Interior and rules for the design of a children's room

Making a children's room is an interesting, entertaining process. To implement the ideas, it is important to consider many factors. The interior depends on the age of the child.

Interior of a children's room with a sports area

The interior of the children's room should take into account the hobbies of the child and create an atmosphere that encourages the desire to develop

The key factors to rely on should be safety and comfort. In order for the room to suit parents and the baby, it is important to consider important criteria.

How to design a nursery correctly?

The design of the children's room needs a lot of attention. The dimensions of the room are important. It is necessary to place furniture items, toys, accessories rationally and conveniently. Remember to leave enough free space for games, comfortable movement around the room.

Play area in the children's room

The room for young children should have enough space for games

An excellent solution for the design of a children's room will be zoning. The number of zones and their purpose depends on the age of the crumbs. If he already goes to school, a work segment should be allocated to complete the lessons. Be sure to organize a recreation area, a separate play area. Separation of segments can be carried out using color transitions, furniture, special screens, lighting.

Children's podium with pull-out beds

In an ideal nursery, each occupation has its own place

Selection of colors for a children's room

The choice of color depends on the theme of the interior. If the room is intended for a girl, it is worthwhile to stop at different shades of pink. Bright shades are suitable for the boy. It is important to observe the measure and not introduce too bright colors. Such a palette will begin to put pressure on the baby, which will negatively affect his emotional state.

Design of a classic-style kids room

Bright kids room in classic style

An ideal option would be a calm pastel gamma with the addition of bright accents. They can be added in the form of curtains, pillows, carpet, applications on the walls. Psychologists recommend using beige, blue, cream, green to design a children's room. The main concentration of bright colors should be located in the gaming segment.

Art Nursery

This setting is suitable for any age and allows you to use the room for several years without alteration

Ways to design a children's room

The design of the children's room depends on the gender of the child. Design options should be selected based on this criterion.

Table by the window in the interior of a children's room

The workplace by the window is well lit by natural light.

The table shows the recommendations for a boy and a girl.

Child gender Interior Features
For girl Many begin to introduce the maximum number of ruffles, bows and dolls into the room. However, psychologists recommend abandoning such ideas and not try to recreate the festive atmosphere in a place where the child will relax and play. It is worth adding a maximum of natural light and choosing a theme for the room. You can realize the idea of ​​the cartoon, fairy tales.
For boy The emphasis should be placed towards complex backlight systems, original lighting, and space design. Rely on the tastes, hobbies of the baby. You can realize the idea with a pirate ship, racing, sports.
Heterosexual kids If babies of different sexes live in the same space, it is imperative for everyone to allocate their own plot. Zoning will fit in perfectly, which will help to make several from one room by installing an arch, a screen. Remember that dividing the space into segments, leave something in common between them so that the interior of the room looks holistic. It can be a floor covering, a single color palette.
Do-it-yourself room decoration for heterosexual children

Each of the children should be in equal conditions, regardless of gender and age

Two beds in a children's room and a map on the wall

The zoning of the room is carried out using furniture, lighting, screens and decoration materials.

Color scheme of the room

The design of the children's room includes careful thought over the color scheme. It is necessary to determine the basic shade and additional. Choosing the first, it is important to remember the differences in color perception between children and adults.

Design a room for children of different ages

In children's rooms it is permissible to use a large number of shades, especially true in rooms for heterosexual children

Pastel gamma has a positive effect on mental development, the emotional state of the crumbs. Therefore, it is precisely these shades that are suitable as basic. Choose fruit, berry tones. They are perfect for crumb space.

The design of the children's room in rich colors

Does your child like dark shades? Deep tones give the room comfort

Materials for the design of the children's room

Special attention should be paid to the choice of materials. It is important to carefully approach the purchase of finishing elements and pay attention to the nuances.

Window decoration in a children's room

For the window, it is better to pick up air curtains placed on a light cornice

  • Wallpaper. You can use special ones to decorate a children's room with various patterns or purchase photo wallpaper. Suitable for pasting the entire space or a separate area, if the room is small. Be sure to make sure that the materials used are hypoallergenic.
  • Flooring. Large carpets accumulate dust. Therefore, it is recommended to exclude them. Small carpet is allowed in the gaming segment. It is better to use linoleum or laminate. They are easy to care for, practical. Discard the tiles. It’s easy to slip on, it’s cold.
  • Window decoration in a children's room can be realized using curtains made from natural fabrics. Be sure to match the color with the overall gamut.
  • Furniture. It should be distinguished by safety, convenience and reliability. The choice depends on the age of the child. Toddlers are growing fast. Therefore, one should acquire models “for growth”, larger in size than the growth of crumbs.
  • Lighting. It is recommended to use natural and artificial light. No thick, heavy curtains. The room should be as light as possible. Near the bed, it is imperative to install a nightlight.
Painted walls in a nursery

Wall decoration should be environmentally friendly: if paint, then water-based, if wallpaper, then paper

Mat for games on the floor of the children's room

Practical linoleum or laminate is suitable for the floor in the children's room, and a warm rug can be laid in the play area

How to decorate a room with your own hands?

