What are the design requirements for a small children's room

When deciding to give their children a separate room, parents often face the need to arrange a small nursery. A rational balanced approach to the organization of space will create a comfortable, stylish interior of a small children's room. If it is functional, then the lack of space will not be critical. The concept of the project depends on the preferences of the owners. It can be completely original or reproduce a plot from your favorite cartoons, fairy tales, games.

design of a small children's room

In order for your child to feel calm and comfortable, he should have his own space, even if your family lives in a small apartment with cramped rooms.

The color scheme of the children's room

The colors used in the interior of a small nursery should visually expand the space, create a light pleasant atmosphere, cause positive emotions. Therefore, designers focus on light tones, choosing for accents more saturated bright colors.

design of a little nursery

Modern designers offer a variety of ideas for a small children's room, which will allow you to fit in it all the necessary pieces of furniture and things.

The main tone should be calm: beige, white, pale gray, blue, lime. These colors favorably affect the psychological state. Red, yellow, violet, saturated green or blue elements make the interior expressive and extraordinary.

light design nursery

First of all, it should be a very bright room, in which the lack of natural light should be compensated by a large number of lamps.

Zoning the space of a child’s room

In conditions of limited area, an effective method of optimizing space is zoning, dividing a room into sections, each of which performs a specific function. Interior items are distributed in accordance with the purpose of a particular zone.

design of a little nursery

The choice of colors will depend on the nature of the kids.

The areas to be provided depend on the age of the child. The children's room serves as a bedroom, a playroom, a place of communication. Older children organize a place for lessons, reading, playing sports. If it is planned to place two or three children in a room, then it should be noted that everyone needs an individual place for classes and sleep.

design ideas of a little nursery

The nursery can be decorated in calm light colors, and in bright and cheerful, so that it looks like a real playground.

Furniture for children

To prevent the nursery from looking cluttered, place a small amount of furniture, but it must be functional.

functional furniture in the nursery

The main task of parents becomes the installation of one or more beds, a comfortable desk and a spacious storage system.

To visually enlarge the room, furniture is placed close to the walls, trying to maximize the space in the middle. It not only creates a visual effect, but also serves as a place for children's activities and games.

kids room interior

Toys in the nursery should delight her little owners and at the same time accustom them to self-care of their things.

A fully forced nursery puts pressure on the psyche, extinguishes positive joyful emotions. For placement of things, books it is better to use closed shelves, bedside tables, hanging cabinets. Bulky cabinets, open shelves visually narrow the space, make it disproportionate.

hanging lockers in the nursery

The minimum set of furniture for the nursery consists of a bed, a table for classes, a chair and a wardrobe.

Most often, the core of the design project of a small children's room is the bed. Around her beat all the other elements of the interior. If you plan to accommodate two or three kids, then preference should be given to a bunk bed or a retractable structure.

bunk bed in the nursery

For someone, unexpectedly, but children like small bedrooms than large, faceless spaces.

Retractable berths also save space, but the risk of trauma to the psyche of the child due to his fear of falling from a height during sleep disappears. Regardless of the design, the bed is chosen strong, stable, safe, appropriate for the height and weight of the child. It is important to have an orthopedic mattress that correctly forms a growing spine.

double bed in the nursery

In a dream, children spend a large amount of time.

The furniture industry offers many options for combined beds, combining a bed with drawers for placing things, closed shelves. Attic-type beds, when the place for sleeping is combined with a work desk, lockers for things and educational supplies. Such a set is a ready-equipped room with three zones: night rest, work or study, games and communication.

bunk bed for children

A small bedroom allows you to reveal all the creative potential of parents, find original solutions and create a unique design.

A table for practicing in a small children's room is preferable to choose a folding one. After classes, drawing or sculpting, the table is folded, making room for the game. Convenient design, when the countertop one side is not rigidly attached to the wall with hinges. She is raised for work, the child has a full-fledged table. When inoperative, the countertop is lowered and does not occupy free space.

nursery design for two children

This option is especially suitable for two or three children.

