Do-it-yourself room decor for a teenage girl

The schoolgirl quickly grows up, the room has to be changed to fit the interests of a growing girl. If the room does not require repair, there is no point in radically transforming it, it is enough to think over a spectacular decor. Parents who are considering how to decorate a teenage girl’s room are advised to use the recommendations of professionals to get a stylish and aesthetic design at minimal cost.

version of the color style of the room for the girl

Bedroom for a real little lady

the idea of ​​a beautiful bedroom interior for a girl

Butterfly chandeliers will look beautiful in the room for the girl

the idea of ​​a bright room design for a girl

Light pink color will be appropriate in the room for the girl

Where to start transforming a teenager’s room?

There is no need for a special reason for personal space, but it’s better to give it some justification. A great way to make your daughter feel that she is perceived in the family as an independent adult is to make a decor for the teenager’s room with her own hands for the next birthday. It’s time to take out furniture that has become small from the room, to remove pictures and accessories that are not age-appropriate.

Preparing for the start of the school year is also a good way to audit the children's room. The main goal is to reorganize the workplace and expand the berth if the legs are already resting on the back of the bed or sofa. At the same time, it is worth discussing at a family council how to decorate a teenager’s room with their own hands. All family members can be involved in a fascinating creative process, and everyone can do something in their strength.

a variant of a beautiful design of a bedroom for a girl

The bedroom of a real little princess

version of the original bedroom decor for the girl

Photo wallpaper perfectly complement the interior of the children's room

The most difficult thing is to come to a common decision regarding the design concept, since parents are conservative, children are radical. But one cannot ignore the opinion of the teenager, in the end, everything is done for the children, and better - with the involvement of the children themselves in the decoration.

If a teenager is fond of graffiti, painting fences, muraks at a serious level, it makes sense to single out one prepared wall for the author's “masterpiece”. Teenagers will certainly appreciate the location of their parents, this is the best way to build relationships. But one condition can be set - to approve a sketch of an inscription or a wall drawing that will carry positive content. For example, a self-made dream of a trip to Paris for outfits or a bike ride to the mountains with a group of extreme people.

Teenagers love to have something exclusive, and the wall for the author's drawing will be the pride of her daughter. She will be happy to demonstrate wall painting to her guests and friends. But such a wall decoration should not be self-sufficient, it should overlap with the other room decor for a teenage girl with her own hands. If it is time to change curtains, lamps, furniture, old book shelves, it is desirable that the original idea be seen in this novelty.

idea of ​​a bright room decor for a girl

Under the bed you can organize a place for reading and games.

version of the original bedroom style for the girl

Children's room in pink with a large bright panel

idea of ​​a colored room interior for a girl

An example of a room design for a girl

What is the best design for walls, floor and ceiling?

The design plan should be such that it is easy to implement with your own hands. If you plan to repair the ceiling, do not make it costly, but not having aesthetic value.

Before you transform and decorate the room of a teenage girl, it is worth discussing interesting options. For example, the ceiling and walls can be designed as open space. Another option - a dark stretch ceiling with diodes will wink stars at a dreamy child. A “soaring” ceiling with a perimeter glow is something fantastic in a teenager’s futuristic room.

idea of ​​a bright bedroom style for a girl

The purple color in the interior of the children's room looks very beautiful

variant of the color design of the room for the girl

You can hang cartoon characters not a wall

For a small room on the north side, this approach will not be acceptable, you need to increase the amount of light and free space. Furniture - minimum, floors, walls and ceiling should be bright. Decor and textiles pick up cheerful colors in warm colors.

On the south side, it is better to dim the light with thick curtains of a cold palette. The whole decor for the room is easy to do with your own hands, when it is a pleasure for the girl to complete the decoration to her taste. The effect of the open sky will create a matte ceiling of a light blue color, and volumetric clouds can be made with your own hands.

version of a beautiful bedroom decor for a girl

This room design is perfect for a girl

the idea of ​​the original interior of the room for the girl

Functional bedroom for a little girl

variant of a beautiful bedroom style for a girl

For the development of the child, you can hang a board for drawing

Collages, inscriptions and murals on the wall

The main decor is usually placed on the walls. Great scope for the implementation of ideas for decorating a teenager’s room with their own hands - all this can be hung on a vertical plane. Inscriptions, extravagant drawings and home-made accessories are most often dispelled:

  • at the head of the bed;
  • near the entrance (door);
  • opposite the plane for sleeping;
  • on a solid wall without furniture;
  • on a work surface or countertop.

Romantic teens like to decorate a room with the word “LOVE”, which can be done using any technique. Creative letters from plywood, covered with golden spray paint or studded with large sparkles, look creative.

the idea of ​​a bright bedroom design for a girl

You can hang pictures with cartoon characters on the wall

version of the color room decor for the girl

Butterflies will harmoniously look in such an interior

The inscriptions “LOVE” can also decorate the space at the head of the bed, written on the wall or wallpaper in different fonts and colors. The daughter will surely appreciate a similar decor of the room with her own hands. No less interesting are the names of different cities and fashion brands.

