Arch Design: Choosing Shapes and Materials

In modern living quarters, arches are often built. A similar solution in the interior is both stylish and functional. In most cases, arches are installed at the entrance to small rooms or when installing doors does not make sense.

version of the modern kitchen interior with arch

The arch in the interior will be an excellent replacement for the doors

idea of ​​unusual decor of a bedroom with an arch

A wide arch between the living room and the corridor

version of the beautiful design of the living room with an arch

Simple decorative arch in the interior of the kitchen

Drywall for arches

Arches are made of drywall. This material has a number of advantages:

  1. Appearance - the ability to create any original forms in the interior, a combination of various elements in one style. In this case, the arch looks neat.
  2. Ease of making arches. The main advantage is a simple bending of the material in the right direction.
  3. Large selection of finishes. The made arch has a perfectly flat surface, which gives a lot of room for imagination when designing.
  4. Lightweight drywall. The material does not exert additional load on the walls.
  5. Continued use of the structure. The arch is long and resistant to many external factors.
the idea of ​​the original interior of the bedroom with an arch

The arch in the interior will perfectly complement the decor

version of the original decor of the living room with an arch

The backlit arch will be very beautiful in the interior of the living room

Types of arches

Deciding on the design of the drywall arch for a start, you need to identify the tasks that it will perform. There may be several:

  • dividing the space in the apartment into several parts;
  • interior decor;
  • correction of the layout of the apartment;
  • functional solution (shelf, stand, small cabinet).

Specialists distinguish several types of drywall arches depending on the shape of the arch.


In another way, this type of arches is called classic. This is due to the fact that the first architectural solutions in the form of arches appeared even among the Romans. The decor is great for rooms with high ceilings. At the same time, they fit well into narrow openings due to the peculiarities of the structure and are distinguished by an ideal arch circumference. For example, it could be the entrance to the kitchen. The architectural element will be even more original in the interior, if it is decorated with lighting.

idea of ​​modern kitchen design with arch

Options for decorative arches in the interior

variant of a beautiful bedroom interior with arch

A cool version of the arch in the work room

the idea of ​​an unusual decor of the living room with an arch

On the shelves you can put flowers or other decorative elements.


British arches resemble the Art Nouveau style. They are slightly similar to the classic version of the design, but have a more elongated arch shape. If the passage has a large width, then the radius of the arch is truncated.

This option is ideal for low ceilings, as a somewhat asymmetric shape visually increases the space in the interior.

The British arch looks stylish between the kitchen and the attached loggia. It can be decorated with lighting, additional recesses in the plane, stained glass and other architectural elements.

Creating the arched opening in this style, the main thing is not to overload the composition.

the idea of ​​the original design of the kitchen with an arch

A long brick arch will look unusual in the interior of the kitchen

version of the modern design of the living room with an arch

This arch will be a great addition to the decor.


Arched ellipse is one of the simplest designs. The form is rightfully considered universal, fits well into the interior of apartments with any ceiling height, suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, loggias.

The arch has a small bend radius, which is performed from drywall in a matter of minutes. It can fit in any opening without reducing the width of the arch. The ellipse blends perfectly with the columns. They are also made of drywall.


An arch does not have to have streamlined semicircular shapes. The trapezoid is very simple to manufacture, and looks no less original in the interior of the apartment. To decorate the opening in this way, it is enough to sew the corners with plasterboard and think about the design of the structure.

Best of all, the arched trapezoid is combined with wooden trim, adding tranquility and comfort to the interior.

option of a beautiful decor of a bedroom with an arch

The tree in the interior always looks beautiful

the idea of ​​an unusual interior kitchen with an arch

Brick in the interior of the kitchen will add brutality

version of the unusual decor of the living room with an arch

The white color in the interior of the kitchen looks amazing


To build and put in place an arch in the opening is not enough. It must be designed so that the element fits into the overall interior of the room. There are some of the most common design decor options that allow you to come up with a drywall arch design.