Making a children's room with your own hands is an interesting, fascinating process. You can attach children to it and make accessories together.

Girl paints wallpaper coloring in her room

Children over 12 years old enjoy participating in decorating their room.

The following elements are suitable for decoration:

  • Vinyl stickers. They stick and peel off easily. Soft and eco-friendly. Suitable for decorating furniture, walls. There are elements glowing in the dark. Similarly, it is easy to decorate the space with the kids.
  • Cardboard photo frames. Suitable for walls. You do not have to buy, you can do it yourself. Decorate the frame with beads, appliques, beads.
  • Drawings.You can allocate a separate place on the wall for children's creations. Or ask the child to draw on the wall. Then the design of the wall will become original, unique and the baby will be satisfied.
Kids room with vinyl wall stickers

Vinyl stickers adhere conveniently and leave no residue after removal

Stages of the design of the children's room

The embodiment of the desired interior includes the following steps:

  1. Layout. Previously, a plan is applied to the paper, layouts of all objects are made. This will help to avoid mistakes in practice, to think more rationally over the design.
  2. The choice of color palette. An important stage where you should determine the basic shade and additional bright accents.
  3. Lighting. It is important to choose and place the light sources correctly. Exclude the location of furniture near the window, do not use curtains made of thick fabrics. The room should have the maximum amount of light.
  4. The choice of furniture. If this is the design of a small children's room, then use only the necessary items, stopping at multifunctional models. This will help free up more empty space for games.
Corner sofa in the interior of a children's room

When planning a nursery, you must remember that as a child grows, interests change. This means that the design of the room should change with its owner

We select furniture in the nursery

It was noted that all items should be environmentally friendly, safe and reliable. For the nursery, you may need the following pieces of furniture.

  • Bed. Choose models with orthopedic mattresses, sturdy construction. If the size of the room is limited, purchase loft beds with an additional storage space. This will save space for your cabinet or shelves. Pay special attention to the material from which the frame and upholstery are made.
  • Table. Models with the ability to adjust the height are perfect. This will allow you not to change the product every time the child grows up, and it will be convenient for him to sit behind the structure, without much load on the spine. The advantage of the model will be the presence of drawers.
  • Armchair. Necessarily with the ability to change the height, adjust the angle. It is better to abandon a simple stool, which can adversely affect the formation of a healthy back, correct posture.
Designer furniture in a children's room

Furniture should be roomy and compact, with enough shelves and drawers

Accessories in the design of the nursery

Decoration should be given special attention. As elements of decoration become toys, drawings of the baby. You can hang a special board for the creation of crumbs. Original pillows, photo frames can be an element of decor.

Children's drawings in the interior of the room

Children's drawings will be the best decoration of their room

Ideas for finishing a boy’s personal space

A good idea is to embody pirate motifs. A bed resembling a ship, colors in a marine range, accessories, according to the chosen idea, perfectly emphasize the general idea.

Children's room for a boy in the marine theme

Marine theme in the design of a children's room

If he likes astronomy, the starry sky on the ceiling is suitable, a bed in the form of a satellite from space. Important hobbies of the child. Perhaps he wants his room to look like the world from his favorite cartoon.

Making a child’s room for a child keen on astronomy

Nursery for the boy in space style

Room design for a boy over 12 years old

Room for teenage boy

Ideas for decorating a girl’s personal space

It’s worth creating a sophisticated design for a girl. As additional details, you need to introduce a dressing table with a mirror where the baby can comb her hair.

Little table with a mirror in the design of the children's room of the girl

Dressing table with a mirror should be beautiful and safe.

Four-poster bed in the room for the girl

The main children's furniture is a bed, spacious and comfortable. An interesting solution would be a canopy bed

Be sure to allocate a zone for meeting friends, adding to it a ottoman, a small rug.

Making a nursery for a girl in pastel colors

The best color scheme are gentle pastel colors. It is not necessary that it should be pink shades, and olive, and peach, and yellow will do

Making a baby room for a newborn

The space should be as functional and comfortable as possible.

The decoration of the children's room for the newborn

First of all, the room for the baby should be safe, functional and comfortable.

It is important to observe the following rules:

  1. The ability to adjust the temperature in the room.
  2. The right lighting.
  3. Organization of sound insulation to prevent the appearance of extraneous sounds.
  4. Use only safe materials in the design.
  5. The range is light, soothing, nothing screaming, bright.
Crib and cradle in the room for the baby

Well, if in the room in addition to the crib there is a changing table and a cradle

It is recommended for the baby to choose a calm palette. For window decoration in the nursery, use light curtains that allow light to enter. Remember safety. When choosing furniture and other items, make sure that there are no sharp corners, about which the baby can get hurt.

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