Design one-bedroom apartment of 60 square meters. m: redevelopment, reorganization or minor repairs?

The comfort and modern design of the apartment is a normal desire of people with their own real estate. Among the many styles, architectural designs and design projects, it is important to choose for your family an option in which money for repairs will not be wasted. But even at minimal cost it is realistic to make an exclusive design of a two-room apartment of 60 sq.m. To do this, it is important to intelligently use all the secrets of the reorganization, redevelopment and zoning of space.

Wooden furniture in the interior of a two-room apartment

It is important to organize the space as ergonomically as possible, comfortable, and most importantly convenient

How to start the conversion of a two-room apartment

Do not start repairs until everything is thought out to the smallest detail in the new interior of a two-room apartment of 60 "squares". It is important to imagine not only the finished result, but also the degree of transformation:

  1. A small cosmetic repair.
  2. Overhaul with redevelopment, with the replacement of communications and plumbing.
  3. The so-called "European-quality repair" with the replacement of carpentry, a new wall cladding, ceiling and floor.
  4. Design option with zoning, partitions, multi-level ceilings, small podiums and original lighting design.

When redecorating, it is quite possible that a design project of an apartment of 60 sq. M is possible, if you use modern technologies and building materials.

Design of a spacious kitchen-living room with a white set

Options for redevelopment of the apartment depend on who it is intended for - a single man or woman, a young family with children or elderly people

If the sewer and water pipes have recently been changed, and the floors and ceilings are free of defects, then the conversion and costs will be minimal. The main thing is the layout, the features of which cannot be ignored. At low reconstruction costs, more attention is paid to zoning and decoration.

Design studio apartment in bright colors

One-bedroom apartment converted into a studio apartment

Attention! The footage of two-room apartments ranges from 50-72 m2, depending on the layout. Visual expansion techniques are needed only in small apartments.

Design of a bedroom in a two-room apartment of 60 sq. Meters

Mirror surfaces visually expand the space

Multilevel suspended and suspended ceilings are not recommended for low-ceiling version of the design project of a two- and three-room apartment of 60 square meters. m. But if the alignment of ceilings, walls and floors in old houses was carried out with the subsequent application of a relief or multilayer coating - this will take away part of the usable area.

Varieties of layout of 2-bedroom apartments and the degree of possible transformation

It is customary to divide apartment buildings in the CIS by the time of their origin at different times of typical development:

  1. "Stalinka" low-rise, it was built a little, mainly in large cities. They feature high ceilings, large living space, a small balcony and a beautiful facade. It is undesirable to change it if the houses face the main streets and historical quarters.The carpentry should be the same color as before the replacement; laminated PVC windows for wood are possible. The main transformations relate to the internal area, including redevelopment without demolition of the bearing walls.

    The play area on the second tier in the children's room

    High ceilings allow you to organize a second floor in the children's room

  2. "Khrushchev" - a relic of mass development of 60-70 years of the twentieth century, the smallest and most uncomfortable panel apartments. Typical are low ceilings, walk-through rooms, a small entrance hall and a kitchen. Most are no more than 4-5 floors, later 9-story buildings were built. Often they work on the design of a small three-room apartment of 60 sq.m in a panel house, trying to expand the living space.
  3. “Brezhnevka” are less known in the market, but they have become a bit more spacious, kitchens have expanded, separate bathrooms have appeared, but the bathroom has remained small. The most common are one-room and 2-bedroom apartments. In some cases there are comfortable loggias, due to which they often try to add the area of ​​adjacent rooms.
  4. "Czechs", Lithuanian houses and other houses of the so-called new layout have become a more comfortable offer with a wide entrance. The enlarged kitchen was a pleasant surprise, but their footage is different in 1-, 2- and 3-room layouts. Modern design of a 2-room apartment of 60 square meters. meters are often left without a major reorganization.
  5. Among the "old" fund, there remains a high demand for urban houses of the P-44, P-44T, P-44-TM and P44-K series. They are considered the most comfortable, a large balcony and an entrance hall - additional bonuses. The modernized version of the large number of storeys has a large commercial value on the secondary. The so-called "vests" (with windows in opposite directions) of 60-64 squares, but there are linear compact apartments - within 53 sq.m. with windows on one side. Worst of all, if all the windows are facing south or north, consider locally highlighting the main zones.
  6. Houses in the projects of the twentieth century are built taking into account all the shortcomings of the previous mass development, so they are less likely to make redevelopment or an extensive reorganization. A design of a one-room apartment of 60 sq.m is possible if it is a studio apartment or an apartment with conditional partitions.
Bedroom interior in a two-room apartment with a balcony

A popular redevelopment technique is combining a room with a balcony or a loggia.

Attention! If you want to make a redevelopment for a new apartment design 60 m2, can not do without the permission of the BTI or the city department of architecture.

Interior of a two-room apartment after redevelopment

The absence of load-bearing walls allows you to create a single multifunctional space

Reconstruction and dismantling of one wall in the old house, if it is bearing, leads to the collapse of the entire entrance, which has already happened! Perestroika on the top floor is less dangerous, but a fine is inevitable if you start without permission without notifying your neighbors and city authorities.

Large-scale transformations with all signatures are high costs and long agreements with officials, but they cannot be done without them. You can increase the functionality of a small three-room apartment and improve its design with the help of thoughtful zoning and comfortable furniture, as in the photo.

Lightweight partition in a studio apartment

A small partition separates the kitchen from the bedroom combined with the living room

Repair with redevelopment or with optimization of the area?

