of the corridor

Beautiful doors with glass in the interior

The laws of choosing the color of the floor - a combination of elements of the house

The flooring creates the basis for the formation of the overall interior of the room. All furniture items are installed on it, and the main load is concentrated. To emphasize the style of the room, it is necessary to choose a material that will be combined with all elements of the interior in tone and texture. It is important to remember that the choice depends on the purpose of the room. For example, in the kitchen, it is appropriate to install an easy-to-wash practical coating (tile, tile), and for the bedrooms and the living room, more comfortable wood textures, realized through laminate and parquet, are relevant.

bright doors in the interior of the guest

Doors in the interior

bright doors in bedroom design

Beautiful doors in the room

In general, the color of the floor can be biased towards two directions. It presents dark and light shades. Dark tones are considered more practical. They are less visible stains and dust. Mechanical damage and shape defects are visible on the white floor. Installation of flooring is the basic type of work during the repair. You will build on the selected material, choosing furniture options for interior decoration. So that the appearance of the floor does not contrast with the rest of the elements, you should think about the right combination in advance.

dark doors in the hallway interior

Dark doors in the room

bright kitchen style doors

Wooden doors in the room

Three players - floor, furniture and doors

A harmonious design is created by combining these three components. If one part is incorrectly installed, then the general view turns out to be too boring or overly saturated. It is not possible to examine doors, furniture and floor samples separately. The best solution is to install the door leaf, the shades of which will correspond to the palette of the laminate. Furniture compositions beat the style of the room. If it is permissible to make tiles and walls restrained, then other elements of the interior should create a living environment.

Do not use decor and plain decoration materials. They will make the house boring and unsightly. The perception and psychological state of households depends on the color scheme. It is important to make all the rooms in the apartment overlapping, but not the same. Do not strive for complete neutrality, choosing shades. Build on the purpose of space and try to divide it into autonomous zones.

dark hallway style doors

Solid wood doors in the interior of the room

bright doors in the interior of the kitchen

Dark doors in the room

A bold decision focuses on individual details and creates an original room design.Contrasting was once popular in fashion. Leave dark and light colors without any other colors for the office. It is important to make the house comfortable and light. To do this, it is enough to introduce a memorable bright accent with the help of accessories. Sometimes a change of background and refreshment of the walls help to achieve an obvious change of scenery.

bright doors in the interior of the hallway

Black doors in the interior

bright doors in bedroom design

Glass doors in the interior

Single color rules

Often, users, following the path of least resistance, prefer the choice of solid colors to improve the room. This is a virtually flawless option that suits a beginner. The following rules will help make your living space saturated and creative, but not “lurid”.

  • in decoration it is permissible to use no more than three basic types of paint;
  • working options - use one basic and 3 varieties of shade;
  • use the designer’s palette showing acceptable combinations;
  • use special software to pre-design the design;
  • take into account the patterns of warm and cold tones;
  • Do not combine different wood textures that are fundamentally different.

Even if monophonic components are used in the interior, try to add a variety of textures. In this case, the largest volume is created for the walls. The texture of the coating and the color of the doors remains muted. 70% of visual perception is formed by the appearance of walls. Everything else is an addition, and when choosing it, you need not to “miss”.

dark corridor style doors

Doors made of wood in the interior

dark doors in the design of the hallway

White doors in the interior

Color combinations

To choose a door leaf of a certain color, it is enough to take advantage of existing trends. The following relevant shades are presented on the market:

  • dark: gray cold, radically black, deep brown, burgundy, gravitating towards mahogany (mainly used for laminate);
  • light: radically white, beige, milky, yellow-red tones.

If you give priority to a cold palette of parquet or tile, it is not recommended to install partitions with a warm texture. It is better to choose things in a similar gamut that resonate with each other in a pattern or shade.

bright doors in the interior of the corridor

Dark doors in the room

bright guest-style doors

Bright doors in the interior of a bright room

Door leaf

The color of the doors should stand out from the rest of the interior. Floor painting can be carried out in the same, but more muffled tone. If the color of the floor is in the warm spectrum, then the walls and doors should meet this norm. In some cases, masking of the outputs is required, which can be provided with monophonic staining. Be careful with white. In addition to impracticality, it does not mix well with other things, standing out against the background of the room's decor. The trend is shades of gray, black, brown wood, as well as plastic doors.

