What should be the design of a nursery for a newborn

The appearance in the family of a child is a magical event that turns the lives of parents upside down. After the carefree nine months of happy expectation, the time of hectic troubles about the little man begins.

room for the newborn

The interior of a newborn’s room does not have to be expensive and have a complex design as in a magazine picture.

The kid begins to get acquainted with the world around him very gradually - through voices, smells and touches. Mom becomes his guide in this large and unfamiliar place. Therefore, in order for the child to grow up in comfort and contentment, when arranging the children's room, it is necessary to pay due attention to the needs of the mother, because the baby's well-being is a reflection of her mood.

photo of a newborn's room

The main thing is that everything in it is convenient and safe for the baby.

The child still does not care how his room is equipped and what color the wallpaper is in it, but for parents it is important that the daily chores with the baby take place in the most comfortable conditions. Then infancy will fly by and be remembered as one of the most joyful times.

baby room design

This is the first room of the child, moreover - for a while it is a room for mom, and a place for memorable photos.

Do it right

Everything that concerns such a tiny baby is a very responsible matter and requires attention to details. The same applies to the design of a children's room for a newborn, where he will spend most of his time. Here, knowledge of the basic rules and requirements for its design is useful:

newborn room design

If you have the opportunity to choose a room, then preference should be given to the one that is closer to the parents' bedroom, well ventilated and illuminated.

Yes Not
Location A secluded room designed specifically for the baby. The passage room, in which constant movement wakes and annoys the child.
Situation Spacious room with all necessary furniture. A room cluttered with excess objects that are only used to collect dust.
Toys Musical carousel, rattles, tumblers, rag dolls Soft toys that are not very interesting for babies become dirty quickly and are the home of dust mites.
Crib Transformer bed made of wood. Safe material for the manufacture of furniture will not harm the health of the child, and the transforming model will easily turn into an ordinary crib. A bulky bed for the baby, which in a few years will become unnecessary.

Furniture made of materials such as particleboard, fiberboard, MDF, which emit substances harmful to the child.

Lighting Night light with dim lights. Such lighting will not interfere with the baby’s sleep, and will enable the mother to calmly move around the room. Bright ceiling lighting. You cannot turn it on every time to enter the room where the child is sleeping. We'll have to either wake the baby, or make his way to him in the dark.


The most important rule when decorating a room for a newborn is the use of environmentally friendly materials. All surfaces and objects in the room must be harmless to the baby.

children's bedroom with a black crib

As for the choice of finishing materials, it is, of course, desirable that they be predominantly natural.


The best wall decoration in the nursery is paper or vinyl wallpaper with bright small drawings on a light background. Children are very fond of looking at such pictures, which develops a concentration of attention in them.

wallpaper in the children's room

A child learns the world around him not only through visual images, but also through tactile sensations.

Therefore, embossed wallpapers with an unusual texture will fit into the interior of the nursery for the newborn.

Given the practical side of things, it is also worth noting the benefits of washable wallpaper. It is possible that one day an artistic genius will wake up in your kid, and, having not found a canvas, will begin to cover nearby walls with his creations.

baby room design

With the help of wallpapers of different colors, you can divide the room into several sectors, separating the playing area from the bedroom, as well as highlighting a corner for mom to relax.


When choosing a floor covering for a children's room, it is worth considering that the floor here is one of the most important elements of the entire interior. The child spends a lot of time on the floor. Here he crawls, plays, learns to walk, and sometimes, tired of his troubles, he even falls asleep.

floor in a child’s room

All repair and finishing work must be completed long before the baby.

Many experts recommend using a warm, pleasant to the touch and eco-friendly cork. In addition, it certainly will not cause allergies and will have a beneficial effect on the feet of the child when walking.

A good solution is a carpet. But be sure to choose high quality material and clean more often in order to avoid allergic reactions in the baby.

carpet in the children's room

The best flooring: cork, natural linoleum, floor or parquet board, varnished.

It is not recommended to lay linoleum in the children's room. This coating glides, is highly flammable, does not retain heat and provokes allergies.


The most popular option is a monophonic ceiling painted with harmless paint. However, it can be replaced with something more original. Ceilings with photo printing, the image on which is a logical continuation of the picture of the walls, will help to create an unusual composition.

crib in the interior

The ceiling is better to simply whiten and additionally treated with an antiseptic primer.

It could be:

  • Space;
  • The clouds;
  • Stars;
  • Tree crowns;
  • Angels and fairies;
  • Cartoon characters.