A set of furniture may vary depending on the age and gender of the children. In a small room for a boy, you must definitely find a place for sports equipment. The Swedish wall, the crossbar for pull-ups, the punching bag will not take up much space.

sports corner in the nursery

These items are necessary for the normal physical development of the child.

Use of decor in the interior of the nursery

Decor elements accentuate, make the interior original and unique, add a “twist” to the project. For a preschool child, any new item is primarily a toy. Therefore, accessories in a small nursery should be made of unbreakable materials.

kids room decor

It is very important to equip the nursery so that the child is comfortable and joyful to live in it.

What accessories will the child like?

It can be bean bags, sofa cushions, handmade wall mats, appliqués made of fabric or ribbons on the curtains. Magnetic alphabet, slate board for drawing can become an element of interior decoration and at the same time a tool for the development of the child. A basket for storing toys can decorate a room.

chair bag in the children's room

All the necessary furniture should fit in the nursery, but there should be plenty of room for games.

A small room should not be overloaded with many small parts. On the walls, a few photographs or drawings within the frames will suffice.

kids room decor

On the walls you can hang a photo of a child or paintings suitable for the general interior of the room.


The decorative elements are the original curtains or bedspreads, designed in the general style of interior design.

beautiful nursery interior

Furniture for a nursery should be safe, durable and compact.

The design of the window should not disturb the spatial balance of the nursery with a small area. Simple curtains meet this requirement, without draperies and folds, but with an unusual pattern or design. To protect against direct sunlight, it is better to choose a dense thin fabric. Density due to the thickness of the threads is less suitable.

roller blinds in the nursery

A good choice - roller blinds, blinds.

For a nursery decorated in bright colors, it is better to choose curtains or drapes several tones lighter.

Lighting devices

For children, it is imperative to provide quality lighting. LED lamps are most practical as a light source. Correctly selected brightness of light creates comfort in the children's room, a sense of security. It is more rational to give preference to local lighting, creating its own atmosphere in each zone.

children's room for a girl

The room should not have dark corners, but the lighting should not be intrusive.

Instead of a massive chandelier, it is better to use built-in sconces and laconic lamps. Lighting should be adequate in the training and play area. The deficit of light during reading, drawing, playing with small objects will cause a decrease in vision, concentration of attention. Designs of luminaires are selected that allow easy cleaning from dust, materials that do not emit harmful substances when the temperature rises.

lighting in the nursery

The switch must be at a height accessible to the child.

What decorative materials are best to use

For the nursery should choose the most environmentally friendly natural materials. Wooden parquet or a quality laminate are excellent on the floor. They are durable, retain heat, are easily cleaned from dust and dirt, look attractive.

laminate in the children's room

The floor in the nursery should be non-slip and warm.

It is convenient to spread carpets in the play and bedside areas. Choose should be small with a short pile.

laminate and carpets in the nursery

It is best to choose carpets that are easy to clean and do not absorb a lot of dust.


In order for a small children's room to look harmonious, fully perform all the necessary functions, the following principles of space organization must be taken into account.

compact kids room

To make the children's room not only comfortable and safe, but also interesting for the baby, connect your imagination.

  • Design of a small children's room must contain a minimum number of small parts;
  • Make the maximum use of the room’s reserve capabilities (space under the windowsill, sleeper, corners);
  • To furnish a room with narrow tall (but not up to the ceiling) cabinets, shelving, closed shelves;
  • Light colors should be present in the color scheme, and no more than three shades should be used.
light colors in the interior of the nursery

Light wallpapers with small bright spots and patterns are ideal.

A small area for a children's room is not an obstacle for arranging a child’s comfortable personal space. It can be made stylish and modern. The correct color scheme of the interior and rational functional furniture will help in this.

baby style design in english style

We hope that these simple tips will help you create a thoughtful and beautiful design for your child’s room.

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