Design features of a nursery for a boy and a girl

Living together in the same room as a brother and sister is not uncommon, but the layout and The design of a children's room for a boy and a girl has its own characteristics, and therefore requires careful study.

nursery for girls and boys

A common nursery for a boy and a girl has many advantages.

The main nuances that need to be considered before making repairs:

  • Proper zoning of the room;
  • The choice of color scheme;
  • Style selection;
  • Selection of functional furniture.
nursery interior for girl and boy

Children during a joint stay will establish a strong connection.

It is best to allocate for the nursery, in which heterosexual children will live, the largest room: after all, there is more room for two.

big nursery for boy and girl

They will never be scared to fall asleep and will always have fun playing together.

When zoning a room, it is important to consider some points:

  • Each child should have a full berth. Until adolescence, sofas for night sleep are not recommended for children. In addition, for children, schoolchildren need to provide isolated beds.
  • The zones of games and classes can be shared: it is enough that the brother and sister have separate shelves for storing school textbooks and notebooks. If space permits the room, you can set up two desks for study, computer installation, so that children can study at the same time.
  • The games area should occupy a large place in the room of preschool children, if the children have a big age difference, zoning should be thought out so that the activities of the older child are not interfered with by the child’s games.
  • A closet for storing clothes and linen can also be shared, but each child needs to allocate their own shelves. A teenage girl can store some of her things and linen in a dresser, which at the same time serves as a dressing table, or with the help of convenient organizers and wardrobe cases, boxes.
room design for two children

It is doubly difficult to arrange a room for two children, and to arrange a nursery for heterosexual children is an even more difficult task.

How to save room space

In the room where two children live, there will be more furniture: two beds, two work desks, a spacious wardrobe. In order not to clutter up the space, it is better to choose multifunctional furniture.

nursery design ideas for kids

The bed is the most important and bulky furniture in the children's bedroom.

A bunk bed can save the situation, although pediatricians do not recommend installing it in a room with low ceilings: at a height of more than two meters from the floor, there may be a lack of oxygen. A more convenient option is an attic bed. In this case, the bed is lower, and under the berth you can set a desktop or equip a place for the game, lockers for storage.

design photo of a nursery for a boy and a girl

If the room area does not allow you to put two standard beds, then your best choice is multifunctional beds.

Side walls and a place under the stairs can also be used to store clothes, shoes or books: racks or drawers will ensure order in the room, eliminating the need to install additional cabinets.

interior photo of a nursery for heterosexual children

Bunk beds are almost the only option for small rooms.

An interesting option to save space in the room: a podium device that will provide space zoning: in the daytime, sleeping places can be pushed into a niche, and the upper platform can be used as a student’s workplace.

nursery for boy and girl

Attic beds - such beds are even bulky, but can save space for storing things.

Important! If the ceilings in the room are more than three meters, you can expand the space in height by creating peculiar mezzanines, where it will be interesting for children to arrange their own corner for games.

The color scheme of the children's room

For the children's room, where the brother and sister share the space, you can choose different color combinations:

  • Neutral, pastel - beige, gray, dairy. Suitable olive, coffee with milk.
  • Already become traditional - blue and pink.
  • A combination of bright, saturated colors that blend well with each other - blue and yellow, lime and orange.
baby design photo

If you want the interior of the room to create a sense of order, then the furniture should be chosen not from a variety of clothes, but from one series or just similar.

Good colors for the children's room are presented in the table.

For zone girls For the boy zone
- pink

- blue

- Gray

- milk

- blue

- turquoise

- green

- coffee

- brown

- maroon

- yellow

- Orange

- peach

- coral

- purple

- cream

- blue

- lavender

White in the children's room will create a unique interior if textured wallpapers are chosen for the walls. Light furniture - white, beige, in beech or oak milk colors - will complement the interior, making the room brighter and more spacious.

photo of a children's room at home

If possible, the beds should be ordered according to individual sizes - this will help you save space.

The original color combination in the teenagers room is black and white. Gray and beige can be used for the general background in the room, and then each child will give brightness to his area - with the help of textiles on the beds, bright posters, frames, other decoration elements.

children's room in a modern style

Before you start planning the design of a room for a boy and a girl, you need to decide which design option is closer to you and the kids.

Important! Be careful using bright colors: for example, red is exciting, can cause aggression.

Interior styles

For a children's room of two heterosexual children of the same age, it is not so difficult to choose an interior style. In the nursery for kids, you can create a classic interior design. For walls, it is better to choose a neutral background of walls and ceiling, light furniture. The stylization will be complemented by several bright details that will attract the attention of crumbs.

nursery for boy and girl

You can beat the idea of ​​the difference between boy and girl interests in decoration, color and decoration.

Marine theme in the nursery

The nursery of preschool twins can be issued in a single style. For example, marine. Wallpaper in white and blue stripes on all walls, plain drapes or Roman curtains will become a unifying element. You can add a little red or red-white details to the interior.

design of baby boy and girl

Decorate the room so that the decor is universal, that is, both the boy and the girl like it.

