We make out the interior of the children's room

The design of the children's room should not only be practical, functional, but also provide the child with the opportunity to immerse themselves in their own world of cartoons and fairy tales. In choosing a decor, it is important to focus, including on the preferences of the baby - what he would like, what favorite characters he wants to see. Indeed, in this room most of the time will be spent - relaxing, playing games, studying.

Room for a young girl

When you design a nursery, you will have to find a balance between your opinion and the tastes of the small owner of the room

For each process, a separate area should be allocated, therefore it is necessary to resort to zoning of space. The quality of materials is another important aspect. They must be safe, environmentally friendly, reliable.

Consider the main recommendations of an effective and practical design of a children's room.

Zoning a child's room

The main rule is the need for zoning of space. It is required to distinguish between space for sleep and rest, study, creativity, a play area, a place to store things for a child. The most common is the principle of dividing a room by arranging furniture. Less often, parents resort to zoning with curtains, textiles, all kinds of columns, arches, decorating walls, floors with different materials, use screens and partitions.

The semi-park as a space divider in the children's room

Zoning the room helps to accustom the child to order

Three main zones are distinguished:

  1. The "working area" should allow focus, not be distracted. For starters, it can be a small table, later - a full-fledged workplace. It is best to place one near the window so that daylight falls directly on it. In this area, you need to place several shelves for notebooks, books, stationery.
  2. The "sleeping area" should accommodate a bed or a folding chair. It is usually located in the center or against the wall. If you have two children, the berth can be two tiers.
  3. The "play area" in the early period takes the main role for the child in the room. Since children spend a lot of time on the floor, take care of the rug. To store toys you can equip special racks, purchase baskets, soft poufs.
Two workplaces in a room for school children

The training zone, allocated from the rest of the space, allows children to concentrate and work independently

Rules for choosing the color palette of a child’s room

It is believed that colors in a certain way affect the psyche of a child. Warm yellow shades can add activity, mobility. Greens have a calming effect. When arranging a room for a boy, shades of blue and blue are often used - from azure, turquoise, to deep, saturated.

Green walls in a nursery

Juicy green tint activates the child’s thinking and pushes for new exploits

Interior of a children's room in beige color

The beige color will create a warm cozy atmosphere in the room, even the children's windows face the north side.

For girls, it is preferable to use pastel pink, beige tones. You can dilute them with neutral gray, or add a little cream, coffee, orange blotches. Bright accents add carrot, raspberry, coral shades.

Baby bed with soft headboard

Pastel colored kids room interior

It is undesirable to use more than 3 colors at the same time, otherwise a feeling of chaos, disorder will be created. The age of the child matters when choosing the main gamut - the younger the baby, the calmer the surrounding atmosphere should be.

Finishing Features

The most commonly used flooring is parquet, laminate, linoleum, and carpet. The advantage of the latter in a variety of "children's" decor. Favorite cartoon characters, animals, fairy-tale princesses, roads, various games, puzzles can be depicted on the carpet. Laminate is a fairly durable material that fits easily. Cons - cold enough, does not drown out the sounds of steps. Cork flooring also fits well in the interior of a child’s room. It is quite soft, warm, does not require significant effort, skills when laying. Natural linoleum is a durable, durable material that can last up to 15 years. It is ecologically safe.

Wooden floor from boards in the children's room

In any case, the floor surface must be smooth, elastic and not slippery.

Design a play area for a preschool child

In the play area for the smallest you need to lay a carpet, because they spend most of the time sitting on the floor

Attention! Finishing materials must be safe for health, durable, reliable.

Drawings of animals on the wall of a children's room

The walls in the kid’s room can simply be painted and painted on them with your favorite characters from fairy tales or cartoons

The walls are most often finished with wallpaper, paint, wood. If you choose paint - watch for the absence of harmful solvents in the composition. Thanks to her, it will be possible to write and draw on the walls, like on a slate, because now there are washable coatings. The prevalence of wallpaper is not inferior to paint. They are absolutely safe for the health of the child, leak moisture and steam. Depending on the fantasies, preferences of the baby, you can pick up wallpapers with your favorite design. One of the most budget options for decorating the interior of a child’s room. Among the minuses - lack of resistance to mechanical damage. The exception is vinyl-coated wallpaper, their strength is much higher. You should also pay attention to washable wallpapers. In case your child paints them - you can easily wash the art. It is worth choosing unobtrusive, calm patterns, a bright design can quickly get bored.


Lighting plays an important role in the interior of children's rooms. There should be several light sources. The central one is a ceiling lamp - standard chandeliers or stylized lamps - an airplane, a cloud, a flower. It is advisable to prepare the child a nightlight. Furniture can be decorated with diode ribbons. A wall sconce will give a muffled, soft light in the evening. A required element is a table lamp. It should have a bright light with the right shade without yellowness.

Bright lights above the children's desk

Good lighting should be in every area of ​​the children's room

Children's room with a dedicated play area

Light fixtures with matt translucent lampshades distribute light more evenly

Furniture selection

Furniture is selected for the floor and age of the child. In the room of the newborn, the mandatory elements will be the playpen, changing table, feeding chair, wardrobe, chest of drawers. Over time, a low table with a high chair will appear here, the crib will be replaced with a full bed.

Crib for a newborn in a room with blue walls

In the nursery for the baby, it is convenient to put an adult bed for mom until the child grows up

Two multi-colored chairs in the room of brother and sister

Children under three years old have a small table for drawing or board games.

