Design 2017. What will be remembered this year?

Laconicism, restraint in color solutions, natural materials, a minimum of furniture and a maximum of accents are the main trends in home decoration that have entrenched over the past few years. Ultramodern high-tech, stylish loft, warm country or minimalist and a bit crude industrial? The choice is up to you. It is these interior styles that have tightly consolidated their positions and can safely be called “the main trends in the interior of 2017”.

version of the original design of the apartment in 2017

Room design option in a modern style

the idea of ​​the unusual style of the room in 2017

The design of the living room is made in a modern style.

version of the bright interior of the apartment in 2017

On one of the walls in the living room you can stick a photo wallpaper

Green color

One of the undisputed leaders in the color scheme of housing has become green. Discreet shades of light green, emerald and bottle favorably emphasized and give juiciness to any room. It is not necessary to run to the store for green paint and paint the walls and ceiling with it. Small details of emerald color are quite suitable: refined vases, a small rug, cute figurines, stylish panels, cozy pillows for a sofa. If you have indoor plants - they will also become a wonderful decoration and a bright accent in the interior.

2017 beautiful room design idea

The design of the room is made in the style of Provence

the idea of ​​a bright interior of the apartment in 2017

The combination of white and blue in the interior looks very beautiful

Such a deep "blue midnight"

The mysterious, attractive and seductive color called "midnight blue" has become a favorite in the interior design of 2017. Why is this season mainly dominated by dark shades? This is closely connected with the new thinking of modern people looking for a place where you can relax, relax after a hard day. Interior design in dark colors with interspersed with bright accents is a great opportunity to catch your eye on something unusual and escape from everyday problems and worries.

version of the unusual style of the room in 2017

Room design is designed in one style

version of the original style of the apartment in 2017

The design of the living room is made in a modern style.

the idea of ​​the original interior of the apartment in 2017

The combination of white walls and dark floor looks very beautiful

Delicate and unique “pink petal”

Another color, which is a fashionable novelty of 2017. If you want to visually expand your living space, then feel free to choose a shade called “pink petal”. Color is perfect for decorating a children's room, a small living room and even a kitchen. The hue is quite versatile, so it will work well not only with white and black colors, but also with blue, green, yellow and purple.

Hi Paris!

The French style is quite extensive and includes several directions: Baroque, Empire, modern and classic. It is not necessary to dwell on one thing, modern designers recommend combining antiquity with new interior items. The French are famous for their good taste and frugality. Therefore, a certain asceticism and minimalism are inherent in the French style. Convenience and restraint are the main features of this style. Here it is very important not to overdo it with small details of the interior, not to overload the space.

2017 bright room design

Room design is made in one color scheme

the idea of ​​the unusual style of the apartment in 2017

The paintings on the wall in the living room will perfectly complement the interior

The use of the French style looks especially impressive when decorating studio apartments, hotel rooms, antique shops, houses with high ceilings and spacious rooms. As for the color scheme, it is most advisable to use such shades as:

  • ash white;

  • light beige;

  • cream;

  • pearl.

version of the beautiful interior of the room in 2017

The 3D panel with illumination near the bed looks very beautiful

version of the unusual style of the apartment in 2017

The combination of wood in the interior of the kitchen

2017 bright room interior idea

The design of the living room is made in a modern style.

Cuba - the pearl of the Caribbean

Cuba is a welcoming, vibrant and unique region, striking with the liveliness and hospitality of the indigenous people. This place amazes and excites consciousness not only with its architecture, but also with the decoration of the houses. The Cuban style is unpretentious and it does not matter what size your living space is, how much light there is and how high the ceilings are. The main distinguishing features are:

  • wooden figurines;

  • figures made of rosewood and cedar;

  • matte shades on forged stands;

  • walls painted in blue and green shades.

As for the design of the floor, then there are a lot of options. The most budget option will be linoleum, decorated with a colorful pattern in the form of an ornament. A rug or carpet with a short pile is suitable. If the owner of the apartment is interested in more expensive variations, you can stay on a facing stone or floorboards made of natural wood, preferably pine.

Living plants, wicker furniture, natural materials such as stone and wood give a special charm to a living room. Despite the democratic character of the Cuban style, there are a number of prohibitions in it. It is not recommended to use gilding and silver, you should abandon the bright, flashy colors and gloomy, heavy textiles.

version of the beautiful design of the room in 2017

Gray is also popular.

version of the original interior of the apartment in 2017

Chic bedroom in bright colors

Which ornament to choose?

An ornament is a specific sequence of some graphic elements. The pattern applied to any surface gives the room a certain completeness, volume, becomes a bright accent in the general concept of living space. In the design of an apartment or house, designers recommend taking a closer look at ornaments that have long become traditional.

In ancient times, every pattern, every particle of the interior carried some kind of semantic load. Thus, people indicated to which class they belong, to which culture they belong. In some cases, such drawings carried a protective function and protected from evil spirits. Nowadays, everything is much more paradoxical, and people usually do not pay attention to the importance of this or that ornament, but simply skillfully use patterns on tiles, wallpaper and floor to decorate their homes.




