Design of the dressing room taking into account the optimal placement of seasonal clothes and shoes

In every family there is a problem with the optimal placement of clothes, especially if these are things of diverse children and young women who follow fashion. The design of the dressing room should harmoniously complement the room with which it borders. We began to come to the point that it is convenient to allocate 3-4 sq.m. under compact storage systems. When they are not there, problems arise - there is nothing to wear, nowhere to put on seasonal clothes, things often have to be ironed, and the necessary things are difficult to find. If you understand the need for a dressing room, listen to the recommendations of specialists.

bright dressing room option

Extra soft light creates a special atmosphere in the dressing room.

the idea of ​​a beautiful wardrobe room interior

Bright white dressing room design

variant of the unusual design of the dressing room

The option of combining the dressing room with the toilet

Dressing Room Functionality

In any home you can find a place for clothes, but it is sorely lacking to streamline and organize clothes. The main purpose of the dressing room is to arrange all things:

  • by season;
  • appointment;
  • completeness;
  • color gamut;
  • frequency of use.

For this purpose, not only the layout of shelves and various departments, but also the design of the classic wardrobe room.

An ideal dressing room is when her mistress came in, received aesthetic pleasure from her “treasury”, quickly picked up a fashionable look and went out in perfect shape. Some designers go further, creating a wardrobe design project - in a small space you can invite a friend to chat, show off your latest products and even relax with a cup of coffee.

idea of ​​modern design of the dressing room

Design a small dressing room

the idea of ​​a bright dressing room interior

Narrow dressing room design option

Depending on the free space and the general arrangement, not only wardrobes and shoe shelves can be located here, but also an ironing board, dressing table or full-length mirror. For some, it will seem like a discovery, but the design of the women's wardrobe room should be different from the storage systems for men - there are some.

There are different types of wardrobe design solutions when it comes to a few meters. A full-fledged storage of ordered clothes and shoes with sorting things is possible only in a separate room.

Attention! Housing of improved layout without walls, such as a loft apartment or studio apartment with a large space, requires competent zoning for the design of a future dressing room with light or mobile partitions.

In a reasonably planned room for storing clothes there is a place for the entire wardrobe. All this should be streamlined so that you can find it in a couple of minutes, picking up a fashionable and stylish “bow” (look) for any occasion. Ideally, everyone in the family has their own dressing room, closet or storage system, but this rarely happens.

version of the modern style of the dressing room

There should always be order in the dressing room.

variant of the unusual interior of the dressing room

In the middle of the dressing room you can put a bench

the idea of ​​a beautiful dressing room style

Wardrobe room can be combined with another room

Varieties of clothing storage systems

Developed 2 storage systems:

  1. Separate dressing room.
  2. Part of the premises with other functions (bedroom, wide corridor, attic, pantry, etc.).

With a lack of rooms and free space, as is often the case in city apartments, you have to allocate part of a large room for clothing storage. It is necessary to optimize as much as possible not only the area of ​​the bedroom, but also to allocate a passage for a systematized "container of things." Actually, this differs from cabinets and built-in cabinet furniture throughout the wall.

In the design of a full wardrobe room, everything should be thought out, including lighting - daylight and artificial. It is recommended to install ventilation, an exhaust hood or to find some other way of airing clothes, since not everyone can clean and wash after a single use.

In any case, it is recommended to wash the armpits on shirts, blouses and underwear, to clean the nape of the collar before placing it in storage. This is especially true when the cold season has ended. The room of the dressing room is also treated with antiseptics - from moths, beetle-beetle bugs and other animals that can ruin clothes.

the idea of ​​a bright wardrobe room design

Cream-colored dressing room design with small chests of drawers

version of the modern design of the dressing room

Design a spacious dressing room with a beautiful chandelier

In a city apartment, many have to separate part of the square bedroom. After reconstruction, there may be little space for a spacious bed. Then you have to put it on the headboard to the wall of the dressing room, and replace the walls themselves with sliding doors - this is a very convenient option.

With a lack of bedroom space and a desire to organize a dressing room, it is sometimes reasonable to separate a triangle in the bedroom for clothes storage systems. The bed will stand diagonally, then the central part is a stationary wall made of drywall, only swing doors open on the sides of the bed. This design option for corner dressing rooms is often ordered individually in carpentry workshops.

When there is not enough space for such a decision, the room with the wardrobes is separated in another way:

  • thick tulle on the ceiling ledge along the shelves;
  • sliding systems with mirrors on a guide with rollers;
  • partially stationary glass partition with hinged doors at the edges;
  • folding "accordion" screens, fixed to one wall.