The steering wheel clock will be appropriate in the interior. The boy can complement his corner with a photo frame-barometer, models of sailing ships on the shelves. Sisters will comfortably have soft toys on the bed - a whale, a dolphin.

kids room design ideas

This method is preferable if you are arranging a room for growth.

Another theme of the “marine interior” is the underwater kingdom. The girl has mermaids, the boy has bathyscaphes, sunken treasure ships. Wall decoration with airbrushing will create a fabulous atmosphere in the nursery.

nursery for heterosexual children

Not only traditional pink and blue can make up the color scheme of the interior.

Tale in the nursery

A fabulous interior can be created in the children's room of preschool children, primary school students.You can find many topics, especially if children of the same age love the same cartoons: Madagascar, Zeropolis, Rio and others will make it possible to create a fantastic atmosphere in the children's room.

the design of the children's room

Color "marking" is the easiest way to give each child a personal space in the common room.

If your brother and sister already have so different interests that it will not work to create a single space, select a neutral background, to which each with the help of interior stickers will create his own fabulous corner. Such stickers are just a godsend for children, because their interests and tastes can change much faster than parents will be ready to make repairs in the nursery.

photo of the interior of the nursery

To indicate the zone of the girl - yellow, orange, coral, red, lilac, cream, blue, violet shades.

Modern style

For the children's room of schoolchildren and teenagers, it is better to choose a modern interior style. It provides:

  • Plain background or the use of simple geometric patterns on the walls: strip, peas, zigzag and others;
  • Furniture characterized by simplicity of form and functionality;
  • Simple direct curtains on the windows or Roman curtains, Japanese - to match the walls or textiles.
nursery for schoolchildren

It is important that the designs of both "territories" are combined with each other and have something in common.

Bright accents will complement such an interior - each of the children will choose decorative objects according to their taste and interest. There should not be a lot of them so as not to create a sense of chaos.

Important! Modern style - minimalism - is better suited for the nursery, in which children of different ages live.

The choice of furniture for the nursery

Do not block the nursery with furniture: if possible, try to choose multifunctional, but comfortable furniture. It should be appropriate for the age of the children.

nursery for boy and girl

You can furnish the room with the same furniture, but in different colors.

Furniture should be:

  • Durable and sustainable;
  • Made from quality materials, preferably natural. Wood, MDF - the best choice;
  • Hypoallergenic: Particleboard, from which inexpensive furniture is made, may contain formaldehydes, which often cause allergic reactions in children (rash, runny nose, respiratory failure);
  • Non-toxic: varnishes and paints with which the furniture is coated should not have toxic compounds (a small child can try furniture “by the tooth”);
  • Safe - without sharp corners and dangerous structures that children can get hurt.
children's room for a boy and a girl

To avoid "overload" and to balance the diversity of the interior of the room of a boy and a girl, it is better to choose wall paint or wallpaper in neutral colors.

Furniture arrangement

If the room is spacious, and each of the children has not only a sleeping place, but also a working corner and a wardrobe, you can arrange furniture in the children's room in different ways.

interior ideas for children of different sexes

The design of sleeping places in the interior of a nursery for heterosexual children needs to be given special attention.

  • Set work tables near the window next to each other, and beds parallel to each other along the walls. This option is often chosen for rectangular elongated rooms.
  • The beds are installed perpendicular to the wall, the headboard to it, and the work tables (or table) - by the window. In this case, it is better to make the room decoration neutral, to choose bedding that combines with each other: with one pattern, but in different colors. You can divide the beds with a small screen, a low rack.
  • The beds are placed in a corner, at right angles to each other.
kids room interior ideas

Zoning of the room can be done diagonally.

The last two options for a long and narrow room - “tunnel” will not work, but this arrangement will be convenient for a square room.

How to provide isolation in the room

If one or both children have grown up, it is important to isolate them from each other, at least for the time of a night’s sleep. They can provide this:

  • Bunk bed;
  • Partition between zones or beds;
  • A sliding screen or curtain, which in the daytime moves to the wall;
  • A shelving unit or a small cabinet between beds installed along one wall.
partition between the zone of the girl and boy

Zoning with furniture, namely shelving or wardrobe between the beds.

Small - no higher than one and a half meters - partitions will help to partition the space of the nursery even if the teenager lives in the same room with the baby. The older one needs to learn lessons, he wants to be creative or watch a video, and the baby needs to sleep?

ideas photo nursery for girl and boy

Zoning a room with a curtain, partition, shelving will help create a comfortable living space for everyone.

When the space in the apartment is limited, and there is no way to allocate a separate room for the daughter and son, it is necessary to create a common living space for both children. At the same time, it is important to take into account age and gender characteristics, the more delicately you need to get to work if one or both children are teenagers.

nursery interior for girl and boy

Let them help in the design of their room, then there will be more mutual understanding and less disputes.

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