Room design for two boys. What is appropriate in the room?

Children's bedroom is the personal space of the child, his place for privacy. Of course, this does not mean that the children will be in the bedroom all the time. However, the psychological state of the baby, his mood will depend on how it is framed.

The design of a children's room for two boys should combine such qualities as:

  • the uniqueness of the character of each of the children;

  • integrity and harmony of the interior;

  • harmonious combination of a sleeping, playing and working area.

The last item is considered one of the key, so the issue of zoning the room needs to be considered in more detail.

variant of the unusual nursery interior for two boys

Baby room design in warm colors.

idea of ​​a bright decor for a children's room for two boys

A great option would be to put in a children's bunk bed

version of a beautiful design of a children's room for two boys

Design of a bright children's room in a modern style

Division of a room into zones

For a comfortable stay and pastime in the bedroom you must have four zones.

  1. To store things. Depending on the size of the room, 2 different wardrobes can be used. With limited free space, one chiffonier will be enough. However, it is necessary to choose a double-leaf cabinet with equal sections, one of which will fulfill the function of storing one child, and the other the other.

  2. For training. It is recommended that you use a separate desktop for each boy. Given the small area of ​​space, transformer furniture or folding tables will be the best solution. An important nuance in the working area is considered to be sufficient lighting of the desktop, which will become a guarantee of good vision for children.

  3. A place for games. When designing this area, it is important to consider the preferences of both children. It’s best to give the children the right to choose this solution: they will tell you what will be the ideal playing area for them: a sports slide with shells, a basketball hoop or gymnastic mat.

  4. Sleeping area. The only important aspect in the decoration of the recreation area for two boys is a full bed with a quality mattress. Folding chairs and sofas have a negative effect on children's posture. To minimize the occupied space, you can use a bunk bed or a transformer bed.

the idea of ​​a bright nursery style for two boys

The children's room can be divided into zones for training, games and sleep.

the idea of ​​a beautiful nursery decor for two boys

Design of a bright children's room with a place for study.

The style of the children's bedroom

The use of a single style in the design of the bedroom is a winning solution. It is especially popular in bedrooms for young children. Here you can apply the following style options:

  • in the style of a pirate ship;

  • in the jungle style;

  • in space style;

  • Formula 1;

  • football theme;

  • cartoon theme (cars, transformers, star wars, etc.).

version of the bright style of a children's room for two boys

The bed can be made in the form of a rocket

idea of ​​a bright nursery design for two boys

For boys, the theme of space will be very interesting.

variant of the unusual interior of a children's room for two boys

Nautical style kids room design

Safety in the interior of the room for boys

When choosing furniture, it is important to pay attention to the presence of a safety certificate. The best would be the purchase of furniture for two boys made of wood, as well as the use of parquet as a material for flooring.

Particular attention must be paid to the fastening of furniture and shelves, as well as their quality installation. Given the high mobility of the boys, it is necessary to securely fasten shelves and racks, and also make sure that each element of furniture is used strictly for its intended purpose in order to avoid possible injuries.

version of the bright design of a children's room for two boys

The wall for drawing will look very interesting.

the idea of ​​an unusual nursery interior for two boys

Beds can be put opposite making a small corridor

option of a bright nursery for two boys

The design of the children's room is made in the style of minimalism.

The choice of furniture for the bedroom of two boys

In this matter, you must adhere to the following rules.

  • Durability and moisture resistance for long-term service.

  • The absence of sharp corners and dubious elements that may fall away.

  • The manufacturer has a quality certificate and a safety certificate.

  • Furniture should contain a maximum of things (a corner cupboard is the best option: with a minimum occupied space it has high capacity indicators).

  • The presence of an orthopedic mattress in a bed promotes the formation of proper posture.

  • The use of eco-friendly decoration materials.

the idea of ​​a beautiful decor for a children's room for two boys

Bright colors always contribute to the development of the child.

version of the unusual style of a nursery for two boys

The wall with developing pictures will look very beautiful

the idea of ​​a bright interior for a children's room for two boys

A training table can be placed near the beds.

Age features of the children's room

It must be understood that the design of the nursery for two boys, toddlers, schoolchildren and adolescents has many differences. To understand the distinctive nuances, it is important to consider its design depending on their age.

For children from birth to 3-4 years

When designing it, you should not create and apply too elaborate design decisions. All that is necessary for kids at this age is a comfortable berth, a warm floor for crawling, the first steps, as well as various toys. The remaining elements are necessary for the comfort of parents: a changing table (some mothers do not use it at all), a chest of drawers or a wardrobe for storing children's things, drawers or dressers for storing toys.

For two boys aged 3 to 6 years

Here you should already divide the children's room into zones, paying special attention to the safety of the kids: avoid sharp corners and slippery surfaces. It is better to use a carpet for the floor.

