The decor of the children's room is a delicate matter!

The child grows quickly, but to make repairs often, so that the room corresponds to his age, expensive and time-consuming. Much more correct are those parents who invest in high-quality finish of the walls, ceiling and floor of the children's room, which will become the backdrop for decoration that takes into account the age and interests of the child.

the idea of ​​a beautiful decor for a child’s room

Modern decor of a children's room

variant of chic decoration for children

Variant of a decor of a children's room

version of the original decoration of the nursery

Children's room with beautiful decor

The design of the children's room

When choosing materials for decorating walls, floors, think about how easy it is for children to clean - it is better to leave traces of felt-tip pens and paints on paper rather than on the walls.

What is worth investing in the repair of a child’s room:

  • in good noise and sound insulation;
  • in a floor covering from high-quality expensive materials.

To the atmosphere of the children's room "grew" with the child, it is better to make the walls neutral, light pastel shades. The best option is painting. You can align the walls well and paint them, having previously primed them, or you can use wallpaper for painting. In the second case, repairs will become more time-consuming and costly: you need to align the walls, the purchase of wallpaper and paint. In addition, it is difficult to guarantee the safety of the wallpaper for several years.

the idea of ​​a bright decor of a children's room

Kids room decor

idea of ​​bright decoration for children

The idea of ​​decorating a nursery

Variants of decorating a nursery


· Posters and photographs;

· Stickers;

· Murals;

Volumetric elements


Cork coating;



Stretch ceiling;

· Multi-tiered ceiling;

· Hanging elements

We decorate the walls of the nursery

Neutral color, smooth or textured wall surface - an ideal backdrop for decoration. There are many options for creating an interesting wall decor in a children's room, and most of them do not require large cash costs.

variant of a beautiful decoration of a children's room

Modern decor of a children's room

version of the original decoration of the children's room

Variant of a decor of a children's room

the idea of ​​bright decoration of the nursery

Children's room with beautiful decor

Posters and photos on the walls

The easiest way to decorate the walls is to hang posters. These can be characters of your favorite baby cartoons, movie heroes and actors, show business stars in a teenager’s room. This option will allow you to change the decor as often as the interests of the child often change.

In order not to spoil the walls with glue, make a lightweight base for paintings - frames or backdrops, for example, from ceiling plates and foam plinths. They are light, and you can fix them on the wall by hanging them on the very top of the wall on a thin invisible fishing line or decorative cord, which will become an element of design.

Similarly, you can decorate the walls with photographs of the child - creating a variety of compositions - placing photo frames in groups or in a row. Multi-colored photo frames will look interesting - they will create a color accent on plain walls.

the idea of ​​a chic decor for a child’s room

Kids room decor

option bright decoration for children

The idea of ​​decorating a nursery

Stickers and Stickers

With reusable stickers, it’s easy to create wall decor in your kids room. Such stickers can be found in stores or ordered in workshops involved in decoration, printing.Professionally made stickers stick easily and separate from the smooth surface of the wall without leaving any residue.

The theme of wall decoration can be varied - from individual elements (flowers, butterflies - for girls, cars, airplanes - for boys) to story paintings that occupy up to half the wall. Often there are stickers that help create an unusual wall decor in combination with other elements - for example, photographs: the base-tree is a sticker to which the photo frames are “suspended” on the “branches”.


Even the most beautiful murals should not occupy a large area of ​​walls. You can decorate them with a narrow wall or make an insert on a long wall - for example, above a child’s bed. Designers say that murals should not occupy more than 25-30% of the total wall area. It is better to choose a drawing with the child, but do not make it too bright, screaming.

the idea of ​​the original decor of the children's room

Modern decor of a children's room

variant of beautiful decoration for children

Variant of a decor of a children's room

option for bright decoration of a children's room

Children's room with beautiful decor

Wall painting in a nursery

Handsomely? Yes, painting or airbrushing on the walls of a children's room can transform it, create a magical environment - a fairy forest or an underwater kingdom. However, such a decor of a children's room will be expensive, and over time, when the baby grows up, it will be a pity to paint over the wall. Therefore, it is worth choosing either more neutral versions of the pictures for decorating the walls of the nursery, or accept the fact that in a few years the picture will be hidden under a layer of paint.

Textile decoration

Textiles will help create stylization in the children's room. Even in the absence of other bright elements, he is able to revive space. Bright curtains with stripes and to match them with a cover or a lamp shade - and the room "comes to life". If done on curtains

Girls will like a four-poster bed like a princess. This cozy corner of the girl’s bedroom will allow you to create a cozy zone, which will be a place of sleep at night, and during the day will turn into a playground.

For lovers of floral style, shebby chic - a delicate lace cover on the bed, light curtains on the windows, a floral lampshade can be supplemented with a decorative cage suspended from the ceiling, a vase of flowers.

