What is the difference between the interior and design of a teenager’s room?

All children inevitably grow, and their needs and attitudes are rapidly changing. The child already ceases to arrange a plaid with ducks, bears on the wallpaper and bunnies on the shelves. The teenager needs self-expression and there comes a time when repair becomes necessary.

beautiful kids room

Having a good taste will come in handy in life for everyone. And it is necessary to instill it in childhood.

Design a room for a teenager must necessarily take into account not only the wishes of the parents, but also the preferences, tastes, style and hobbies of the boy. Theme teenage room interior diverse: music, sports, technology, cinema, cars or any other.

large nursery in the loft style

In adolescence, everyone wants to make space close to him and often does not agree with the arguments of parents who insist on functionality.

The furniture welcomes minimalism and functionality. A rare teenager will appreciate the complex design decisions and the abundance of decorative elements. Teenage furniture is usually compact, comfortable, but quite stylish.

The color scheme is chosen together with the teenager. For boys, it is usually neutral blue, green and blue, for girls it is pink, lilac, beige.

Light room

The design of the teenager’s room in calm white or gray tones with the arrangement of bright accents is also relevant.

When choosing materials, it is worth considering that children at this age are usually not too hardworking and frequent cleaning will not be particularly happy. Discard soiled and dust-absorbing materials.

We formulate the basic requirements for room design for a teenager:

  • Originality;
  • Functionality;
  • Modern style;
  • Practicality.
english style room

For each child in his teens, the image of the ideal room is completely different.

How to determine the style?

Teenager room interior makes the main requirement for the choice of style - compliance with the desires of the child. It will be necessary to determine the style with him.

A teenage room is a separate world that lives by its own rules. This room is not required to overlap with the rest of the apartment in color or design. Here the teenager should be the only owner.

room design for a teenager

It all depends on the personality of the teenager.

Usually children's imagination gives a very accurate idea of ​​what a dream room should look like. Well, if the boy is still not completely determined - his parents are able to help him in this, choosing the right style for her.

Style Circle of hobbies Character Colors Distinctive features Furniture
Vanguard Sport, technology Brave, bold, decisive Milk, light green, scarlet, yellow Functionality, custom layout, large geometric shapes Non-standard forms and design solutions, suspended and rotating models
Loft Music, cinema, drawing Hooligan, self-sufficient, creative White or light gray background with bright accents. Open bright space, metal and plastic structures, brick walls The most necessary, bright, contrasting
High tech Engineering, science Serious, intelligent White, gray, blue, red, metallic Simple forms, a minimum of decor, smooth textures, modern technology Laconic, functional, with metal elements
Safari Animals, geography Original, loving Beige, Brown, Gold, Green, Coral Images of animals, animal prints Made from natural materials, wicker
Nautical Books, travel Romantic, adventurous White, Blue, Blue, Gold Marine subjects: ropes, anchors, maps, shells Simple wooden
Kitsch Subcultures, Graffiti, Anime Cheerful, rebellious, cheerful Bright, screaming, poisonous The combination of incongruous, mixing styles and contrasting colors Soft, bright, with an unusual finish (fluffy, velvety)
loft style interior

When creating a room, the opinion of the child must be taken into account at all stages.

How to make a room functional?

Teenager Room Design should be as functional as possible, because the boy will spend most of his time here. In this room he will not only sleep, but also do his homework, relax, do what he loves. Therefore, this room is usually zoned.

high tech teen room

We will figure out how to properly zon the room and prevent typical mistakes in the design of the room.

Most often there are three sectors:

  • Working;
  • Sleeping;
  • Rest zone.

The sleeping area is usually not accentuated, and it plays a purely functional role. Usually this is just a bed, which can be located in any part of the room: in the center, against the wall and even above the desktop. Of particular interest are compact beds that extend from the podium, fold out of the closet or are located on the second tier.

rock teen room

With their help, you can save a lot of space by allocating more space to areas for rest and work.