Blue chair in front of a desk

The closer to school, the bigger the desktop should be

For a school-age child, you need a desktop, several shelves for books. Take care of a sufficient number of cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers in which you will put personal items, bedding, toys. But do not overload the interior of the children's room with heavy, massive furniture. In the center, the space should remain free for games, entertainment.

A bed in the form of a car, a fabulous house, a balloon will help to diversify the room, will deliver a lot of positive impressions to the baby. Various ottomans, baskets, chests will significantly increase the amount of storage space.

Crib in the form of a house

Such a house for the baby can be made independently

Important. The design of the children's room is selected not only based on the size, layout of the room, but also taking into account the preferences, interests of the child.

Furniture set with a folding baby bed

To solve the problem of storage in a small room will help built-in furniture

Most often, when decorating a room for a girl, pink shades are used. We recommend moving away from this stereotype and choosing from the pastel range of purple, olive, orange, peach, gold. Brightness will add small contrasting blotches. Color must be liked by a little housewife. The main emphasis can be put on the bed. If you have free space - get a full bed with a lot of pillows, like cartoon princesses. The headboard can be textile, velvet. If there is not so much space, an attic bed, a couch will be an excellent solution.

The room should accommodate a sufficient number of cabinets for storing wardrobe.
A room for a boy does not have to be decorated in blue colors. Suitable green, purple, brown, beige shades.

Nursery style

A good idea for the arrangement of the boy’s room is her marine style. For wall decoration, wall murals with a seascape, vinyl stickers, paper, painted wallpapers in blue, turquoise shades are suitable. On the floor, parquet, laminate, cork flooring will be appropriate.

Baby bed with steering wheel

The scale of the children's rework depends on how deeply you want to dive into the subject. A ship bed, chests instead of cabinets, finishing under the captain's cabin - all this will require considerable investments

Making a baby bed in a marine style

Easy styling is not so expensive and involves a thematic design of the walls, the selection of suitable textiles and decorations

Select lamps in a given topic - shells, stones, portholes, anchors. The basis of the palette will be the colors of the sea, sky, sand. In the spacious room you can hang a hammock. Decorate the walls with paintings, panels, decorative reefs, corals, yacht layouts.

The interior of the children's room with blue walls

Primary colors - white, light gray and all shades of blue

Remember that children are individuals with their own needs, interests, each of them wants to have their own space.

Blue cots in the common room

Children's room for two boys of the same age

Children's bunk bed from a tree

In a small room it is better to put a bunk bed, and use the free space for a sports corner

If you have two children, try to divide the room into two separate parts. This will allow each of them to live in their own world. With the symmetrical arrangement of the beds close to each other, separate them with a portable screen, a bedside table. For girls, the separation is suitable for drapery, curtains. For a boy and a girl, it is necessary to increase the space between the beds, each of them should be provided with a personal stand. To save space in a small room, a bunk bed will help. If the children cannot agree on the location, offer to periodically switch places. In the interior for two children it is important to select similar materials, finishes, and decor.

Sports interior

The interior design of the children's room is allowed to be issued in a sports style. This will help instill in children a love of sports. Choose football, basketball, racing styles - depending on the tastes of the child.

Room decoration for a young basketball player

Balls and basket - the main attributes of the interior in a basketball style

Sports style kids room interior

The floor in the room of a young football player is appropriate to cover with a green shade

If you have two boys - the room will be able to combine their interests, will provide an opportunity to zone the space. One likes football, the second likes basketball.Use a carpet of different colors, imitating a green, orange coating. Select decorative elements separately for each sport. Then the kids will have their own personal corner. On the walls you can place models of the goal and basket for the ball.

Interior and age

The interior of the nursery is directly related to the age of the child. For children of school age 9-12 years, the room should be multifunctional - games, study, rest, sleep, meeting with friends - for all processes it is necessary to find a corner. The workplace is important to visually separate from the space for games through zoning. Highlight it with yellow, orange, brown - these tones contribute to concentration. The walls of the remaining space are recommended to be decorated in neutral colors. They will not bother; if necessary, new curtains, furniture, and decor elements will bring newness. Use universal beige, cream, gray, olive colors.

Green color in the interior of the children's room

Each child should have his own desktop.

Furniture is important to choose according to the height of the child. The classic table can be replaced with a transformer - it will "grow" with the student. Correct placement of countertops is 2 to 3 cm below chest level. The position of the back of the chair, the height of the seat must be adjustable.

Interests in children of this age are different. As entertainment, a slate, magnetic board, easel for drawing, a table for playing chess, folding designers, puzzles are suitable - there is no single rule, the interior depends on the child's hobby. The best decor will be globes, wall maps, images of the solar system, botanical gardens, oceans. Arrange a special place for awards, cups - they should not lie in boxes, place them in a conspicuous place. Pupils, teenagers will need a lot of space to store personal items - closed cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves, shelves - each item should be in its place in the reach.

Vintage geographic map on the wall of a children's room

Room decoration for a young traveler

The main rule in choosing a nursery interior is following the tastes and interests of the baby. In this room, the child should feel calm, comfortable. Colors, things, furniture, textiles, decorative elements - are obliged to deliver positive emotions to your child. After all, children's rooms are a special world that allows a baby to perform all tasks, play, relax, and sometimes immerse himself in a world of dreams and fantasies.

Video about the main rules for planning a children's room

Photo of various interior solutions for a children's room

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