The advantages of wardrobes furnished in the living room are that you can afford a universal way of storing things in any corner of a small city apartment. For these purposes, we can distinguish:

  • dead end of the corridor;
  • part of the square room along the wall;
  • free corner of the room of any functionality.
variant of the unusual style of the dressing room

Variant of unusual lighting for the dressing room

the idea of ​​a beautiful dressing room interior

In the dressing room should be sufficiently bright lighting

idea of ​​a modern dressing room interior

So that things do not gather dust, it is worth choosing cabinets with mirrored doors

An autonomous room for placing clothes can be reorganized after major repairs by changing the functionality of other rooms:

  • insulated loggia or balcony (by the way, it is convenient to ventilate);
  • former pantry (closet);
  • parts of a wide entrance hall;
  • at the end wall of a large living room.

In this way, we have a separate room for the thoughtful placement of clothes with shoe shelves and a fitting room. But the area allocated must be at least 2 sq.m. A bench or ottoman, a stepladder or folding ladders will be useful, so that it is convenient to get clothes from the upper mezzanines. Mandatory local lighting and general lighting, especially when there is no window.

Attention! Built-in furniture, shelving, open partitions and shelves or collapsible modules - the choice depends on the taste of the owners and the design of the preferred options for the wardrobe room. Mandatory attribute - full-length mirror, regardless of design.

Another thing is a private house, where there are more opportunities to find a place for well-organized storage of things.Often houses are equipped with an attic or attic, a staircase leads to them. After repair and insulation of the upper level in the house, it is worth considering the interior of the attic type wardrobe room. The wardrobe module should harmoniously fit into the style of the attic. If the entire attic is reserved for storing outfits, you can choose a design style arbitrarily.

A dressing room under the stairs is a compact option, everything will not enter here. Therefore, this niche is often adapted for storage of winter clothes and shoes, as well as for sports equipment, beach and other (rarely used) things. Then suits, dresses and everyday things are taken out for storage in a sliding wardrobe of one of the living rooms.

version of the bright style of the dressing room

Design classic wardrobe room

the idea of ​​a beautiful design of the dressing room

Illuminated dressing room design with a beautiful chandelier

Optimal solutions for dressing rooms of different layouts

People who are accustomed to a fairly high standard of comfort have their own requirements in organizing the space of wardrobe rooms. This is largely due to:

  • simple fixtures;
  • transformers;
  • furniture of small forms;
  • mobile coasters;
  • multifunctional shelves and doors.

The cabinet doors equipped with door closers do not slam and smoothly close themselves. They can be delivered by any carpenter or joiner in literally an hour, regardless of the interior design of the dressing room. Hangers with clothespins are convenient for placing skirts and trousers. Hinged shelves, countertops and seats are convenient in a compact solution - after use they are cleaned so as not to occupy the dressing room aisles. Otherwise, each solution has specific features.

variant of the unusual interior of the dressing room

Light-colored dressing room design

variant of the unusual design of the dressing room

Wardrobe flooring made of porcelain stoneware

idea of ​​a modern dressing room style

Dark wood in the interior of the dressing room looks very beautiful and unusual

  1. The design of a corner dressing room is most often tied to the decision of a room where there is an empty corner (usually a bedroom). The wall from the gypsum wallboard under the wallpaper, frosted glass or laminated plywood will help to fence off. Conveniently 2 doors on the sides, the interior of such a dressing room is not as important as the exterior design. The main thing is the most thought-out storage system for things behind a false wall.
  2. The design of the U-shaped dressing room is usually consistent with a large room, where cabinets and shelves are located along the side walls. Often this is a dead end of a spacious corridor or hallway. In the interior design, the main thing is the material for the outer cladding.
  3. Linear dressing room - a long storage compartment along the wall in a spacious room, usually a living room. This option is rarely used as a fitting room. These include to take and return the clothes back to the hangers. The design of the living room with a linear type dressing room involves high sliding mirrors as a space divider. This is a kind of wide “wardrobe” wardrobe with an aisle and local illumination inside - an ideal solution for most city apartments.
  4. The design of the parallel dressing room involves the division into 2 sections with a passage in the middle. Usually this is a wide corridor or entrance hallway. Design involves symmetry and expensive finishing materials, in the presence of mirrors, but they are not put opposite each other. The optimal solution is when one wall is mirrored, which will visually expand the space, the other with finishes for expensive wood. No additional passages and fitting room are needed, lighting and a small mobile ottoman are important.
the idea of ​​a bright dressing room design

Bright dressing room design

version of the beautiful style of the dressing room

Illuminated spacious walk-in closet design

What is the difference between a men's wardrobe?

