Basic rules for decorating a children's birthday

A child’s birthday is one of the most significant holidays of the year, because you really want to give him a fairy tale until he grows up and stops believing in miracles. The festive decoration of the apartment is the best way to create a festive atmosphere.

Decorating sweet dishes for a child's birthday

Bright design of a children's holiday will become an unforgettable memory for your child

Key principles

There are several simple principles for proper holiday decor.

Focus on the age of the child

For young children, it is better to stick to light pastel shades that do not irritate the eyes, and a simple theme without unnecessary sophistication and sophistication.

Helium balloons for decorating a little baby's birthday

The kid will like unusual transparent balls

Older children will love themed design in the spirit of their favorite cartoons, fairy tales or computer games. Do not hold back your imagination, use the brightest colors and embody the most daring ideas.

Children's cake in the style of Winnie the Pooh for a child's birthday

Design a children's table based on Winnie the Pooh

With teenagers, on the contrary, you need to be careful in ideas. This category of birthday people will not want to seem like kids to guests, and the design of a birthday should be more restrained. Limit yourself to beautiful balls and classic jewelry. For a theme party, sports, music, and movie themes are acceptable.

Divide the room into zones

Concentrate the main decor in the dining room area, where the children will spend a significant part of the entire celebration time.

DIY decoration of a festive table for children's birthday

Holiday table decoration example

Leave enough free space in the second zone, which will become a playground for the hero of the occasion and his friends. Remove all unnecessary items from here, use a game hut and many pillows as decorative elements.

Another great idea is to organize a special photo zone. So this holiday will remain not only in your hearts, but also on wonderful photographs.

Involve your child in the design

Surprise is, of course, wonderful, but it will be very interesting for older children to take part in the design of the holiday themselves, to feel like a full-fledged host of the holiday and the organizer of the celebration.

Do-it-yourself decoration of a child’s room for a child’s birthday

Children are happy to participate in the design of the room for the holiday.

An alternative is to decorate the room only partially, making a surprise for the child, and then proceed with the remaining decor with the child.

Wall and ceiling decoration

The festive decoration that creates a unique atmosphere of celebration is the key to a bright and memorable birthday of your child. And in order to create it, it is necessary to transform the apartment beyond recognition. We recommend starting with the ceiling and walls.

Air balloons

Multi-colored balls are a universal solution that looks advantageous, but does not hit the wallet. Use helium balls to decorate the ceiling, and the more there are, the better.

Balloon decoration for children's birthday

Balloons create a festive atmosphere, and you can also use them to decorate gifts and surprises.

Helium balloons with garlands in the design of a children's birthday.

You can tie vertical garlands to helium balls.

Walls can be decorated with ordinary balls, creating interesting compositions from them. Folding arches, animal figures and magic castles from balls is not given to everyone, so if you doubt your own abilities, you can make an order at a company engaged in festive decor.

Balloons can decorate the dining area. To do this, simply link them to the chairs, thereby attracting additional attention to the chic dining table.

DIY decoration of the ceiling in the nursery with balls and ribbons

The ceiling can be decorated with colorful ribbons, directing them from the chandelier to the walls.


To decorate the ceiling and walls, you can use a variety of garland options, bought at the store or made by yourself:

  • paper;
  • tissue;
  • garlands of sweets;
  • with pompons;
  • Japanese garlands of round lanterns;
  • electric.

The latter option is more suitable for events held in the evening. From the same electric garlands, you can add a congratulatory inscription, which will also pleasantly surprise the child.
Electric garlands are perfectly complemented by a disco ball under the ceiling, from which both young children and older children will be delighted.

Paper garland on a dresser in a children's room

Garlands of paper flags can also be used to decorate furniture.

DIY wall decor

To make a children's birthday special, it is not necessary to buy everything from the shelves of the festive decor store. Decorating a birthday room with your own hands is actually quite simple.

Decorating a girl's room with paper flowers for a birthday

To decorate the holiday girls paper flowers are suitable

The action plan is as follows.

  1. Cut flowers, butterflies, cars out of colored paper — anything you want, if only your child would like it. You can also print pictures on a printer and also cut. Paste it all over the walls with double-sided tape.
  2. Find photos reminiscent of the best moments of the baby’s childhood. Choose from them those that the birthday man likes, otherwise he may get angry that you flaunted the photos that he is shy of. Now attach all the cards to one or more ropes with small clothespins and hang them around the room as well.
  3. Draw a poster with a congratulation or make a stretch yourself. Attach the result of your work in a prominent place in the apartment.
Collage of photos of a child in the design of a birthday room

Fairytale train from photos

You can also make sure that guests have the opportunity to leave their wishes as a keepsake. Just leave some space on your poster or prepare a separate Whatman paper for them. This creative action will take not only children, but also adults.

Festive table

A table with refreshments is an integral guest of any children's birthday. It is important that its contents are not only tasty, but also beautifully designed. To do this, you must first determine the color scheme. It should not be boring, but not too colorful. The theme of the dining area should resonate with the general idea of ​​the decor.

Fruit canapes for a festive table for a child's birthday

Kids will enjoy delicious fruit canapes.

In the design of the table, you should also adhere to the rule of balance: for a bright tablecloth, select neutral dishes, dilute a plain plain tablecloth with catchy accessories.

