We create a harmonious room design for the girl

The room of a 12-year-old girl is a tiny little world in which the future hostess learns to create coziness, maintain cleanliness and order. Therefore, it is very important that the young lady feel comfortable here. The nursery should reflect the character of the baby, instill in her a sense of style and good taste.

The ideal bedroom is a compromise between what my daughter likes and what suits her parents. Take your time to take everything into your own hands and let the girl participate in the design of the children's room. Let her feel that you respect her opinion and reckon with him.

option for a bright bedroom interior for a girl

Most girls prefer pink colors.

an example of an unusual design of a children's room for a girl

The room for the little girl should be cozy and bright.

an example of a beautiful style of a nursery for a girl

When choosing a room design, consider the preferences of the child

Choose a palette

According to children's psychologists, the ideal color scheme for a children's bedroom is colorful, but at the same time calm and bright colors. That is, if you settled on green, then let it be light green or pistachio, if on purple - lavender or light lilac.

Bright accents can also be used here. Furniture and accessories are acceptable to choose saturated colors, but the walls, floor and ceiling are usually left neutral.


The pink room is a classic and a bit boring solution for a girl’s bedroom. Associations with a Barbie doll may seem too childish for a girl of 10-12 years old, so you should be careful when choosing a shade of pink.

A universal and very stylish solution will be:

  • peach;
  • ashes of a rose;
  • salmon;
  • coral.

Such options are suitable for decorating a children's room in French style, glamor style, Disney or Hello Kitty themes.

version of the light design of the children's room for the girl

Pink color can be combined with other shades

An example of an unusual nursery interior for a girl

In the bedroom for the girl, it is better to pick up bright and colorful tones


Calmness and lightness of lilac color make the design of the children's room for the girl cozy and delicate. Psychologists note that such shades relax and soothe, tune in a positive way and work well on the nervous system.

For a small room, light shades will be more appropriate: lavender, lilac, pale lilac. If the room has enough light, and it boasts a large area, then brighter cool shades are suitable: classic purple, violet, amethyst.

In order to dilute the interior, you can use neutral colors: white, gray, beige, chocolate. To make the design of the children's room more vibrant, complement it with green, turquoise and pink accessories and furniture.

An example of a bright interior of a children's room for a girl

Lilac color will add coziness and tenderness to the interior of the room

an example of an unusual interior of a children's room for a girl

For a small room it is better to choose light shades

option of a bright bedroom style for a girl

Experts say that such a color can relax and soothe.

Green and yellow

The perfect combination that instantly transforms any room. The girl’s bedroom, made in such a color scheme, becomes a place charging with energy and positive. This combination will fit perfectly into any room and will appeal to the most active and cheerful girls.

Try not to overdo it with variegation.Shades are better to choose gentle and slightly muffled: lemon, pistachio, lime, mint, straw. You can also dilute with vanilla or champagne.

Light shades

Golden, cream, caramel, almond and biscuit - any of these shades will become an amazing basis for creating the interior of a children's room for a girl of 10-12 years old. The fact is that this age is a kind of boundary between childhood and youth, when the baby barely begins to feel her belonging to the adult world. A solid girl’s room, made in neutral light shades, will become a place where the girl will comfortably grow and become a girl.

variant of a beautiful bedroom style for a girl

When choosing a color, consider the hobbies of the girl and her age

version of a beautiful design for a girl’s nursery

Light shades can charge with energy and positive


Proper decoration performs not only an aesthetic function. With its help, you can solve many other problems:



Visually expand the room

Light plain wallpaper or wallpaper with a small ornament

Visually raise the ceiling

Horizontal Stripes Wallpaper

Divide the room into functional zones

Use wallpapers of different colors for each individual zone

Focus on any interior item (fireplace, aquarium, sofa)

Post it bright wallpaper with a large pattern or photo wallpaper

Visually reduce room length

Paint the far wall more saturated

Add depth to the room

3D walls and 3D wallpapers

In the decoration of the ceiling of the children's room, it is better to stay at the traditional light version. A ceiling with an imitation of clouds will look very impressive, and glossy surfaces will make the room lighter and more spacious.

For the floor, choose only a high-quality parquet board or laminate. Remember that carpets should be laid only if the girl is sufficiently responsible and clean, and she can clean and vacuum it in time herself. Otherwise, either you will get all these problems, or house dust will provoke an allergy in the child.