A chic, sophisticated style that has not lost its relevance for several years. "Damascus" first began to be actively used in the early Middle Ages and received such a name in honor of the Syrian city. The main distinguishing features of the ornament can be considered the presence of a plant pattern located vertically. In the center of the composition is a luxurious and voluminous flower. Decorating in this style will look amazing in the living room, lounge or dining room. Want to create an extraordinary and concise interior? Pay attention to the little things? Then feel free to choose “Damascus”.

"Broken cell"

The people are better known as the "goose foot." One of the ornaments that feels comfortable not only on the walls. Fashionistas often use it when sewing stylish dresses, suits and jackets. The pattern strikes with its laconicism and restraint, some severity and asceticism. Black and white ornament has become synonymous with good taste, sophistication and elegance. Rooms decorated with goose-footed wallpapers will look amazing with large interior elements in more contrasting colors.

version of the bright style of the room in 2017

The design of the bedroom is made in a classic style.

The idea of ​​the unusual interior of the room in 2017

The design of the living room is made in one style

The idea of ​​a beautiful apartment design 2017

In the hallway you can hang a modular picture, it will look very unusual

But what about the kitchen?

The kitchen is that part of the apartment where a person spends a lot of time. Agree, it’s nice to gather in the evening with the whole family for a fragrant dinner or sit in the morning with a cup of coffee and read the morning news. Therefore, apartment owners pay special attention to the design of the kitchen. Here we will talk about the trends of 2017, which are successfully used in the kitchen.

  • Bar stools - decoration of any dining room. They will be appropriate to look regardless of the chosen room style. Matte, varnished, artificially aged, bright, plain - feel free to use any option you like.

  • More white! Agree, a bright and spacious kitchen is the dream of any housewife. If the size of the room can sometimes cause problems, then with the color scheme hardly. Designers recommend decorating the kitchen in light shades, preferring white. Today, there are many variations: gray-white, white with yellowness, snowy white. There are colors for every taste and for any interior.

  • Wooden cabinets and cabinets will become an indispensable attribute of your kitchen. Furniture is trending in warm colors. Many of us, with these words, have memories in our heads of angular, unattractive furniture from the 90s. But current wooden cabinets with such furniture have nothing in common. In fashion, natural materials and designers recommend choosing a kitchen set that has a clear wood texture.

The idea of ​​the original style of the room in 2017

This design will give warmth and comfort

version of the unusual interior of the apartment in 2017

On one of the walls you can stick a photo wallpaper

Bathroom and features of its design

Every modern girl or woman dreams of a comfortable, stylish, sleek bathroom. Fortunately, with current technology and a variety of styles, textures and colors, you can create the bathroom of your dreams.

  • We hide everything in the closets. This approach to design is suitable only for owners of fairly spacious apartments. Few people thought about allocating a separate space for the laundry. If the size of your bathroom allows you to do this, designers strongly recommend not to refuse this opportunity. A washing machine, a basket for dirty laundry, an ironing board, an iron, detergents and cleaning products will feel great in a dedicated cabinet.

  • The trend in the design of the bathroom is marble. Unprecedented popularity this season has acquired tiles for walls and floors, imitating marble. In this case, it does not matter what color you stop at. It can be tiles in shades of beige, black, green and pink.

Retro furniture from 60-70 years is again in trend!

Everything new is well forgotten old. In 2017, futuristic chairs from the 60-70s, laconic dining tables, minimalist cabinets and shelves are relevant. The main feature of this time was a mixture in the interior of bright, sometimes incompatible colors and shades. Pop art paintings, colored glass shades, carpets, bedspreads and pillows decorated with geometric prints will be the pride of any apartment.

version of the original style of the room in 2017

Flowers in the room will create a special atmosphere.

the idea of ​​the unusual interior of the apartment in 2017

The paintings on the walls will perfectly complement the interior of the room

2017 bright room idea

Design of a bright living room with a corner sofa in a modern style.

How to get a small apartment

Owners of urban apartments often face one serious problem: very little space. What to do in this case? How to arrange your apartment and visually increase the living area? Knowing a few nuances and recommendations, you can breathe new life into a miniature and unremarkable home.

  • White-gray color will be a good ally for owners of small areas. This shade will not only decorate the walls, but also visually expand the boundaries of the apartment. In addition, the color is neutral, which allows you to combine it with any shades.

  • The height of the ceilings affects the overall perception of the room. Designers know - the higher the ceiling, the more spacious the room seems. But here you can go to the trick and visually increase the area of ​​the home. To do this, it will be enough to choose a paint for the ceiling, which differs by several tones from the walls. An ideal option would be a stretch ceiling of a light shade.

  • Minimalism is our everything. Do not litter the apartment with unnecessary furniture, figurines, vases and paintings. It is better to refuse all this, thereby increasing the usable area of ​​the room.

version of the unusual design of the apartment in 2017

Narrow kitchen layout option

version of the beautiful design of the apartment in 2017

The interior design is made in a modern style.


This article examined the main trends in interior design and gives examples of how to make your home or apartment as functional, fashionable and non-trivial as possible. If you decide to make repairs - do not be afraid to experiment, combine your favorite colors, play with textures and shades and a positive result will not take long. Inspiration, creativity and determination for you!

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