In a living room setting, it is not necessary to install solid partitions. At the same time, they must meet a certain level of sound insulation in order to carry not only aesthetic, but also semantic load. The assortment of manufacturers has ready-made solutions for any occasion. It is important only to choose the goods not from memory, focusing on the abstract appearance of the apartment, but to place an order, choosing the right samples from the catalog. Prioritize the right selection of fittings, which also resonates with the environment.

bright doors in the design of the kitchen

Dark doors in the interior with glass

bright doors in the interior of the hallway

Dark doors with glass

Dark floors or light?

In order to visually expand the room, dark floor colors are used. The door leaf on their background should not look radically. It is better to choose a product with a similar color scheme. One of the popular trends is the combination of a door in the style of wenge in deep coloring with a dark shade of the floor and light walls. Dark skirting boards are also selected for such an ensemble.By the way, they play an important role in composition, because it builds bridges between objects and create a single image of the room.

The light floor looks organically in the conditions of small country houses or apartments decorated in the Provence style. Light colors combined with cool blue, gray and green look interesting and rich. The practicality and long service life of the white floor can be ensured by installing a high-quality laminate. To dilute the classics of black and white is recommended with the help of filler material and parquet with drawings. Experiment lovers use this trend to make their homes original.

dark bedroom doors

Dark doors in the interior

dark doors in bedroom design

Corridor Door Design

How to combine shades of doors and floors?

Most pick up the doors at the last stage of repair. After installation, it turns out that the colors of the partition come into conflict with the style of the room. In this case, it is important to accurately determine the shade of the product before purchase. It should be one or two tones lighter than the floor covering.

Different wood in this case does not matter, because the colors of a single gamut will be harmoniously combined. Many prefer contrast. The combination of radically different species of wood in this case looks advantageous. When choosing interior items, you must adhere to the laws of cold and warm colors. If an obvious mistake has already been made, then it is easier to replace one of the details that falls out of the general picture.

bright doors in the interior of the kitchen

Brown doors in the interior

bright doors in the style of the corridor

White door design

Floor and doors: one color or one tone?

If you choose a monosyllabic scale for all things in the apartment, they will lose their significance and become completely inconspicuous. Avoiding extremes will allow choosing the right shade of walls, coatings and partitions. If the walls are painted in light colors, there is an option to emphasize this design with a darker floor and a partition in the middle spectrum. Dark coverings harmoniously combine with doors that are lighter by one tone. If the doors are darker than the bottom, a baseboard of the same color as the door will help create a parallel.

bright doors in the design of the corridor

Dark brown doors in the interior

bright doors in the interior of the guest

Bright doors in the interior

Doors for painting

The modern trend is familiar items that dilute the gray dullness of the interior with lively colors. A partition made in a combination of plastic and glass will help to put emphasis in a casual environment. This approach is especially valuable in an atmosphere of total tree dominance. Doors made of natural material can be made attractive by staining. Choose matte or glossy colors to bring a touch of modernity to space.

dark doors in kitchen design

Dark doors in the interior

bright doors in the design of the corridor

White doors in the interior of the corridor

dark doors in the interior of the guest

White doors in the interior

Material Combination

Harmony in the interior is impossible without the correct combination of the texture of materials. Do not allow the abundance of objects of different structure made of glass, metal, wood and fabric. In this case, do not be afraid of experiments.

A wonderful combination of wood and glass in the design will only benefit. At the same time, the furniture in the room should overlap in terms of components to create a single composition. Leave textiles for flooring and upholstered furniture. Select the floor for the laminate, and the walls can shade the entire image with texture and a rich shade. Experiment to create a unique interior, guided by the rule of "three players."

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