An example of a bright design for a girl’s nursery

When decorating the ceiling, preference should be given to light shades

an example of an unusual style of a nursery for a girl

Glossy stretch ceiling is a great solution

option for a bright bedroom interior for a girl

The floor in the room should be made of natural materials


Furniture items with the following properties are suitable for the design of a children's room:

  • compactness;
  • convenience;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • aesthetics.

If all these components are in place, you can safely buy furniture. However, try not to clutter up the bedroom with unnecessary items, as a young lady needs free space to do her favorite things without leaving the room.

Another tip is to place the most bulky objects in the background, and put the lungs and compact forward. At the same time, try not to block the windows that serve as natural light sources. Otherwise, the shadows cast by objects will visually steal a few square meters of free space.


A berth for a girl of 10-12 years old should be wide enough. The bed can be both 1.5-bedroom, and 2-bedroom, if the area allows. Very interesting are the transformer models that hide in cabinets, slide into the podium or with a flick of the hand turn into sofas. If there are several girls in the bedroom, then a double bed will come to the rescue, which teenagers usually simply adore.

Another important point is the mattress. Although a good orthopedic mattress is expensive, it will take care of good health and well-being of your daughter.

Cabinets and shelves

The more cabinets the girl has in the room, the easier it will be to restore order there. At the same time, the open shelves, although they look more spectacular, are significantly inferior to the closed departments in functionality.

It is better to organize a storage space with a margin, as the number of things for young women of fashion grows exponentially.It will be useful to mirror the whole growth, and its alternative may be a wardrobe with mirrored doors.

An example of a beautiful design of a children's room for a girl

Compact multi-functional furniture is perfect for a child’s room

version of the bright interior of the children's room for the girl

The room should have enough space for games and study, no need to obstruct the room with excess objects

Hobbies and hobbies

Nothing will please the young artist more than a neat easel in the corner of the bedroom, and the future Olympic champion will definitely appreciate the Swedish wall or other sports simulator installed here.

A beginner rock star will like musical instruments that are always at hand, and a literature lover will spend more than one evening in a comfortable armchair next to a bookcase.

Such pleasant trifles will not only make the room special and support the interests of your child, but also let the teenager understand that you are on the same wavelength.


Girls in their teens are particularly susceptible to their surroundings. Like all women, they are attracted to the beautiful, and only in a pleasant environment do they feel truly at home. To design the design of a children's bedroom, it is customary to choose one particular style that will be traced in all elements of the interior.






Imitation of brick, wallpaper with thematic drawings

Simple forms, rough textures

Avant-garde lamps, textiles with images of double-decker buses, telephone booths, the flag of Great Britain


Solid walls made in pastel shades

Elegant furniture in a classic style: dressing table, four-poster bed, cabinets with carved legs

Porcelain vases, forged items, caskets, dolls, photo frames, watercolor paintings


Pure bright colors: yellow, green, pink, turquoise

Light wooden furniture, wicker patterns

Indoor flowers, aquariums, birdcage

High tech

Stretch ceilings, glossy surfaces, the use of metal and glass

Only the most necessary furniture, nothing more: compact, ergonomic, modern, transformer models.

Minimal decor, futuristic accessories


Vivid colors, various textures, silk-screen printing

The furniture is mostly upholstered. Change your usual chairs for pear chairs and poufs. A four-poster bed will also come in handy.

The abundance of textiles: carpets, pillows, curtains. Shelves and cabinets can be made souvenirs.

An example of a beautiful bedroom design for a girl

When choosing a room style, it is worth considering the girl’s hobbies

version of the unusual style of a nursery for a girl

Any little thing can make a room special and support the child

An example of the bright style of a children's room for a girl

The style of the room should reflect the character of the hostess

DIY design

Handmade elements will help the teenager express their individuality and make her bedroom unique. Tell the girl how to decorate the room with your own hands, and, perhaps, hidden design abilities will open in her.

  • Wall decoration with vinyl stickers. Images of plants and animals, silhouettes of the city or people - with their help you can create a unique interior in any subject, and the girl will be very proud of her direct participation in the repair process.
  • Collages, wish cards, gallery with drawings. These cute items are a pleasant reminder of the wonderful moments that already existed, and the dizzying dreams of a girl who is only destined to come true.
  • Garlands. This is not about purchased electrical jewelry, but about a home-made decor of flashlights, hearts and pompons attached to a rope. Particularly fashionable are now considered Japanese garlands of balls and photos on tiny clothespins.
  • Caskets, boxes and vases using decoupage technique that are perfect for a child's room in the style of Provence. They look stylish, but are made very simple. For decoration, the girl will need only napkins, a brush, glue and varnish.