Cork Wallpaper

Cork wallpaper for the arch is one of the easiest options. To implement it, you will need:

  • wallpaper;
  • scissors;
  • the pencils;
  • ruler;
  • brush or roller for glue.

The dimensions are accurately transferred to the wallpaper, cut out and glued to the butt construction. The walls of the arch must first be covered with glue.

idea of ​​modern design bedroom with arch

Arches in the interior will complement the design of the living room

variant of a beautiful kitchen interior with an arch

This arch is great for small corridors.


This method goes well with wallpaper, plaster. Construction stores offer customers a wide range of moldings and corners for every taste. They fasten very quickly and easily, using liquid nails.

After fixing the molding, you can trim the surface of the arch with corners, thereby protecting against damage.


Mosaic is an equally common material for decorating arches, which gives a lot of scope to creativity. Elements of the composition can be made from a variety of materials. It all depends on the desires and opportunities.

the idea of ​​the original interior of the living room with an arch

On the arches you can make additional lighting

version of the modern design of the kitchen with an arch

Arches need to be combined with design

version of the original design of the kitchen with an arch

The arch looks very harmonious in such a design





Durability, water resistance, resistance to temperature changes, large color gamut



Significantly stronger than glass

The complexity of laying mosaics on the arch

A rock

Natural material

Sophisticated styling technology


Modern design, original combination of shades

Sophisticated care, the ability to spoil household chemicals, high cost


Durability, combinable with other wall finishes

Not suitable for wet rooms


This is one of the oldest decoration materials. This mosaic is well suited for the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms of the apartment, exposed to changes in temperature or humidity. Designers often use glass to decorate designs, as it allows you to play with light and has a large selection of shades. You can simply purchase chaotic elements or assemble an entire composition in the interior.

the idea of ​​a beautiful bedroom interior with an arch

Wide and tall arches are always in fashion

the idea of ​​a beautiful living room decor with an arch

Instead of doors, you can make an arch

A variety of glass is a smalt mosaic. It is distinguished by production technology, the features of which provide the material with increased resistance to stress. Smalt is not transparent, like glass, which makes it look unique. Both types of material do not carry a particular load on the design of the drywall arch.


Ceramic mosaic has a variety of shapes. And it can be circles, ovals. The surface does not always look corny. Manufacturers offer elements with painting, embossing, craquelure.

Mosaic can be used for facing arched drywall openings in any room of the apartment.The material is very durable and resistant to external factors.

version of a modern kitchen decor with an arch

You can also decorate the arch with tiles.

the idea of ​​an unusual design of a bedroom with an arch

Such arches will be perfectly combined with a tree in an interior

version of the original interior of the living room with an arch

The white design of the room with the arch looks expensive and chic

A rock

For the manufacture of decor stones of the most diverse breeds are used. The tile can be polished or, on the contrary, have a natural rough surface, the shape can be rectangular or with natural peaks. Stone is rarely used for arch design. This is due to the complexity of the laying technology and the sufficiently high weight of the material, which does not have the best effect on drywall.


The metal mosaic in the interior is unusual and it is suitable for all forms of arches. There is a tendency to decorate arches in the metal style relatively recently and has already gained popularity. The surface can be of several types:

  • glossy;
  • matte;
  • with notches;
  • with stamps.

Tiles are stainless steel metal plates that are glued onto drywall arches using mortar. They are mounted on a special rubberized substrate, and then on the structure. Metal goes well with glass.

version of the beautiful interior of the living room with an arch

The decor of the arch with a tree in the interior looks harmonious

the idea of ​​the original decor of the kitchen with an arch

Arches can be of completely different shapes.


Mirror is a beautiful and durable material. Mosaic allows you to visually increase the space in the interior, expand the walls, it is perfectly combined with all types of decoration of the arched opening.

Such a mosaic will quickly become cloudy in rooms of high humidity, will become less attractive.

Video: Drywall Arch Design

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