Luminous stars and pendant decorations located above the place where the child sleeps can also be used as decorations for the ceiling.

newborn room decor

It is better to refuse tension and drywall constructions.

Lady's room

The bedroom of the little princess is traditionally decorated in pastel or pink shades.

baby girl room

To the pink room was not an exact copy of Barbie's house, add additional colors.

Stylish and modern interiors can be obtained by combining pink with gray. A little greenery will refresh the interior and make it more fun. Azure and turquoise colors create an atmosphere of a warm sea and tropical beach.

children's room girls

It fits perfectly ruffles, draperies, rich ornaments and floral patterns.

A children's room for a girl is a place reminiscent of a fairytale kingdom, where plush animals live on shelves, butterflies flutter on the walls and flowers bloom all over the place. Therefore, rooms for a newborn baby are often decorated in the style of Provence or Shabby Chic.

Gentleman's room

The design of the children's room for a newborn boy differs significantly from the lushly decorated girl's room.

newborn baby room

A little man is taught in advance to think that he belongs to the strong half of humanity.

The bedroom palette is dominated by calm restrained shades:

  • Blue;
  • Gray;
  • Brown;
  • Green.

Psychologists claim that the listed colors form the baby’s purposeful, serious and courageous character, reveal his abilities and leadership qualities.

room for a newborn baby boy

Sometimes even black is used, but with dark colors it is better not to overdo it.

Combine dark tones with light cheerful colors.

White objects will look very good against the background of dark walls. At the same time, it is better to choose furniture without frills of an accurate classical form. It is not only stylish, but also practical.

nursery in a modern style

When the boy is a little older, he will be able to continue to use his favorite children's chest of drawers or a chair.

Choose a style

In addition to the exclusively girlish or traditional boy’s design of a baby’s room for a newborn, you can stop at something more neutral.

kids room interior

This will be especially true for parents who are not yet sure what gender their child will be or who have several children.

Timeless classic

For centuries, the interior of the children's room for the newborn in the classical style has not lost its relevance. It is tested by time, looks respectable, gives peace and comfort. Bright details and modern decor elements will slightly dilute the strict design, giving it a modern look.

beige kids room

The basic colors of this style are white, beige, gray, brown and other calm colors.

Add juicy accents to the interior, and the room will sparkle with bright colors, while remaining elegant and stylish.

classic newborn bedroom

Choose furniture from natural materials, laconic shapes and muted colors.

Safari style

Children’s safari style is a natural wood furniture and imitating textures, sand and chocolate shades, original African-themed ornaments.

safari room for baby

A room in this style is usually decorated with numerous images of animals.

This can be drawings on wallpaper or textile elements, paintings on the walls or toys in the form of wild animals.

Such an atmosphere from the first years instills in a child a love of animals and an interest in nature and travel.


A loft-style children's room is a very unusual and bold solution for the most modern parents. It is relevant in the event that the whole apartment is completed in this spirit and the traditional styles for the rooms of newborns will conflict with it.


Children's loft is better to adapt a little for the child and make it a little more cute and comfortable.

An adult loft is a rather dark color scheme and rough details: unprocessed brick walls, protruding metal beams, deliberately open communications, therefore:

  1. Keep a neutral color scheme, but add details in bright colors.
  2. Unprocessed brick wall replace with wallpaper with its imitation.
  3. Put the simplest and simplest furniture made of wood. Vintage or artificially aged models will look good.
  4. Decorate your kid’s room with retro-style toys.
loft room style

A very recognizable element of the loft is the lamps.

Use them in the nursery for the newborn to emphasize the overall concept.

Meet the guest

When meeting a baby, loving men often prepare a pleasant surprise for their loved ones in the child’s room. This surprise is more focused on mom and is designed to bring joy to her.

meeting from the hospital decor

The nursery is decorated with colorful balloons filled with helium.

Many companies now offer their services in creating compositions of balloons of different sizes and shapes. This decor looks very impressive.

Garlands and posters with joint photographs can be hung on the walls.

newborn room decor

Flowers are a great gift for a woman, but it is better to place them away from the baby so as not to provoke an allergy.

A beautiful bouquet will perfectly decorate any other room.

Already at the stage of decorating the interior of the nursery, prerequisites are formed for the baby to grow up healthy and happy.Everything needs to be taken care of: the room should be comfortable for parents and safe for the child, in harmony with the overall design of the apartment and have a positive effect on the psyche of the child.

beautiful baby bedroom

Making a room for a newborn is a very responsible matter, but insanely exciting.

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50 design options for a nursery for a newborn:

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