Wenge color in a classic and modern interior

The texture of natural wood has always imparted beauty and nobleness to a classic setting, especially if it is the color of wenge in the interior. Modern furniture with facades made of this material or with its imitation always looks elegant and aristocratic. However, with an excess of this palette, a gloomy situation sometimes turns out, so you will have to master some important rules. To help avoid mistakes in home decoration in these colors will help the advice of experienced designers who know what the color of wenge in the interior is combined with.

light bedroom style in wenge color

Wenge color in a bathroom interior

beautiful living room interior in wenge color

Dark room design with wenge color.

unusual hallway design in wenge color

Wenge color in the interior

Characteristics of expensive wood

Rich shades of dark chocolate and black coffee, black streaks and golden reflections, a game of red chestnut and purple prunes - all this is a rare African rosewood from the legume family. It grows in the central part of the "black continent", remains a rather rare material, but very much in demand in the furniture industry.

Valuable wood species is in demand all over the world. The pattern and color on the cut of raw materials depend on many factors, including soil composition, plant age and place of growth relative to the water source. The plant in its homeland has different names - avong, dikel, rosewood, mimbot and rosewood. But the main commercial name accepted around the world is wenge.

bright corridor style in wenge color

Room design with wenge color

bright apartment interior in wenge color

Wenge color combinations in the bedroom

Unfortunately, these raw materials cannot be grown on plantations on an industrial scale. But a valuable tree is very much in demand everywhere, hence its high cost in the world market. It has been used since the days of the colonialists. Furniture factories are forced to cover the base (facades and chipboard) with veneer or a thin cut of precious material. The illustration shows how bleached oak and pink rosewood harmonize, while both surfaces are a high-quality imitation of natural analogues.

Often, a cheaper base is impregnated with a suitable tint of stain and coated with pitch varnish to make almost black wood with a golden tint. Although this is only a cheap fake, an imitation of African decorative material looks no less impressive in a dining room set or in a soft corner than the natural source, as in the photo.

beautiful kitchen design in wenge color

Wenge color in the bedroom interior

unusual style of bedroom in wenge color

Corridor design in wenge color

light kitchen design in wenge color

Corridor in wenge color

Laminate and eco-veneer, parquet board and other finishing materials with a “natural” decor can imitate any tone of the palette and noble texture. In a laminate, for example, a paper pattern with veins and a palette imitating any wood is applied to a wood-particle base. On top, the lamella is covered with a thick layer of protective varnish - matte or shiny. Therefore, the laminated floor of wenge in the interior does not quite match its name. In fact, this is only a weak imitation of expensive natural parquet, even if the laminate is expensive. But this coating is more resistant to abrasion and practical to care for.

It is interesting. Linoleum often has a pattern of natural parquet or mosaic layout.The color of the mosaic floor has long been used for the illusion of volume. Such a patterned floor could only be seen in the palaces, it was lined for years, and it cost a lot. It was made in the ballroom, and almost black fragments of the mosaic were laid out of rare African raw materials delivered by ships across the oceans.

unusual hallway style in wenge color

Wenge color in the interior

light corridor design in wenge color

Children's room design in wenge color

The combination of wenge color with other shades and textures

In the design concept of the living room, hallway, kitchen or bedroom, such decoration can look different. This color is too ambiguous, and so does the play of shades.

In combination with a different palette

An excellent alternative to black color, it will soften the contrast in the form of shades of chocolate and milk in the black and white atmosphere of the apartment.

The reddish furniture (wenge) in the interior of the living room goes well with the warm colors, which will help to “warm” the room on the north side.

Saturated tones of African wood with veins in harmony with the cold palette, perfectly shading blue, green and lilac tones. This color is suitable for a bedroom on the south side of the house.

The classic combination of a noble chocolate texture will tint lemon, light beige, white or sand walls and other surfaces.

beautiful corridor design in wenge color

Kitchen in color wenge

bright living room interior in wenge color

Dark color of a bedroom in wenge color

beautiful apartment design in wenge color

Bright wenge color in the interior

Almost black wood is an aristocratic combination of wenge with other colors, including gray and white as a base. In such an environment of a kitchen or living room with dining function, small juicy accents, including bright greens, shades of juicy fruits and spicy spices, will be appropriate.

No less luxurious chocolate texture of expensive wood is combined with golden and yellow patterned surfaces. For example, a combination of wenge wood in the design of the bathroom in the form of high-quality floor tiles and luxury imported sanitary ware.

