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Looking at the work of professional designers, we often wonder at their skill. Wondering how they manage to so organically and stylishly build a common composition, we come to the conclusion that the point here is in their talent, experience and design education. In fact, everything is much simpler - the matter is in the details.

Accessories are the magic wand of any designer. With the help of these seemingly insignificant objects, you can add brightness or a certain style to the interior, visually expand the room or divide it into zones, and even add originality to a seemingly boring room.

the idea of ​​a beautiful room interior

You can make a green corner in the kitchen

bright design option

Instead of chandeliers, you can make unusual lampshades

the idea of ​​an unusual apartment style

Flowers in the interior will create a special atmosphere

Instructions for use

In the works of professionals, one can often notice some ease: pillows scattered across the sofa, asymmetrically hung frames with photographs, souvenirs messily arranged. How do they manage to fit all this so cleverly into the interior and create a single picture? There are several basic rules that should be followed when decorating your home with interior accessories.

version of the original design of the room

The lamp can be decorated like this

version of the original room interior

This living room will be your favorite place to relax.


Interior details are always interconnected with the general style of the room. A fanciful picture will hardly look good on a brick “loft” wall, and a lava lamp will be out of place in the interior of shabby chic. Therefore, having decided how you would like to see the room, look through magazines and Internet sites to understand what the decor should be in this case.

the idea of ​​a bright apartment style

For the living room, you can sew such pillows

variant of the unusual style of the apartment

From ordinary jars you can make such candlesticks

variant of the unusual design of the room

Flowers in the interior always look amazing

A famous proverb warns us about how one small spoonful of tar can spoil a whole barrel of honey. With accessories, this is the case. No matter how harmonious and thought out your interior, one awkward detail is able to completely change the overall impression of the house. The most common danger is souvenirs brought from vacation or donated by friends, because few people at the resort will think about the compatibility of a beautiful Moroccan vase with the minimalism of your living room. If you nevertheless became the proud owner of some wonderful little thing that does not fit well with your interior, then hide it until better times. Perhaps this particular vase will later inspire you, and you will want to transform your apartment by choosing an oriental-style design for it.

the idea of ​​a beautiful apartment style

Lamps can be decorated with artificial flowers

the idea of ​​the original design of the apartment

Green curtains in the room

Color palette

The beauty of accessories is that you can literally juggle them, changing the interior of any room the way you want. A boring monochrome room can be revived with catchy curtains or flashy posters. In another case, calm neutral interior details will help to balance too colorful walls.

However, these little things are not always opposed to the general idea. If the room has a bright dominant color, then it makes sense to duplicate it in one or more details so that your decor does not look fragmented.

A remarkable property of accessories is that at any time they can be replaced by updating a boring interior without sacrificing your wallet.

variant of the bright room interior

These candlesticks will be a great addition to the interior.

variant of the unusual interior of the apartment

Flowers in the interior will create a special atmosphere

idea of ​​the original style of the room

The design of the bedroom is made in green.

Simple geometry

A huge role is played by how objects are arranged in space. In small rooms, discard large decor items, and keep small details to the minimum necessary so as not to clutter up the space. If you don’t have a large area, then all the interior details should be as functional as possible: replace the figurines with capacious caskets, paintings with mirrors, numerous pillows with a beautiful plaid.

An excellent move is to choose the decorative center of the room and create a composition that attracts attention. It will distract your eyes from the rest of the room and allow you not to overload the room with other details.