The boy’s room can be turned into a ship - striped curtains on the windows, sails over the bed and a real helm on the wall. For fans of sports teams, the original solution will be decorating the room in the colors of an idol team.

the idea of ​​chic decor for children

Kids room decor

the idea of ​​bright decoration of the children's room

The idea of ​​decorating a nursery

Decorative elements in a children's room

To place vivid accents that emphasize the style of the children's room, decorative elements placed in different parts of the room are capable. Many of them can be done with your own hands.

Shred to shred

The original performance is a patchwork room. To decorate the walls of a children's room for a girl, you can take different wallpapers that are combined in color and pattern: for example, in a checkered strip, with a small and large floral pattern, a zig-zag and others. From the same size square “shreds” “clothes” for the walls are created.

Such walls will be complemented by white furniture and plain textiles, decorative elements in the style of “shabby chic” or a lamp, vases from IKEA.

the idea of ​​a beautiful decoration of a children's room

Modern decor of a children's room

variant of bright decor for children

Variant of a decor of a children's room

the idea of ​​chic decoration of a children's room

Children's room with beautiful decor

Victory Show

The room of a young athlete can be decorated with objects of sports subjects - why not decorate the wall above the headboard of the little hockey player’s bed with real hockey sticks? And, of course, in the nursery there must be a place for awards - cups, medals. For them, it is better to make a special shelf and a medallion.

A young needlewoman can decorate the walls of the room with her works - embroideries, macrame weaving, and artists will arrange an exhibition of drawings. Expositions on it can be replaced with new ones, and then the room will never be boring.

In the room of a young fashionista, a tailor's mannequin will harmoniously look, which can also be decorated by draping with fabric. Entering the room, you can immediately understand - the future fashion designer lives here.

version of the original children's decor

Kids room decor

option for brightly decorating a nursery

The idea of ​​decorating a nursery

Volumetric Elements

Using foam, polyurethane foam and paints, you can create volumetric elements on the walls, such as wood. It will be completely realistic.

A fashionable element of interior decoration are volume letters, words. You can buy, order blanks of letters - for example, the first letter of the name of the child or the full name. You can issue them using scrapbooking paper and volumetric elements. Such letters can be placed on the wall, and if you make them voluminous, they will look like a bright spot on the cabinet, shelf.

Now it’s fashionable to decorate the walls with inscriptions - let it be the teenager’s life motto or a meaningful expression of his beloved character - they will look advantageous, decorate the room without overloading the interior.

The “school” board — the part of the wall painted with paint with this effect — will revive the interior of the children's room. Instead of painting, you can place a small board in the game room, and later in the study area, on which it is convenient to write and draw with chalk.

You can even decorate walls with empty portrait frames. Placed chaotically several baguette frames will decorate the teenager's room.

option for bright decoration of a children's room

Modern decor of a children's room

the idea of ​​chic decorating a nursery

Variant of a decor of a children's room

version of a beautiful decoration of a children's room

Children's room with beautiful decor

Ceiling and wall decoration

You can decorate both the ceiling and the floor. For the latter, it is better to choose natural materials - parquet, laminate, cork. It is recommended for a child’s room in the first years of life. It does not absorb odors, has bactericidal properties, and absorbs sounds. In addition, the cork is pleasant to the touch for children's legs, has shock-absorbing properties that can mitigate the fall of a beginner baby.

Is it worth it to lay a carpet?

Multi-colored rugs will become not only a decorative element in the nursery, but also protect the kids from hypothermia, because children love to play “on the bottom shelf”, that is, on the floor. It is better not to choose carpets with a long pile - a lot of dust accumulates in them, and they are difficult to care for.

It is not recommended for the same reason to lay a carpet in the children's room. The vacuum cleaner will not be able to collect all the dirt from it, it is not possible to clean it in any other way. In addition, if the family has young children, there may be occasional troubles made on the carpet.

Rugs, even small ones, are necessary in the play area and near the bed so that the child does not get his bare feet on the floor in the morning.

idea of ​​an original nursery decor

Kids room decor

the idea of ​​a beautiful decoration of a children's room

The idea of ​​decorating a nursery

Star with star speaks

It is difficult to come up with something to decorate the ceiling, so many are limited only to painting it or wallpapering. However, the ceiling can be made unusual in the nursery.

Painting the ceiling will take much less time than repairs in the entire room, so you can slightly show imagination and paint the ceiling under the sky with clouds, depict a star map. You can make the design two-tiered, make an interesting LED backlight.

An interesting solution will be suspended elements - mobiles (rotating structures), airplanes, birds, airships, soaring under the ceiling.

Whatever you choose to decorate the children's room - the main thing is that the child should like it. Try to combine all the decoration items with a common idea, theme, while not overloading the interior with many colors and details. Let there be few vivid accents - just enough to leave room for study, games and creativity.

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