One of the “expensive” proposals of designers is a noble rosewood in combination with shades of gem stones. Turquoise or amethyst, sapphire or malachite, ruby ​​or topaz is better to choose one thing, but it’s good to beat in textiles and upholstery. Background walls choose white, milky or pearly gray.

bright bedroom interior in wenge color

Wenge color in bedroom design

unusual corridor style in wenge color

Room interior in wenge color

In all these combinations, the texture of the expensive material will look different. Much depends on the degree of reflection of light from the surface. For example, lacquered floors and furniture, glossy tiles in the bathroom gives a mirror reflection - a dark room looks much brighter. And the opaque surface absorbing light, on the contrary, in interiors usually looks darker, but quite noble, as in a photo.

Elite leather upholstery and furniture “under the wenge” in the interior of a classic living room look no less interesting. Sofas and armchairs, dining sets and cabinet furniture for the hall made of wood (or with imitation of texture) - a win-win option. But the fabric should be just as expensive or even more luxurious:

  • natural tapestry made of color weaving;
  • velvet or dense velor with overflow of villi;
  • plain jacquard that combines matte patterns and a glossy base;
  • shenill with a noble combination of fluffy thread with smooth yarn;
  • genuine leather or its high-quality imitation (ecoskin, alcantara).

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the choice of shades of woven upholstery. Much depends on the general concept and design of wenge furniture in the design of the living room or bedroom. The main thing is that the rosewood should be no more than one third in the overall color balance. It is advisable to shift everything dark closer to the bottom or to place only against one wall.

bright hallway design in wenge color

Wenge color in the interior

light kitchen interior in wenge color

Kitchen design with wenge color

beautiful living room style in wenge color

Wenge color in the bedroom interior

Differentiation of a large room on the principle of "yin-yang" will help to effectively zone a space without walls.In a small apartment, it is better to confine yourself to small elements of a coffee and chocolate rosewood palette and a light atmosphere. It is recommended to make window frames from the same tree (laminated plastic can be used), a baseboard and interior doors, as in the photo.

Tip. If the expensive decor of this wood is impressive, but its excess in the interior depresses, do not place it in front of the eyes. For example, place chocolate shades at the head of the bed. It looks interesting such a background by the fireplace with marble cladding on the side wall relative to the soft corner in the living room.

bright bedroom interior in wenge color

Design in Wenge

unusual apartment style in wenge color

Wenge color in the hallway interior

Textiles in this palette are best used dosed as a contrast. For example, two-color translucent curtains, where these tones are used in the form of narrow fragments, pickups or peroxides, as well as in the form of thread curtains. It is recommended to combine the color of wenge with white, caramel and yellow tulle or curtains.

Sofa cushions can be used as bright accents in the living room or dining room against the background of chocolate furniture upholstery, divandeks, covers or bedspreads in the following shades:

  • ocher;
  • pistachio;
  • orange;
  • wine red;
  • green apple;
  • mustard;
  • mango color;
  • raspberries;
  • cream.
beautiful living room design in wenge color

Beautiful wenge bedroom

light corridor interior in wenge color

Dark living room design with wenge color

beautiful hallway style in wenge color

Wenge color in the bedroom interior

The color of wenge in combination with other wood also has many winning options. Such a base goes well with a light tree with a pronounced texture. The more contrast the base, the lighter should be the duo shade:

  • bleached oak;
  • maple;
  • nut;
  • ash;
  • cherry.

Tip. In the classic interior modern appliances are inappropriate. But it is profitably “lost” in the study or in the living room against the background of African rosewood-colored furniture, as in the photo.

In a children's room, it is advisable to use the shades of this wood only in the form of furniture decoration, combined with bright details and bright accents. A children's bed, wardrobe or chairs “under the wenge” is a great option for a classic style.

How to use rosewood in wall, floor and ceiling decoration

The black top, as you know, "hangs". But rosewood as a finish for glossy stretch ceilings looks noble if there is not much wood decor. It is advisable to combine general and local lighting of functional areas so that there are no unlit sections of the ceiling, as in the photo.

unusual kitchen design in wenge color

Bedroom design in wenge color

bright kitchen style in wenge color

Wenge color in the interior of the corridor

Laminate or parquet board “under the wenge” is the preferred option in the classic interior. But if an almost black floor is chosen, it’s important not to overload the decor with the same furniture and textiles. Ideally, thick shades should occupy the lower third of the room. If you choose a leather soft corner, it is better to purchase a modern model with low handrails and a back. The best combination would be wenge in the form of a laminate on the floor and bleached oak products in the interior.

Walls with wood or decorative rosewood panels should not burden the design either. But they will noticeably ennoble the insulated loggia or entrance hall. One wall in the living room or hall will not overload the interior, especially against a light background of general decoration.

Furniture with a rare African wood texture looks good in many styles, whether it be classic or modern design. We offer to look at even more interesting proposals for combining wenge with a different color in our gallery.

Video: Using color in the interior by Italian designer Daniele Bonicolini

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