The arrangement of the recreation area is always very individual and is connected with the hobbies of the teenager. For reading boys and girls, these are bookcases with an armchair and a floor lamp, for athletes - several exercise machines, a horizontal bar or a Swedish wall, for artists - an easel, for musicians - a favorite musical instrument. However, adults should not worry about this, the child himself knows very well that he will come in handy here.

teen room

The teenager’s room is different in that the child himself complements it with those elements that reflect his inner world.

The working area should be comfortable and bright. There is no place for distractions, but everything you need should be at hand. In a properly designed work area, the child will be much faster at homework, without experiencing any discomfort.

What should be the colors?

Any style allows for many color options. Therefore in room design for a teenager color experiments can always take place.

bright teenager bedroom

If the child is active and excitable, then it is necessary for him to choose pastel and calm tones in the design of the room.

It’s quite difficult for the boy to choose the right palette for the interior of his room, so adults should come to his aid. The teenager does not think about the effect of color on the psyche and well-being, therefore, he can insist on using bright flashy colors.

room for teen boy

In this case, we advise you to find a compromise with him, for example, choose a muted shade of this color or use it not on all surfaces.

Most popular in room design for a teenage boy enjoy the combination:

  • Gray and white;
  • Brown and milky;
  • Beige and blue;
  • Various shades of green or blue;
  • Black and white;
  • Gray and yellow, or gray and orange;
  • White and blue.
teenager boy room

Having painted one of the walls in a bright color, you revive the room and visually divide the room into functional zones.

For the same purposes, you can use photo wallpaper or decoration of a different texture.

Large drawings on the wallpaper - not the most profitable solution room design for a teenager, since children at this age are very fond of decorating their room with posters, drawings and photo frames on their own. Against the background of large images, such small details will not look very good.

teen room posters

During the repair process, it is necessary to correctly guide the child in the right direction, so that not only a beautiful, but also a functional room is obtained.

Does a small artist grow in the family? The teenage room is a place where he can gain freedom of expression. Invite him to paint or decorate one of the walls with graffiti. Such a composition is excellent in any style, the main thing is to come up with a suitable pattern. In extreme cases, an unsuccessful experiment can always be hidden under the wallpaper.

How to choose lighting?

When planning the lighting of a room, it is worth paying special attention to the workplace of the child. Usually it is placed opposite the window so that natural light falls on it. It will also be convenient if there is a table lamp on it, which the teenager will use when it gets dark outside.

In addition, spotlights are used for zoning the room. Floor lamp in the recreation area, bedside lamp on the bedside table, table lamp on the desktop - the room is visually divided into parts in accordance with the purpose of each zone.

lighting in a teenager's room

Do not underestimate the importance of the design of lamps, because in addition to their direct functions, they also perform decorative.

The choice of fixtures is so huge that they fit perfectly into any interior and emphasize its style.About the general lighting it is worth saying that it should be soft and diffused, spread throughout the room.

teenager room design

We must try not to leave dark corners.

What furniture to put?

When choosing furniture in a teenager’s room, special attention should be paid to storage systems. Teenage boys are usually not too prone to order, so they are more suitable for small drawers and shelves with small cells. So things will be stored much more aesthetically, and the boy will have to clean up the room less often.

teenager interior design

By the way, these same repositories of boyish treasures will also be in the workplace, because the main requirement for him is ergonomics.

Everything should be streamlined and at hand. In addition, you need to choose the height of the table and chair. Be sure to make a purchase with your child and offer him to test your favorite model.

In order not to buy a new chair as the child grows up, opt for a transforming model with an adjustable backrest.

teenager room interior design

It is desirable that this back, as well as the seat, be soft, which will reduce the load on the spine of the boy.

Most of the young men are quite comfortable with the minimalism style in the design of the room, so furniture can be safely selected from simple and uncomplicated models. Of the most popular materials are metal and wood, and both those and other products have their pros and cons:

When choosing a bed, do not underestimate the importance of the right mattress for the health of your child.

guy room interior

A good orthopedic mattress will correct posture, and sleep on it will be stronger and better.