Walls can be decorated in different ways:

  • collage of selfies and family photos;
  • silhouette drawing of a favorite artist or singer on the wall;
  • mosaic canvas on a favorite topic;
  • design of mirror frames with improvised means;
  • home-made flowers from fabric and paper in hanging flower pots from plastic bottles;
  • flower pots in knitted "dresses" on glass shelves, etc.

Home-made decor can be a lot and modest, in moderation, but it is important that it harmonizes with furniture, textiles and lighting.

the idea of ​​a beautiful bedroom design for a girl

The room for the girl should be bright and functional

option for a bright interior room for a girl

Tree in the form of shelves for books.

idea of ​​an original style of a bedroom for a girl

Bright design of a room for a girl with drawings

The color scheme of the room

Too bright colors in the decor of a room for a girl are not always appropriate. If every day the daughter is full of emotions, events and diverse activities, then the house should be a relaxing environment. Often teenage girls complain about a bad dream, cannot fall asleep in the evening and hardly wake up in the morning, feel lethargic all day, and after talking with their peers, they can’t concentrate on doing simple exercises. In this case, you should not look for a problem in that, according to the type of sleep and wakefulness, it is a “night owl”.

On the other hand, owls are a fashionable motif for decoration, they can decorate the daughter’s bedroom in any form:

  • Stuffed Toys;
  • sofa cushions;
  • wall pictures.

Owls can be a silent reminder to go to bed earlier.

The personal space of a young girl is best designed in pastel colors or in blurry shades of her favorite color. Typically, teenage girls like pink and lilac, but someone prefers red and black, white and turquoise.

Favorite shade in the bedroom should not be in excess. It is recommended to maintain color balance with a predominance of light background, a little vivid emotional accents and graphic linear contrasts. Any home decor of a teenager’s room will fit into such a harmony of color.

the idea of ​​a beautiful design of a room for a girl

Beautiful design of a bedroom for the girl

variant of a bright bedroom decor for a girl

You can put a bed near the window

How to transform furniture?

Children's furniture, no matter how attractive or functional it may be, is gradually becoming inappropriate. It is time to replace it or reorganize it in some way. Teenagers most of all like "transformers" or multifunctional modules that can be rearranged around the room.

But speaking of sofas, teenage girls do not like to lay them out every night before going to bed and collect them in the mornings. If parents do this for a small child, then as they grow older, these responsibilities are shifted to the teenager. Most often, they prefer to huddle on a compact couch with their legs tucked over the bedspreads, rather than use the transformation mechanism and make the bed.

If the length of the mattress is quite suitable, and the bed or sofa is morally obsolete, it is easy to transform them into a pull-out module under the podium for a computer table. Such furniture is complemented by many drawers and shelves, on which many items and original decor in the form of colored hearts are placed.

Built-in furniture with facades on children's themes does not require a complete replacement, if it suits the functionality, it is enough to change the doors. Vinyl stickers do not require large expenditures and efforts to produce images. It can be the same motifs or whole plots in pictures for decorating a girl’s bedroom.

variant of the original interior of the room for the girl

Children's room for the real princess

variant of the bright design of the room for the girl

Chic room design for a little girl

Making a canopy over the bed

One of the simplest ways to decorate a bed is to make a canopy from a light transparent fabric. This tradition came from the east, but took root in many styles of interiors. There is something romantic in such an accessory, and this is one of the answers - how to originally and quickly decorate a room with your own hands for a girl.

The canopy is made and fastened in different ways, depending on the shape of the ceiling. If the children's bedroom is located in the attic, this way drapes part of the surface of the sloping ceiling above the bed. It may resemble clouds or sails of a ship.

The simplest garland or LED strip attached to the edges of the canopy will give special charm.

Almost weightless fabric can be collected over the head of the bed or cover the entire area of ​​the bed from above. The choice of the shape of the canopy should also be dictated by the style of the room and its general content.

Canopy table


the cloth

Light hypoallergenic materials should fall in soft folds, periodically require washing and reconstruction



In the form of an awning around the perimeter, fabric on the bar across the bed near the ceiling, waves on an inclined ceiling, a separate place with wings


Sewing method

Falls freely outside the mattress or to the floor, garter, assembly, drapery



Ribbons, bows, garlands, diode tapes, soft toys, vinyl decorations, beads, fabrics of a different texture

variant of a bright room decor for a girl

Room design can be done in bright blue

the idea of ​​a beautiful bedroom style for a girl

A small room with striped walls looks very nice.

the idea of ​​a colorful bedroom design for a girl

Butterflies can be glued on the walls.

Focus on teenager room lighting

Modern lighting is the best way to play with interesting ideas for decorating a teenager’s room.Simple objects will play in a new way with the original backlight. If you are tired of the old ceiling lights or they look too childish, there is the opportunity to make a lamp with your own hands.

It is better to leave the cartridge and wiring unchanged, but make a chandelier in a new way. Beautiful shades on the ceiling cast a large lampshade, crocheted like openwork napkins.

There are many creative ideas on how to decorate a girl’s room with unusual shades from improvised means. We offer a master class on manufacturing a lamp from disposable cups fastened with a stapler.

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