Combine small objects according to some common feature. It can be color, material or shape. Good looking groups with a common style, consisting of objects of different sizes. Such an accumulation of cute little things acquires a special charm and becomes an ideal element of decor.

idea of ​​bright room design

Ordinary glass bottles can be painted and put flowers in them.

variant of a beautiful apartment interior

On the table in the living room you can put a vase with branches or flowers

Individual approach

Many make a mistake by thoughtlessly transferring pictures from magazines into their interior. Remember that not always a beautiful photo will look just as good if you embody this idea in your home. People are individual and they like different things. Repeating the interior, filled with unusual things for you, you risk creating the feeling that you are in a hotel room for yourself.

variant of the unusual design of the apartment

Plants will be a great decoration option

the idea of ​​a beautiful room design

The dishes will very harmoniously complement the interior of the room

variant of the bright interior of the apartment

Small buckets can be decorated and put cones in them

Do not try to arrange objects symmetrically. It looks unnatural and boring. Instead of two identical bedside tables with the same lights, leave only one, or select different lights. Dilute bookshelves with randomly placed souvenirs, and choose photo frames of different sizes. Give up symmetry in favor of a dynamic and vibrant space.

bright apartment style option

The photo shows an imitation of wood in the room

bright room style option

A vase with dry decorative branches will look very beautiful


When choosing interior accessories, it is not at all necessary to spend huge sums on the canvases of great masters, marble statues and Faberge caskets. The beauty of the interior often lies in simplicity, and the landlord himself can become a talented creator.

Even the simplest things can become a find in the right hands. Familiar cans and bottles decorated using decoupage technique look just as good as ordinary vases, and handmade shelves often look better than purchased ones. You can make them from almost everything that comes to hand: boards, boxes, even skateboards or kitchen appliances.

It’s worth showing a little imagination and the old boot becomes the original flower pot, the cook - the wall pot, and the grandfather’s suitcase - a stylish bedside table.

the idea of ​​an unusual apartment design

Flowers in the living room interior create a special atmosphere

the idea of ​​the original room interior

Dishes can also decorate the interior of a room

variant of a beautiful apartment design

You can hang these watches on the wall

Decorate the house

An ordinary apartment is a blank canvas for a creative person. In any room there are hundreds of opportunities for the embodiment of design fantasies. Let us consider in more detail several ready-made ideas and options for their use in the interior.

Living room




Decor item

Coffee table


Glass jars

Decorative pots

What do we need

Paints of two colors, craquelure varnish, hair dryer

Round bezel, paper, scissors, fishing line or kapron thread

Suitable napkin, acrylic adhesive, primer and paint, decoupage adhesive, foam sponge,

alcohol-containing substance

Cardboard containers, acrylic paints, sandpaper, acrylic putty, lace



Almost any


Shabby chic



Application, origami



Instruction manual

1. Apply the main color paint to the surface of the table. We are waiting for complete drying.

2. The second stage is a thick layer of craquelure varnish.

3. After the varnish has dried, apply a layer of a second paint diluted with water on top. The thicker the paint, the worse it is applied, and the less cracks there will be.

1. Butterflies are either cut out of paper or made using the origami technique.

2. We attach one end of the fishing line to the butterfly, the other to the lampshade.

3. We distribute the butterflies according to the lampshade so that they are at different levels. The lampshade is ready.

1. Degrease the surface with an alcohol-containing substance.

2. Apply several layers of acrylic primer.

3. Foam sponge apply paint for the background.

4. Separate the top layer of the napkin, cut out the picture.

5. Apply a napkin to the jar, coat with decoupage glue, working with a brush from the center to the edges.

6. Fix with acrylic matte varnish.

1. Give the container the desired shape using scissors.

2. Paint the container with acrylic paint, draw patterns.

3. We clean the corners to create the effect of antiquity.

4. We imitate stucco molding, putting putty on edges.

5. We decorate the pots with lace.

the idea of ​​a beautiful room style

Mustard color sofa will stand out in room design

the idea of ​​a bright apartment interior

Multi-colored pillows on the sofa will add color to the interior

Using accessories in the interior is very simple, and they create an amazing effect. Take an ordinary apartment, add interesting little things to it, and it will sparkle with completely different colors. And to create interior details with your own hands is not only fashionable, but also interesting, economical, and very stylish. It is unlikely that your friends will meet something like this, which means that no one will have doubts about your originality.

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