Tree Metal
pros Minuses pros Minuses
Not subject to corrosion Fragility Durability Heavy weight
Warm surface Fire hazard Strength Cold surface
Great look Fire resistance Tendency to corrosion
Easy to clean

The small area of ​​the room is not a reason to limit the flight of your imagination. On the contrary, here it is worth deploying it to the fullest, and come up with a way how to save space. There are several ready-made methods for this case:

  • A convertible sofa that folds out to form a comfortable berth;
  • Bed pushed out of the podium;
  • A bed located on the podium, inside of which are boxes for storing things;
  • Rollaway bed;
  • A desk with a second tier over the bed;
  • Built-in wardrobe.
closet in a teenager's room

Functionality comes first, so you need to choose furniture that has maximum possibilities for use.

How to fit two teenagers in one room?

It can be difficult for parents of two teenagers to place them in the same room. Very well, if the age and range of interests of children is approximately the same, then conflicts when choosing room design for teens will occur much less. However, in any case, for each child should be allocated a corner in which he will feel secluded.

bright room for two children

The style of the corners should be one or overlap.

The task is usually complicated by the fact that the area of ​​the room is usually small, and there is too little room for the designer's imagination to fully expand. In the room you need to place two beds, a table and a chair for each, lockers and shelves, and do not forget to leave a place to relax.

There are several ways to optimize the space, allowing the most profitable use of the available space.

  • Combine sleeping areas with a bunk bed. At the same time, each teenager will have his own sleeping place, but much less space will be involved.
  • Replace the two small cabinets with one large one, evenly separating the shelves and drawers in it between the guys.
  • Use one desktop by placing chairs on opposite sides. If desired, you can divide it in half by a partition from the shelves.
  • Instead of floor racks, hang wall shelves.
  • Leave the recreation area common, adjusting it to the hobbies of both teenagers.
bright children's room for two

If the guys want to feel more detached, then the personal area of ​​each can be distinguished with the help of color, while leaving the design style unified.

If there are no problems with the area of ​​the room, then you can forget about the principles of optimization and arrange a room individually for each child.

How to design a teenage girl’s bedroom?

Girls also have the property of growing up, and by the age of adolescence they are much less likely to like the pink bows and ruffles that surround them. Young ladies want to stand out from the pink mass, and are actively embarking on a search for themselves and self-expression.

room for teenage girls

Room teenage girls should not only be cute, but at the same time still stylish and elegant, and meet some requirements.

  • By the way, a girl’s dressing room will have a dressing table, because over the years girls devote more and more time to their appearance and self-care. With him, the girl will feel like a real lady, and her friends will envy her a little. In addition, the dressing table is practical and convenient.
  • If you think that the dressing table is useless, or the size of the room doesn’t allow you to put it, then provide the girl with at least a full-length mirror. With it, any fees will be much faster and more enjoyable.
  • Another important element is a spacious wardrobe or chest of drawers for storing clothes, which any lady usually has a lot of. A convenient thing is drawers under the bed. They can remove shoes and clothes that are not yet in season.
  • For girls, the aesthetic side of the interior is much more important than its practicality. They will appreciate the elegant forms of furniture, unusual colors and many decorative elements.
  • You can decorate the walls in the room of a teenage girl with frames with photographs, paintings, flower pots, garlands. It is better to provide the decoration of the decorations to the hostess of the room herself - she will cope better than any designer, making the room cozy specifically for herself.
  • Designers recommend using white as the primary color. It goes well with all the girlish colors: pink, lilac, blue.
Scandinavian style room design

The room can easily be transformed into an adult bedroom when a girl grows up by simply replacing pink details with gray or, for example, olive ones.

The interior of the room is very dependent on the age of the girl.At the age of 12, she sometimes paints her lips with gloss, but is not yet against playing with dolls. Her bedroom should consider these needs. At 17, dolls are already on the sidelines and are used only as interior decorations.

interior design for a girl

The girl’s room should look adult, while maintaining a touch of girlish tenderness and lightness.

Own stylishly decorated room, where you can both retire and feel free to receive guests is the dream of any teenager. For children in adolescence it is very important to feel some freedom and have the opportunity to express themselves. A private room for the child helps to meet these needs.

modern children

It is worthwhile to think over the interior design together with the child, because this is the only way to fully take into account all the wishes of the child.

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