In fact, there are infinitely many options for the decor with your own hands: you can sew a patchwork blanket, decorate a pillow with sequins, create an original clay pot, paint walls or make a floor lamp made of paper. It is only necessary to push the girl to manifest her imagination and teach her not to be afraid of experiments.

variant of the unusual design of a nursery for a girl

The walls in the room can be pasted with stickers

option for a light bedroom design for a girl

You can come up with a room design yourself

Zoning the room

A room where all the furniture is randomly arranged does not have either rest or work. In it you have to constantly rush from one corner to another in order to take the necessary things located at different ends of the room. It is much more convenient if everything you need is at hand, and the layout is thought out so that one part of the room is designed for sleep, the second for relaxation, and the third for study. Here zoning comes to the rescue.

Of course, you do not need to erect walls and clutter up the room with screens. There are several tricks that allow you to divide the room into functional areas without sacrificing free space.

  1. Wallpaper of different colors.
  2. Sex is a different color.
  3. Lighting.
  4. Sliding partitions.
  5. Furniture placement.

Now it’s worth figuring out which zones the girl needs and what is best to place in them.




Bed, bedside tables, floor lamp or lamp, small bedside mat


Computer table, chair, wardrobe, a pair of shelves


Toy box, carpet, TV, small sofa


Cabinets, racks, dressers, shelves, mirror

An example of the bright style of a children's room for a girl

The room must have a place for games and study

variant of a beautiful bedroom design for a girl

You can zoning the room using color, decor items or partitions

variant of a bright interior for a girl

Try not to clog the room with unnecessary objects, the girl should have freedom of action


Proper lighting plays a huge role: it not only protects the teenager's vision, but also visually expands the space. It is recommended that the lamps be evenly distributed over the entire area of ​​the bedroom, while focusing on the work area. Also, additional light will not interfere in the recreation area and next to the bed.

The interior of the children's room for the girl can be supplemented with original and stylish models of lighting fixtures.

  • Chandeliers of unusual shapes - in the form of an umbrella, birds, butterflies, clouds, twigs and any other objects of the world.
  • With imitation of jewelry and candles in the spirit of Disney cartoons about princesses.
  • Cascading ceiling lights are a great option for older teens.
  • Spotlights built into the ceiling and walls are a versatile and highly functional option.

Unusual decor elements

You can add a touch of originality to a children's bedroom by adding a couple of non-standard elements to it.

The canopy over the girl’s bed is a thousand times beaten topic that is present on many beautiful pictures from the Internet. However, in life such a luxury is, unfortunately, quite rare. Therefore, your daughter’s girlfriends will definitely be envious.

A rug with applique does not oblige you to anything and is appropriate in any style of the room, however it decorates and interestingly outplayes even the most trivial decor.

A hanging swing on a chain is the dream of any girl and a charming addition to the bedroom, bringing the cosiness of a country house into it. They will not only serve as a place for games and relaxation, but will also become a “highlight” of the interior.

an example of an unusual style of a bedroom for a girl

In the afternoon, the room should be filled with natural light.

version of the bright style of a child’s room for a girl

The canopy above the bed will be an excellent addition to the interior of the children's room

Wall mural is not only a spectacular and universal solution, but also practical. Compared to their paper competitors, they are more durable and lend themselves well to wet cleaning. It is very convenient that you can now order wall murals with absolutely any pattern, whether it be a gorgeous landscape or a photo of your favorite dog.

A fireplace is an interior item worthy of kings and aristocrats.However, even they would be pleasantly surprised by the convenience and beauty of modern models. For a child’s room, it’s best to stay safe with electric and bio fireplaces. You can also install a decorative false fireplace, which is easy to create with your own hands.

Proper planning, decoration, lighting and selection of furniture - this, of course, is important. However, the main rule of creating an ideal design for a children's room is not to remove the hostess of the bedroom from repair. Try to maximally involve the girl in the development of the project, consult her, listen to her opinion, do not reject the bold ideas of the child, and then the interior of the girl’s bedroom will be doomed to success.

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