The layout of the old fund does not suit many, but they are still ready to put up with inconveniences. Partial transformations do not affect the radical demolition of piers and secondary walls. At the same time, space reorganization is possible in less costly ways:

1. Hallway, corridor Visual expansion through mirror wall
2. Living room, hall Zoning of the guest, dining, working part
3. Bedroom Along the wall a narrow dressing room or wardrobe
4. Children's (if any) Bunk or modular children's furniture
5. Kitchen Functional cabinet furniture to the ceiling
6. Warm loggia Remove the balcony door, combine with the room
7. Bathroom Replacing plumbing and cars with a mini version
8. Dining area Select in the kitchen or living room, remove part of the walls

With this arrangement, the interior of a 2-room apartment of 60 square meters. m will come out fashionable and stylish, enough space for light and air. Creative design concept will make a small apartment of the old layout comfortable sought after housing.

Kitchen-living room in a two-room apartment

One of the methods of zoning a room is multi-colored painting of walls

When replanning, partial dismantling of secondary walls and replacement by partitions is supposed:

  • another layout of mobile and stationary partitions, moving walls with changing footage of adjacent rooms;
  • transformations in the kitchen - with the demolition of an adjacent partition from the living room, without transferring the gas stove and washing to another wall;
  • in the design of treshki in a prefabricated house of 60 sq.m, they reinstall the plumbing after a radical transformation of the walls;
  • in a two-room apartment make 2 bedrooms (matrimonial and teenage), in the kitchen - a guest area (combine with a loggia);
  • separate the bathroom into the bathroom and the toilet, where you can take the washing machine (to the shelf for the tank) and remove the tank in the bathroom to replace the shower with a deep tray.
Large dining table in the kitchen-living room

If the kitchen and the room are separated by a light partition, you can combine the rooms and organize a comfortable kitchen-living room, in which there is a place for a large dining table

Repair of a modern apartment with minimal cost applies only to cosmetic repairs:

1. Ceiling Surface leveling, simple finish
2. Walls Paper, liquid, photo wallpaper, fiberglass, painting
3. Floor Bulk, laminate, parquet board, linoleum, carpet
4. Pipes It is advisable to replace with new communications
5. Plumbing Selected for the overall style and color of the cladding
6. Lighting design Consider general and local lighting
7. Joiner Replacement of windows and doors (if necessary)

In redecoration, one cannot do without a specialist in reorganization; for renovation, construction teams with innovative technologies and materials are invited.

Zoning the apartment with furniture

The sleeping place and the guest area can be divided using a TV stand

For two, the design of a 2-room apartment of 60 sq.m is much easier to choose than for a family where three generations are forced to coexist peacefully on one square. In this case, it is important to coordinate the style and degree of transformation of the apartment, so that it suits everyone, as in the photo.

Ideas for the original design of one-bedroom apartments after a partial reorganization

Design of a two-room apartment in the loft style

The original interior of the apartment in the loft style

Space interior

The charm of a starry night, where you can play on the theme of space, northern lights or starry sky. An acceptable option for those who all day at work and home only comes to spend the night.

Oval bed in space style bedroom

Suitable furniture should be present in the space interior.

Drawn astronaut on the wall of the living room

The theme of space can be realized with the help of photo wallpaper or drawings.

Using modern materials, you can create the illusion of a night sky with dotted diodes. It can be dominated by thin curtain veils and luxurious textiles, a pleasant blue-and-blue color scheme with light emotional accents. Much attention should be paid to the comfort of orthopedic furniture for a healthy sleep in the personal space of the studio design of 60 sq.m.

Imitation of the starry sky in the bedroom of a city apartment

Garlands - the easiest way to put stars on the ceiling of your room

Space style kids room interior

The design of a children's room in the spirit of space will help captivate the child with astronomy


An extravagant design with elegance and charm in the spirit of French neoclassicism, where tradition and modernity merge. Light shades visually expand the space, this is a great option for an apartment on the north side of the house in a cool climate. Shades of wood and chocolate underline the classic choice. Yellow and turquoise colors - emotional accents, as in the photo.

Neoclassical style living room design

Versatility is the main advantage of neoclassicism

Cabinet interior in a two-room apartment of 60 sq m

Neoclassical style can adapt to any room

Turquoise curtains on the living room window in the courtyard

When choosing furniture, prefer products made from natural materials

Sunny interior in a typical apartment

The design project is inspired by nostalgia for the obsession of the pores of summer vacations. Suitable for lovers of sun glare in the design of a 3-room apartment of 60-70 sq.m or a spacious two-room layout. Noble shades give rise to a special atmosphere of hospitality, affection and care. Modern notes will add a bar, a bean bag chair and a white suite.

The interior of the kitchen in a two-room apartment of 60 square meters

The yellow walls visually expanded the space of the kitchen

Cozy bedroom in a two-room apartment of 60 sq m

For the bedroom, gentle pastel colors were used.

Yellow wall in the interior of the combined bathroom

Cheerful yellow color is perfect for the bathroom

Romantic atmosphere

The floral mood in the design of the apartment of 60 "squares" also has a right to exist, especially if the owner of the apartment is a romantic lady.

Fresh flowers in the interior of an apartment of 60 squares

Using living plants and wooden furniture in the apartment, you can create a rustic atmosphere in the Provence style

Flowers and pleasant shades of plant motifs, it seems that the interior is filled with the smells of spring and summer. Option with a pronounced functional zoning.

The interior of the bedroom in the apartment of a young girl

Warm French country is great for designing small rooms.

Paper wallpaper on the wall of the living room in the courtyard

The color scheme should be saturated, but not bright

See even more original ideas in the examples in the photo in our gallery.

Video: minimalism on 60 square meters

Photo design ideas for dvushka

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