For some, the question subconsciously arises - do men have a dressing room? Of course, this functional room is needed not only by young fashionistas, spoiled by shopping. A business man should have enough space to store classic suits and freshly ironed shirts.To care for the clothes of the "big boss", a maid-laundress is often hired, especially abroad, why can not there be a separate room?

The main difference between the male system of placing things - here everything is strictly ordered and systematized. Business suits hang separately from light outerwear of a sporty cut, white shirts separately from color ones. As a rule, each suit has its own trempel, so that there are no random creases if one shoulder of the jacket falls under other clothes.

An ironing board and a steam iron are required. Also near men's clothing are always nearby spools of thread and a box with buttons - just in case, so as not to waste time searching.

Men's shoes are usually stored in boxes in a clean form, unlike light women's shoes, placed on open shelves. For ties - a separate bar to immediately choose your option. Cufflinks and pins for ties - next to a shelf. The stylistics of the design of the men's wardrobe, as a rule, are classic or under the general design of the house.

Wardrobe open and closed

A closed way of storing things involves aesthetic facades or cabinet doors. In an isolated room, wardrobe cabinets are made according to the design project. They may alternate:

  • open shelving and closed shelves;
  • mirrors and glass facades;
  • curtains made of fabric on the cornice.

The interior door is the only entrance to the isolated (closed) wardrobe, equipped in a separate room. Sometimes, if the room is a passage, the passage will be through, that is, one door opposite the other, they must be made in one key.

Open dressing room - a mix of a wardrobe and pantry for clothes. The design of facades, partitions or fabric curtains is important here. Often glass is used for doors and partitions, which is matched to the style of the interior.

Mezzanines are a convenient way to store things that are rarely used, better than a closed type. They are located in the upper part of the dressing room under the ceiling, on top of wardrobes and shelves.

Open cabinets do not need ventilation, enough general ventilation or draft. Storage behind a good quality fabric curtain is a common way to store things. With this decision, the room should be in perfect order, all things and shoes are clean, sorted and systematized.

the idea of ​​an unusual interior wardrobe room

The tree in the interior of the dressing room looks very beautiful

variant of a beautiful dressing room interior

The corridor to the dressing room can also be made functional.

idea of ​​modern dressing room design

Aristocratic dressing room design


The most popular materials for finishing facades and as an alternative to doors



Corrugated, sandblasted, matte, color, stained glass


Tree and its derivatives

Particleboard, furniture panels, veneered plywood, laminated particleboard


Mirror surfaces

Full-length mirrors, mirror panels to the ceiling, tiles with a high degree of reflection



Translucent homogeneous tulle, organza, light curtain fabrics, thin plain jacquard


Wood replacement

MDF, eco-friendly veneer, furniture laminate


Sliding systems

Openwork metal "accordion"



Horizontal and vertical, color and plain, silicone and plastic

The most popular materials for the facades of built-in cabinet furniture in designer wardrobes are wood and textured analogues. Good options for replacing enclosed facades are lightweight partitions that are easy to move, including with an electric remote control. Traditional materials are used for walls and floors.

Lighting the dressing room is an important factor. Rarely non-residential premises have a window. Most often, such rooms are equipped with compact ceiling lights and diode local lighting in each large compartment of cabinets or along sliding doors. This is very convenient when you need to choose the right shade thing.Additionally, side lighting is required in the fitting vector - on either side of the full-length mirror. You can make the bottom lights and diode tape around the perimeter of the ceiling, if it does not interfere with the doors.

version of the beautiful design of the dressing room

Design a simple and spacious dressing room

variant of a beautiful dressing room design

Bright dressing room design

Good design ideas and wardrobe tips

  1. The internal distribution and functionality of the compartments depends on the lifestyle of the family.
  2. The design of the room should be subordinated to convenience. But there are proven options when the dressing room looks especially luxurious - a mirror changing room with a marble floor, a design with golden curtains and upholstered furniture, a white room.
  3. The design of the living room with a dressing room should have a common color scheme. In a separate room you can choose your favorite color of a calm shade - beige, pink, blue, lilac.
  4. Furniture equipment is real for a spacious room. This is a soft module exposed by an island, a bench, a dressing table (for cosmetics), a chest of drawers or an antique chest.

The dressing room can border any room, it is important that it is convenient for the owners and meets the basic functionality. Do not store obsolete and unnecessary clothes, even if there is enough space. Minimalistic design and complete order speaks about the good taste and practicality of the owners. Good examples of arrangement - in our gallery on the photo.

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