As decorations of a dining table, not only beautiful glasses, plates and vases can be used. Food can also play this role: cakes made of mastic, colorful cupcakes, salads laid out in the shape of little animals will decorate the table no worse than the old grandmother's service.

A table setting for a child’s birthday

While preparing the cake and the cake, make them in the spirit of your child’s favorite characters

Dishes for children's birthday can even be disposable, there is nothing wrong with that. Moreover, in stores you can find cute disposable sets with your child’s favorite heroes.

Children's disposable tableware with prints for a child’s birthday

It is convenient to use disposable tableware for table setting, it does not break and it is unnecessary to wash it

So that the table looks good, you can use:

Inedible Jewelry Edible decoration
Flower Arrangements Chocolates, cookies and muffins in an interesting shape
Small toys Glazed Fruits and Berries
Bows Chocolate fountain
Beautiful dishes Beautifully decorated salads
Guest Name Cards Mastic cake
Paper figures Themed Cupcakes and Keycaps
Making a cake with pictures for a child’s birthday

Print small colorful pictures and stick them on sticks.

Thematic design

Festive decor that emphasizes the interests of your child is the perfect decoration for a children's birthday. Whatever topic you choose, a single composition will be a win-win solution.

For a young scientist

A child who is interested in science must be supported from an early age so that this interest does not fade over time. Festive decoration in the spirit of a fantastic laboratory will look very original and interesting.

Cake for a young chemist for your child's birthday

Cake decoration for the future chemist will become a holiday decoration

Attach the periodic table to the wall, decorate it with balls or garlands. Hang pictures with images of cones, magnets, light bulbs and microscopes, structures of atoms and molecules throughout the room.

The color scheme should be neutral with bright green, yellow, red and blue accents.

Decoration of the festive table for the young chemist's birthday

For a festive table of a young chemist, utensils resembling flasks and test tubes are needed

Select glasses so that they resemble flasks in shape. Pour on them multi-colored juices without pulp, similar to a chemical solution. The remaining treats are also best served in a transparent glass dish, while candies and cookies are best placed in glass jars.

The cherry on the cake will be an invitation to the holiday animator, showing scientific experiments. A little science lover will definitely be delighted.

For a superhero

Superhero theme is also very interesting and extensive. Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and many other comic book characters have long been the favorites of the most daring and brave boys who dream of real deeds.

Decoration of a children's holiday in the theme of a superhero

Little superhero will like Batman style birthday

Making a children's birthday can be done in the general spirit of superheroes, or you can devote it to a separate character.

An interesting idea is to cut letters with congratulations from the pages of comics and decorate them with a wall. Just do not forget to specially buy a couple of magazines for this purpose and in no case borrow them from your son’s collection.

Spider-Man Baby Birthday Decoration

Decorating a festive table in the style of Spider-Man

At the entrance, guests can issue masks. Order them online or do it yourself.
Decorate the room in a single color scheme, inscribing there elements of the branding of superheroes.

Super hero Color spectrum Symbolism
Batman Black yellow Bat
Spider man Red, blue, black, white Spider web
Superman Blue, red, yellow Letter "S"
Flash Red Yellow Lightning
Superhero theme paper garland for decorating a child’s birthday

Garland for decorating a room in the style of superheroes

You can invite a face artist to the holiday, which will help children immerse themselves in the world of miracles and adventures.

For wizards and sorceresses

The boy who survived was loved by everyone, young and old, and now children around the world dream of a coveted letter from Hogwarts. You, of course, are not Albus Dumbledore, but for a day you can still dip your child into the world of witchcraft.

Harry Potter Style Kids Birthday Decoration

Owls - a must-have on Harry Potter-themed birthday

Any holiday begins with an invitation. Already at this stage you can focus on the theme of the celebration. Write them on paper artificially aged with tea leaves, glue the envelope with plasticine and put on it a seal similar to the coat of arms of Hogwarts. It is not necessary to send a letter with an owl; you can use more traditional methods.

Making invitations for children's birthday do-it-yourself

For invitations, special aged paper is great

It will be great if you also become a stylist for your guests. Put round glasses on the birthday person, draw a zipper on the forehead.Give everyone invited outfits, hats and magic wands made from ordinary plastic pointers.

Guests can be surprised right from the doorstep. Hang a fabric or piece of brick-style wallpaper right outside the door. Make a slot in them. Everyone will need to go through it to get to your holiday. In approximately the same way, Harry Potter himself once fell into the world of magic.

Harry Potter-themed cookies for decorating a table for a birthday of a child

Harry Potter Gingerbread Cookies

Serve the treats mentioned in the books about the famous wizard:

  • chocolate frogs;
  • pumpkin cookies;
  • sweets with the most unusual tastes;
  • pastry with molasses.

Bread can be replaced with breadsticks, reminiscent of magic in shape. On the glasses write the names of the various potions.

Sweet treat for children's birthday party table

To decorate the festive table, you can make chocolate frogs.

DIY children's room decoration in the style of Alice in Wonderland

Making a children's room based on “Alice in Wonderland”

And do not forget: no matter what design you choose, the main thing at the holiday is the smile of your child. Therefore, do not be nervous, and decorate the house easily and with pleasure.

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