When buying a bunk bed, it is necessary to clarify with children whether it is scary for one of them to sleep on the upper tier.

version of a beautiful design for two boys

A bunk bed will save a little space

variant of a bright decor of a children's room for two boys

Design of a children's room with a sports corner

the idea of ​​a bright nursery for two boys

In the children's room you need to use as many light colors as possible

Also, the use of a sports corner will not be amiss. This element contributes to the physical development of children and is considered a means for splashing out the accumulated energy.

For boys of school age

Here, special attention should be paid to the working area, as well as its good lighting. Another important element is the place to store office supplies, textbooks and notebooks.

How to make a bedroom for boys of different ages

With a large age difference between the brothers, you should carefully consider the design of the children's room. This is due to the difference of interests, and the creation of a single bedroom can entail the infringement of the interests of one of the children. It will be optimal to divide the apartment into equal zones for each of the children. This will allow you to organize a more personal space, embodying the wishes of everyone.

version of the beautiful style of a children's room for two boys

The room can be divided into two equal parts

the idea of ​​an unusual nursery design for two boys

Furniture in the children's room must be functional

bright children's option for two boys

Football style kids room design

Color schemes in a children's room

The choice of a color palette in the design of a children's room plays an important role in the issue of not only personal preferences. Child psychologists claim that depending on the color environment, certain character traits may appear, as well as the baby's talents are revealed. It is only necessary to choose the right color.

In the early years of life, both boys and girls need to surround the children with calm tones such as beige, ivory, pale blue or pink. But after 4 years you can saturate the nursery of rooms with bright tones and shades. Below is a table of the most popular colors that are used in the design.


What influence and in what is manifested

Where to use

Important Features


Positive effect on the general physical condition, relieves muscle tension

A light accent or an element of decor with an obsessive response (bed side, curtains, toys)

An abundance of a cold shade of blue can cause depression


Excites a psychological state and raises pressure. Not recommended for use as a key or primary color.

Small decor: accessories in the form of flower pots or photo frames, coasters, guns

This color should not be abused, since its abundance negatively affects the psyche of both boys and girls. May cause headaches, contribute to disturbing sleep.

All shades of green

It stabilizes eye pressure, normalizes respiration, improves concentration, has sedative properties and promotes sound and healthy sleep.

In furniture, on walls, in accessories and decorative elements

It has a beneficial effect on the child in any manifestation, both as the main color element and as a decorative accent

All shades of yellow

Favorably affects eyesight, improves mood, activates mental activity

In any detail of the room, bed sides or as the primary color

With increased impulsiveness and frequent changes in mood, bright shades should be avoided, and preference should be given to calmer and warmer tones.


Helps improve digestion and stimulate appetite.

Limited use of this color will be optimal: a few toys or an orange decorative detail in the interior

An excess of orange in the creation of apartments for two boys can contribute to overwork and, in extreme cases, cause dizziness.

Wall and ceiling decoration in a children's room

There are several interesting solutions that will help to emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages of the room.

  • In a small room, the use of a vertical strip visually increases the height of the ceiling, and a small pattern on the walls increases the space.

  • The use of photowall-paper will become an actual solution in the design of small apartments: they expand the spatial framework and bring diversity to the interior.

  • Use a minimum of dark and bright details and elements. They visually reduce the room. If the use of bright colors is a matter of principle, it should be used in furniture or accessories, without oversaturated apartments.

  • Walls can serve as a place for children's creativity: washable wallpapers can be painted (children love to create masterpieces on walls), or use special boards attached to the wall for this.

Making out a ceiling, it should be remembered that it is also an element of a decor of all interior and should harmoniously fit into it.

the idea of ​​an unusual nursery decor for two boys

A great idea would be to depict developing drawings on the wall

variant of a beautiful decor of a children's room for two boys

On the ceiling you can depict the sky or space

idea of ​​an unusual nursery style for two boys

Wall and ceiling can be decorated with drawings

Secrets of a successful bedroom design for two boys

The safety of materials used in the repair is the main rule of this process.

  1. When purchasing a bunk bed or a sports corner, you should give preference to trusted manufacturers. In this case, attention must be paid to the materials of which the corner is made.

  2. You should not carry out repairs in the winter season, the optimal period is the warm period, from mid-spring to early fall.

  3. It is better to use stretch ceilings in apartments for school children.

  4. The best material for furniture is natural wood or metal.

  5. Adequate lighting in the work area.

  6. In the place for relaxation, you can use a sconce or a night lamp with calm diffused light.

  7. Avoid a large number of black, purple and bright red elements. A glut of them suppresses attention, and also has a negative effect on the psychological state of the child as a whole.

option for a bright style children's room for two boys

The room can be divided into zones of sleep, games and study.

the idea of ​​a beautiful nursery interior for two boys

The room should have a sports corner

The bedroom for boys will turn out to be as comfortable and functional as possible, if during its creation natural materials, competent zoning and color selection are used. Also, do not miss the individual wishes of its young owners.

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